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Imperial God Emperor 632 - Brother, control your bird

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Chapter 632, Brother control your bird

“This move...” As Jin Ling'er dodged, his eyes flashed a trace of bewilderment, but after hearing the familiar laughter, his face immediately lit up. “It's Master! Master's back!”

There was a burst of joy in his heart.

At the other side, Bai Yuanxing and the Li siblings also had understanding dawning on their faces.

Also at this moment, on the Domain Gate, the faint flow of light markings was rippling like waves.

There was another figure coming out.

The person in front was Crown Prince Yu Xiaoxing who had changed into a female outfit.

She was followed by a curious looking Old Fish who was constantly glancing around the surroundings as soon as he came out.

“Hey, hey, hey! Slow down... Woof seems to be stuck... hello, Crown Prince, beautiful girl, wait for woof!” Another familiar voice sounded from the Central Domain Gate, and then a white furry ball was seen drilling out.

Who else would it be other than silly dog Little Nine?

At the same time, the white shadow that had continuously fought Bai Yuanxing and the others, like a little ripple in the air, descended beside Yu Xiaoxing and the others.

His robe was like white jade, his figure was handsome and elegant, and his dark waterfall-like hair fluttered in the wind, exuding an ethereal aura.

It was Ye Qingyu.

Li Ying and Li Qi both looked overjoyed.

“Master! You're back!”

The two people yelled out in unison, racing over to pay their respects.

“Master...” Bai Yuanxing also dashed over right away, his voice quivering slightly because of excitement. His eyes though still empty, but because of the success with Heavenly Blind Way, under the eye patch, his eye area was also flashing with an ordinary persons brilliance.

“Master!” Jin Ling'er sped over at lightning speed, kneeling on the ground in front of Ye Qingyu with tears of happiness rolling down his cheeks.

Before Ye Qingyu left, his yuan qi and consciousness power were both impacted by the Heavenly Lightning, and his martial arts destroyed. Adding to this, he went to Clear River Domain, a developed domain, where great forces and masters were endless, so the people in Light Palace were inevitably worried when they did not receive any message or news of him.

“All right, all right, quickly get up.”

Suddenly seeing these little guys, Ye Qingyu also felt a little emotional. With one hand he helped up Li Ying and Li Qi.

Only Jin Ling'er was smiling and crying at one side, while clinging to Ye Qingyu's leg, unwilling to let go.

Ye Qingyu was also a little helpless.

Gao Diping could not help shaking his head and smiling at the side. Then he came over, bowing to Ye Qingyu. “I pay respect to Palace Lord.”

Ye Qingyu nodded. “Uncle Gao, it's been hard for you.”

During these days, Gao Diping was clearly the top power supporting Light City, and it was clear that he had been spending a lot of attention on these juniors.

“Hey, hey, little fellow, hold on for a while, are you done, this is Woof's master...” silly dog Little Nine patted Jin Ling'er's head and said bitterly.

In order to save Ye Qingyu that time, he had ate a few bolts of Heavenly Lightning, becoming a burnt battle companion. Little Nine had restored his plump fluffy appearance and seemed to be a little more chubby than before. But he was still as arrogant and amusing.

Upon hearing this, Jin Ling'er wiped away the tears with an embarrassed look and jumped up.

“Master, you're finally back, I missed you to death... Many times, I dreamt that you came back, so I woke up in the early morning... Haha, I am really very happy. Oh, yes, I am so happy that I forgot that I need to tell everyone of the news. These days, we were all very worried and missed you Master.” Ling'er was so excited that the words he uttered were somewhat incoherent.

“Yes, the people of the Empire are waiting for Palace Lord's return,” Gao Diping said.

“Not yet.” Ye Qingyu thought of something, slightly shook his head, and gave a wave of his hand, “For now there is no need to let too many people know of my return, only notify the seven light envoys.”

“Yes!” Jin Ling'er turned and flew off.


After one hour.

The Palace of Light.

Ye Qingyu, Yu Xiaoxing, and the others came to the Light Palace.

He stood on the steps of the palace, overlooking the entire Light City.

After going through the terrifying war, the Light Palace had restored its yuan qi after a period of time and floated back into the void hundreds of meters away. Below the Palace, although there weren’t roars of demons in the Underground Fire Spring Sword Pit anymore, it was still surging with flames and blazing force.


The fire trees around the Light Palace had restored to their former lush appearance. Each fire tree had flourishing branches and leaves and was swaying in the wind like a huge blazing fireball. The fire leaves fluttered gently from the branches like fire spirits.

After the earth-shattering war, most of the buildings in Light City were destroyed, which could be said to be a heavy loss.

But after Ye Qingyu left, the higher levels of the Snow Empire began to order the restoration work of Light City. Now the ruins of Light City were rebuilt, the city walls repaired, and had completely restored to its former appearance.

Within thirty miles of Light City, elite imperial guards of the empire were still stationed around.

Because of the relationship between the Central Domain Gate and the domain stone walls, now Light City, including the thirty miles of surroundings, had been turned into a restricted area where ordinary people were not allowed to enter. Scanning around, the area was heavily protected, rune formations were in full operation, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers were still guarding the area.

Ye Qingyu for a moment could not help but feel deeply moved.

The time away from Heaven Wasteland Domain was just less than a year, but because he had experienced too much in Clear River Domain, Ye Qingyu for a moment felt a feeling of being reborn, like a long century had past since he left Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar things, Ye Qingyu fell silent for a moment.

Just then——

A beam of flowing light streaked across from the northern direction.

“Lord, you're back!” The first person to come over from Light Palace was whom Ye Qingyu expected. It was his most trusted and capable subordinate Gao Han. The former authority of the Southeast martial arts circle had a look of surprise on his face, bowing respectfully to Ye Qingyu, and his hand was still holding the Light City’s bamboo scroll and writing brush. Evidently, he had come to Light Palace as soon as he received the news.

Ever since Ye Qingyu left Heaven Wasteland Domain, there was no one in the Light Palace. The other several Envoys of Light all had strange temperaments and did not like to pay attention to worldly matters, therefore many responsibilities and matters fell on Gao Han. But with his careful care and management, the Light Palace was kept in good order.

“Gao Han, it must have been hard on you.” Ye Qingyu took a glimpse out of the corner of his eyes at the ink that had not yet completely dried on the bamboo scroll. He slightly smiled and couldn't help feeling gratified. Although burdened with so many miscellaneous matters, Gao Han still had not neglected his martial cultivation. Now he was unexpectedly radiating a trace of Heaven Ascension power.

There was another flash of light.

Another person came.

“Light Envoy Dai Youmeng pays respects to Palace Lord.”

“Light Envoy Liu Jinyan pays respects to Palace Lord.”

Dai Youmeng and Liu Jinyan stooped and bowed with an awestruck expression. Their posture was incredibly polite and respectful.

The two men came to Light Palace as soon as they received the news. But in that war back then the two did not put in full effort so if people were rewarded according to their contributions, the two people were even inferior to the chubby Wang Lijin who guarded the surroundings of Light City. Therefore, although the two were still Envoys of Light, but like walking on thin ice, they had no real power and status.

“No need to be so polite, it's been difficult while I was away.” Ye Qingyu looked at the humble attitude of the two people and did not say anything more.

“I pay my respects to Palace Lord!” A chilling air accompanied by a sonorous voice pierced over.

In mid-air as if a meteor had fallen to the ground, a figure headed towards Ye Qingyu kneeling on one knee and respectfully bowed.

It was Yang Henshui carrying a longsword on his back who had just finished training.

He also had a somewhat emotional expression.

For Yang Henshui, who was from a military background and had felt a sense of hopelessness half his life, the Palace Lord before him, who had revitalized Light City and even made a lot of heroic feats that shook the Snow Empire, had not only changed his fate and let him become an important figure in the empire once again, but also became the beacon that guided him.

“No need to be too polite.” Ye Qingyu took a step forward, smiling, and helped up Light Envoy Yang.

When Yang Henshui appeared, Ye Qingyu could sense that his cultivation was much stronger than before he left. He had already reached the peak of the Bitter Sea stage.

It was evident that during this more than half a year of time he did not waste time and the unique cultivation properties of the Light Palace, and had sharply improved his strength.

“Hey, Lord of the Palace, you are finally back.” A figure in a white robe with red markings and gold stitching approached the Light Palace at a neither too fast nor too slow speed.

Before the figure was seen, a perfume aroma and a strong alcoholic smell already permeated the entrance of Light Palace. Li Changkong looked slightly drunk, his lapel was loose and on his neck were stained with red lip markings. Evidently he was at the brothel when he received the message.

“Li Changkong, Palace Lord is present, how dare you act this way!” Dai Youmeng raged.

“Yes, you did not even make yourself presentable before coming here. Look at you, do you not feel embarrassed?” Liu Jinyan scowled, clearly very disgusted by the perfume and alcohol smell on Li Changkong.

“Don't worry,” Ye Qingyu interrupted, his eyes flashed and he revealed an imperceptible smile.

Because he could tell that although Li Changkong had been loitering around all the time, seemingly devoid of all spirit, but in this half a year his strength had improved and was no less weaker than Yang Henshui. Now he was already at the peak of the Bitter Sea stage. Although this Li Changkong had a carefree nature, but in a critical moment he can be very reliable.

Almost at the same time——

“Hey, hey Big brother Changkong you did not wait for me, Miss Yue Yin said that you must choose her tonight... Yo, who is this, whoa haha, Brother Ye? Brother, you are back!” Rambling noises came from mid-air.

Ye Qingyu felt a breeze of cold wind whistling in his heart.

He had almost forgotten the devil incarnate.

When he looked down again the devil incarnate Ximen Yeshui was already in front of him, wearing the same navy-coloured robe as Li Changkong and a jade-coloured band was only carelessly tied around his waist, seemingly would come loose anytime and with a drunken expression on his face.

More than half a year of eating delicious food and wine in the Snow capital, and living a happy and carefree life had unexpectedly made his complexion more glowing than before.

Xiemen Yeshui’s relationship with Ye Qingyu was even closer. And at the war back then he also exerted all his strength. Without caring about the rules, he came over to give Ye Qingyu a bear hug.

“My dear brother, you’re back.” Ximen Yeshui was not at all respectful like the other people. Grinning, he rushed up to bear hug Ye Qingyu. “While you were gone, several brothels had opened up in Snow capital, tonight I must take you,” Ximen Yeshui said, winking.

Ye Qingyu was speechless.

At this moment, the stout parrot standing on his shoulder flapped its wings and flew to Yu Xiaoxing.

“Yo, little darling, this white dress suits you a lot! Do you have time to go admire the Moon and recite poems with me... Aaawk aaawk!” The fat parrot desperately flapped its wings over to Yu Xiaoxing and opened her mouth to speak. The tone of voice sounding extremely like that of Ximen Yeshui.

This was clearly Ximen Yeshui's ‘pick-up weapon’ [Rainbow Cloud].

Unexpectedly, after six months of careful feeding, his parrot [Rainbow Cloud] was now several times fatter than before. Even his cheeks were bulged out and when he flapped his wings there was not the slightest cuteness or manner of a parrot. It was like a fat old hen, but his words were very clear. No one knew what Ximen Yeshui had fed him to have such intelligence.

“Damn it, you stupid bird, you want to die... That is Her Highness Crown Prince, my brother’s woman, you dare flirt with her?” Ximen Yeshui both furiously and embarrassedly scolded. “Quickly get lost, or I will make you into soup.”

Yu Xiaoxing smiled and ignored him.

“Hey, control your bird, brother.” Ye Qingyu smiled, stretching out his hand from his long flowy sleeves, and the stout parrot involuntarily was wrapped away by a gust of wind, returning onto Ximen Yeshui's shoulder.

“Pay respect to Her Highness Crown Prince.”

All the others came over and bowed.

Yu Xiaoxing’s status was after all very high, but before they were too excited to react and had forgotten about the etiquette.

“No need to be polite!” Yu Xiaoxing smiled, motioning them to get up with her hand.

Old Fish was quietly grinning at the side. Although he had felt the imperial qi exuding from Yu Xiaoxing, but in Clear River Domain, this girl had always behaved like a sweet, naive young woman, following Ye Qingyu everywhere. He didn't expect that, once returned to her own land, she would instantly change, becoming dignified and serious.

“Cousin, I'll go back to inform Aunt, the Right Minister, and the others, so they don't have to worry.” Yu Xiaoxing turned and smiled at Ye Qingyu.

“Yes, after you return have a good rest.” Ye Qingyu gently nodded——

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