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Imperial God Emperor 631 - Those people, those matters

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Chapter 631, Those people, those matters

Not far away.

A youngster in black was practicing martial arts.

The youngster exuded a heroic spirit, his facial features were handsome, and he looked around seven or eight years old, but was a little taller than his peers. His black hair was fluttering and he radiated an extremely extraordinary aura. As the mist moved in, he issued a low roar and immediately two ink-like shadows appeared in front and behind him, like shadows of his thoughts and knowledge. It looked very strange.

The youngster crossed his palms over his chest and his fingers were like blades.

Two sharp yuan qi blades sparkled a cold light, stretching out from the palm of his hands.

“Shadow Stream... Cross Kill!” he bellowed, fiercely thrusting out his crossed hands. A cross-shaped giant ink dart spliced the void, like a demon flickering in the air. Where it passed, the void was left with faint ink-black markings. At first glance, it was like a space-time crack, extremely strange.

At the same time, the figure of the youngster was unexpectedly flashing incessantly between the two ink-coloured shadows, like an illusion. It was extremely bizarre. Even an expert of the Bitter Sea stage would most likely fail to distinguish his true body there!

When his figure changed for the 101th time, the two ink-colored shadows finally gradually dissipated.

“Ah, the duration was not quite one hour. According to Master, the shadow should be an eternal existence and can wound the enemy with one thought. But my comprehension, it seems... sigh, nearly there!”

As the two ink-coloured shadows vanished, the youngster in black re-appeared not far away.

The youngster sighed heavily.

The youngster gently lifted his head, revealing his handsome and stubborn face, and his eyes contained a rare sharpness for someone of his age while the pupils of his eyes were pitch black and shining.

It was namely Ye Qingyu’s disciple, Jin Ling'er!

Jin Ling'er’s stature was taller than he was more than half a year ago. His originally slightly pale complexion was suffused with a healthy glow. His face still had a trace of childish nature, but his eyes were added with the wisdom that only grown adults had.

“When will Master come back, my cultivation seems to be at the bottleneck, there are some places I still don’t understand... Sigh, I'll try it again!” Jin Ling'er looked at the sky, remembering the figure that he most worshipped and respected. But if his Master were really back and saw that he had not made much progress in cultivation, then it would be embarrassing. He scratched his head with a troubled look and continued to practice the [Flowing Shadow Kill] cultivation technique.

Upon careful observation, one would notice that Jin Ling'er had almost reached the Bitter Sea boundary!

For someone his age, who was less than ten years old this year, to possess such a level of cultivation would most likely cause quite a commotion in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Even the so called-descendants secretly trained by the large scale sects such as the Three Sects and Three Schools would not reached this level. But in these years, Jin Ling'er was always in Light City and had never traveled around Jianghu, so even the imperial guards outside of Light City did not know of his existence. So in reality, he had not really attracted the attention of anyone.

Of course, for Jin Ling'er to reach such a cultivation level at this age, in addition to his rare martial arts talent, Ye Qingyu's guidance also played a huge part. On the one hand, it was because of the [Flowing Shadow Kill] technique, an ancient Fiendgod technique that was obtained from the ancient bronze book——In fact, every cultivation technique in the ancient bronze book, whether it was the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King] or the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General], once cultivated to a high level, can allow one to reach the Immortal Step boundary. But Ye Qingyu had always been focused on the nameless breathing technique and the other techniques only supplemented his cultivation. He had not specialized in the cultivation techniques in the ancient bronze book so he did not obtain those powers. While Jin Ling'er was given the cultivation technique that matched with his constitution. Adding to the fact that he had been training in the woods of fire trees, which was close to Light City, where the spiritual energy of the sky and earth and the law of powers were incomparably clear and distinct, so his cultivation could be said to be progressing at one thousand miles per day.

On the other side of the woods of fire trees.

A burly figure holding a straw broom in his hands was unhurriedly sweeping the fire leaves scattered across the ground.

His facial features were sharp and angular, looking only around twenty years old, with big eyes, thick brows, and a wide nose and mouth. Only his eyes showed a trace that did not belong to that of a young person.

It was the Divine General Gao Diping who had restored his true face!

When he heard Jin Ling'er mumbling, he just chuckled and shook his head.

Jin Ling'er’s cultivation technique was personally taught by Ye Qingyu. Although Gao Diping possessed incomparable strength, he was not familiar with such cultivation techniques and could not give any guidance to Jin Ling'er. But Jin Ling'er's power of comprehension was very high, no matter what problems he encountered, he was able to solve it himself after a deep thought and there was no need to worry about him too much.

The most he could do was accompany Bai Yuanxing and Jin Ling'er to practice and exchange moves, allowing them to understand and improve through battles.

When the last piece of fire leaves was swept away, his eyes shifted to the open space outside of the Woods of Fire Trees.

Under a giant blazing fireball-like fire tree, a young boy and girl, wielding a sword, were in a fierce fight.

It was the brother and sister Li Ying and Li Qi.

The two siblings were much taller than before. Their childish face was glowing with the unwillingness to admit defeat.

Elder brother Li Ying's skin was slightly darker than before. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and his lips were curved with a gentle smile like the corner of his mouth was naturally turned upwards. His stature was much stronger than before, like a sturdy calf, honest and powerful.

But sister Li Qi was paler than before, there was a rosy glow on her fair face. Her constantly flickering big eyes and her red lips and pearl white teeth made her looked very cute with a hint of mischief.

The brother and sister were from a poor background. Back then at Youyan Pass, their parents were the bottom of the poor, with no official job, and the money earned from some odd jobs could only just feed the brother and sister. Ever since a young age they had not lived many days of happiness. They would feel extremely excited to even have a piece of new clothing once a year and dared not to even hope to learn martial arts like people of wealthy families.

But Ye Qingyu's appearance changed the fate of this family.

Their Mother Wu now had gained a special status in the entire Light City. Even when the Great Light Envoys see Mother Wu they would politely greet her and when important people of the empire, such as the Right Minister and Left Minister, come to the Light City, they would also greet the siblings.

Of course, what was more unbelievable for them was that not only could they learn martial arts, but they had an endless supply of resources, being able to receive Ye Qingyu's guidance and recognition, as well as guidance from Divine General Gong, Gao Diping, a peerless expert of Heaven Wasteland Domain. Now the brother and sister had reached more than seventy Spirit springs. Even among Heaven Wasteland Domain they could be known as masters.

But just like Jin Ling'er, they had never been out of Light City, had not experienced Jianghu, and so had not yet made a name for themselves.


Repeated clangs of metal striking one another resounded.

Sparks shot out in all directions.

Under the fierce sunlight, the swords in the hands of the brother and sister pair reflected a dazzling white light. The sword qi collided and created a faint rippling in the air.

The two could suppress their yuan qi while practicing, but they were after all two high-level young Spirit spring experts. Without the use of yuan qi they could still bring about an extraordinary explosive power.

The sword light flashed and the air was twisted and almost torn.

The flow of air went almost stagnant.

They had been fighting each other ever since the beginning of their cultivation, remembering each other's moves, and it was difficult to distinguish the winner in a moment’s time.

Gao Diping stopped sweeping the fire leaves, satisfiedly nodded at the siblings.

Although the elder brother and little sister were young, their cultivation was much superior to that of their peers and their power of understanding was not bad. At such a young age, they already have half a step into the Bitter Sea stage. They certainly will have limitless prospects in the future.

“Okay, stop for a moment.”

Gao Diping’s faint voice traveled across into Li Ying’s and Li Qi's ears.

The two immediately stopped, calmed their rapid and disorderly breathing, before trotting over to Gao Diping.

Gao Diping put aside the broom, turned to the siblings to say, “You have more or less mastered this Star Rain Flying Flower sword, but you must remember to not be impatient when striking a move. Be sure to have a good grasp of the spirit of this sword technique. The sword strike should be launched with the power like colourful clouds chasing the moon, and the sword strokes should be like blossoming flowers, understand?”

“Yes, sir, we will remember,” Li Ying earnestly raised his head and said in a grown-up tone of voice.

The corner of Li Qi's mouth was curved upwards, revealing her sparkling little tiger teeth. Grinning she said, “Sir, is my performance today better than big brother?”

Gao Diping smiled, flicking Li Qi on the forehead with his finger. “Don't be naughty, just now you were not even aware that you had forgotten about the 34th move Rose Reflecting Moon. If your brother didn’t let you, you would have lost.”

Li Ying knew his little trick was seen through and responded with a little embarrassed smile.

Li Qi curled her lips, twisted her head to one side, pretending to be angry.

Gao Diping looked at the siblings who had completely different personalities, shaking his head. In fact, in his mind, he extremely favoured the brother and sister. When he saw the siblings practicing martial arts under the fire trees, for some reason, his mind would always think of another pair of siblings. Many years ago, when Light City was not as huge as it was now, the Woods of Fire Trees were not as flourishing, there was also a pair of brother and sister who were also not particularly gifted, diligently training under the fire trees...

Time flew by and times changed.

Gao Diping had not seen that brother and sister in many years.

But some things, some people, will never be forgotten. Even if one hundred years had past, as long as there was one breath left, he will always remember those beautiful years.

He stood under the fire tree, somewhat silent.

Li Ying and Li Qi both knew that sir must be thinking of some previous matters and stayed very quiet and did not interrupt him.

They were accustomed to it.

In the past almost one year, Gao Diping often fell into a trance like now.

Probably after a few minutes, Gao Diping's eyes gradually focused back, a smile emerging on his face and he said to the siblings, “Watch at the side to carefully understand martial arts, it will be a great help to your future cultivation.”

Li Qi and Li Ying looked astonished.

The next moment, the siblings immediately knew what Gao Diping was going to do. With an excited look on their face, they took a few steps back and said solemnly, “Thank you, sir!”

Gao Diping nodded.

Then he went back to continue sweeping the fire leaves scattered across the ground, his action was leisurely and calm.

Li Ying and Li Qi stared at Gao Diping with fixed attention, their faces crossed with anticipation.

A breeze blew.

The red fire leaves fluttered in the breeze.

Clad in a green robe, Gao Diping seemed to have integrated with the Wood of Fire Trees, his slow and leisurely movement was performed in a strange and indescribable rhythm.

Li Ying and Li Qi’s attention were both drawn by Gao Diping's sweeping action, quietly standing where they were.

The bare broom seemed to have turned into a flying sword in Gao Diping's hands.

Upon closer examination, the broom never touched the leaves on the ground.

Under Gao Diping's action, an invisible sword qi continued to flow to the end of the broom.

Where the broom was, the fire leaves that were half incinerated seemed to have frozen.

And his leisurely, slow action, unexpectedly was full of the true will of the Starry Rain Flying Flower sword technique!

Li Ying and Li Qi exchanged a glance, noticing the look of shock in each other’s eyes.

When they looked at Gao Diping again, the strange rhythm suddenly disappeared.

The figure in green was still slowly sweeping the leaves, without the slightest of change.

The brother and sister turned to bow respectfully at Gao Diping, retreated to one side, closed their eyes, and fell into a meditative state, carefully understanding the rhythm.

Not far away.

Jin Ling'er was still practicing.

In the void, a circle of transparent ripples spread, like a bottle of ink was spilled in water. An ink-coloured figure washed out from the void. It was Jin Ling'er in a black outfit.

He looked down at his hands, then at the shadow behind, his face crossed with regret. He then irritably scratched the back of his head and said to himself, “Always feel I'm missing something, can it only be understood through battles?”

When he finished, he seemed to have thought of something, swept his eyes around, revealing a sly look on his face.

The next moment, his figure formed into a mass of thick ink, dissipating where he stood.

In a place a hundred meters away.

Bai Yuanxing just withdrew his palm, suddenly leaned his head in to listen.

A faint smile curled on his lips.

“Big Brother Bai! Take this!”

Transformed into a stream of black light, Jin Ling'er charged straight at Bai Yuanxing.

The force was like lightning, and traces of the attack was hard to detect.

The air was left with an ink-like shadow, gradually melting.

A smile appeared on the lips of Bai Yuanxing, but his body reacted in an instant.

His fists slowly thrust out, drawing a light ripple in the air, and an invisible strength that brought along a mountain-like majestic power struck out in the direction of Jin Ling'er.

Jin Ling'er appeared in the direction of the fist.

But he flashed and left behind a shadow where he was, evading Bai Yuanxing's attack.

Bai Yuanxing's punch struck nothing but air, despiting the accumulated yuan qi. However, the force of the punch shook the void and sent countless fire leaves falling.

Suddenly, he hit the ground with a palm thrust.

A boom like the rumble of thunder reverberated, but there was not the slightest crack or trace across the ground. And instead a small almost inaudible voice sent the air above the ground rippling like waves.

The sound waves instantly spread out in all directions.

Then, Bai Yuanxing found the location of Jin Ling'er.

A kick like a bolt of lightning was performed, stirring up a gust of wind.

“Oh, you found me!” Jin Ling'er exclaimed.

The next moment, his body twisted, two shadows one after the other emerged at his side. Between these two shadows his true body was like an ink painting, melting and changing infinitely in the air.

Bai Yuanxing kicked his leg into the air, the corners of his mouth pulled up in a faint arc.

In a flash, his fist swung out like a bolt of lightning, whizzing over to strike the middle shadow of Jin Ling'er.

Not far away.

Gao Diping was also attracted by the battle of the two. Watching with interest, his mouth curled with a faint smile.

Just then——

Gao Diping suddenly sensed something, his complexion undergoing an abrupt change.

His eyes like a sharp arrow shot toward the Underground Fire Spring Sword Pit in the Light Palace.

On the side of the Underground Fire Spring Sword Pit, the hundred-meter-high Domain Gate, which had been still and silent for nearly a year, finally changed. The ancient stone gate suddenly began to tremble, strange silver flame ripples began to fill from the empty stone gate.

A strange space force began to diffuse.

Gao Diping's eyes suddenly grew fierce.

The attention of Bai Yuanxing, Jin Ling'er, Li Qi and Li Ying were also drawn to the stone gate.

The stone gate was reopening?

This... who was going to come?

However, without much time to think, as the ripples spread from the stone gate a white figure, like a bolt of lightning, shot out from the flow of chaos qi on the stonewalls, approaching Bai Yuanxing!

The white figure, like flowing light, arrived in an instant

Bai Yuanxing reacted sharply. With a flash, he dodged the attack of the white flowing light with a kind of strange movement that ordinary people could not understand.

The next moment, his right leg swung up like a cannonball shooting out, wind whistled as he sent a kick at the white figure in the void.


The white figure counterattacked with both palms, setting off an invisible wave in the air.

Bai Yuanxing's body slightly quivered as a startled look formed on his face.

At the same time, the white figure suddenly took an abrupt turn, like a flowing light, changing his target, and sped towards Jin Ling'er.

Jin Ling'er was very alert, responding right away. His figure flashed. His true body vanished, leaving only the ink-like shadows that were gradually dissipating.

Within hundred of meters, the air suddenly twisted and a burst of ink mist pervaded the area. His true body had vanished hundred of meters into the distance.

Jin Ling'er operated the [Flowing Shadow Kill]technique. His body flickered and transformed between the two dense ink-coloured shadows, ready to counterattack.

Just then——

The person's body also disappeared; the faint ink-coloured shadows dissipated

The true body relentlessly came at Jin Ling'er.

Looking up in shock, Jin Ling'er thrust out his palm without hesitation.

The figure, like a reflection in the mirror, threw out a palm attack at the same time as Jin Ling'er, and even the palm movements were identical.

The two palms struck directly, the palm power dissipated invisibly.

The air was only left with a dense ink-coloured palm print that faded with the wind.

Without waiting for Jin Ling'er to launch another attack, the figure turned into a beam of white light, instantly arriving at where Li Ying and Li Qi, who had only just reacted, were.

Li Ying and Li Qi looked up with the same expression of shock, but still responded immediately.

As though reading each other's mind, the siblings made a move at the same time. Li Ying's flying sword attack aimed right at the white figure's abdomen, while Li Qi struck towards the white figure's lower body.

The sword light formed a silver light net in front of them.

The sword force was sharp, could take the offensive or defensive, and did not give the slightest room for the white figure to dodge or break through the defense.

The white figure treated his palms like swords, one palm for attacking, the other for defense, and unexpectedly dispersed the sword technique that the siblings were most proud of.

All this happened almost in a flash. The speed of the white figure was like that of a ghost.

Gao Diping was about to make a move, but the next moment, he suddenly realized something. He vaguely guessed who this human figure that suddenly appeared from the Central Domain Gate was. A hint of surprise made its way to his face and he very rarely lost self-control.


“Hahaha, not bad, not bad!”

The white figure laughed. A familiar voice rang in everyone's ears, after dispersing the sword attack of Li Ying and Li Qi, his body flashed, like the return of a swan, and confidently landed on the ground——

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