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Imperial God Emperor 630 - Return to Heaven Wasteland Domain

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Chapter 630, Return to Heaven Wasteland Domain

Half an hour later.

The roof of South Facing Inn.

Bored and with nothing to do, Yu Xiaoxing was sat on the top floor balcony with two feet hanging out in the air, overlooking the entire Flowing Light City. The distant city walls and ruins far from complete repair caught her eyes. The disaster of war had fallen on the citizens. She couldn't help but sigh emotionally. The trip to Clear River Domain this time had a great impact on Yu Xiaoxing. The sufferings that she had experienced made her see as well as understand many things.

And Nan Tieyi, after arriving at South Facing Inn, first went to greet the several elders.

Old Fish, as soon as he opened the door, shouted that he needed to find the little singing girl. Luckily South Facing Inn was still in business. The father was playing the erhu while the blind girl was telling jokes, drawing laughter from the audience.

Very soon, the three elders of the Immortal God Emperor Sect came to visit again in person.

Elder Mo of the Repository of Buddhist Texts brought over the information jade scrolls that the Wei River faction had urgently sent over to give to Ye Qingyu. Among these, there were the current division of powers in the domains of the world, as well as the list of experts, a brief history of the Domain Alliance and a variety of secrets.

Ye Qingyu repeatedly bowed his thanks.

Then he was pulled into the sky by the martial maniac Elder Xie to put aside all worries and have a battle with him in order to satisfy his craving. Of course Ye Qingyu also benefited from this fight.

When Ye Qingyu returned to the inn, he felt his bones were falling apart.

For the next two days, Elder Xie dragged Ye Qingyu to battle with him two or three times a day.

Ye Qingyu understood that this old man was, in his own way, giving him guidance on his martial arts.

He firmly remembered such kindness in his mind.

Another two days later.

“Brother Qingyu, what plans do you have next?” Nan Tieyi knocked on the door and entered Ye Qingyu's room. At this time, changed into a water-blue silk robe, he was radiating an ethereal and imposing aura.

“I was just about to go look for you...” Ye Qingyu smiled.

“Brother Qingyu, I guess you must be trying to return to Heaven Wasteland Domain, right?” Nan Tieyi who had a sharp mind, instantly read Ye Qingyu's thoughts.

“Yes, I have been away for so long, I worry about the safety of my family and friends...” Ye Qingyu openly admitted. “I was wondering if the Immortal God Emperor Sect has a domain passage to help me return to Heaven Wasteland Domain?”

“Now that you mention it, I indeed can help,” Nan Tieyi said, the corners of his mouth slightly curved upwards.

“Really?” Xing'er eyes flashed a glimmer of excitement.

Nan Tieyi faintly smiled, nodding.

Ye Qingyu felt a weight lifted off his shoulders when he heard these words.

“Xiaoran, pass the message, I want to take Gongzi Ye out for a trip. All people stay in South Facing Inn, you don't have to follow.” Nan Tieyi lightly issued a command, although he did not get up, but his voice, like a continuous thread, transmitted directly to the ear of Ling Xiaoran in the distance.

Half a day later.

The depths of the Wei river mountain range.

The green mountain depended on the flowing water, and the birds were chirping and singing beautifully.

Compared to Greater One mountain where evil spirits filled the sky and was a scene of blood redness, right now the thousands of miles of around Wei river mountain range was still lush green and full of life as before. The trees tinted with various colours of green and the stream babbled on.

The Immortal God Emperor Sect had retired into seclusion and now the location of the sect was precisely the Wei river mountain range.

How powerful was the Immortal God Emperor court back then, yet it still had to retreat to the Wei river mountain range. The thousands of years of operation had made this mountain range become a heavenly beautiful place, abundant with spiritual qi. And compared to the Greater One mountain range before it was demonized, it was not inferior in the slightest. But it had another style; it did have the imposing and majestic ambience of Greater One Sect, instead everywhere was a leisurely and quiet atmosphere.

“This is it.” Nan Tieyi was standing at a cave entrance between the valleys forty miles east of the mountain range.

The cave was hidden, full of tyrannical formations and evidently was an important place.

Ye Qingyu, Xing’er and Old Fish followed him into the cave.

The cave corridor, which could only accommodate one person through, was full of glistening jade and precious stones that even without a candle everything could be seen clearly.

The inside of the cave twisted and curved, extending in all directions. If Nan Tieyi were not there to lead the way, anyone that came in would most likely get lost in the cave.

In a flash.

At the end of the stone cave, there was a stonewall about ten meters high and four meters wide coming into sight.

The stone wall glistened in the dark, emitting a thin mist-like chaotic halo of light. The vein lines on the walls were rough and the surface layer was uneven with hundreds of fist-sized spherical hollows.

“The Domain Gate!” Xing'er exclaimed.

Ye Qingyu also flashed a glimmer of amazement in his eyes.

He did not expect that within the Immortal God Emperor Sect’s Wei river mountain range there would be a Domain Gate!

“Brother Qingyu, after this time, I do not know when we would meet again. You have seen the coordinates of the Clear River Domain. In the future, if necessary, you can always enter through this gate...” Nan Tieyi slowly took off the glowing purple jade on his forehead, while looking at the Domain Gate, sighing.

Ye Qingyu knew that the reason that Nan Tieyi sent away everyone and personally brought him here was to prevent anyone finding out the coordinates of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

The world was formed with a righteous heart.

While the Clear River Domain was in a mess, people killing each other for the coordinates of Heaven Wasteland Domain, turning against each other, Nan Tieyi truly showed the morals and righteousness of a descendant of the Imperial court.

There were no words that could express his appreciation for this great help!

Ye Qingyu, with a solemn face, slightly nodded his head.


Nan Tieyi gracefully threw the glowing purple jade towards the Domain Gate. As the jade pendant touched upon the Domain Gate, erupting in purple light, the entirecave was lit up with the chaotic light like it was daytime.

The three people one by one said farewell to Nan Tieyi, before turning around and entering into the halo of chaotic light...


Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Snow Empire, Snow capital.

At noon, it was scorching.

A few cotton-like clouds floated in the blue sky.

When the gentle breeze brushed past and under the blazing sun, the Light Palace seemed to be more solemn and imposing like the center of a complex of small kingdoms, in which a clatter of pots and pans were suddenly heard in one of the halls of the palace.

A slightly chubby middle-aged woman with an apron around her waist was standing at the door of the palace, ordering a little servant girl to do something.

The middle-aged woman was Mother Wu who had been following Ye Qingyu since Youyan Pass to take care of him.

Ye Qingyu had been away from Heaven Wasteland Domain for almost half a year, but Mother Wu’s skin seemed to be more glowing and delicate than before, though she was still dressed in ordinary cotton clothes.

Her complexion was much better than that in the past. At the tip of her brow and in the corner of her eyes were the slightest imperceptible majesty.

Mother Wu entered into the main hall, ordering the more than ten women who were busy working as she walked along.

The division of labour was clear, someone was cutting vegetables, someone was lighting fire, and someone was preparing some pastries.

The main hall was unexpectedly a huge kitchen!

Mother Wu walked across a row of cooking stoves.

On the stove, there were several big casserole pots bubbling away, giving off a strong aroma.

“Sigh, I don't know when Lord will come back and try my soup.” Mother Wu looked at the boiling casserole pot and sighed softly.

She suddenly thought of Ye Qingyu, the young man who had changed her fate for the rest of her life.

If it were not for Ye Qingyu, she would certainly still be at Youyan Pass, guarding her family and living a poor life.

It was Ye Qingyu who brought about a tremendous change in her life.

An ordinary peasant woman like her who could only cook and had no other strong points, and had neither powerful family background nor martial arts knowledge would be looked down on by everyone.

But since she followed Ye Qingyu to the Light Palace, she rightfully became the chief chef of Light Palace with more than ten people at her command and she didn't even have to cook herself.

Although she was just a little cook, but in the Light Palace everyone respected her, and outside of the Light Palace there was no one who dared to show any disrespect to her. Even the nobles of Snow Empire did not looked down on her because she was only a small cook.

She naturally knew well of the reason, her status today was all because of Ye Qingyu!

She had always kept in mind that Ye Qingyu enjoyed drinking her soup a lot.

But Ye Qingyu had left Heaven Wasteland Domain for more than half a year. Afraid that her cooking skills would be out of practice she always came to the kitchen to cook three meals a day for everyone. She looked forward to the day when Ye Qingyu would suddenly appear and to be able to cook him a bowl of his favorite soup.

With this thought Mother Wu took on a look of anticipation.

A gust of breeze blew.

A burst of rustling sound attracted the attention of Mother Wu who was immersed in her memories.

Not far away from the main hall, the bright fire leaves were swaying and trembling in the wind. Occasionally, a few leaves fell from the branches, whirling in the air.

In the woods of fire trees.

A young man in a white robe was practising martial arts in the woods.

His eyes were covered with a blue ribbon, wearing an indifferent expression on his face. It was Bai Yuanxing!

After more than six months, Bai Yuanxing’s entire appearance had changed, like he was reborn.

His body was much stronger than it used to be, his dark hair was tied at the top of his head, and the blue ribbon around his eyes was dancing in the air with the wind.

As his sleeves were billowing he gently threw out his fist, leaving a transparent fist print in the void and a crackling sound in the air.

His foot slowly stepped out when an invisible blast broke out, and on the ground were bright fire leaves scattered off like water waves.

Bai Yuanxing's every punch and kick already had the air of a master.

The blue ribbon that covered his eyes added a touch of mystery to his calm face and he no longer could be recognized as the previous timid White Horse Sword fanatic with low self-esteem.

His cultivation had reached the Creek stage of the Bitter Sea stage!

Bai Yuanxing was not particularly gifted and was originally not suitable for practicing martial arts. But in Youyan Pass when he was struck in the eye by the dark fragments of lightning of the Dragon and Tiger Sect and almost lost his life, Ye Qingyu, in order to heal his wounds, taught him the Heavenly Blind Way and carefully guided him to cultivate.

Who would have thought that this Heavenly Blind Way was very well matched with Bai Yuanxing. Having lost his eyesight, Bai Yuanxing smoothly and easily cultivated the Heavenly Blind Way like a fish in water. Even though he did not possess natural endowments, and his progress in the beginning was much slower than that of others, but his willpower was incomparable and what he had was perseverance.

Now, Bai Yuanxing had reached the Creek stage of the Bitter Sea stage. One could imagine the pain and sweat he had paid for this. Although his sudden cultivation advancement was related to Ye Qingyu, but to have this achievement was already very impressive.

After practicing a set of fist techniques, Bai Yunaxing slowly withdrew his final punch and quietly stood still.

His ears trembled like he heard something and his mouth curled in a gentle smile, standing there like an immortal, graceful and calm——

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