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Chapter 629, Time to part

When this remark came out, everyone turned to Ye Qingyu.

Nan Tieyi and Liu Shaji immediately felt that there was a power exuding from Ye Qingyu’s body that was indeed much stronger than it was before he left the Underground Moon Immortal Palace.

Ye Qingyu smiled slightly.

He also sensed that Nan Tieyi and the others, including the Master and disciples of the Hundred Spirits Sect, during this period of time had also improved their strength and evidently benefited a lot from cultivating in the Underground Moon Immortal Palace.

“Let’s sit down and talk. Little brother Ye was traveling at lightning speed, I’m exhausted.” Hu Bugui seated himself beside a huge white jade rock, took out from his bosom a few jars of wine from the Willow Lane restaurant and tossed them over to Liu Shaji and Nan Tieyi. He slammed open the lid of the wine jar and directly gulped down the wine.

The rich aroma of the alcohol immediately filled the air.

“Good wine.” Liu Shaji’s eyes lit up.

Nan Tieyi was also a wine person, his face also lit up when he heard this.

“Haha, us brothers can have a good drink today.” Hu Bugui was also in the mood to enjoy.

Ever since meeting at the odd job worker disciple area at the foot of the Greater One Sect, although it had only been a few months, but Liu Shaji, Nan Tieyi, Hu Bugui, and Ye Qingyu felt that they shared the same mind. In particular, after the four of them went through the Storm Sword Duel gathering and fought side by side, they became like brothers and got on really well.

The others heard this and all smiled. They all sat down.

“Cousin, why were you gone for such a long time? Big brother Liu and big brother Nan were worried about you, they went out to look for you several times.” Xing’er carefully examined him again, making sure that Ye Qingyu had no injuries before she could finally relax.

“Yes, we have not heard from you for a long time. We were worried that you might still be in Greater One mountains and were stopped by the forces of the Demon Race so we went out to find you... that’s right...” Liu Shaji made a grabbing motion in the air, “We found these things... this is the divine life weapon of the Master of the Phoenix Valley, Weeping Phoenix Ruler. We found it in the giant stone forest.”

Liu Shaji spread out his palm.

Broken into two and with the brilliance lost, the divine weapon Weeping Phoenix Ruler was presented in front of the crowd.

Nan Tieyi also sighed faintly, “I also found this in the bamboo grove twenty miles away from the lake...”

He turned his hand over and grabbed at the air.

A long hook appeared.

But at the end of this long hook, the crescent pointy hook was chipped, the surface mottled and tattered, and many slash marks seemed to be silently telling of its Master’s last tragic battle.

“This is... is it the divine weapon of the Master of the Ethereal Sect, Moon Hook?” Hu Bugui exclaimed, identifying the dull hook with one glance.

“Tsk, you’re exclaiming over such little things... there's more!” Old Fish grinned, taking out a half a meter high bamboo basket like he was presenting a treasure.


A full basket of divine weapons were poured out.

Ye Qingyu was stunned.

“Thunder God Drill, Double Meteor Hammer, Bronze Moon Blade, Golden Ring Hook...” With his face crossed with astonishment, Hu Bugui one by one identified the weapons that had already lost their brilliance and were marked with scars. He was able to identity the majority, which were all life divine weapons of well-known experts of Clear River Domain. The famous weapons in the past had now become a pile of scrap metals, their formation markings destroyed and the spiritual qi contained within completely emptied.

With the weapons in such a state, it most likely signified disaster for their respective masters.

Each broken weapon was a person’s life.

Nan Tieyi slightly sighed, then together with Liu Shaji and Old Fish, informed them of the scenes that they had witnessed during the search.

“Ah, this is a predestined tribulation.” Even an insensitive Hu Bugui could not help sighing with sorrow, and then recounted what he and Ye Qingyu had seen at Greater One mountains after they left here.

As the people quietly listened, there was a number of sighs.

The atmosphere suddenly went quiet.

Hu Bugui gulped down a mouthful of wine, a heroic expression reappeared on his face as he laughed. “Forget it, let's not talk about these frustrating things, the deceased can’t come back to life, we need to look ahead... Haha, I forgot to mention, you may not know but the person next to me is now a legendary person of Clear River Domain!”

“Legendary person? What did cousin do?”

Evidently Yu Xiaoxing was extremely interested in all matters related to Ye Qingyu.

Hu Bugui burst into a hearty laugh, chugged down mouthfuls of wine, rubbed away the wine stains on his beard stubble, and began to imitate the manner and accent of the Flowing Light City storyteller to vividly recount everything that happened in Flowing Light City.

Everyone listened with great interest, as if they were present at the scene.

Sometimes there were twists and turns, sometimes their hearts tensed up, sometimes they clutched their stomach, erupting in laughter, sometimes they felt emotional, and sometimes they had a happy smile on their face.

Even Ye Qingyu also had a hint of a smile. When Hu Bugui mentioned the Immortal God Emperor Sect he explained why they did not tell them of the whereabouts of Nan Tieyi and why they did not bring the people of the Immortal God Emperor Sect here.

“That means, you little brat, you’re now swaggering around and living well with the identity of Heaven Wasteland Domain Ye Qingyu, right?” Old Fish suddenly thought of something, his eyes emitting light as he glanced at Ye Qingyu.

“Exactly, Little Ye can now eat and drink what he wants. He is now a hero of Clear River Domain who no one dares approach. He is the reincarnation of the Sky Dragon in all Flowing Light City citizens’ mind.” Hu Bugui’s expression was exaggerated as he told them of all the strange circulating stories, attracting the crowd’s laughter.

“It's not as exaggerated as Old Hu says, just listen to it like a story, don’t take it seriously.” Ye Qingyu finally could not stand it any longer, and interrupted with a waving hand.

“You interrupted me at the most interesting part. Fine, fine, fine, I won't say anymore, don’t believe what people tell you until you see if for yourself. Go to Flowing Light City to take a look and you will know that I did not exaggerate at all.” Hu Bugui spread his hands open helplessly.

“By the way, about the Hundred Spirits Sect, there is some news. The day before our return, the disciples of the Immortal God Emperor Sect came to deliver the news that the Hundred Spirits Sect had sealed the main gate and conserved strength, so for now they should be safe.” Ye Qingyu turned to Shen Menghua and the other people and hurriedly notified them of this news.

“Very good!”

“Thank you, Gongzi Ye!”

“Yes, yes, yes, thank you, Gongzi Ye!”

Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin immediately stood up, bowing their thanks repeatedly to Ye Qingyu with a smile on their face.

The middle-aged beautiful Shishu of Hundred Spirits Sect also heaved a sigh of relief, nodding to Ye Qingyu.

“From what you’re saying now, it seems Clear River Domain has not yet returned to complete stability, but fortunately the Demon Spider Race had retreated, the Human Race is beginning to ally together, and the overall situation is more or less settled. We no longer have to stay in the Underground Moon Immortal Palace.” Nan Tieyi pondered for a while, before he added, “Since the three Shishus have arrived in Flowing Light City, then I must go out and meet them and contribute to the rebuilding of the Human Race.”

He was a little impatient.

Since the sect had dispatched the three elders, it was a clear signal that the Immortal God Emperor Sect had made the first step to re-enter the world, using a positive and active attitude to display their capability, which for the ambitious Nan Tieyi was undoubtedly a great news.

The others nodded, also seemingly a little impatient to leave.

“In that case, tomorrow morning, we can get out of here together, but after going out, what are everyone’s plan?” Ye Qingyu assured, looking round the crowd.

“We naturally will be returning to Hundred Spirits Sect as soon as possible.” The Shishu of Hundred Spirits Sect was the first to speak.

The three female disciples also nodded. Although Ye Qingyu brought the news that the Hundred Spirits Sect was safe, but what the situation was like inside still made them extremely worried. They wanted to hurry back. For these women, the Hundred Spirits Sect was their home.

“I have some other things that I need to take some time to deal with, after arriving at Flowing Light City, I will have to leave first.” Liu Shaji said indifferently.

As the descendant of the White Lotus Sword Sect, the way he handles matters was secretive and since he had said so, then there must be some things that he needed to deal with alone, so the others did not question antyurther.

“Haha, brat, now you are an important person of Clear River Domain. If I follow you about there will be meat and wine for me. I don’t care, you have to take this old man to drink fragrant aged wine. Oh yes, I remember the last time I was at Flowing Light City, there were female singers. Haha, I also want to go to South Facing Inn to listen to the little girl sing, hahahaha...” Old Fish suddenly jumped to his feet, throwing a glance at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu furrowed his brows. He no longer paid any attention to Old Fish, and cast his gaze elsewhere.

As for Yu Xiaxoing, it was needless to say that she would certainly follow Ye Qingyu.

For Ye Qingyu himself, he already had his own plan.

After returning to Flowing Light City, he had to find clues and find a way to take Xing’er back to Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Ye Qingyu looked at Old Fish joyfully packing his scattered belongings, his lips curled in a faint smile. This old guy had too many secrets, he was an old monster who had survived countless years and did not belong to any of the domains. Moreover, the forces of Clear River Domain were in extreme polarization, there were too many variables, so there was no harm in taking him to Heaven Wasteland Domain.


Two days later.

In Flowing Light City.

The vibrant and lively scenes once again returned to Flowing Light City.

The whole city was, although not as flourishing as the first time Ye Qingyu was here, but the bleakness and deterioration brought about by the war had been swept away. The streets were scattered with stalls, the stall keeper shouting with a smiling face, and the doors of several famous restaurants and tea houses had reopened, welcoming and sending off guests.

At the city gate.

“Young Lord!”

“Young Lord, you’re back!”

Ling Xiaoran and his wife as well as the disciples of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, ever since receiving a signal from Nan Tieyi, had been waiting at the city gate to welcome him.

Nan Tieyi nodded slightly, then invited everyone to the South Facing Inn for a little rest.

“Now that everyone has returned to Flowing Light City, I will leave.” Liu Shaji did not enter the city, and seemed to be deep in thought.

“This... well, since the matter is urgent, I won't urge you to stay.” Nan Tieyi smiled. “But after you have finished your business, brother Liu is welcome to come find me at South Facing Inn anytime. Even if I’m not there, there will be a disciple informing me. If there is anything you need me to help, you can pass a message to me at any time.” As he was speaking, he handed an Immortal God Emperor Sect's summon talisman to Liu Shaji. “

Liu Shaji did not be too courteous, and accepted.

“‘The blue mountain does not change, the green water is always flowing’. Everyone, we will meet again.”

Liu Shaji then ran his eyes over everyone, came over to clap his hand upon the shoulder of Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui, and finally nodded and bid farewell to everyone.

The months of going through fire and water, trials and tribulations, were still vivid in everyone’s mind. After this goodbye they were unsure when they would see each other again. Jianghu people, Jianghu matters, were always unpredictable. Everything seemed to begin while drinking by the fire at the foot of Greater One Sect. Everything seemed to stay in that mouthful of wine, the rich and mellow flavour.

Liu Shaji turned toward the city gate, his figure from behind looking lonely, his robe fluttering in the breeze, and his hair dancing...

Ye Qingyu for a moment was really a little sad.

“Gee, since this guy escaped, I also have to go too!” Hu Bugui slapped himself on the forehead, like he suddenly thought of something.

“Brother Hu, what’s the hurry...” Ye Qingyu's eyes flickered with puzzlement.

“Hehe... I have been out for so long, fought so many battles, it is now time to return to my lair to check on things. In any case I am the head of the 18 thieves, and now the world is so chaotic, I should check on my brothers’ situation...” Hu Bugui rubbed his nose like he did not care.

Everyone was unable to restrain a smile when they saw him like this, but also did not urge him to stay.

After a few words, Hu Bugui transformed into a stream of flowing light, disappearing in the distant sky.

“Then we should also leave...” The Shishu of the Hundred Spirits Sect led the three disciples to bow to Ye Qingyu and the others.

“Gongzi Ye, after today, if you are free in the future... I kindly ask you to come to Hundred Spirits Sect... to visit…” Shen Menghua's beautiful eyes were glistening like flowing water.

“Yes, Gongzi Ye, this was a hurried trip, we have not had the time to properly thank you for your help...” Liu Ruxin said with regret.

“No problem, no need to mention it, in the future, I will definitely pay the Hundred Spirits Sect a visit,” Ye Qingyu swept his eyes around and said solemnly.

Upon hearing this, the Shishu of the Hundred Spirits Sect, like the dust was settled, turned and led the several disciples away.

The remaining people, led by Ling Xiaoran and his wife, headed in the direction of South Facing Inn——
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