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Chapter 624, Attack

“A terrifying expert had suddenly emerged in Clear River Domain. Many forces are trying to find out as much information as possible. After all, it is a very unusual time now. The will and force of such an existence is unignorable to any forces in the domain. So many people want to find out the background of this person called Tianhang, but... according to the information we have found out along the way, the major forces of Clear River Domain all still do not have any idea,” the Martial Arts Hall Elder Li said with a smile, casting a glance at Ye Qingyu.

When Hu Bugui and other people heard this, they couldn’t help but laugh.

During these days no one had left Flowing Light City. They were restricted by the Demon Spider Race, and did not pay too much attention to the outside world. They did not expect that the impact of one battle in Flowing Light City would be so great, and even more did not expect the fame and weight of Tianhang to be so tremendous already.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes uncontrollably fell on Ye Qingyu.

Ling Xiaoran, standing at Ye Qingyu's side and thinking about the real identity of Ye Qingyu, couldn't help but tremble inwardly. He was fully aware of the capability of the Immortal God Emperor, even if they could not find out about Tianhang’s background for now, sooner or later they would be able to. Rather than passively waiting for the sect to find out, he thought he might as well tell them about Ye Qingyu's identity, so it would be easier to explain for Ye Qingyu and to clarify some things.

“Haha, elders and brothers, Tianhang is now famous across the world, but I think, you probably can't guess what Senior Tianhang’s true identity is...” finally making up his mind, Ling Xiaoran said with a strange smile.

“Oh?” Elder Li said thoughtfully, “Could there be some secret?”

When the other two elders heard these words, they began to study Ye Qingyu once more, and vaguely they felt that, although the young man really had a matchless aura, they seemed to have seen him somewhere before.

The line of sight of the other disciples and masters of the Immortal God Emperor Sect was also concentrated on Ye Qingyu.

The people that were able to come to support the Flowing Light City, not only were their strength extraordinary and they were the elites of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, whether it was intelligence or strategy, they were the best in their respective fields. When they heard Ling Xiaoran say these words, everyone deduced that the background of Tianhang was definitely not that simple.

When the atmosphere was good enough, Ling Xiaoran looked at Ye Qingyu, then at Hu Bugui, and finally clenched his teeth and said, “Actually Senior Tianhang's true identity, everyone must have heard of before. I think his portrait, everyone have also seen before. He is one of the visitors of Heaven Wasteland Domain that has provoked much discussion among the Clear River Domain, Ye Qingyu!”

“How could that be?”

“The evil member of Heaven Wasteland?”

“It's him?”

“How is that possible...”

“No way!”

Several Immortal God Emperor Sect disciples exclaimed right away.

This answer was one that they had never thought of.

The name ‘evil member of Heaven Wasteland Ye Qingyu’, they had heard before, and they had even seen Ye Qingyu's portrait through the sect's communication channel. But in each person’s memory and impression, the evil member of Heaven wWsteland was not that important of a person and his strength was nothing special. The Greater One Sect had ordered his arrest and he had been fleeing in the Greater One mountain range, and was not considered an important expert at all.

Because of these reasons, even if some disciples of the Immortal God Emperor Sect had thought that Ye Qingyu looked somewhat familiar to the person in the portrait, they simply brushed away this idea because it was almost impossible.


After the initial great shock, the Immortal God Emperor Sect disciples all fell silent.

While the three unfathomable elders, from their body, suddenly there was a tyrannical aura that made one shudder.

Six lightning-sharp eyes seemed to be trying to pierce through Ye Qingyu.

Compared to the disciples of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, their status was much higher, thus they understood more things and were clearer on the situation. Although the Storm Sword Duel gathering was said to be destroyed as a result of the invasion of the Demon Spider Race, but the real insiders all knew very clearly that the coronation ceremony that the Greater One Sect had painstakingly planned was, in fact, destroyed by the Heaven Wasteland Domain human called Ye Qingyu.

Even if the invasion of the Demon Spider Race did not happen, this Heaven Wasteland person would have destroyed the distinguished event that the Greater One Sect had been painstakingly planning for hundred of years.

Only the people who had knowledge of inside information would really understand how terrifying the young man called Ye Qingyu really was.

But even so, the three elders had never thought that the so-called Tianhang——who suddenly emerged like a comet streaking across through the sky, the peerless expert who shook the entire Clear River Domain, and the existence who had been compared by many major forces to the strongest expert of Clear River Domain, the master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect, was unexpectedly the Ye Qingyu who destroyed the Greater One Sect's plan.

This was... kind of interesting.

The eyes of Elder Li of the Martial Arts Hall and Elder Li of the Repository of Buddhist Texts unconsciously grew serious.

Because if the result were to spread out, then it would most likely have a huge impact on the entire Clear River Domain.

And Elder Xie of the Monastic Discipline Hall, his eyes under his ash grey sword-like brows, were gradually surfaced with a dazzling bright light.

The atmosphere suddenly had become somewhat strange.

The awkward atmosphere was like autumn frost and cold wind swirled around everyone present.

Ye Qingyu also felt the change in atmosphere right away.

He wore a faint smile on his face, and his expression was extremely calm.

He also did not blame Ling Xiaoran for exposing his identity because he knew very well that Ling Xiaoran did this for his own good.

The breeze was blowing gently.

The white clouds were silent.

The young beautiful Heng Yugue swept her eyes across the faces of the three elders, then looked at her husband and finally Ye Qingyu, as a trace of worry twisted her delicate oval face. She knew what she should do, and finally could not help gently clearing her throat and tried to speak. “Cough... Three elders, actually those are rumors... it was the Greater One Sect...”

Her words were somewhat broken and she was stammering.

This was because she was facing the three unfathomable great elders of the sect. For a moment, her thoughts were disorderly and even her speech was not well organized.

Heng Yugue stammered, under the gaze of the hundreds of fellow disciples and elders, there was an unprecedented nervousness. It was most likely that even when she rescued Elder Zheng on the execution platform she was not as tense as she was now, for fear that these disciples would misunderstand Ye Qingyu because of some rumors.


Elder Xie of the Monastic Discipline Hall waved his hand.

Heng Yugue did not dare to say anything more.

In the Immortal God Emperor Sect, Elder Xie was famous for being stern.

Perhaps due to being in charge of the Monastic Discipline Hall for countless years, Elder Xie was always serious in speech and manner, his complexion was like black iron and there was always a cold, stern aura projecting from him. Even people of the Immortal God Emperor Sect were very afraid of him. Moreover, Elder Xie had always hated evil as if it was his enemy, has a fiery temper, and was never lenient on martial artists who had a bad reputation.

So when Elder Xie gave a wave of his hand, not only Heng Yugue, even Ling Xiaoran did not dare to open his mouth.

If they forcibly tried to explain, it would only backfire and fuel the flames.

On the other side, when Chen Zhengliang saw that the situation did not feel right, and since he was not part of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, he had no hesitation of speaking out, “Yes, yes, that's right, the rumors are not credible. Elders must not misunderstand, senior Ye is really a hero who wholeheartedly tried to help the citizens. I ask elders to not listen to the rumours. These days we have been fighting alongside senior Ye, and we understand him the most. He had repeatedly fought with all his strength to protect Flowing Light City and to save the hundreds of thousands of people in the city...”

Elder Xie once again fiercely waved.

A heavy terrifying aura diffused out from his burly body.

Chen Zhengliang was about to continue when he suddenly felt the air around had solidified and was unable to open his mouth.

“Young man, are you really the visitor of Heaven Wasteland Domain?” Elder Xie's long blade-like brows were raised.

Ye Qingyu nodded, without trying to explain anymore. Standing with a face of clear conscience, he looked right into Elder Xie's lightning-sharp eyes.

In his eyes, his expression was as clear as the mountain spring.

The next moment——


A burst of light overflowed from Elder Xie’s eyes, and before the other people could react, he had unexpectedly thrust his palm out.

The palm print resembled mysterious jade, glistening brightly.

At a crazy speed, the wind whistled and the force was as though slicing through gold, the lightning-like palm print aimed at Ye Qingyu’s chest.


Ye Qingyu was slightly startled, but his reaction was not at all slow.

He stood where he was, almost punching out at the same time.

The fist print was like thunder.

In a flash, the fist and the palm collided.


Muffled noises sounded.

There was only a slight vibration rippling between the fist and palm.

The reactions of Ye Qingyu and Elder Xie were almost exactly the same, standing straight and motionless in the void. Only their upper bodies were swaying gently.

A suffocating aura, at the moment of collision between the fist and palm, flashed across. The people present only felt as though there was something terrifying blocking their heart, firmly pressing and then suddenly loosening, that made their hearts beat faster than before.

It was the terror of the eruption of aura in a battle between experts.

Elder Xie’s face flickered with a strange glimmer, closely staring at Ye Qingyu.

On Ye Qingyu's fist, traces of purple light currents lingered for a moment before slowly vanishing under the skin, his aura remaining calm and peaceful.

Everyone’s heart, at this moment, jumped to their throat——

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