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Imperial God Emperor 623 - The three great elders

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Chapter 623, The three great elders

“What? The Demon Spider Race has withdrawn their army?!”

A wild scream of joy and disbelief came from the South Facing Inn.

In the hall of South Facing Inn.

A young waiter standing in front of the crowd with a look excitement said, “Yes, the shopkeeper has just received the news that the Demon Spider Race has retreated!”

When Ye Qingyu heard the news, he nodded slightly.

The round-faced Prince Mojin had mentioned that he had ordered the withdrawal of the Devouring Heaven camp, it seemed that this matter was true.

He released the divine sense to investigate. The majestic consciousness power, like a tide, instantaneously diffused to the peripheries of Flowing Light City. As expected, he found that the Demon Spider camp fifty miles away had been cleared away. There was not the slightest shadow of Demon Spiders remaining anymore!

Ye Qingyu nodded his head at the crowd, confirming the news.

Ling Xiaoran, Heng Yugue and Scar-faced Jin, one after another, heaved with sighs of relief.

The lingering haze on the faces of everyone ever since the day that Flowing Light City was invaded, had suddenly vanished like smoke.

Heng Yugue tightly clasped Ling Xiaoran’s hand. Her face was lit with joy as she exclaimed, “Great! The troops of Devouring Heaven camp have retreated, the crisis of Flowing Light City is finally over!”

Ling Xiaoran tightly held his wife's hand back, sighing, “Yes, we can finally relax. The Demon Race troops have retreated, the people of Flowing Light City no longer have to be in a state of anxiety and fear.”

The waiter’s eyes rolled around, grinning, “The shopkeeper has another good news. We received information from the sect that the reinforcements led by the three great elders are already at Fragrance Plains. In probably less than an hours time, they will arrive at Flowing Light City.”

This news made the people who had just calmed down become excited once again.

“Here today?” Ling Xiaoran's face lit up brightly, laughing he exclaimed, “Haha, great, really great, two happy events come one after the other... When the three elders and the reinforcements arrive, even if the Devouring Heaven troops come again, we will have the strength to fight. There is no need to worry. Haha, Flowing Light City has nothing to fear!”

Hu Bugui belted out a hearty laugh. “Hahaha, it really is good news! It's almost time, we better go out to greet them, I also want to see the graceful bearing of the legendary three elders of the Immortal God Emperor sect!”

Ye Qingyu smiled and nodded, walking out the inn with Hu Bugui.

With a look of gratitude, Ling Xiaoran and the others followed behind.

The news of the retreat of the Demon Spider army, at this moment, was spreading like a prairie fire from the South Facing Inn.

The people of the city were overjoyed at the news. Countless people hugged together and cried on each other's shoulders. The day of release had finally arrived for them.

Ye Qingyu and the others flew out of Flowing Light City, instantly coming to the sky dozens of miles outside the city.

The next moment, a strange change suddenly occurred in the sky outside of Flowing Light City.

The layers of clouds in the sky were like white waves rolling over, and a vast expanse of aura diffused from the clouds, forming a tremendous pressure.

Ye Qingyu instantly sensed that there were three powerful Immortal Step experts in the midst of the surging clouds!

“The Immortal God Emperor Sect has been living in seclusion for many years, but it is still as impressive and must not be underestimated!” Ye Qingyu remarked in his mind.

It seemed that the so-called three great elders must be of the Immortal Step boundary.

In less than one second, when the distance between Ye Qingyu’s group and the white clouds were no more than ten meters away, everyone stopped their steps.

The white clouds faded away.

A troop of hundreds of people attracted the attention of Ye Qingyu and the rest.

They were headed by three imposing elders.

On the left was an old man in a long blue robe with a solemn presence, projecting a natural dignity and power. The old man’s forehead was plump and his face was radiant. His pair of white brows was long and reaching to the temples. His eyes, slightly raised, were as imposing as the glaring eyes of the guardian deity of an old Buddhist temple deep in the mountains. As he moved there was a rumbling of thunder along with the fluttering of his clothes.

The elder in the middle, dressed in a green robe, had kind brows and friendly eyes. His eyes were bright, his brows sparse and his silver hair was bunched at the top of his head secured with a jade hairpin. His thin face had been left with the traces of age, with deep lines of wrinkles deeply engraved across his forehead and outer corner of his eyes. With a faint smile on his face, his aura was calm and gentle, as amiable as the kind old man next door.

The old man on the right wore a black robe, and his stature was half a head taller than the green-robe elder next to him. His long grey hair hung over his back, his face was as angular as a knife and his eyes had eagle eye-like sharpness. Although he showed no expression on his face, his aura was like a million-year-old iceberg, as though telling others not to come near and almost making the air solidify.

Behind the three elders were hundreds of Heaven Ascension experts following after them.

They were of varying ages, dressed in different outfits,and it may be assumed that in this long period of time, as the disciples of Immortal God Emperor Sect, they had been hiding in this world with various identities and playing different roles.

The hundreds of people were suppressing their aura, and by sight alone they looked just like the average person on the street, but when they assembled together there was an indescribable mysterious aura projecting from their body. They really were a force not to be underestimated!

“We pay respect to the three Shishus!”

Ling Xiaoran, Heng Yugue and the rest of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, upon seeing the three elders, darted over right away to respectfully bow to the three elders.

The middle white-robed old man smiled faintly in response, reaching out his hand, and a gush of five element force lifted them all up. “ You do not need to be this polite, quickly get up.”

His tone was like a warm breeze brushing past, and like the spring breeze rippling the pond, calm and gentle.

The people of the Immortal God Emperor Sect stood up straight, looking at the three elders with both excitement and respect in their eyes.

These three elders were all hidden experts with an extremely high status in the Immortal God Emperor Sect, and had been watching over the sect for a long period of time. They had unsurpassed authority and power, but never cared about secular affairs and only focused on cultivation. If it were not for the fact that the Human Race was in a crisis, they certainly would not have left the mountains.

Ling Xiaoran calmed his emotions, casting a sidelong glance at Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui. He immediately realized something, and hurriedly introduced them, “Seniors, they are the three great elders of the Immortal God Emperor Sect. This is Elder Li in charge of the Martial Arts Hall, in the middle is Elder Mo in charge of the Repository of Buddhist Texts, and on the right is Elder Xie of the Monastic Discipline Hall.”

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui nodded, bowing their heads slightly.

When Ling Xiaoran finished, he hurriedly bowed again to the three elders. “Shishu, this time Flowing Light City was rescued from danger all thanks to these two seniors.” As he spoke he pointed to Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui. “This is Senior Tianhang, and this is Senior Hu Bugui. The crisis of Flowing Light City was reversed because these two seniors appeared at the critical moment, and the hundreds of thousands of people of Flowing Light City were saved as a result.”


“Oh? Tianhang? In the rumours, the one who severed Devouring Heaven in one sword strike, killed the black spider twins within seconds, and transformed into a dragon to destroy the Demon Spider Prince Mojin into ashes, and the saviour who shook the Demon Spider Race with three swords, is you?” The Martial Arts Hall Elder Li looked at Ye Qingyu, not expecting the legendary person to be this young, his eyes flashing with a trace of amazement.

The eyes of the two other elders also fell on Ye Qingyu.

The handsome and extraordinary young man before them indeed was an Immortal Step expert from his aura, though only just reached the Immortal Step boundary. His image and strength was a little inconsistent to the mysterious master in their mind, who had successively destroyed the Demon Spiders and whose name had resounded through Clear River Domain.

“Three swords that shook the Demon Spider?” Puzzled, Hu Bugui could’t help uttered out.

Behind the three elders, the several youngsters of the Immortal God Emperor Sect also smiled.

“Yes, yes, as we walked through the city gate, everyone was talking about the incredible feats of Lord Tianhang...”

“Yes, yes! In particular, the mister storytellers in the teashop, every one of them was performing how you saved the people at the ruins of the City Lord’s residence and how you killed the Demon Spider Prince by yourself with beautiful songs and rich emotions. Even the scene of the Demon Spider Race fleeing was described particularly wonderfully.”

“Not only that, the shadow puppet stage at the end of the street was crowded with both adults and children, it was playing how you defeated the generals of the Demon Spider Race. It was vivid and realistic, like the scene was recreated.”

“There's more! Even the games and songs that children are singing have become the feats of Lord Tianhang...”

The several Immortal God Emperor Sect disciples all had admiration in their eyes as they in turn described what they saw on the way here.

“Oh, not only Flowing Light City, now the name Tianhang can be said to have alarmed the world. His name had spread all over Clear River Domain. In particular, the tale of the three swords that shook Demon Spiders had created an uproar in Clear River Domain.” The eyes of Elder Mo of the Repository of Buddhist Texts flickered with a trace of appreciation as he remarked, smiling.

“Correct, the news had been spread out long ago. The matters that happened in the city have already been heard by many major forces. Now, the Human Race and foreign races in the Clear River Domain all know about the legendary person who emerged in Flowing Light City.” Elder Xie of the Monastic Discipline Hall nodded lightly.

“To cause such a huge stir in Clear River Domain in such a short time, I thought this Tianhang must be a hidden old monster, who couldn’t stand aside and not save the desperate crisis. I did not think that...” The Martial Arts Hall Elder Li paused and did not continue, but what he meant was obviously that he did not expect Tianhang, whose name had spread across Clear River Domain, to be such a young man. “

“To tell the truth, many forces are already beginning to guess the background of Tianhang, and all kinds of rumors have emerged. There are different opinions and some are quite strange. Some said that he was born from a rock, some said he emerged from a beam of white light in the sky, some said he was born from the sky and some said he is the reincarnation of the divine dragon... There are many stories,” a handsome young man in an ice blue silk robe embroidered with elegant bamboo leaves, who stood behind the Elder of the Reposotiry of Buddhist Texts, said smilingly. He was recalling all the bizarre rumours that made him clutch his belly with both hands along the way.

“Yes, in the past hundreds of years, there have been many legendary people in Clear River Domain, but I have never heard of a person called Tianhang. When such a peerless master suddenly appeared, the major forces were all startled. All of the people and Demon Races were naturally very curious. Most likely that many people are now secretly investigating and finding out about Tianhang’s background.” Elder Mo smiled slightly.

In fact, after receiving the news from the South Facing Inn, they had also tried to investigate through the channels of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, but only to little success——

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