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Chapter 60 – Returning [Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant]

If Ye Qingyu was only a teenager with average talent, even if he possessed the heroic badge, his threat would not be too high. Similarly, if Ye Qingyu was only a normal student of White Deer Academy, offending him would not be something to be fearful about. But this youth was a White Deer Academy student and the inheritor of a heroic badge. When these two were added together, this was something that was frightening.

This type of person would sooner or later grow up.

Even just considering the present, the entire Northern military office may not be enough to handle him anymore, not to mention the three officers.

They were, in the eyes of common citizens — no, even in the eyes of wealthy people — big shots. But in front of the brass heroic badge of Ye Qingyu, the identity of their position as military officers was laughable.

As someone in the army, to offend someone who had inherited the badge of the royal family of Snow Country, there was not a stupider thing to do than this in the entire world.

This was why the scholar threw away his face and had a friendly tone when he spoke.

He knew today they were used by some people as the spear head, to probe Ye Qingyu or perhaps it was due to some other reason. Either way, their current position was not something to be envied. They must think of ways to repair the relationship between them and Ye Qingyu, only then could they regain some benefit.

Ye Qingyu heard this and his expression remained calm and peaceful.

In these four years, Luo Jin and the others had completely taken over the properties of the Ye family. This was a bare and naked robbery and repossession, something that was against the laws of the country. However, they did not receive the slightest retribution or consequence from their actions; the positions of Luo Jin and the others were just servants and merchants at that time. Evidently, to be able to do this, they must have the support of someone in the background.

In these four years, the Ye family properties had accumulated wealth and riches. Luo Jin and the others had received a part of it, but the person behind them must have received much more.

The person who was able to do this was not someone of the army, but someone of the nobility.

“I don’t care if you received who’s order to support Luo Jin, and I don’t care what has happened in the shadows in these four years. From today onwards, all the property of the Ye family must be returned to the Ye family. If there are still people not willing to give up, and still wants to obstruct me, then I don’t mind making this matter even bigger. The Ye family has once bled before so…” Ye Qingyu’s fingers lightly clasped the table. “Today’s Ye family is also not afraid of shedding blood.”

The tone of which he used to speak was very calm.

But every person was able to discern from the calm tone of this teenager a steel will and a determination that was unquestionable. It was a martial artist’s heart that would not accept any negotiation.

The aura of the hook-nosed man could not help but completely disappear at this very moment.

“No need to worry young master Ye. Me and my brothers, from now on the matters regarding the Ye family, the northern military will not question again.” The hook-nosed man nodded his head, expressing his goodwill and then left with his soldiers, not daring to tarry in the slightest.

Within the northern military office, Yu Luosheng could be counted as a mid-level officer. He could not hide the sky with one hand*; even though he had a military position, he was not a nobility nor did he have a title. He was only a soldier, especially in front of a heroic badge holder, he could not be the slightest bit impudent or presumptuous.

As they looked at Yu Luosheng and the others departing, there was a deathly silence in the hall.

Some people had still not recovered.

Some people had already recovered. Swallowing their saliva down their throat with difficulty, they looked at the youth bathed in golden sunlight next to the windowsill, their faces covered with fear and shock.

And there were some people who acted as if they were undergoing a funeral, experiencing an apocalyptic fear.

Such as Luo Jin.

The middle-aged merchant who had been, from the very beginning, absolutely sure he could devour Ye Qingyu, his expression right now was as if he had just eaten a dead rat. His smile that was produced using his best efforts was even more disgusting than if he had just simply cried.

“Young master Ye, I…” Luo Jin said simply, kneeling to the floor.

He finally understood how laughable and ridiculous he was. He finally understood, in the world where strength was the ruler of all, the techniques he used to manipulate people, the techniques that he was so proud of, in the eyes of the truly strong and the nobles, was not even worthy of mention.

This kneel signified his complete collapse.

Ye Qingyu gave Luo Jin a glance, seeing him painfully weeping in front of him. His brain could not help but think of when he was young, this person in front of his parents treating him especially well, with kindness and gentleness. Purchasing various items and his fake joyful smile…

“Not crying until you see the coffin, not giving up until reaching the Deer river!” Ye Qingyu sighed lightly.

This sigh caused Wang Youde from the [Murong Shop] and Dong Mingtong from the [Miaoyu Temple] to be frightened out of their wits. Thinking that Ye Qingyu was intending to kill them, they knelt on the floor with a thud.

“Young master Ye, we were wrong…”

“Forgive us!”

“I am willing to handover the [Murong Shop], completely giving it over…”

“The [Miaoyu Temple] from now on is also the property of the Ye family. Young master Ye, please show your mercy. Spare me. I beg you spare me…”

The two kowtowed like a hammer pounding garlic.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything, his gaze landing on Nie Yin.

Nie Yin who came from a martial artist background, had a sturdiness that Luo Jin and the other merchants did not possess. Although at this moment he was also frightened, but he still bit hit lips and was about to negotiate…

“Fine, you win. As long as you accept my conditions, the [Yin Taoxuan Pavilion] can return to the Ye family…” Nie Yin said bitingly.

Before he had finished, a cold smile appeared on Ye Qingyu’s lips.

The next instant, a shadow passed through everyone’s vision. Luo Jin could only sense a figure passing by in front of him, and when he reacted, he could only hear Nie Yin’s cries from behind him…

He turned around to look.

As his eyes took in the scene, his pupils dilated.

The Nie Yin who was domineering and powerful in their eyes, was struck in the dantian by Ye Qingyu’s palm. There was a visible mist that emitted from Nie Yin’s body, and a sound like beans popping could be heard…

“Aaa, You… you’ve crippled my yuan qi, you…” Nie Yin was like a balloon that leaked air, slowly deflating. His face turning ashen grey, his gaze containing hatred and despair.

Ye Qingyu retrieved his palm.

“This will be interest. Forcefully taking over the Ye family property for so many years, some sort of price must be paid. Normally, you use your strength to bully others, today I have crippled your martial prowess. I fear that there are countless people applauding me for this action…”

Ye Qingyu stared icily at Nie Yin.

“You are ruthless…” Nie Yin lifted his hand and pointed at Ye Qingyu.

“Ruthless?” Ye Qingyu shook his head. “Compared to the things that you have done to the Ye family, this cannot even hold a candle… I am no longer the little boy that can be bullied and walked all over.” Ye Qingyu slowly returned by the window, saying, “What right do you have to discuss conditions with me?”

Luo Jin and the others had already been frightened till their faces were the colour of the ground, cold sweat dripping down their cheeks.

The way Ye Qingyu did things was brutal and direct.

Losing his yuan qi represented that Nie Yin had lost everything. The way he did things was overbearing and he had made not a few enemies. Now that he had lost his martial power, once news of this leaked out, very quickly, he would be in a state worse than death.

Then how would this youth take care of them?

Luo Jin and the others state of mind was in a mess, as if they were a prisoner waiting for their judgement. If time could be turned back, they would absolutely not offend the Ye family anymore.

“I also won’t go too far, return the Ye family properties and each one of you pay a hundred thousand of silver taels**, then the grievances between the Ye family will be written off. If you don’t come to provoke me in the future, then I also won’t bother you.” Ye Qingyu clasped the edge of the table, saying in a bland tone.

“I am willing, I am willing…” Dong Mington rushed to be the first one to accept.

Luo Jin and Wang Youde felt a pain in their heart. After taking over the properties, in these four years of time, the profit added up together was only about a hundred thousand silver taels. Repaying so much was equal to slicing off their own flesh, but if they were not willing to pay…

Thinking of the consequences of Jin Shiren and Nie Yin, they did not dare to raise an objection at all.

This affair could be said to have drawn to a stop.

Ye Qingyu did not tarry longer than half an hour. Waiting until Luo Jin and the others had signed and placed their finger prints on the rune formation contracts, he left the remaining business for Tang San to take care of.

For Tang San, this was an opportunity, but also a test.

If he was able to effectively manage these assorted affairs, then from now on Ye Qingyu could rest his heart and rely on him for a lot of matters. But if his ability was not enough, then Ye Qingyu would naturally consider swapping the steward of the Ye family.

And as for why he had so much confidence in this youth who did not look older than sixteen, even Ye Qingyu himself could not be sure. Perhaps it was the fact that he himself was only slightly older than fourteen.

And on the other hand, being able to obtain such an opportunity, Tang San was naturally so excited that he could float in the air. But he suppressed his urge to jump up and down, suppressing the tremors in his heart, trying to give off a sedated and calm appearance. After seeing off Ye Qingyu, he handled the leftover business.

Luo Jin and the others had been completely broken by Ye Qingyu. They did not dare to play any tricks, cooperating to their fullest.


The sunlight outside [Heavenly Fragrance Restaurant] had already become extremely bright and glaring.

The weather these several days was abnormally great, making people feel especially comfortable.

But the old citizens of Deer City knew that these types of days signified the end of the time of good weather with bright sunlight. Very quickly, within a thousand miles, it was about to enter the season of icy winds and floating snow.

Holding Little Grass’s hand and walking down the staircase, the people who previously had gazes of fierceness like wolves and tigers were at this time like little lambs lowering their heads, as if bowing to their monarch.

Telling the server to package their special food, Ye Qingyu prepared it for Aunt Lan and the others as a small present.

Little Grass carried the food container. As she left the entrance of the restaurant her smile was like a flower blooming in March.

But as Ye Qingyu left the restaurant, he stopped.

Six men wearing pale purple clothing stood in front of the restaurant as if waiting for someone. The collar of neckline had a vivid pale golden dragon engraved upon it, and under the sunlight, was especially eye catching.

These six people wearing such clothing stood right in front of the restaurant and passersby all took a detour to avoid them.

The people from the Two River Group had also arrived?

Ye Qingyu was slightly surprised.

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