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Chapter 616, Scared to death

Between Heaven and earth, there was an utter silence.

Everyone’s gaze fell on the silver sky dragon’s body, with deep awe and astonishment.

Just then——


After drinking up the essence and blood of the Demon Spider Prince, the [Blood Drinker Sword] underwent a strange reaction.

The door-like giant sword body at this time seemed to be covered in blood, and inside the body of the sword there were branch-like complicated and tangled veins beginning to move. Layers upon layers of light halos were slowly extending out from the sword body, and the giant sword that had received blood was like a spirit suddenly coming to life. The sword blade was originally dull red, but now it looked as if one layer after another was slowly being peeled off and it was undergoing transformation. Enveloped in a layer of dense mist, there was a faint brilliance piercing through the mist and coming into view.

Such a brilliance was a colour and luster never seen before from the previous numerous weapons. Sometimes it was glossy and sometimes beautiful and overflowing with vibrant colours, drawing the eyes.

And the formation markings flowing inside of the sword body also became extremely clear.

The ancient formations that were on the verge of coming out into the open were constantly splitting and assembling into a more bizarre arrangement. While the light of the formation markings were, from its previous faint purple colour, turning into two strands of purple-red colours intertwined with each other, spinning and floating in the air.

“Huh? This is...”

In mid-air, Ye Qingyu in dragon form was slightly startled.

Because he had suddenly felt very distinctly that, after his [Blood Drinker Sword] had absorbed the incomparable boundless power of the Ruthless Prince Mofeng, it was undergoing a strange change, purifying the power of the Demon Spider at a crazy speed.

This power was as though the [Blood Drinker Sword] contained a vast body of surging water, charging toward the end of the hilt.

Refining the opponent’s blood, qi, and power and feeding it back to its master was the biggest mystery of the [Blood Drinker Sword].

But Ye Qingyu did not expect the purification speed of the [Blood Drinker Sword] to become increasingly quick...

In a brief moment, the wounds across the huge silvery sky dragon’s body were completely restored and not a shred of a scar remained.

The huge dragon gently drifted in the wind, feeling the endless energy come pouring into the palm of his hand from the sword. Like a torrent gushing through the vessels, muscles and tendons of his arm, and then rapidly circulating to all his bones and limbs, and finally gathering into the sea of his dantian.

The originally surging and howling dantian spring at this moment seemed to have been greatly triggered. An almost overflowing strength in his body was stirring restlessly.

After a few moments.

Ye Qingyu’s eyes flashed with astonishment.

“That's enough... that's enough... don't absorb any more.”

He looked down at the restless [Blood Drinker Sword] in his hand, his heart pounding so loud that it sounded as though it was in his ear.

The strength coming from the [Blood Drinker Sword] was more and more majestic, almost beyond what he could bear.

Even though his physical strength and cultivation were already incomparably powerful and adding to this, he could transform into the sky dragon to protect himself, the [Blood Drinker Sword] had absorbed too much power, which surpassed the limit that his current physical body could withstand.

At this moment, his whole body was in a filled state, as if the torrent-like strength had filled his body to the tips of his fingers.


In the middle of the sky, the giant [Blood Drinker Sword] gently flashed, vanishing before the eyes of everyone.

Only the faintly discernible glow and the rippling halo of light remained in the void.

And the silver dragon among the mist was also transforming into a human figure at the same time.

It was still the chubby man from before.

However, after this battle, his body had grown in size, as if he was beaten swollen. It was very strange, and upon a closer look, his skin was in a strangely plump state and the fine veins under the skin became clearly visible, as if they were a little swollen.

But even so, no one dared looked down on him anymore.

Everyone looked at the lonely figure still standing alone in the void.

In mid-air.

Ye Qingyu was still standing on a layer of light fog, remaining silent.

He drew a deep breath, his eyes icy-cold, indifferently running his eyes over the several Demon Spider experts who were still standing in formation and the nearly one hundred Demon Spider experts behind them. The chill in his eyes was more piercingly colder than the snow at dawn.

The more than sixty Demon Spider experts were completely shivering all over. Within their eyes was unprecedented shock and fear.

At this moment, what they saw was not just a proud dragon, but more like a judge of the Asura hell. A deity who could really decide their life and death. Someone who could produce clouds with the turn of his hand and rain with the other.


A short but shrill cry abruptly broke the silence.

Everyone looked as if they were awakening from a dream, turning to the direction of the tragic scream.

Only to see a Demon Spider expert, who Ye Qingyu had wounded when he broke through the formation, screaming. Upon meeting Ye Qingyu’s gaze, the Demon Spider expert was almost drowned in his own fear.

Under the gaze of the people, the Demon Spider expert’s eyes drooped, a sweet feeling came to his throat, and a stream of blood gushed out his mouth.

Like a withered leaf falling in autumn, the Demon Spider expert suddenly collapsed in mid-air, a mouthful of blood spluttering as he dropped down...

Before he had fallen to the ground, his body and soul was destroyed and there was not the slightest aura of him remaining.

He... was... scared to death...

Scared to death!


Incomparable fear, in the hearts of the other Demon Spider experts, erupted like a mountain torrent.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

A number of black qi light slashed across the air.

They chose to flee.

This speed had far surpassed the speed of when they came to attack Flowing Light City.

In the blink of an eye, there was not even half a shadow left behind above Flowing Light City.

On the city walls.

“Good!” Chen Zhengliang was the first to utter a shout of amazement.

He looked emotionally touched, his eyes blazing, jumping up and down. The excitement that he never had in a long while, and that he thought he would no longer have, all broke out at this moment.


“Hahaha! Like a deity descending from the heavens!”

Scar-faced Jin slammed his fist into the city wall and couldn't help exclaiming, as though all his suppressed emotions were released at this moment.

Standing beside him, Ling Xiaoran and his wife also applauded, their eyes glistening with emotions.

“Great... good... so good...” Elder Zheng, who had been leaning against the wall resting all this time, finally could not control himself, panting excitedly, his eyes suffused with tears.

Such a reversal, such a result, were all something that the people standing anxiously on the city walls had never dared to imagine.

As if, after a long period of winters and near the critical moment of death, there was finally someone coming toward them in the snow with a coal stove...

No, he was not just bringing a handful of charcoal...

What he brought was a rising sun that melted all the ice and snow, revived the earth and awakened all living things.

The one who stood at the front was the only one who was relatively calm, Hu Bugui.

He was also the only one who had witnessed all the changes in the youth from Heaven Wasteland Domain.

But there was also a trace of shock in his eyes.

He looked at the figure floating in midair, his mind constantly flashing with the scenes of the time they had spent together.

This person who he seemed to know very well, but also seemed unfamiliar, had repeatedly overturned his understanding and judgment of him.

The little brother Ye before him, compared to back then at the tea garden and on the Storm Platform, had changed greatly. And such a transformation may be difficult for many geniuses to catch up to even in one hundred years.

If little brother Ye at the time of the Storm Sword Duel gathering was said to be the rising star of Clear River Domain, then now, his cultivation was not at the same level as him, Nan Tieyi and the others anymore...

But... he was a good person...

Fortunately... he was a good person...

The corner of Hu Bugui’s mouth curved in an imperceptible arc.

Given Ye Qingyu’s current cultivation and strength, as well as his many lucky opportunities of breakthroughs, his success and accomplishments in Clear River Domain were difficult to be predicted. But as long as he was a good person, for the Human Race of Clear River Domain, there was hope...

In Flowing Light City.

Everyone broke out in thunder-like cheers.

Whether it were men, women, the young, the old, the rich, or ordinary civilians, at this time they were all cheering, heart throbbing with excitement and shouting Tianhang’s name.

“Tianhang! Tianhang! Tianhang...”

“Senior Tianhang has saved us all!”

“He saved the entire Flowing Light City!”

“He is the real saviour of our Human Race.”

“He is the sun that illuminates Flowing Light City!”

The thunder-like cheers were unending.

The citizens of Flowing Light City that have been shrouded in dark clouds of fear and death had rekindled hope and courage. As though their long stiffened body that had been subjected to fear was suddenly immersed in a hot spring, every nerve of their body was beginning a new life.

There was a strange power that had never been felt before spreading among the one hundred thousand people, as if taking the form of strands of faintly discernible halos, slowly rising to the sky, becoming a strong energy that instantly warmed up every nook and cranny of Flowing Light City.

This light of hope that originated from the depths of the heart was not only a light that signified that Flowing Light City had been saved, but the rise of the Human Race of Clear River Domain.


In the Demon Spider Race’s main tent.

Utter silence.

The Demon Spider camp was in a deathly silence and strange atmosphere.

Among the black-armoured army in the distant tent, all eyes were filled with horror.

They had witnessed killings that overturned all their previous perceptions.

Fear was decided by the heart and it was difficult to hide.

The young officer Tong Wen clenched his hands into fists in his long sleeves. Ever since he had witnessed the changes in the sky, the successive shock and horror in his heart had been difficult to describe in words.

There was a strange emptiness in his eyes, which seemed as if he was looking past the clouds and to a farther place...

All along, Tong Wen had boasted about his ability to understand the mind and to strategize. He had always been fond of strategy deployment, everything could be solved with strategy... but at this moment...

Nevermind! Manpower sometimes performs poorly, let alone strategy. As he was gazing into the distance, lost in thought, the faint demonic qi surrounding him was consciously dissipated. At this moment, his body was revealed to be in an unprecedented state of confusion and bewilderment, and an uncontrollable fear... In the face of such a Human Race opponent, even strategic means cannot help solve such a problem. “Tong Wen... what do you think?” In the main tent. The round-faced Prince Mojin slowly paced around. He had a faint surprise on his face, but it was different from the extreme shock of all the other experts in the Demon Spider Race’s tent.Tong Wen made no comment and only sighed. Just as he was going to reply... At this moment— Swoosh swoosh swoosh! A number of rays of black light repeatedly pierced through the already weakening black cloud boundary. It was the survivors of the hundreds of experts who followed the Ruthless Prince Mofeng to attack the Flowing Light City. They fled back, looking traumatized. Thud! In a panicked state, as these Demon Spider generals had just fallen to the ground, they saw standing in front of the tent with an imposing and furious expression the round-faced Prince Mojin. They immediately dropped to their knees at the same time, waiting for His Highness to punish them. They had ignored the military orders and left the military camp without permission, and then they fled back after being defeated. The bubbling arrogance that they had before was all gone. At this moment, kneeling and cowering, the group of generals had thrown aside their helmet and removed their armour, like defeated stray dogs. “Lord, how to deal with them...” Tong Wen bowed his head, helplessly casting a sidelong glance at the other generals. “Ah ah...” The round-faced Prince Mojin resumed his usual frivolous expression, stretched out his arms and yawned. Then immediately he moved his hand like he was waving away flies. “I can let it pass this time.” The generals that were afraid to look up one after another breathed a faint sigh of relief. “This time it is Mofeng’s fault. You were only under his orders. I can exempt you from the death penalty but you shall forfeit three months of salary to serve as a warning.” Mojin was just as frivolous as before, sweeping his eyes over the sixty generals that knelt before him. Here, his tone suddenly grew stern. “However, only this once, the next time, if someone dares to disobey military orders, they will be beheaded on the spot. No one will be let off lightly!” The last sentence of warning was powerful and sonorous like metal striking one another. His every word was like a bell ringing in the heart of all generals. “Thank you Prince, for sparing us!” “Your Highness, subordinates will certainly remember.” “Devouring Heaven camp will follow Prince’s lead.” The many generals immediately fought to declare their position. The previous mountain-like pressure in their heart suddenly disappeared. After this battle, most likely that the generals present will no longer have the courage to ignore military orders and disobey the round-faced Prince. “Your Highness, now, what should the army do?” Tong Wen still bowed his body. He knew very well that the seemingly frivolous Prince Mojin was actually the most careful, courageous, and prudent. It was just that the Demon Spider army was now completely trapped in a dilemma, with no room to advance or to retreat. If they do not retreat, the Demon Spider generals and the tens of thousands in the army currently stationed at Devouring Heaven camp could not withstand against that unfathomable human. If he had suddenly led the other experts in the city to launch an onslaught at them, then even if they were under the leadership of the round-faced Prince, there was no certainty that they would win. If they were defeated, they were likely to face the risk of annihilation. But after this war, the Demon Spider Races Prince Mofeng, Devouring Heaven Demon General and the black spider twins and dozens of experts had fallen. Such a heavy loss was not easy for the Demon Spider Race to ignore. If this matter was to spread, the Demon Spider Race would most likely become a laughingstock of Clear River Domain. More importantly, after such huge losses, if they do not fight back, then the elders and leader of the Demon Spider Race will not easily forgive them. Also, in terms of morale, if they fled the troops would be greatly affected. It would be a serious damage... Let's wait a few days... the scenery here is not bad. The round-faced Prince Mojin again took on a frivolous expression, his tone seemingly indifferent about the present situation. Oh, right, report the outcome, the cause and the process of the battle to the elders. Then he turned around to return to the main tent, leaving behind the generals who were still afraid to get up from their knees Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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