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Chapter 615, The third sword (3)


There was only deep fear in his heart!

This was a fear he had never experienced before!

On the distant city walls.

Everyone was struck with fright, no one thought that the situation would undergo such a reversal. The overbearing Ruthless Prince Mofeng, in the blink of an eye, being seriously wounded by Ye Qingyu, was a result that no one had ever thought about.

Everyone was filled with boundless joy.

“Heavens! Senior Tianhang... is too amazing!”

“He can transform into a dragon... what is that skill!”

“Senior Tianhang is simply a deity descended from the heavens!”

Countless cheers sounded like the rumble of thunder.

High up in the sky.


The Ruthless Prince Mofeng roared, turning the fear from the depths of his soul into a roar of fury.

A blinding blood red light exploded from his body, flames of qi shot into the sky.

At this instant, Ye Qingyu felt an unbearably huge force coming from his dragon-form lower body. The Demon Spider Prince’s body, bound by the dragon tail, was constantly expanding.

Almost there.

Ye Qingyu knew that he cannot continue to bind his opponent. Making a prompt decision, he immediately yanked out the [Blood Drinker Sword] and leapt back.

The next moment, dense black clouds poured out from the body of the Ruthless Prince.

In the blink of an eye, this evil black mist had filled the sky

Even Ye Qingyu’s body was almost swallowed up by this mass of demonic cloud.

The demonic cloud that blotted out the sky was still constantly spreading in the sky. The night sky was completely obscured by the demonic clouds, and not a glimmer of light penetrated through.

In the midst of the demonic clouds a majestic demonic qi instantaneously broke out.

There was a deafening roar among the boundless demonic clouds, like a terrifying devil was about to emerge from hell. A great pressure spread out from the demonic clouds, and a heavy and oppressive atmosphere filled the entire space.

What is that?

Ye Qingyu scrunched his brows in a slight frown.

As the demonic clouds gradually scattered, he saw a giant immemorial mountain-like red Demon Spider emerging in the sky. There was a ruthless aura emitting from the Demon Spider’s body, and the space around it was beginning to distort.

“I'm going to kill you! You pushed me to assume my true body, you are the first in one hundred years. Accept your death!”

The Ruthless Prince Mofeng growled in his transformed body.

The giant mountain-like demon spider was his real body.

The giant spider’s eight pillar-like legs were covered with dense dark red venomous barbs, two of which were huge and sharp and emitting a faint ink-like flowing light. No one dared to doubt whether the venom of the barbs was enough to kill a Heaven Ascension expert.

The giant Demon Spider was brandishing its eight legs fiercely, and even the tiniest movement in the air brought about a hurricane-like wind.

The huge barb sparkling with ink-coloured light thrust toward Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu calmly drifted as he drew back, evading the barb attack.

Compared to this monstrous giant spider, Ye Qingyu’s human body was almost negligible!

The situation seemed to have begun to reverse with the appearance of the Ruthless Prince Mofeng’s real form, and the people on the distant city walls were once again sank into shock and anxiety.

“The Prince of the Demon Spider Race has revealed its true body!”

“What to do, the Demon Spider Race is simply a killing machine!”

“The Demon Spider Prince’s body possesses the blood and power of the Demon Spider Race, this power is very strange, Senior Tianhang... he will be okay, right?”

Countless people were on tenterhooks again.

High in the sky.

Ye Qingyu wore a calm expression.

Looking at the original form of Ruthless Prince Mofeng, he did not seem at all worried, because this giant spider was just like an arrow at the end of its flight. The [Blood Drinker Sword] had stolen too much of his origin source and energy.

Raising the sword slightly, Ye Qingyu no longer dodged the opponent’s attack and broke into a loud laugh, “Haha, you think only you can change! Little spider, you're a little insect, yet you dare go mad!”

Before his voice faded.

Ye Qingyu had completely activated the True Will of the Sky Dragon.

A dazzling silver light flashed from his body, like the rays of the sun, instantly dispersing the boundless black demonic clouds in the sky, lighting up the sky like it was daytime!

Strange changes appeared.

The silver brilliance on Ye Qingyu’s skin was unceasingly flickering. Flakes of silver-white scales rapidly began to grow from his skin, but in the blink of an eye, neat and orderly silvery scales had densely covered his skin.

In the midst of bone crackling sounds, his entire body was stretched and constantly enlarging. His limbs turned into dragon claws, and in a flash the human head also transformed into a dragon’s head.


A real roar finally reverberated between Heaven and earth.

Ye Qingyu transformed into a huge silver sky dragon, roaming majestically in the high altitude.

This silver dragon was as tremendous as an immemorial divine object. The dragon’s body was tall and long like a winding mountain range. It was at least five to sixt thousand meters long, hovering in the sky, as though there was a spiralling ancient demonic mountain in the skies. The silver scales were sparkling with a clear and cold silvery light that brightened up the dark night.

A giant sword of about one thousand meters in size was tightly clasped in the giant claw of the sky dragon.

The mysterious markings on the sword body were suffused with red brilliance, bubbling with a strange power.

It was the enlarged [Blood Drinker Sword]!

The [Blood Drinker Sword] itself was a precious treasure that can naturally increase its size with Ye Qingyu’s will.

A resounding dragon roar shook the world!

“The Human Race will never give in to the Demon Race! Little spider, inferior to an ant, yet dares domineer over the Human Race! I’ll use your body as offerings to the heroes of my Human Race!”

Ye Qingyu's sonorous voice sounded from the mouth of the silver dragon, resounding through the clouds!

This was like a voice of divine judgment, making Heaven and earth instantly turn pale.

The mountain-like giant Demon Spider, having witnessed Ye Qingyu transformed into a dragon, caused the ruthless flames of qi all over his body to instantly disappear. The strong pressure coming from the dragon sent him shivering involuntarily.

This was the natural repression of higher rank species.

Dragons, the master of all creatures.

The sky dragon, the king of beasts between the heaven and earth.

There was only one thought in the Ruthless Prince’s mind——


He had basically lost all the courage to confront the silver dragon.

The trembling from the depths of his soul made him want to kneel down and kowtow to the dragon.

But he was after all an Immortal Step boundary expert. His remaining rationality told him that he must restrain the desire to surrender, and escape with all his strength!

But Ye Qingyu obviously wouldn’t give him the chance.

The dragon’s claw stretched out in the void, breaking past the speed of sound, leaving only five cracks in the void. A faint thunderous power began to tear apart the cracks. When the giant dragon claw shadow flashed across in the air, the monstrous spider had already been trampled to the ground by the dragon claw like a little sandbag.


The Demon Spider frantically hissed, waving about his eight giant spider legs, desperately attacking and resisting, but it was all no use. His sharp venomous barbs had shot out but only left a few shallow white marks on the huge dragon!

The Demon Spider continued to resist, while the silver dragon’s other claw that clenched the huge [Blood Drinker Sword] suddenly swung down at the Demon Spider.

The power of the [Blood Drinker Sword] erupted out.

The red glow of the [Blood Drinker Sword] burst into a blinding red light, illuminating the entire night sky as if it was dawn. Where the sword passed by in the air, the void was shattered, and one could clearly see the deathly stillness within the gorge-like cracks and the unknown object floating in it.


The [Blood Drinker Sword] pierced the body of the Demon Spider once more!

The impregnable outer shell of the Demon Spider Race, under the [Blood Drinker Sword] was as fragile as tofu, without the slightest power to resist.

The [Blood Drinker Sword] was flowing with brilliance.

The strange lines and markings on the [Blood Drinker Sword] erupted out a blinding red light, producing a huge suction force that wildly pulled the flesh, blood and yuan qi within the body of the huge mighty Demon Spider Prince towards the [Blood Drinker Sword]!

“No...” the Ruthless Prince Mofeng made a final roar of despair.

As the blood and qi of his body and his life force was being poured out, the mountain-like spider body began to shrink, constantly becoming small and shriveled.

But in just a few moments that huge mountain-like body had turned into a lifeless shell, its empty giant eyes flickering like dying embers, with unmistakable fear.

A joyous hum sounded from the [Blood Drinker Sword].

The dazzling red light of the sword was gradually fading away, as though it was falling asleep after the good meal.

The next moment, under the dragon claw came an inaudible sound. The body of the Demon Spider suddenly turned into ashes that filled the sky, scattering between Heaven and earth.

Under the frosty moonlight, the giant Demon Spider vanished.

Wisps of ashes, under the force of imprisonment in the sky, were drifting up and down.

And in the midst of the ashes and the dying residual demonic qi, a five- to six-thousand-meter-long silver dragon loomed.

That scene, for all people and other races present, was an unforgettable sight.

The silver sky dragon roamed above, the dragon scales exuding a jade-like luster.

At that moment, the brilliance of the moon was also outshone.

Following the bursts of dragon cries that sounded like roars descended onto the earth from the distant past, clouds and mist turned into real surging waves, and the sky dragon’s claw seemed to be gliding around in the mist-shrouded waves.

As the sky dragon breathed in and out, the black demonic qi between heaven and earth instantly vanished. The lights of the stars and moonlight casted onto the body of the silver dragon, which made it clearer and more dazzling than before. Such an imposing manner and appearance were enough to make all the creatures of the world kneel and bow before him.

Compared to the darkness from before, Flowing Light City had restored to a clear brightness that was only seen on a moonlit night.

The silvery brilliance illuminated the earth, like a lamp had lit up the hearts of all the people one by one.

And in the powerful and mighty dragon claw, the huge [Blood Drinker Sword] was flickering brightly——
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