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Imperial God Emperor 609 - The first of the three swords that shook Clear River

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Chapter 609, The first of the three swords that shook Clear River

Fifty miles.

Forty miles.

Thirty miles.

However, in just a few seconds, the Demon Spider Race experts on the demonic clouds above were already twenty-five miles away from Flowing Light City!

This visual impact was as if there was an immemorial demon mountain collapsing in the void, rumbling towards Flowing Light City. The speed was not slow or fast, and was evidently used to create great psychological pressure and deterrence to the people of the city.

On the city walls.

All were aghast at the sight, their complexions rapidly changing.

They were just discussing how the Demon Spider Race would launch a counterattack when the reinforcements come, but they did not think that such a counterattack would come so soon.

What to do?

An unrestrainable feeling of despair pervaded the crowd.

Unconsciously, all eyes fell on Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui.

At such a moment, only these two real top experts possessed the strength to turn the crisis around.

Ye Qingyu drew a deep breath.

Thought after thought rapidly flashed across his mind.

He looked at the rapidly nearing Demon Spider Race experts, then turned his head to exchange a look with Hu Bugui. He suddenly smiled and said, “It seems the Demon Spider Race has not felt the pain of the death of Devouring Heaven and the pair of twins. Old Hu, I’ll leave this place to you, I'll go kill them all.”

Hu Bugui was taken aback for a moment, then realized that Ye Qingyu had uttered these words to boost the morale.

He nodded decisively and burst into laughter, “Fine, go ahead, leave this place to me! By the way, leave a few for me, I also want to vent my anger.”

“Haha, fine, I'll leave one for you to kill.”

Ye Qingyu also burst out laughing.

Before his voice faded.

His body transformed into a stream of flowing light, soaring and lighting up half the night sky, and darting toward the aggressive-looking Demon Spider Race experts in the sky.

On the city walls.

Ling Xiaoran, Chen Zhengliang, and the other people were initially expressionless, then immediately felt a great astonishment.

This... go out like this... was this considered as meeting the enemy head-on?

Meeting the enemy head-on by himself alone?

The few people stared at the bright dazzling figure moving across the sky, and after a few moments of silence, finally had a look of shame on their face.

Just seconds ago, they were trembling with fear as they thought of the enemy's strength. They were the residents of Flowing Light City, the ones who should be defending the dignity and people of Flowing Light City, but they were behaving in such a manner.

What about Tianhang?

He was just an outsider, an outsider who stood up against injustice, but at this moment he still showed incomparable courage and heroic manner. He was going to meet the enemy head-on by himself. Such braveness simply made Chen Zhengliang and the other people feel ashamed.

Watching Ye Qingyu’s rear figure disappear into the distance, they finally summoned up the courage.

“I'm going to help Senior Tianhang!” Chen Zhengliang clenched his teeth.

Hu Bugui lifted up his hand to stop him. “Let's watch first and not be reckless.”

The next moment.

In the distant sky, the Demon Spider Race’s surging momentum finally stopped.

When Chen Zhengliang saw that they were headed by the Ruthless Prince Mofeng, the expression on his face abruptly changed again, screaming out in shock, “That armour is the style of a Demon Spider Prince, that man is a Prince of the Demon Spider Race!”


The crowd gasped with shock.


“Even a prince is here...”

“Senior Tianhang must be careful!”

The experts on the city walls all knitted their brows in a worried frown. The Prince of the Demon Spider Race was unlike other Immortal Step experts, each prince possessed the power of the blood of the Demon Spider Race. Their strength was extraordinary!

In Flowing Light City.

Tens of thousands of civilians also saw the scene in the distant sky.

Looking at the Demon Spider Race experts on the distant rolling demonic clouds, they recalled everything that happened in Flowing Light City in the past. Everyone was incomparably terrified. The power of the mighty armoured Prince made them tremble even from a distance of twenty-five miles away.

The atmosphere in the city was stifling, and the air seemed to have solidified.

Uneasiness spread among the crowd, and the whole city fell silent.

The crowd gathered together to watch the demon experts on the demonic clouds. Many people’s eyes displayed a look of despair.

They had witnessed too many battles. There was nothing they could do in a battle between experts and they dared not to think of what would happen if the Human Race were defeated again.

“Perhaps expert Tianhang can once again defeat the Demon Spider Race and save Flowing Light City!”

A weak voice sounded from the crowd.

The next moment, everyone’s eyes seemed to have lit up with the light of hope.

Countless fiery glances were casted to the figure that resolutely stood opposite the Ruthless Prince.

That chubby figure who had already saved Flowing Light City once before.

And this time, in the face of a more powerful enemy, can he once again turn things around?

Countless sincere gazes were projected onto the chubby figure in the sky.

On the city walls.

Ling Xiaoran and other people also heard the discussion among the crowd, looking at the rear figure of Ye Qingyu, they also felt a warmth in their hearts.

Their strength was negligible. They would not have the slightest strength to fight back against a Prince of the Demon Spider Race. This youngster called Tianhang was their last hope!


In the void.

Ye Qingyu was standing by himself.

Around him the clouds were scudding across the sky, seemingly about to wrap him within. His appearance, although slightly chubby, but there was an indescribable elegance and agileness.

Opposite him, the Ruthless Prince Mofeng and the hundreds of demon Spider Race experts behind all looked at this unaccompanied lonely person with a very surprise and strange gaze.

As if his solitary action was as foolish as a moth flying into a flame.

Ye Qingyu, looking at the black clouds engulfing in the sky, remained as calm and motionless as a mountain, but there was a very tyrannical aura surging around him. His entire body was covered with faint ice crystals, like an ice storm was brewing, and there was not the slightest fear across his face.

For a while.

As the two sides stood opposite, on both sides of the night sky, there were entirely different currents of qi clashing.

One side was like a threatening monstrous wave, the other a halo of shining stars.

The oppressive atmosphere of the widely different strengths made all of the people on the city walls tense up, their hearts twisting and squeezing like a towel.

In any moment, the figure in midair could be engulfed by the destructive power.

If even this figure collapsed, the Demon Spider Race would splatter blood across Flowing Light City. This would all happen in the blink of the eye.

Can one man hold out against ten thousand?

No one could such make a judgment, or perhaps, no one wanted to make a judgment...

In the distance.

Amongst the Demon Spider Race.

“Your Highness, that's him!” One of the Demon Spider generals that retreated from Flowing Light City before stepped forward and bowed respectfully. He glanced at the opposite figure, his eyes flashing hostility and resentment. “Earlier today, it was this fatty who first defeated Devouring Heaven Demon General, then killed the black spider twins!”

“Oh?” The Ruthless Prince Mofeng slightly taken aback, then casually played around with a black thumb-sized ball of light.

Inside the ball were wisps of solidified demon qi, and shrouded by demonic qi was a small dull black spider.

The dark pupil of the spider and the black spider twins were identical.

Mofeng’s line of sight was fixed on that chubby body opposite, studying the ugly and very ordinary fat man carefully from head to toe.

While looking, his eyes flashed a hint of suspicion.

Since he was able to destroy the consciousness and body of the black spider twins who possessed cultivation strength of the Immortal Step boundary, then he must be a top Immortal Step expert.

Amongst the Human Race of Clear River Domain, only a few possessed such strength.

But the lowly human in front who he had never heard of only looked like a top Heaven Ascension expert. From his appearance, he did not seem to be able to kill the black spider twins?

In fact, on the way to Flowing Light City, he had thought about the people in Clear River Domain that could kill the black spider twins, but he did not expect him to be a nobody.

What kind of secret skills or techniques did he rely on?

Or was the pair of twins injured through some sort of despicable method and died?

For a moment, a lot of doubts and ideas flashed across the mind of the Ruthless Prince.

The atmosphere of confrontation between the two sides suddenly became extremely quiet and strange.

“Who are you?” The Ruthless Prince Mofeng shot a glance at him and finally spoke.

His voice was similar to that of a ghost, but with endless power and pressure.

After a strange silence.

The chubby figure inside the halo of light suddenly raised his head and smiled, “Me? I’m just an ordinary human.”

Mofeng felt the cold and indifferent tone of voice, and an indescribable anger gushed up inside him

“Haha, human. You want to deceive me? How can an ordinary human kill the black spider twins! Who are you!” His strange voice was tinged with inward anger, like the agitation before the eruption of a volcano.

“Oh? You overestimated those two little spiders. There are many people that can kill them,” Ye Qingyu said in a disinterested tone, like he said something that had nothing to do with him.

For a moment, the Ruthless Prince Mofeng could not see through the strength of the nobody in front of him.

Feeling uncertain, he held back the thought of personally fighting.

“Who's going to kill him for me.” Mofeng coldly smiled.

The Demon Spider experts behind all responded differently.

Those who had experienced the battle in Flowing Light City earlier and saw the frightening and unbelievable strength of the chubby man all felt a chill inside. They lowered their heads right away and dared not respond.

They had witnessed how this strange human killed the black spider twins. They naturally knew that they were no match for him.

“Let Luo Xie go sever his head to make a stool for Prince.” An expert came out of the mass of demonic qi.

His physique was around the same size as ordinary people. Standing behind Mofeng, his entire body was almost covered up. His arms were longer than his legs and seemed somewhat strange. He had a fierce look on his face, with long sword-like brows extending to the temple, and at the tip of his brows were two moving totem markings, like two dancing funnel web spiders.

This expert was on the airship with Ruthless Prince Mofeng before.

His understanding of the human in front of him was limited to that he seemed to be a Heaven Ascension expert. He did not know how or what sort of method he used to kill the pair of twins.

“Good, General Luo deserves to be a heroic general of my Demon Spider Race.” Prince Mofeng nodded in satisfaction.

This Luo Xie was indeed a pretty good candidate, he was enough to test the strength of that human.


A stream of light flashed.

Luo Xie arrived opposite Ye Qingyu.

His eyes were frivolously glancing up and down Ye Qingyu who stood opposite with hands clasped behind his back.

“Human, ants like you are unaware when death is near. You are still futilely trying to save Flowing Light City?” The corner of Luo Xie's mouth was curved upwards in a disdainful smile. “But your skin and flesh are only suitable as snacks for the demon beasts in my battalion.”
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