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Chapter 608, Kill them all

After the voice sounded, something unexpected followed.

The oppressive feeling in the air vanished all of a sudden.

Young officer Tong Wen felt that his blood was beginning to flow smoothly again.

The generals who lowered their heads and dared not say a word breathed an inward sigh of relief.

On the other side, there was a figure sitting up. He propped up his chin like he was watching something amusing. It was an ordinary-looking, round-faced youngster around twenty years old, with a strange smile on his chubby face, as though he did not take anything seriously.

It was the Demon Spider Prince that Ye Qingyu encountered when he first arrived at Clear River Domain——Mojin.

“I forgot to say to you, it was me that issued the order that Devouring Heaven must not massacre everyone.” The round-faced Prince Mojin gently pinched up the silk cloth on the desk that was stained with ink, slightly narrowed eyes, a piercing sharp light flickering in the depth of his eyes.

The Ruthless Prince Mo Feng’s eyes flashed with rage when he heard what was said, and immediately shifted his sight to the round-faced Prince Mojin.

“What? That was your order? Why! If there was an order to massacre everyone in the city, they would all be dead, and it would not be as troublesome as it is now! Now Flowing Light City has been returned to the Human Race, Devouring Heaven died in battle, and the black spider twins have been turned to ashes. The situation has become such a mess, who is going to take responsibility for this?”

The Ruthless Prince Mofeng’s tone of voice was aggressive.

With this remark, the Demon Spider generals behind the Ruthless Prince Mofeng, as if their inner thoughts were spoken out, their eyes also revealed indignation and dissatisfaction.

The round-faced Prince Mojin indifferently looked back at Mofeng.

His lips moved slightly, as if preparing to say something.

But when he swept his eyes around, noticing the expression on all of their faces, suddenly he could not continue.

A helpless smile with a hint of pity formed across Prince Mojin’s face, as he responded in an indifferent voice. “Well, your question is a good question. Then listen carefully, I will seriously answer it for you——then I will bear the responsibility for making that decision. Just what is the big deal... Hahaha, are you satisfied with this answer?”

After he finished, the round-faced Prince Mojin smugly closed his eyes, crossed one leg over the other, and no longer paid any attention to Ruthless Prince Mofeng and the others.

“You...” Looking at the frivolous look on Prince Mojin’s face, Ruthless Prince Mofeng was about to erupt with anger.

But the next moment, a trace of rationality made him hold back this rage.

Although they were both demon spider prince, but not all the Prince had the same status.

Although Mofeng had more seniority and experience in the Demon Spider Race, and had made a name for himself for longer, his status was inferior to the younger Mojin because of one reason——


Although the round-faced Prince Mojin was young, the blood flowing through his body was more pure and closer to the ancient ancestors of the Demon Spider Race, with seventy percent of the original blood, while the blood in the Ruthless Prince Mofeng’s body was less than thirty percent of the original blood.

The concentration of the original blood determined the height that the Demon Spider can reach.

A young Demon Spider like the round-faced Prince Mojin, although he lacked experience, but his blood had determined that he would reach a great status from birth.

If this was a few years ago, the Ruthless Prince Mofeng could have used experience, age, and strength to slightly suppress the round-faced Prince Mojin, but in recent years, with Mojin’s rapid growth of strength, his status also rose within the Demon Spider Race.

Especially since Mojin’s older brother——that is the elder brother with the purest blood in history, had sustained a serious injury in the heavenly gate training while battling a blood vine and was eventually killed by a Greater One Sect disciple. As a result, Mojin’s status rose at an even crazy pace.

Now, the Ruthless Prince could not do anything to the round-faced Prince Mojin.

His complexion changed rapidly, and eventually could only grit his teeth. He suppressed his anger, and bitterly said, “Humph, watch. Wait till the matter is over and we return to the clan, let's see how you explain to the patriarch and the elders!”

The round-faced Prince shrugged his shoulders without saying anything else.

The Ruthless Prince was almost exploding in anger.

He suddenly turned around, staring into the distant Flowing Light City, and coldly smiled, “The life of Devouring Heaven and the black spider twins will not be wasted. I must make these damn people pay back thousand of times more!”

When he finished, he swept his eyes over the Demon Spider generals kneeling on the ground, and resolutely shouted, “Come with me to go into battle! Flatten Flowing Light City. Massacre all the people in the city, do not leave any one of them alive!”

The Demon spider Race experts all had an eager expression when they heard these words, a merciless glint in their eyes.

The Ruthless Prince nodded satisfiedly, shooting a smug glance at the calm as Mt. Tai round-faced Prince Mojin. He lightly humphed, flicked his cloak, and left the tent in a fearsome manner.

The rest of the experts, one after another, followed closely behind and left the tent.

The tent suddenly quietened down.

In addition to the round-faced Prince Mojin, only the young officer Tong Wen remained behind.

The atmosphere was a bit quiet and heavy.

Tong Wen's brows were knitted in a worried frown. “Lord-”

Before letting him finish, the round-faced Prince Mojin gently waved his hand, and said with a smile, “I know what you want to say, don't worry, let them go... Yes, the battle in Flowing Light City the day before yesterday, you did very well. The strength of Heaven Devouring camp has been preserved to a large extent.”

Tong Wen’s face was affected with a touch of gratitude, and then he said with a sigh, “Lord’s intention, they do not understand, and yet they dare question Lord’s decision.”

He knew the reason why Mojin issued the command that massacre was not allowed; it was for a far-reaching plan.

A person with a little bit of brain will understand that, to change the current situation of the Demon Spider Rce, it was not possible through only brutal repression and massacre.

Although the Demon Race was born with incomparable power and it was much easier for them to cultivate compared to the Human Race, there were a large number of Demon Races. Adding to this, most of them were inferior demonic beings, and the number of advanced Demon Races that possess intelligence and wisdom were very little. The demon’s ability to reproduce was also extremely low. In contrast, even if the Human Race was innately weak, their intelligence was comparable to the advanced Demon Race, not to mention the Human Races frightening reproductive ability!

If they wanted to expand the Demon Spider Race and get rid of their primitive and savage ways, it would be incredibly difficult with the small number of high level Demon Spider Race.

But if the Human Race could be used, then with such a large race, it would definitely become a huge help!

Although Tong Wen was part of the demon Race, sometimes he could not help but admire the wisdom of the Human Race. Ordinary people could produce delicate and intricate machinery, equipments, and tools. If the wisdom and intelligence of the Human Race can spread to the Demon Spider Race, that would be greatly helpful.

Among the entire Demon Spider Race, the round-faced prince was the first one in hundreds of years to really realize this and also had the ability to change it.

But even for a prince, it will be very difficult to change the Demon Spider Race completely.

Over the years, His Highness, Prince Mojin, had also encountered many obstacles.

He looked at the seemingly frivolous prince in front. Many thoughts were swirling in his mind. He had many things to say, but he could not say anything at this moment.

Round-faced prince Mojin smiled, “Don't worry, my clan wants to get rid of this state, but this cannot be achieved overnight. It needs to be done step by step. In this world, no one can reach the heavens in a single bound.”

When he finished speaking, he gently closed his eyes, rubbed his temple with his left hand, then as though remembered something he asked, “The military seal is in your hand?”

Tong Wen immediately responded, “Yes, the military seal is still with subordinate.”

As he was speaking, his hand flashed, and a palm-sized black spider-shaped formation seal appeared in his hands. The mysterious markings on the seal were emitting a faint ink-colored brilliance.

It was just a palm-sized rune seal, but it represented the supreme will of the demon Spider Race.

With the military seal in hand, the whole Devouring Heaven armymust listen to the command!

Tong Wen, respectfully with both hands, presented the military seal to the round-faced Prince Mojin.

Round-faced Prince Mojin opened his eyes to take a look. This military seal that represented supreme power in others’ eyes seemed worthless to him.

He gently shook his head. “You take it, go out to pass on my order, the army shall not recklessly run into action, stay and wait for order in the camp, must not follow Mofeng into Flowing light city. Those who disobey will be punished according to military laws!”

Tong Wen’s face grew serious. “Subordinate understands!”

Mojin paused for a moment then continued, “Oh, yes, and the Refining blue airship, keep it in a state ready for battle, you must not act rashly! As for the Mo Feng and his men, let them go.”

“Yes!” Tong Wen bowed respectfully before turning away from the tent.

The round-faced Prince Mo Jin watched Tong Wen stepping firmly away in deep thought.

Flowing Light City.

Ye Qingyu, Hu Bugui, innkeeper Ling Xiaoran, Chen Zhengliang and other experts were standing on the city wall, watching the Demon Spider camp in the distance and the Demon Spider Race’s airship landing.

Innkeeper Ling Xiaoran had a serious expression across his face. His head was lowered in deep thought for a long while, and then he suddenly said slowly, “If we can persist for a few more days, for the reinforcements of the Immortal God Emperor Sect to come---- But now the Demon Spider army is at the city walls, watching us like tigers eyeing their prey, most likely.....”

He wanted to say something to boost the morale, but in the end even he realized that there was no point in saying anything.

Chen Zhengliang’s brows were tightly knitted together, fists clenched tight, when he said resolutely, “Whether the reinforcements can come in time or we must survive and not let Flowing Light City fall into the hands of the Demon Spider Race!”

Elder Zheng’s brows were scrunched into a frown, as he said in a heavy voice, “First, divide the people up to set up boundary formations outside the city, and the rest of the people-----”


A deafening roar sounded from the sky, striking fear into the hearts of everyone.

Everyone looked up to the sky and saw that the changes were happening in the Demon Spider camp’s direction. All of a sudden, thick black demonic qi gushed up like a plume of smoke, rumbling and roaring, and came sweeping over like a monstrous wave in the direction of Flowing Light City.

The sky was like a clean sheet of silk that a pot of ink was suddenly spilled on, there was no glow from the moon or stars.

In the blink of an eye, black demonic clouds had blotted out half the sky.

Above the dense dark mass of demonic clouds, there stood hundreds of fierce demon experts.

A vast pressure spread from the Demon Race experts’ bodies, wrapping around the demon clouds, and a burst of chilling evil spirits neared Flowing Light City!
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