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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 59 The Consequences of Taking the Initiative

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Chapter 59 – The Consequences of Taking the Initiative

But this time, facing the teenager that he thought was under his control, Luo Jin really did not dare to utter another word.

He did not doubt in the slightest that if he spoke another sound, Ye Qingyu’s killing intent would explode like thunder, without the slight trace of hesitation.

“Hmph, the bravery of an ignorant person.” Luo Jin coldly snorted in his heart.

But he did not say anything more.

Ye Qingyu held the hand of Little Grass, coming in front of a table next to the window.

The people sitting at the table looked at each other. Finally, they quickly moved aside. The killing aura of this teenager, his hands covered in blood**, turned their faces pale, not daring to come near.

“Sit.” Ye Qingyu placed Little Grass by the window, reclining by the windowsill himself, coldly staring at the people of the third floor.

“Young master Ye, we should discuss this peacefully, perhaps we can …” Dong Mingtong from the [Miaoyu Temple] said standing up, wanting to say something more.

Ye Qingyu waved his hands, cutting him off, his face filled with impatience.

“Fine, fine, I can’t be bothered to listen to your useless words. I give you half an hour of time, obediently return the Ye family properties back and there is no need for blood to be shed here anymore. Otherwise, the fate of Fatty Jin will be your example!”

He was more than intense!

He was more than tyrannical!

This was simply arrogance!

A bare and naked arrogance!

In truth, Ye Qingyu did not want to discuss terms with these scum at all. With the things they did to the Ye family years ago, killing them hundreds of times over was still not enough considering how many people loyal to the Ye family was driven to death by them. But today was not the day to settle these grievances, and Ye Qingyu did not want to make the matter even bigger, starting a slaughter here now.

But if this crowd of scum still foolishly continued to resist, then Ye Qingyu would absolutely show no mercy.

Since he had chosen to act today, then naturally he had some cards hidden up his sleeve.

However, at this time—

“Hahaha, an extremely confident expression. Only being in the White Deer Academy, you have forgotten how high the Heavens is or how deep the Earth goes. Killing someone in broad daylight, threatening peaceful citizens, is this the things you have learnt in White Deer Academy?”

Loud laughter.

Within the hall, one of the bloodstone dividers was pulled apart.

Three people that looked like military officers were sitting beside a large table in a private room. On the table was exotic delicacies, fragrant fine liquor and with dancing women accompanying them, in the midst of a drinking party.

Previously, the rune formation dividers had blocked sound from passing through and the sounds within could not be heard at all with no one noticed anything. Now that the divider was gone, it was as if another dimension had suddenly appeared from beside the people.

The person who spoke was namely one of the military officers sitting in the middle.

This person looked to be around forty years of age, with a hooked nose, and a deep black armour. He emitted an imposing pressure, wearing a steel helmet and a long blade by his waist. From his appearance, he should be a military officer of the Northern general.

The two sitting beside the hook-nosed man were slightly younger. The person on the left had the same black armour as him, but from the style, it seemed that his military position was slightly lower than the hook-nosed man. The person on the right had the appearance of a scholar, holding a fan, with a long black beard and cold smile on his face.

Seeing these three people appear, everyone in this floor let out a long breath of relief.

Apart from these three people, there were also ten other people in distinct armour, armed with swords and spears. Every one of them was filled with a killing aura, standing like a black iron statue. Very evidently, these were the elite soldiers of the military.

Luo Jin laughed.

Deep within his eyes, a cold light appeared. A shred of triumph was in his gaze as he looked towards Ye Qingyu.

“Ahaha, nowadays the students of White Deer Academy are becoming worse and worse. A person who had not been learning for more than half a year, is coming out as a fox to exploit the tiger’s might**. Running out to scare and threaten merchants who peacefully abide by the law, tututut!” The middle-aged man drank the alcohol next to the dancers, shaking his head with an icy smile.

Ye Qingyu only smiled at this.

“So Luo Jin and these bunch of scum, the reason they still resisted until now was because of you three… Right now, have you finally shown all the cards under your sleeve?” Demon King Ye was still casually reclining in the chair next to the window.

The appearance of the hook-nosed man and his two friends did not cause Ye Qingyu to display any expression of surprise.

At the same time.

Tang San had always carefully observed Ye Qingyu’s expression.

Seeing the young master’s confident expression, he relaxed slightly. The things that had happened here today had really made Tang San’s heart beat as if he was on a wild ride, always holding his breath tensely.

But he did not know why, when things were developing to its climax and the situation was more and more explosive, he instead let out a breath of relief.

As they were speaking—


The military officer sitting to the left of the hook-nosed man suddenly slapped his enforcement manacles upon the table, causing the female dancer beside him to turn pale. He stood up, staring and coldly saying, “Killing someone in broad daylight, even if you are a student of White Deer Academy, don’t think you can escape responsibility. Little brat, just obediently surrender and follow us to the interrogation prison!”

The interrogation prison was the place where local criminals were questioned in Deer City.

It was a rumoured place where people went there breathing normally and when they came out, would be on their last breaths. A place where you enter complete and intact but came out crushed into pieces. An eerie prison reeking of blood. Very many people, just by hearing the words interrogation prison, was enough to frighten someone stiff.

Once these words were spoken, the expression of everyone on the third floor changed.

A contemptuous expression was shown on Ye Qingyu’s face.

“Interrogation prison, haha, an extremely famous name. If this was in the past, hearing the snap of the manacles, I wonder how many people will be terrified out of their wits. To pretend to be awe inspiring, no one can be even compared to you…” Saying this, Demon King Ye gave off a smile. “It’s a pity, a pity…”

“What’s a pity?” The military officer coldly grinned.

“It’s a pity that your small Northern interrogation officer does not have the power to arrest me,” Ye Qingyu said, slowly placing the heroic brass badge on his chest, all the while with a grin to the military officer.

The military officer at first only had a cold expression, his expression looking at the brass badge with a look of disdain. First was contempt and scorn, but then he suddenly realized what it was. His mockery was gone, to be replaced by a serious expression.

The scholar on the right side of the hook-nosed man, at this instant, his countenance also changed entirely. There was a slight surprise, then hurriedly he came beside the hook-nosed man, and whispered something in his ear.

Very evidently the hook-nosed man was the leader among these three men, with the highest position.

Originally, he had his arms around two female dancers, one mouth of meat and another mouth of alcohol. He only drank and ate, enjoying himself. From the start, he did not even give Ye Qingyu a glance, not even sparing a look for Luo Jin and the others. He had the posture of someone extremely high up, as if that just by him appearing was some sort of reward for the people here.

But after the words of the scholar, he finally lifted his head.

A heated glare like a sword landed upon Ye Qingyu’s face. Then it focused on the brass heroic badge shining in the sunlight. Half a moment later, his eyebrows shifted down, standing up and gesturing. “We’re leaving!”

Finishing his words, he brought his two underlings and the ten soldiers, leaving the meeting and heading towards the staircase.

Such an abrupt change had not been predicted by anyone.

The triumph in Luo Jin’s face froze over, replaced by surprise, a hint of panic in his eyes.

“Captain Yu, you… this…” Luo Jin was finally in a panicked alarm, wanting to persuade the hook-nosed man and the others to stay.

This hook-nosed man was named Yu, his full name being Yu Luosheng. He was a captain under the Northern military leader, and could be counted as a middle level military officer.

Yu Luosheng turned his back and gave Luo Jin a glance. A faint shake of his head, without saying anything and in the blink of an eye he was already at the staircase.

The guards and the servants who had originally rushed up, every one of them looked at each other in bewilderment. But they did not dare to block the path of Yu Luosheng and the others, rushing to open a way for them to pass.

But at this time—

“Stay there!”

The Ye Qingyu who had not spoken suddenly opened his mouth.

Yu Luosheng’s body stopped. Turning around, he glared at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu was not frightened in the least by the expression of the captain that seemed as if he wanted to devour someone. He blandly said, “Aren’t you going to capture me and bring me to the interrogation prison? Why are you suddenly leaving in such a rush?”

The young military officer who previously had said the brash words suddenly had a face as red as a pig’s liver. Anger and hate filled him, he bit his lips and was about to say something when the scholar hurried to stop him.

“No wonder the Ding Kaixuan with a position of nobility was willing to leave the mansion. So the Ye family really has a heroic badge that was passed down. Young master Ye, this time it was us that was too rash. The matters concerning the Ye family, we will not interfere in again, young master Ye can handle it as he pleases. Afterwards, this restaurant, me and captain Yu will place special attention onto it.”

The middle-aged scholar cupped his hands together, saying with a smile.

In reality, the heart of this scholar really wanted to swear and curse.

Ding Kaixuan that crafty old man, no wonder he did not act himself. After losing the mansion he had worked so hard to obtain, he did not dare take revenge and instead hid within his old mansion venting his anger. So it was because of this badge.

This heroic military badge had significant weight within Snow Country.

The person wearing this badge, as long as they had evidence that this was passed down legally, had a position equal to that of a noble. They did not need to dismount and rid themselves of weapons when seeing the monarch nor did they need to bow down to government officials. They had many special privileges and an unusual position. Even if they committed a crime they could not be interrogated with physical instruments, and needed the judgement of a royal member of Snow Country before they could be convicted.

For example, the fatty Jin Shiren who kept calling trash and scum at Ye Qingyu who had inherited this badge was equal to directly insulting the nobility and the royal family. As a tiny little merchant, without any position of nobility, such a crime was enough for his tongue to be sliced off and executed. Dying through falling in the streets was a mercy for him.

Fatty Jin deserved to die, and as the person who killed him, Ye Qingyu had obviously committed no crime. And to capture Ye Qingyu to interrogate him was simply just a joke unless the northern military leader and the officer of the interrogation prison did not want to live anymore.

The reason that the scholar wanted to swear and curse was because Ding Kaixuan and the others had evidently known that Ye Qingyu had such a badge. However, they had not inform himself or Yu Luosheng at all. They were used like idiots by him, forcefully taken the initiative. The result was that they had gotten into a mess and trouble, losing all their face

And they had also offended Ye Qingyu.

*Not literally but metaphorically **Chinese Idiom: use powerful connection to intimidate people. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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