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Imperial God Emperor 607 - The Prince's airship

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Chapter 607, The Prince airship

In the distant sky, a sudden change that made all creatures surprised had happened.

An enormous mountain-like mass of black colour had suddenly pierced through the layers of clouds.

Filled with the aura of death, the black clouds completely obscured the sky within a radius of thousands of meers, the land below also suddenly became as dark as ink, that not even one’s hand could be seen.




The bugle sounded three times from the layers of black clouds.

This sound was like the violent howl of an ancient beast, instantly breaking up the layers of clouds, quaking the ground, and the ripples of sound waves spread across in all directions.

Waves of demonic qi were rising up and down, like a prehistoric beast was about to descend.

The clouds around were scattered, rumbling and rolling.

Vaguely, one could see a colossal monster, like a giant prehistoric shark cruising in the sky, was hiding between the black clouds and occasionally revealing its tremendous body as it neared with an overwhelmingly imposing manner.

This aura alarmed all the demon beasts within a radius of hundred miles, that they began to hiss and roar. Some of the mutated spiritual birds and beasts uttered a mournful cry, madly dancing across the sky.

The waves of black clouds were receding.

A gigantic black object extended out from the fog.

Where it passed, the void shook as though it was being torn apart into a long-lasting crack.

In the distance.

In the Demon Spider camp.

A number of generals, headed by Tong Wen, as well as all the black armoured elite soldiers all fixed their eyes on the sky, each person’s face revealing a more or less bewildered expression.

“Could it be...” a general unconsciously uttered.

Staring at the unknown object in the sky, Tong Wen’s eyes also flashed a trace of speculation.

He suddenly felt an unstoppable excitement. Were the reinforcements here?

But it was kind of unbelievable.

They had only released the ten sound beasts a few hours ago, how could they arrive so fast?

As they were standing anxiously, the mist receded.

A giant battleship that looked similar to a white-headed and long-legged tarantula came into view.

The huge battleship, like a floating fortress in the void, was so huge that it brought despair, projecting a thousand-meter-long moon shadow across the ground. On the ship were layers upon layers of black iron and gold marking totems. Among the clouds of black demonic qi were golden ripples moving up and down. Eight thousands-of-meters-long black legs braved the coldness, and under the moonlight, the hairs on the legs were clearer and more distinct like a number of steel knives, piercing cold and sharp.

And around the spider-shaped outline were numerous demon crystals, like a number of bright blood-stained stones, emitting an endless flow of energy. In the night sky, these demon crystals and energy were clearly revolving and flowing around the airship.

The spider-shaped ship was neatly stacked with tens of thousands of formation barrels.

These barrels were like deadly weapons that could destroy this world, radiating dazzling lights, and adding to this were mist-like demonic qi surging endlessly within the light.

This was simply a war beast.

The sky and ground shook.


In the Demon Spider main tent.

“It’s Refining Blue Airship!

General Ba Ao, who retorted to Tong Wen of being afraid of death, after the initial shock, was the first one to scream out, a look of mad joy making its way across his face.

“Lord Prince’s airship!”

“The Prince is here!”

“Haha! Finally here!”

The other generals also had an abrupt change of expression, all shouted out loudly, eyes surging with joy and excitement.

Tong Wen’s face also lit up in delighted surprise. “Indeed. It is the Prince’s airpship.”

He raised his head, looking at the magnificent and imposing Prince’s airship slowly passing through the Demon Spider camp boundary, stopping over above them. The panic and frightened haze in his eyes before was swept away and his eyes unconsciously surfaced with a look of reverence and excitement.

The Prince.

The Prince’s airship.

Either of these two were enough to make each and every martial artist of the Demon Spider Race ecstatic.

And now, both these two were here.

He could finally relax a little.

The Demon Spider black armoured soldiers, who were resting and waiting on orders, were extremely dispirited because of the defeat at Flowing Light City, and the death of Devouring Heaven Demon General and the pair of black spider twins, but after seeing the Refining Blue Airship, immediately their morale soared.

The soldiers were all spirited, responding with a flurry of cheers.

Even the thousands of demon beasts were also roaring vigorously, eyes lit in a red glow.

Like a sudden beam of light on a long endless night had suddenly expelled the frustration and devastation of defeat in their hearts, lighting new expectations and emotions.


On the watchtower of Flowing Light City.

The atmosphere was completely opposite to that among the Demon Spider camp.

“That is...” The beautiful lady innkeeper Heng Yuge of the Immortal God Emperor Sect cried out, a look of shock crossing her face.

On the city walls, the several others present stared at each other.

That colossal object in the distance that was slowly making its way into the boundaries of the Demon Spider camp was not an ordinary object at all. It was emitting a fierce and tyrannical aura that made everyone, one after another, reveal a bewildered expression on their face.

“It's a military ship!” Ling Xiaoran said with a grim look.

“Yes! A military ship of the Demon Spider Race!” Liu Minsheng and Elder Zheng exchanged a look with each other, a glimmer of horror flickering in their eyes.

The tragic scene of the Demon Spider Race invading Flowing Light City a few months ago was still vivid in their minds. The people wailing aguishly, misery, and the horrifying scenes before flashed across their minds. The one who attacked and broke through the formation that had been protecting Flowing Light City for thousands of years was a Prince-level expert and his battleship.

“The flag...” Chen Zhengliang looked at the faintly visible flag in the distance, a glimmer of horror flashed in his eyes.

“It is the Prince’s flag, a Prince of the Demon Spider Race is here with reinforcements...” Chen Zhengliang heavily placed his hand on a broken sloping wall fence with a hint of despair on his face.

He had falsely surrendered and stayed with the Demon Spider Race for a few months, and thus had some understanding of the rankings among the Demon Spider Race’s military.

The formation markings on the flag were a symbol of a Prince of the Demon Spider Race.

“What? The Demon Spider Prince has come in person...” Ling Xiaoran said, despondently, the brush in his hand shrouded in a misty silver halo.

The scarred warriors of Flowing Light City had just gotten a moment of respite, but before they had the time to recuperate, they were going to endure a new round of catastrophe.

“Cough... how can it be so fast…” Elder Zheng's voice trembled, blood overflowed from his mouth, and he seemed to be inadvertently wiping the blood away.

“The Prince of the Demon Spider Race are at least the at level of Immortal Step boundary, and they are the direct bloodline of the Demon Spider. The passed down cultivation skills and techniques of their clan are more pure and astonishing, they are able to completely crush the ordinary Immortal Step experts...” Chen Zhengliang muttered like he was talking in his sleep, then he glanced up and couldn't help letting out a sigh.

“Plus, the terrifyingly powerful airship can instantly destroy the mountains and land... Flowing Light City this time... Is on the brink of crisis... “ Chen Zhengliang sighed.

For a while, looking at the demonic qi soaring into the sky, all eyes showed an unprecedented despair and grave expression.

Originally, they thought that with their current strength, perhaps there was a chance they can gather the strength of all people to defend Flowing Light City, but now that the Demon Spider Prince had appeared, the situation suddenly took an overwhelming change, and everything seemed to have become a hopeless situation...

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui exchanged a glance when they heard what was being said. The two maintained a strange silence.

Today’s situation was more severe than before.

With the slightest carelessness, the hundreds of civilians of Flowing Light City were likely to disappear from Clear River Domain.

Ye Qingyu looked at the airship that had completely entered the Demon Spider camp’s boundaries, his eyed flickering with puzzlement.

The Demon Spider camp had just settled down for a few hours, how could the Prince airship get here so soon?

And just now, when he used his consciousness power to observe the situation, there indeed was the astonishing strength of the Demon Spider clan’s military airship.

Especially on the airship, there were Immortal Step experts.

And not just one, but two...

He looked at the people around him whose faces were twisted with sorrow, and did not immediately tell them the results of his observation.

If he had told them the truth at this moment, they most likely would fall into a panic and might lose their morale.

Given the present situation, it was best to wait and observe. Different situations call for different actions.


Inside the main tent of the Demon Spider camp.

There was a strange and momentary silence.

As if the air inside the tent had suddenly become heavy and serious.


A prince sitting in the upper seat of the main tent suddenly threw away the cup of tea in his hand.

“Why did you not destroy the city!”

The prince glowered as he questioned sternly, his voice was sonorous and forceful like golden axes colliding.

His face was gloomy, and his piercing cold eyes were like a knife sweeping across the generals who all had their heads down. The uncontrollable anger soaring inside him suddenly made the atmosphere in the tent extremely suffocating.

The prince, dressed in a black, gold-plated armour, had deep and strangely red-brown eyes and thick and fluffy shoulder-length red and brown hair that was bunched up with a spider leg-like hairpin. His skin was a copper bronze colour, and he was tall and burly, two times larger as Tong Wen. Under the armour of his were faintly visible black spider markings that only the prince’s of the Demon Spider Race had.

The markings seemed to be carved beneath the skin and flesh, radiating a black light through the skin.

He had a five-meter-long animal bone blade hanging at his waist. There were blood-red markings across the body of the blade in a strange formation arrangement, emitting a bizarre aura and blood stench.

The young officer was quivering lightly.

Feeling the imposing manner surging in the void and the fury that was pressing down like a mountain, he sensed that the yuan qi inside his body was firmly suppressed, unable to be activated, as though he was imprisoned.

He lowered his head even more, looking down. His manner was respectful, but he did not know what to say.

In the main tent, the generals were orderly lined up before the ruthless prince.

In the face of such pressure, the entire Devouring Heaven army all had an anxious and worried expression, lowered their heads even more, and dared not to make the slightest sound.

Among them, one or two generals, after some struggle, finally summoned up the courage to say something. Their lips moved, hesitated, and still did not say anything in the end.

“Mofeng, don't get so angry,” an indifferent and lazy voice sounded.
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