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Chapter 605, The people of the Immortal God Emperor Sect

Half an hour later.

Fifty miles outside of Flowing Light City.

The Demon Spider corps withdrawn from Flowing Light City had set up an encampment on a relatively high hill. There were still a few wisps of light smoke dancing on the cannon barrel.

The main army formerly stationed in Flowing Light City had evacuated to the tent in front.

After the war, although the remaining tens of thousands of soldiers were blood-soaked and their breathing was chaotic, they still maintained a neat and orderly formation.

In the distance.

A young military officer was standing in the open space before the main tent of the Demon Spider corps.

His face was cold and calm. His eyes, as though covered in ink, were motionlessly fixed on the distant Flowing Light City, seemingly thinking about something.

This young officer of the Demon Spider Race, clad in a dark black armour, looked less than twenty years old. He had deep eyes and handsome sword-like brows, he looked elegant and graceful. Even among the Human Race, he would still be considered handsome, and did not have the rough and barbaric appearance of the other Demon Spider Race.

He was two times taller than the average man, but his body was very thin. He was covered in a long navy blue satin robe, with a string of jade ornaments hanging at his waist. The jade ornaments were bright and translucent, spotlessly white and flawless, and at both ends was an arm long tassel-shaped pendant. On the pendant was a palm-sized red glass, shining and colorful, which was housing a black spider. It seemed as though even the hairs on the legs were very clear and distinct.

Hurried footsteps sounded.

It was the commanding officer of the Devouring Heaven Camp arriving.

“Lord Tong Wen why did you withdraw troops?”

He questioned him right away.

The Demon Spider military general who was called back from Flowing Light City walked towards him in large strides. Before he arrived, his voice could be heard.

The one who issued the withdrawal command was the young Demon Spider officer.

And evidently, the fierce Demon Spider general and others were not satisfied with this military order. Although because of the period of long training and their instinct of following military orders made them take their own soldiers to retreat from Flowing Light City, but this was obviously not what they wanted. They immediately came over and surrounded the so-called young military officer Tong Wen in the middle.

Tong Wen had the role similar to a military adviser in the Devouring Heaven army, his status was second only to Devouring Heaven Demon General, the black spider twins and the three captains. Now that all these several high-ranking generals had died in battle, he was now the commander-in-chief of the army, and according to The Demon Spider corps’ military orders, Tong Wen was now the commander-in-charge of the military.

But among the fierce and ruthless Demon Spider Race, Tong Wen, whose forte was not in military strength and was only a civilian military officer skilled in strategy, was evidently not particularly well respected.

So these high ranking Demon Spider military generals dared to question his military orders in this way.

“Right! We were about to kill them all, the lowly people in the city were going to be cut into minced meat, you want to retreat? Are you afraid?”

“Yes! We have not avenged Devouring Heaven Demon General, we can’t retreat now.”

“Yes! Let's go back, head back into Flowing Light City, all the lowly people of Flowing Light City have to be buried!”

“That's right, we cannot let go of those lowly humans!”

The high ranking military generals of Devouring Heaven Camp were obviously somewhat aggressive.

Tong Wen swept his eyes over the people, eyes flashing a hint of pity, then glanced at the generals who were constantly questioning him. He frowned, lightly asking, “Kill all the humans?”

“That's right, we must kill them all, these lowly fellows, unexpectedly dare...” one of the generals roared.

Tong Wen gently brushed away the dust on his left sleeve. He breathed a long sigh, looked at him, and gave a seemingly endless smile, “You are able to?”

When he said this, the young officer’s eyes were extremely gloomy and cold, and the corners of his mouth was raised in an icy arc.

“I...” his voice sank.

The several other generals looked at each other in dismay, as though the brutal scene of the previous human wall and sea of blood reappeared in the eyes of the person opposite. Particularly, the fat and thin experts that appeared out of nowhere were too scary. Even if the Demon Spider Race was always unafraid of death, they were still fearful of those two people and had to admit that no one in the Devouring Heaven army was a match for them.

Especially the fatty, who had ice surrounding his body and was able to instantly crush the Devouring Heaven Demon General and the black spider twins. He really was too frightening.

“Soldiers can't have just courage and no discipline. They cannot be preoccupied with their own satisfaction, and forget to preserve strength. The troops of Devouring Heaven army are the elites after hundred of years of secret training. If you were to risk your life to battle those two human experts, most likely that half of our army would be wiped out by those two Human Race experts...” A sharp colour flashed through the eyes of Lord Tong Wen.

He glanced at the Demon Spider corps arranged in neat formation as they waited for his command, and couldn’t help but breath an inward sigh of regret.

It was only one morning, yet nearly half of the tens of thousands of troops were killed.

“That... Then we'll fight with our life! Do you think our Demon Spider corps is afraid of that lowly, filthy Human Race!” The few generals, as though they had been poked in the heart, suddenly took on a look of embarrassment, then another similarly tall general immediately retorted.

“Fight?” As if Lord Ten Wen had heard an extremely funny joke, he couldn’t help sniggering. “Then what? At most you can only kill some of the lowly Human Race with a moment of courage. Not only will you not avenge General, but the black-armoured corps that the Demon Spider Race had been carefully cultivating for hundred years will be sacrificed.” His eyes flashed a malicious expression, and his voice was like ice, looking around at the overbearing generals. “Is it worth it?”

When his voice fell, he again ran his eyes across the generals filled with reluctance and anger, radiating a biting cold imposing manner

The few generals who surrounded him were speechless at this moment.

It was clear to them that the elite corps that the Demon Spider Race had spent a great deal of effort and time to cultivate was the most important thing they should consider.

If a race, or even a nation, wanted to remain invincible, they required countless corps as their strongest spears and shields.

“Tong Wen, I see, you are afraid of death, you said so much nonsense...” A burly military general, taller than Lord Tong Wen by more than half a body, was speechless with rage, not knowing how to refute. Suddenly, he was like a child reluctant to admit his mistake.

Tong Wen’s expression grew cold, casting a glance at the general who argued back, both furious and speechless.

For more than thousands of years the Demon Spider Race had revered military force. A strategic commander like him would usually be killed or looked down upon by the other generals with outstanding military achievements.

Although the Demon Spider Race had been following a warlord system for thousands of years, the rules were incredibly strict, but this deep-rooted practice had not been able to be completely eliminated.

Most likely that if things continued this way, this will affect the direction of the Demon Spider Race.

He breathed an unperceivable sigh.

The few generals did not show the arrogance and anger they displayed before and were also in a strange silence at this moment.

“Go, release the Ten sound beasts and call for reinforcements.

He turned around, issued a gentle command, and then headed back into the main tent...


In Flowing Light City.

Although the people on the square of the ruins of the City Lord’s residence found the sudden retreat of the Demon Spider army strange, the majority still finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The terrible pressure was lifted for the time being.

In the next half hour, Chen Zhengliang was elected to temporary assume the role of City Lord due to his understanding of the situation in the city. He imprisoned the few families and clans of Flowing Light City who betrayed the Human Race and then ordered people to take out the food belonging to those families and clans that were stored in the prison.

The civilians of Flowing Light City who were forced away from their homes seemed to finally see dawn, joy, and hope appeared on their faces.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui, with the cooperation of the innkeeper, his wife, and other dozens of people, sorted out and tidied up the remnants of the corpses on the city gate, the ruins, and pillars.

The two people personally buried the Human Race heroes that had died in the hands of the Demon Spider Race.

After this battle, these two people’s status and position were almost like the gods. In fact, if the two had not strongly refused, then the people in charge of all the matters of Flowing Light City would have been them.

The kindest person, Elder Zheng, and other people crowded around Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui, worried that they would just leave like that.

Under the command of Chen Zhengliang, the situation in the city was temporarily stabilized.

Many of the non-martial expert civilians also joined in to bury the corpses of the fellow citizens.

Some seriously wounded civilians were also arranged into the homes of voluntary civilians, and the father and daughter pair led a number of people with medical knowledge to tend to the injured.

The thugs, who occasionally tried take advantage of the chaotic situation to snatch food and houses, were caught right away, killed, or thrown into the prison of the City's Lord’s residence.

Some civilians in the city opened their doors and cooked for Ye Qingyu, the innkeeper, and others who fought against the Demon Race.

The city resumed a momentary order, as if the warm sun was about to re-illuminate the sky.

Time flew by, and in a twinkling, the sky was dark.

Night descended.

Some of the spiritual light constructed buildings also played a role. A few rays of silvery brilliance sprinkled across Flowing Light City, which had been restored to its previous quiet and peaceful state.

In the sky, like a woman’s fine eyebrow, the crescent moon produced a warm and soft glow. In the endless dark night sky, there it appeared more exceptionally beautiful and stirring.

By this time, the situation in Flowing Light City was considered to be completely stabilized.

Under Chen Zhengliang’s deployment, civilians had one after another been resettled and the human remains had been properly buried.


At the city gate of Flowing Light City.

When the Demon Spider Race captured Flowing Light City, the city wall was bombarded and many barriers were broken and collapsed. The city walls were now like a giant martial warrior that could finally gasp for breath after a desperate struggle. The destroyed city wall stairs could only accommodate two people at the same time.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui appeared on the city gate.

Behind them were the innkeeper, his wife and Liu Minsheng, and finally Chen Zhengliang was behind supporting Elder Zheng.

Elder Zheng's injury was very severe. Hu Bugui had tried to persuade him several times but this stubborn old man insisted to follow them.

After a brief conversation, Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui had come to know of the names of the innkeeper and his wife. The innkeeper who always carried a brush with him was called Ling Xiaoran, and his astonishingly beautiful wife was called Heng Yuge. But what was more unexpected for Ye Qingyu was that through their conversation he learnt that the innkeeper and his wife, and the father and daughter who sung for a living, were all people of the Immortal God Emperor Sect——
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