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“If you stop now, I can spare the people of Flowing Light City, I... I can also take you and that fat man into the Demon Spider army.” Devouring Heaven Demon General looked incredibly distressed, his red whiskers quivering, as he proposed what he thought was the most tempting of conditions.

In a distant place.

“The Human Race must not surrender to the Demon Race!”

“Don't believe him!”

“The one who killed thousands of human is him!”

“Must not let him go!”

Several howls of fury erupted from the humans who had fought bravely.

On the observatory platform.

“AH! Did you hear? So many people want you dead, so you should go to hell.” Hu Bugui laughed. “Noon time, raging flames blaze... Beast, in the most bright and hottest time of the day, die!”

Fist shadows broke out like it was noon.

The day is divided into night, dawn, sunrise, morning, and noon... Hu Bugui’s fist technique, known as [Time Fist], was named after the different times in a day, corresponding to the mysteriousness of Heaven and earth. It was extremely peculiar.

Noon is the time when the flames are the strongest

The noon fist was also one of the strongest attacks in the [Time Fist Technique].


A loud noise erupted the next moment.

With a look of fear across his face, Devouring Heaven Demon General finally could no longer evade, like a weak puppet, defeated by the qi of chaos containing fist power, both his body and consciousness were destroyed.

At this moment, on the huge square, the crowds broke out in earth-shattering cheers.

While the Demon Spider army all turned pale with fear!

“Kill! Fist of Dawn!”

Hu Bugui’s move had succeeded, but he did not stop. He repeatedly threw out three punches in the air.

Boom boom boom!

The punches were like the colour of the sky at dawn, howling through the air.

Red Devil Captain and the three Deputy Generals were almost killed in an instant.

The Demon Spider army was suddenly thrown into disarray.


The innkeeper, Chen Zhengliang and the other people reacted, immediately beginning their counterattack.

With the two fat and skinny experts here, they saw hope of winning.

At this moment, the thought in their minds was not only of saving people.

But of...


The crowd of people was like thunder.

A battle unfolded on the square again.

Hu Bugui was overlooking the battle in the void.

His eyes were slightly narrowed as he looked at Ye Qingyu battling in mid-air, while seemingly casually raised his fist, the fist force was soft as a breeze of wind, but after passing through the wall of people it suddenly formed into a mountain-like power.

One after another, black-clad soldiers were struck by the fist power, thrown into all directions, and vomited out blood.

The situation on the ground was evidently fully under the control of the thin-looking man. The remaining small number of black armoured soldiers risked their lives to fight back, but were still at the next moment sent flying by the bombardment of breeze-like fist force, and then struck to the ground by the other Human Race experts.

Several Human Race heroes were rescued out from the prisoner carts, assisting each other. Some who were more seriously injured immediately sat down and operated yuan qi to recover.

There was also a blood-soaked figure that came out of the prison, the previous Chen Zhengliang who disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

He went over to Scar-faced Jin and the South Building boss, the several people looked at each other, their eyes were full of confusion and faint excitement.

All people stood in the open space near the execution platform, looking up at the chubby man and twins who were standing opposite each other in mid-air.


In mid-air.

“Who the hell are you?”

The twins’ voice was identical, although the two people opened their mouths to speak at the same time, there was only one voice that came out.

“Such nonsense, I no longer want to answer, go die.” Silhouetted against the light, the fat figure of Ye Qingyu shook his wrist, and an even more solid ice sword image appeared out of nowhere.

The sword was wrapped in undulating purple lightning, and within the range that the tip of the sword pointed at, the void seemed to be beginning to condense into real frost.

Ye Qingyu was anxious to find the right opponent to confirm his cultivation improvement after the period of training in the Underground Moon Immortal Palace. Luckily, he ran into the pair of twins.

So he was in no hurry to get rid of his opponent right away.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Ye Qingyu’s body once again transformed into an icy-silver mist shadow.

The twins suddenly looked shocked, turning over their hand, and two white jade demon bone swords emerged in their hands.

The demon bone on the hilt was white and flawless, and the engraved totem was faintly visible, like the body of an ancient demon beast.

The sword body was not straight and strong like an ordinary sword. The three inch tip of the sword was curved and twisted in a strange shape, resembling the tail of a spiritual snake.

The sword body was constructed from white jade, glowing and luminous, and although it was a demonic object, it still exuded a divine beauty.

Above the observation platform.

Hu Bugui’s eyes flickered, seemingly thinking of something.

“Ah, this is one of the treasured weapons of the Demon Spider Race, the Luminous Moon Matchless Strike...” His body slightly shook, fixing his eyes on the sword in the twins’ hands. “This divine weapon has a bit of history.”

It was rumoured that this demon bone sword was cast from the bones of a Demon Spider Race ancestor in the ancient times. It possessed millions of kilograms of power and can shake the stars, sun and moon.

Especially in the hands of this pair of twins, one divides into two, one illusionary and one real. It was a combination of real and illusory, like the most coordinated diversionary tactic.

One step, one illusionary, each step was a killing move.

Hu Bugui’s brows were slightly raised, not expecting the most valuable treasure of the Demon Spider Race to appear here.

“Haha, a divine weapon like that was given to the twins, it seems that the Demon Spider Race has very high expectations of them. Haha, if Brother Ye killed this pair of little spiders today, what kind of reaction would the Demon Spider Race have? Hahaha!”


In mid-air.

Ye Qingyu looked at the white jade swords in the hands of the pair of twins, his eyes flashing.

He could already faintly tell that this bone sword was strange. It was like a living creature, emitting a steady outward flow of suppressive demonic qi. The sword body was gentle and glowing, but after staring at it for a long time there was a kind of glowing brilliance that made one’s mind feel trapped, as though it was imprisoned.

But such a divine weapon was not in the hands of the Devouring Heaven Demon General, but the pair of twins.

It seems that this pair of twins were the real important people on the observatory platform.

The one in charge of Flowing Light City, most likely was not Devouring Heaven Demon General, but in fact, this more powerful pair of twins.

Ye Qingyu speculated.


A loud yell.

The twins rose high into the air, their identical voices resounding across the sky and the sword qi hissed. The sound waves were like a solid substance, as if it were the howling of an ancient demon beast, causing everyone’s heart to pound uncontrollably.

The crowd of spectators beneath the platform felt their minds being stirred violently, and had to resist with full strength.

In mid-air.

Ye Qingyu put his hand behind his back, stepping across the air like there was a layer of thin ice, ice petals bloomed at his feet as he walked across.

Only he knew that he was operating the [Limitless Divine Way] with every step, thereby increasing his strength.

[First Limit].

[Second Limit].

[Third Limit].

[Fourth Limit].

The four steps were completed. Every ice flower that bloomed at his feet was larger, had more petals than the one before, emitted an increasingly bright luster, and was incomparably pure and sacred.

“[Soul Stealing Heaven Strike]!” ”

Ye Qingyu bellowed, acting at the same time.

The Luminous Moon Matchless Strike that was right in front suddenly stopped.

The pair of twins in mid-air suddenly slowed down, a strange fearful expression twisted their faces at the same time.

Ye Qingyu, like a ghost, flashed away, instantly arriving at the twins’ side.

Sword light erupted, the coldness freezing the void into real ice.

Ye Qingyu brought the ice sword down at the head of one of the twins, and at the same time his left arm that was wrapped in purple light current transformed into a dragon claw, grasping the body of the Luminous Moon Matchless Strike.


There was a huge rumble.

The sword was crushed by the dragon’s claw, producing a tragic wailing.

The twins seemed to have disappeared from this time and space, tens of thousands of hair-width scars broke out on the body of one, while the other’s body began to change into a strange state of nothingness.

Their stiffened body suddenly shot out thousand beams of icy light.

The twins’ eyes were wide with rage and utter horror.

They could feel an extremely frightening change within their body and blood vessels, and meridians seemed to have been frozen by tens of thousand-year-old ice. And an aura of death was spreading out from their heart, lungs, and dantian.


There was a sudden explosion.

In mid-air the pair of twins that were like balls of light suddenly ruptured into specks of ice, scattering across the sky.

At that very moment of their bodies exploding, the four black spiders within the twins’ eyes were suddenly solidifying, breaking away from the two eyes and rapidly shooting toward Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu slightly lifted his head, a wisp of [Supreme Ice Flame] emerging on his palm, wrapping the bullet-like black spider in ice flames.

In an instant, the four spiders were as though melted, disappearing among the ice flames.

As expected.

Twin brothers, one real and one illusionary, same life and same origin, lived or died together.

The two people shared the same lifeline, their strength was double that of ordinary people, but if one of them died, the other will also suffer the same fate.

And the four spiders that shot out were most likely arranged by the Demon Spider Race to protect the two people. Once the black spiders were destroyed, the Demon Spider Race would most likely be informed of the news.

Ye Qingyu was standing in midir, coldly watching the swirling ice crystals, slightly shut his eyes, feeling the bizarre feeling of his full strength attack after the recovery of all his yuan qi and consciousness power.

In particular, under the activation of the [Limitless Divine Way], the moment he swing out his sword, his yuan qi power seemed to be vaguely touching the Immortal Step boundary.

On the ground.

All the spectators were stunned by what was happening before their eyes.

In particular, experts such as the innkeeper were considered experienced and knowledgeable in Flowing Light City and the Fragrance Plains, but they knew nothing about the two ordinary-looking youngsters who suddenly showed up today. If the young chubby man who used ice flame yuan qi had guarded the Flowing Light City, he could have held back all enemies by himself, and completely reversed the situation today.

After a brief pause of silence, the applause and cheers, like a spring tide, sounded.

Everyone was screaming and jumping about, with an uncontrollable happiness in their eyes.

The young man in midir must be the saviour that the heavens had sent to save them.



Ye Qingyu flashed away, only a flicker of his shadow left behind in mid-air.

The next moment he was standing next to Hu Bugui near the observatory platform.

“Brother, today big brother has given you the opportunity to take the limelight. Haha, remember to treat me to a cup of ice dragon wine later.” Hu Bugui clapped his hand upon his shoulder.

While speaking, the two people had already landed on the ground.

“Old Hu... Old Hu?”

Not far away, covered with blood, but had restored his spirit, Liu Minsheng looked at the skinny man. When he heard his voice, there was suddenly a flash of lightning in his mind. The voice was so familiar that it made him think of a person, but his outer appearance... Liu Minsheng’s eyes flickered with a hint of suspicion.

However, there was only one person in Clear River Domain who can use such a unique fist technique.

“Are you Brother Hu Bugui?” Liu Minsheng’s voice sounded cautious and hesitant.

“Hahaha, I knew I can’t deceive Brother Liu!” Hu Bugui scratched his head and then casually wiped his hand over his face and shook his body, revealing his true appearance.

“Ah! So it is big brother Hu!”

“Yo, Little Moustache, I though who was so domineering, so it is you!” Supported by two youngsters, the old man’s face lit up.

Little Moustache?

Ye Qingyu laughed.

The nickname was kind of interesting.

Among the Human Race heroes crowded around, the majority had some sort of association with Hu Bugui, so after recognizing Hu Bugui, they were all overjoyed. It was as though everyone were in a teahouse, and began to chat and tease each other.

“Thank you so much for today, I thought you were trapped in a mountain and killed by a Beast Wolf!”

“Pah pah, Old Hu is old and tough, even beasts would find him hard to chew on!”

“But when did you come back, we didn’t receive any notice beforehand!”

“Yes, I heard you went missing at Greater One Sect, and we were worried for a long time...”

Hu Bugui responded with a foolish smile, then waved his hand, saying, “Let’s talk about this later... First we need to solve the remnants of the Demon Spider Race.



The happiness of the Human Race was a nightmare for the Demon Spider Race.

In a short moment of time, Devouring Heaven Demon General and the pair of twins were killed in succession, fifty thousand or sixty thousand of the Demon Spider elite army had became leaderless.

And the swirling ice crystals of the twins seemed to have cut off the Demon Spider Race’s black armour army’s last trace of rationality.

Some of the Demon Spider military officials’ eyes were growing red.

“Kill all the lowly humans!”

“Kill them!”

“Kill! Avenge the General!”

The tens of thousands of soldiers seemed to have gone crazy, and began to randomly attack.


Ye Qingyu flashed away, instantaneously coming to the periphery of the square.

A thought rumbled.

An icy chill broke out and hundreds of the Demon Spider soldiers and cavalries were turned into ice sculptures.

“Brothers, it is time for us to get revenge.” Innkeeper and the other people exploded with yuan qi, morale skyrocketing. They jumped up suddenly and in a flash dozens of figures entered into the dense demonic qi-like mass of black-clad soldiers.

Even so, casualties were still inevitable.

At the most peripheral areas of the huge square were people wailing and running for their lives, but the red-eyed black-armoured soldiers were already like a tide, as they raised their blades into the air, the civilians that could not escape in time were severed into two.

The ice and snow on the ground was instantly melted by the warm blood of the human bodies, and were gathered into a blood lake on the public square.

“Old Hu, you guard the north!” ”

Ye Qingyu bellowed with a backhand wave, the dozens of troops coming in the southern direction were instantly frozen into ice blocks, dispersing in the cold wind.

Hu Bugui flashed away, throwing several successive punches at the same time, and the soldiers charging in from the north were hacked into minced meat.

Other people divided into two forces to withstand the attacks coming from the east and west. The scattered civilians, upon seeing the situation, crowded around Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui.

After a few moments, the Demon Spider Race’s army of ten thousand was blocked by the human wall, suffering a heavy loss.

In particular, within a ten-meter range of Ye Qingyu, the Demon Spider soldiers were frozen into several ice walls. The ice walls, as if made by nature, forced the Demon Spider army to split into several groups to bypass the walls, and as a result their battle strength was greatly weakened.

While at Hu Bugui’s side there were several towering tree-like flesh shields. The Demon Spider army that were advancing wave upon wave were randomly struck flying. The wisps of demonic qi on their body formed into clouds of black smoke.

At this time--




Three shots of gunfire suddenly sounded, resounding across the skies.

The rumbling sound waves seemed as though a giant bell was looming over Flowing Light City.

“Huh?” This is?”

“Seems to be the command to retreat?” Covered in blood, Chen Zhengliang raised his head surprisingly.

Yes, the signalling shot was the withdrawal order from the Demon Spider’s Devouring Heaven corps.

The sudden command made the Demon Spider soldiers stop attacking one after another. Shocked, puzzled, unwillingness, hidden smiles... different expressions appeared on the blood-stained faces of the black-armoured soldiers.

But the Devouring Heaven Camp soldiers were all well-trained elites.

Military orders were like a mountain.

Under the lead and command of several high-ranking military generals, the Demon Spider corps withdrew from Flowing Light City in an instant like a retreating tide.

Even at this time, the Demon Spider corps still showed the manner of elite soldiers as they retreated, covering for one another as they rapidly disappeared from Flowing Light City.

And the Human Race obviously had no strength left to give chase.

Ye Qingyu, gazing at the orderly departure of the black-armoured soldiers, his eyes flashed a hint of puzzlement.

Hu Bugui arrived next to him in a flash, the blazing murderous intent had not yet faded from his eyes, and on his face was a trace of regret.

Nobody had expected the war to end in such a way.

Although surprised, everyone was very coordinated, and did not chase after them.

These Demon Spider soldiers had already gone all out. If they ran after them, they most likely would desperately counterattack. Moreover, there might be experts lying in ambush outside the city.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui exchanged a glance.

The reason that they did not pursue the retreating enemy was not because of fear of the forces outside, but because the city was in a state of disaster.

The state was chaotic, and there certainly will be madness in the city. The most important task now was to pacify and calm the people of Flowing Light City.
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