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Chapter 603, Completely useless things

For a moment, everyone fell silent.

Even those civilians, who did not understand martial arts, also sensed the strange atmosphere at this moment.

In particular, the scene of the chubby figure carrying the severed arm of Devouring Heaven Demon General had already explained many things.

An invisible strange atmosphere pervaded the grand public square.

“You...” Devouring Heaven Demon General tried to stabilize himself, there was still an inward astonished feeling as if his soul has flown skywards. “Who? Who are you?”

He fixed his eyes on the slightly chubby figure in the void, the shock in his heart like a stormy sea, unable to calm down.

The frightening feeling in that moment of exchanging attacks was the most terrifying pressure that he had ever felt ever since taking over the Devouring Heaven Camp. The endless power of the punch that was like a great river bursting its banks, simply terrifying. Even when facing the Prince, he had never felt such pressure. But in that very short time, for Devouring Heaven Demon General, it felt like he was a tattered little boat on the ocean during a storm, something that may be drowned from powerful waves at any time.

It wasn’t only the Devouring Heaven Demon General who was shocked.

The other Demon Spider experts all had wildly changing expressions across their faces.

All of the Demon Spider experts looked up to the void where the slightly chubby figure was. They could not imagine that this ugly person was able to completely suppress the Devouring Heaven Camp's commander, sever his arm, and effortlessly rescue the human spy who was certain to die.

At that moment, countless eyes were concentrated on the body of Ye Qingyu.

“Who the hell are you?” The Devouring Heaven Demon General gradually recovered from his surprise, saying each word in both shock and anger.

In the void.

Ye Qingyu’s expression was indifferent and contemptuous.

“Oh, me?” He applied a slight force to his right hand, instantly turning the severed arm of the Devouring Heaven Demon General into chunks of ice, rolling into the soil, and said in a calm voice that contained a piercing coldness, “I am one of the lowly stupid humans that you said is unworthy to live in this world. What, I didn't cut off your eyes, can you not see?”

The Devouring Heaven Demon General, stumped for words, became increasingly furious.

“From your strength and cultivation, you certainly are not a nameless nobody. You must be well known in Clear River Domain, why would you actually sneak an attack on me? Why don't you announce your name first.”


“Hahahaha...” Ye Qingyu, as though he had heard a great joke, burst into wild laughter that rumbled like thunder, resounding across the void and ringing in the ears of everyone. “Sneak attack? You can say that... Well, now I won't sneak up on you, I’ll give you the chance of a fair battle. Come, with your strongest strength, ready to defend yourself. See if you can receive three of my attacks.”

As he was speaking, incomparable confidence was surging.

From other people, such words would sound more than self-confidence, it was simply incomparable arrogance.

The chubby man that suddenly appeared was evidently looking down on the Devouring Heaven Demon General.

For a moment, the Demon Spider experts immediately sensed an invisible pressure that suddenly made their hearts become heavy.

The innkeeper, the father and daughter, and the others looked at the chubby man in the sky, simply overjoyed.

The force of the punch was like a bolt of thunder in the ninth heavens and the chubby man was like the world’s saviour to the people that had been trapped in this hopeless situation. It was like they had been rescued from a desperate situation, almost like a traveller lost in a burning desert and nearly died of thirst finally had found an oasis, finally saw hope of living.

And this joy was not just because they can continue to live.

But more that they finally saw the real expert of the Human Race appearing, saw that there was an expert of the Human Race that could crush a General of the Demon Spider Race.

This proved that the Human Race was still strong.

This defended the dignity of the entire Human Race.

This... signified light.

And the emergence of light, for the entire Human Race of Clear River Domain, was obviously more important than a few people being able to survive.


Devouring Heaven Demon General was madly raging in the sky.

“Humans, you will pay for your arrogance.”

He slowly floated to the void, his whole body shrouded in a red dried-blood-like flames, and the weak silver frost around his severed arm was instantaneously dispelled. In the midst of cracking and rumbling noises, flesh was growing rapidly from the wound of the severed arm, bones were constantly extending out, and a new arm just as before was formed in a flash.


The blade hung at his waist was unsheathed.

“I will chop off your head to use as a urinal.” The flames of qi rose sharply around his body and adjusted to the best state.

For experts like them, a damaged limb was nothing, with one thought it could be restored to as before using a little blood and qi. As long as one’s consciousness was unaffected, even if heart had ruptured, the head smashed to pieces, all can be restored.

This time, the Devouring Heaven Demon General would absolutely not give his opponent the chance to release that kind of earth-shattering punch.

“Stubborn. Fine, I will send you to die.” Ye Qingyu gave a faint smile, throwing Chen Zhengliang over to the inn boss and others.

The innkeeper and other people hurriedly reached out to catch Chen Zhengliang.

“Brother Chen...” The beautiful lady boss said, “Are you all right?”

Everyone was afraid that the Devouring Heaven Demon General had left some sort of secret technique on Chen Zhengliang as a defense.

After all, the Demon Spider Race was known to be ruthless across the entire Clear River Domain.

“I'm all right!” Chen Zhengliang stood up, before expressing his thanks to the people around, he hurriedly looked back at the sky and shouted, “Thank you senior, for saving me, be careful, Devouring Heaven Demon General has reached the Immortal Step boundary, and the blade in his hand is a divine weapon, it is extremely powerful...”

From the days of being undercover in the Demon Race, he had learnt many things and was very clear of the terror of the Devouring Heaven Camp.

So he loudly reminded in the first moments, for fear that the Human Race experts would be at a disadvantage.

Finally, a Human Race expert had come. If anything happened to him, then that light of hope that was just lit would also be extinguished.

They must not let anything happen to him.

In the air.

Ye Qingyu burst into loud laughter, showing undisguised conceited manners.

“A small spider that is not even considered an animal, but just a little insect. Hehe, so what if he’s wielding a divine weapon, to kill him is as simple as killing a chicken.”

Before his voice faded.

Ye Qingyu acted.

His body flashed, like a beam of light shooting across a distance of hundred meters in an instant, blasting out another punch.

The force of the punch was like thunder.

“Arrogant!” Devouring Heaven Demon General roared.

Being despised continuously had pushed him into a thundering rage.

For nearly five hundred years, he was a promising talent of the Demon Spider Race. Although he did not possess royal blood, but his strength was strong enough to be on equal an level with the Prince’s, or else he would not have become the commander of one of the four corps’ of the Demon Spider Race, the Devouring Heaven Camp. The ink patterned steel blade that Chen Zhengliang called a divine weapon was raging with demonic qi in his hands, producing countless Demon Spider Race rune markings, like a giant cobweb that blotted out the sky, facing the fist seal opposite, and launched a killing attack.

“[Motionless Demon Pattern Attack]! Kill for me!” the Devouring Heaven Demon General thundered.

Right away, he launched his most powerful attack.

This move, whether it was in demonic qi, weapon, skill, implication, or refined state, were all the most powerful states of the Devouring Heaven Demon General.

It could even be said to be the strongest attack he had ever made.

The arrogance and provocation of the opponent had triggered the hidden capability of the Devouring Heaven Demon General.

He was full of absolute confidence with this [Motionless Demon Pattern Attack].

The next moment------


The divine ink demon blade struck the fist without any showy display.

A deafening burst of noise shot in all directions.

“Tear apart!” Devouring Heaven Demon General howled.

The terrifying demonic flame and qi current, and even the light rays, were distorted under the collision of this force, and cracks were spreading across the space wall barrier.


“Weak, too weak... disappointing, this is the so-called divine weapon of the Demon Race?”

The scornful voice sounded again.

Then what followed was an extremely strange sharp noise of metal fracturing.

Before Devouring Heaven Demon General could understand what had happened, he only felt a gush of overpowering force coming head-on. Unable to hold the divine blade in his hand any longer, his chest shaking, a sweet taste at his throat, he spurted out a mouthful of demon blood. He seemed like a fallen meteor, with a loud boom, he mercilessly smashed into and collapsed the giant observatory platform. A huge bottomless pit was formed among the solid ruins of the City Lord’s residence...

Dust and smoke were whipped up like a cloud of lead ashes.

The terrifying force made the entire huge square almost enveloped in soaring dust.

The aftermath of the eruption of power between the two great experts diffused rapidly, as though it was a battle between Fiendgods.

All of the people halted their movements.

Not only did the battles around the execution platform stop, but the fighting in the far south between the rescuers and Demon Spider cavalry also stopped.

Everyone knew that the battles between them had lost their meaning.

The outcome of the battle between the strongest would be the ultimate struggle that decided everyone’s fate.

Whether it was the Demon Spider Race or the Human Race, almost all were watching with bated breath.

The aftermath gradually eliminated.

The dust gradually settled.

The vast majority of lines of sight first fell in the direction where the observatory platform was, where it had become a huge deep pit. No one knew how deep the pit was, but it was obvious that Devouring Heaven Demon General was in a very bad state, because vaguely, furious yet powerless groans could be heard from the pit...

When all living creatures shifted their sights again.

In the air.

That chubby figure still had not moved, like a towering mountain.

One of his hands had undergone a strange change, covered with a layer of pale silvery scales, like a dragon's claw.

And the demonic blade that Chen Zhengliang called a divine weapon, at this time, was held down by a dragon claw, the blade body covered with scars, like a fragile piece of artwork.

The first to react were the innkeeper, Chen Zhengliang and other people.


The chubby senior had won.

There was only such a thought in their minds.

With great joy and shock, they did not even make any cheering noises.

And the Demon Spider Race experts and soldiers? Their faces were twisted with unbelievable shock.

The invincible commander, one of the best and most talented of the Demon Spider Race, was defeated?

Defeated in the hands of an unprepossessing chubby man, and also defeated so easily. In one move he had lost his divine weapon, propelled to the ground, and formed a bottomless pit.

The morale of the Demon Spider Race, at this time, was madly falling.

After dozens of seconds.

A roar of rage came from the pit.

A giant Demon Spider claw suddenly stretched out from the deep pit, and then another demon blood arrow spouted out like a fountain. A half-human giant spider, covered with scars, was seen struggling to climb out of the pit, emitting extremely chaotic demon flames...

Lights flashed.

The huge half-man, half-spider monster began to change, becoming humanoid.

It was the Devouring Heaven Demon General.

But his body was ridden with scars, and a clear fist hole was left on his chest. It was an extremely shocking sight.

“You... Who are you?” Devouring Heaven Demon General fumed. “There isn't such a strong expert in Clear River Domain, you... are you the Master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect in disguise?”

He could not accept the fact that he had been defeated and severely wounded by a nobody.


In the air.

Ye Qingyu’s eyes were full of contempt and scorn.

“Talents of the Human Race come forth in large numbers, the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors were unrivalled, and suppressed 3,000 domains. At that time, your Demon Spider Race ancestors had not even begun cultivation and were just brainless beasts. But now you dare act arrogantly and think highly of yourself, you really are pathetic... What, do you think that only the Master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect can defeat you? Stupid thing.” Ye Qingyu looked at him, his right hand that had transformed into a dragon claw slightly exerting force. Like squeezing soil, he, inch by inch, crushed the divine blade into fragments of iron. “Demon blade divine weapon, the commander of the corps, all are just completely useless things. If you do not have anything stronger, then my next move is going to send you to your death.”
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