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Chapter 600, The Devouring Heaven Demon General

“That's the leader of Willow Lane, big brother Liu Minsheng.”

Hu Bugui narrowed his eyes, shooting a look over at one particular direction.

Ye Qingyu immediately followed the direction of his gaze.

A messy, black haired, strong-looking man in ragged clothes was covered with blood stains and scars, some of which were bone-deep. He was shackled by a formation chain the thickness of a child’s arm, his limbs were disabled, and was imprisoned in the prisoner cart. He was burly, pale, and calm, with handsome facial features. His eyes were slightly closed as he sat with his legs crossed, and his sword-like brows were glued to the dried blood.

The whip marks on his face were cracked and splitting in the cold, and the blood that had just flowed down his face was instantly dried in the icy wind.

Ye Qingyu carefully looked again, and couldn't help breath an exasperated sigh, because there were not only visible bone deep scars on Liu Minsheng’s body, there was a formation-strengthened instrument that pierced through his shoulder blade, locking him to the railing of the cart.

“Brother Liu is my blood brother...”

Hu Bugui gritted his teeth, killing intent flashing in his eyes like the sun.

Ye Qingyu nodded slightly.

No wonder that Hu Bugui took him to the entrance of Willow Lane when they first got into the city.

Hu Bugui evidently knew a lot of people. As he swept his eyes across each prisoner cart, he introduced each person to Ye Qingyu in a whispered tone.

“That's big brother Zhao, who saved my life ten years ago...”

“That young man is called Ling Fei, he is in charge of the ten largest restaurants and tea houses in Flowing Light City.”

“And... the particularly short one in the front is old man Qu, the leader of the beggars of Flowing Light City. He has a very bad temper but is really strong. I had a fight with him before, but as they say, an exchange of blows may lead to friendship. This beggar is definitely a tough man, and really hates the Demon Spider Race.”

While identifying everyone, Hu Bugui seemed to recall something, the corners of his mouth slightly curved upwards and his eyes constantly flickering with multi-coloured lights.

Ye Qingyu followed the direction of Hu Bugui’s eyes as he described each person.

At this time these men were bound by rune chains and stained with blood. A few had their hair half-shaved, and others were breathing weakly, seemingly almost fainting.

These people were also shackled by rune chains, their shoulder blades locked by an instrument and their cultivation sealed, just like ordinary people.

Since being imprisoned, they had been humiliated, and sustained severe injuries, but they stayed strong till now and had not given in. These really were commendable heroes of the Human Race.

There were around 100 people in the prisoner carts. Hu Bugui had a broad circle of friends and was able to recognize half of these people, of which there were many of his friends.

At this moment Hu Bugui already couldn't restrain the surging murderous intent and anger inside, if he had not concealed his cultivation and aura, most likely that the killing intent would have soared and he would have turned into a killing god.

Ye Qingyu hurriedly pulled him back, patting him lightly.

“Watch a little longer, I think today’s matter is not so simple.”

Just then——

“Mao’er... Mao’er.....”

A shaky, old voice suddenly sounded from the left side.

A trembling old man came out of the crowd.

Ye Qingyu instantly recognized the old man tottering unsteadily out of the crowd was the grandpa selling handmade items on the street yesterday.

He was hunchbacked, trembling with fear, but he summoned up the courage to step out of the crowd with a ragged hemp garment wrapped around his body.

“Military Master... Lord... can you do me a favour, pity this old man. Let this old man see his son again...” The old man side staggered over to the prisoner carts with both hands held respectfully in front, eyes glistening with tears, and a boundless sadness was shown across his aged face.


A Demon Spider soldier looked up, and a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

There was no mercy on his face for the old man who was begging, his hand grasped the hilt, and the blade was half out of the sheath.

Anyone who dared to approach the prisoner cart will die. This was a military order.


The sound of a sword drawn from its sheath.

But the Demon Spider soldier in the end did not finish the action of the kill.

Because someone had made a move first.

“Damn old thing, dare to bump into the prisoner cart, get lost!”

Gongzi Chen, Chen Zhengliang suddenly rushed out, swung out his leg in fury and sent the pitiful old man flying dozens of meters away.

The old man tragically cried out, sputtering out blood, and fell on his back like a broken frame.

A slight commotion.

Countless eyes were watching the old man, there was sympathy, excitement, panic, but no one dared speak.

Everyone consciously retreated back two steps together, leaving a semi-circle space in front.

The old man lay on the semi-circle ground, blood streaming down the icy surface of the snow.

Chen Zhengliang strode over with an evil grin on his face, looking down at the dying old man. “Old thing, you dare disturb discipline! Are you tired of living!”

“Wu… Wu...”

The old man’s mouth was full of blood foam. He curled himself up, emitting a low, audible whimper.

Then, there was a flurry of movement from a prisoner cart.

“Father, are you alright, Father... Chen Zhengliang, you son of a bitch, I treated you as a real brother, you also called my father Uncle, now you unexpectedly... do you have no conscience, don't hit my father! Come and get me!”

In a stagnant fine iron prisoner cart was a young man who erupted in anger, madly struggling and cursing furiously.

His hands tightly grasping the railing, the finger bones and veins were exposed, and the hole in his abdomen that a steel knife had pierced through was still pouring out blood. His robe had already been dyed a dark red. His face was covered with scars and blood, and one of his eyes had been hollowed out. The eye socket was stuffed with a demonic qi-emitting cotton-like material that was moving and twisted about, constantly devouring the blood flowing out of the eye socket.

He stared in the old man’s direction with his remaining left eye, full of resentment and anxiety, but was unable to do anything.

“Kekeke...” A captain next to the prisoner cart uttered a strange laugh. “What’s the rush, it will be your turn soon, I'm afraid you will be begging for it to end quickly at that time... Kekeke...”

In the crowd.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui had quietly sneaked to the edge of the crowd nearest to the old man, a mist-like glow in their hands as they were about to rescue the old man, but at this time, there was a new change happening.


A disdainful roar suddenly came from the crowd.

A scar faced middle-aged man separated the crowd as he rushed out, held the dying old man in his arms, and glowered at Chen Zhengliang. “Back then you were one of the talented youngsters of the city, but now you have been reduced to this. Chen Zhengliang, you heartless beast, you will receive retribution.”

Chen Zhengliang’s face flashed a hint of fury, then coldly smiled, “I wonder who it was, so it’s pig butcher Scar-faced Jin. Haha, you’re still alive, then you should behave properly, you dare stand up to scold me?”

Scar-faced Jin?

Ye Qingyu's eyes fell on the scar-faced middle-aged man. He saw an old scar on his neck, extending to his ear, it looked really frightening and at first glance he thought he was a villain, but did not think that the first person to stand out today would be him.

A sense of justice was possessed by many people, but those that failed to be loyal were mostly scholars.

While handsome scholars like Chen Zhengliang, in the face of the Demon Spider Race, knelt down to surrender, people like Scar-faced Jin stood out to protect other people.

“It’s Scar-faced Jin of Mi Alley, unknown background, but ten years ago he appeared in Flowing Light City, and relied on selling pork for a living.”

Ye Qingyu heard a clear voice in his ear.

It was Hu Bugui speaking to him through a secret code.

Ye Qingyu had no impression of this Scar-faced Jin, but was aware of Mi alley.

Ye Qingyu had been there once while he was in Flowing Light City; it was a slum where crooks were mixed in with the honest folks.

“Bah, trash like you that betrays your ancestor, so what if I scold you I?” Scar-faced Jin glared at him. “If I wasn’t weak now, I would have killed you like I was slaughtering a pig... Come on, I have lived long enough, kill me if you have the guts.”


“Dog thing, I'll kill you...” Chen Zhengliang was pulling out his sword in a backhand motion, when he suddenly stopped and grimly smiled, “To kill you just like that is letting you off lightly. You opposed me, which means you oppose the great Demon Spider Race. Haha, he must be a resister, come, put this dog thing into a prisoner cart. In a moment, kill him along with the other resisters.”

Immediately, there were henchmen coming over to beat and tie up Scar-faced Jin, and dragged him to the prisoner carts.

No one paid attention to the old man anymore, Hu Bugui went over, gently supporting up the unconscious old man in the snow.

Ye Qingyu originally wanted to rescue this Scar-faced Jin, but when he saw this scene he decided to watch a little longer first.

After dozens of seconds.

In the midst of the clanking of shackles, in the square formation of prisoner carts.

Carts one after another were opened.

The chained heroic men were dragged toward the execution platform.

Soon the first row of ten people in the prisoner cart was dragged onto the execution platform, which was heavily guarded by the elite Demon SSpider Race guards. Chen Zhengliang and other people also retreated to a corner behind the ruins.

The atmosphere was a little weird.

The Demon Spider soldiers seemed to be waiting for someone.

Bang! Boom!

There was a sudden bang in the sky.

All of them looked up, faces turning pale.

A mass of black demonic clouds suddenly appeared in the sky, tumbling across, and an extreme oppressive pressure spread throughout the public square. Everyone felt a shortness of breath, their hearts being crushed by a boulder, like a devil was about to come roaring out from the dark clouds.


In the midst of the explosion, the black cloud descended on the observatory platform like a bolt of lightning.

Then the black clouds gradually dispersed.

A burly figure appeared on the most central seat in the observatory balcony.

It was a Demon Spider Race's expert. His features were fierce and sinister, his face was short and brows were wide, and his fat lips and big mouth was four times as wide as that of an ordinary person.

“Devouring Heaven General,” someone cried out, trembling.

Ye Qingyu's line of sight also fell on the General of the Demon Spider Race’s Heaven Devouring Camp——
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