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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 58 Dead Fatty

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Chapter 58 – Dead Fatty

“You little brat…” Jin Shiren was enraged, wanting to say something more.

“Everyone first calm down, calm down. Let’s discuss this peacefully.” Luo Jin came over between them waving his arms, and smiled towards Ye Qingyu. “Nephew Ye, the things that happened in the past you must have some misunderstandings. But this does not matter, at that time you were still young and did not understand matters. Today, since you have come, we can sit down and have a good open conversation…”

“There is nothing to discuss.” Ye Qingyu slowly walked in front of the windowsill, his back facing everyone and opened the window. He looked at the bustling crowd down below and said, “One condition. Spit out everything that you have swallowed from the Ye family, return everything that you have taken. I also don’t want to go too far, if you do this then I will write off all grievances and resentment…”

“I peh, who do you think you are? Little trash, have you gone crazy…” Fatty Jin could not endure any longer, once again slapping the table and standing up. With a dark expression, he shouted, “Boss Luo, you’ve heard what he said. This little trash is climbing all over us. I, Fatty Jin, will not return anything, I’ll see what you can do to me!”

“Old Jin, lets discuss things calmly…” Luo Jin seemingly had an attitude that he was trying to settle things without it getting out of hand.

“There is nothing to discuss. What kind of person am I, Fatty Jin? Hehe, did you not go and investigate? To be harsh and unreasonable in front of me, you really don’t know life and death. A little trash that hasn’t even had his hairs fully grown, wanting to threaten me? I peh!”

Fatty Jin, saying this, lifted his legs to leave.

As he walked past Ye Qingyu, he smiled sinisterly. “Little kid, the Jiang Hu is not somewhere that you can act in this way. If you have the guts, then come to [Lianfeng Smithery] and repeat the words you’ve just said. I’ll make you know how to write the character Death*!”

Finishing his words, he brought the two experts beside him to leave. His overweight body came to the stairs and was about to go down.

Ye Qingyu turned around and smiled. “Then how about this… Right now, I’ll teach you how to write the character Death.”

Saying this, his right hand lifted up and a light suction was in the air.

Fatty Jin’s flesh mountain body quivered, then instantly fell back. Under his scream of shock and surprise, he flew through the air, his back landing upon Ye Qingyu’s palm.

“You… release me…” The four limbs of Fatty Jin flailed madly, struggling for his life, but it was no use. He shrieked with rage and embarrassment.

“Little brat, you dare!”

“Release our master!”

The two experts following Fatty Jin reacted. They floated through the air at the speed of lighting. The moment they acted, strong gusts of wind blew through space like a storm. Their strength was indeed impressive.

Ye Qingyu lightly laughed, his left hand casually swiping through space.

Instantly, the gusts of wind stopped.

The two experts in midair instantly had blood fill their mouths, as if slapped by a gigantic invisible force. They sprawled flat on the floor, two palm indents had sunken into their chests, not being able to get up… ……

“Little star palm power!”


The two experts spurted out blood and exclaimed.

The little star palm power could not be counted as a high class technique, but was instead a common way of striking that utilized inner yuan. Both of them knew how to perform this, but to use it like Ye Qingyu, without any hint of energy fluctuation and be able to injure someone without any signs, was indeed profound.

Through just this simple point alone, these two knew in their hearts that they were not his opponent by far.

Shouts and cries exploded!

The people sitting on the large table finally stood up, every single one of their expressions changing.

“Nephew Ye, lets discuss things peacefully. No need to come to blows, no need to come to blows…” Luo Jin still acted the part of an elder, trying to persuade a child.

“Little trash, release me, quickly release me. You dare treat me like this, you…” Fatty Jin screamed in rage.

“I have never understood, why some people, with their lives in the hands of others, would dare to still be threatening and demanding,” Ye Qingyu said contemptuously. “Do you think this is stupidity or is it courage?”

“Nephew, don’t be rash. Quickly release him, you must not kill anyone. If you kill that person, I fear you won’t be able to withstand the consequences…” Luo Jin quickly rushed to persuade Ye Qingyu but his words held a different meaning.

Ye Qingyu gave him a side way glance. “Four years have already passed, why do you still have daggers hidden in your smiles? Do you really want me to kill him?”

Luo Jin was taken aback, instantly saying with a smile, “Nephew you must be misunderstanding…”

Before he had finished, Fatty Jin again began crying loudly, “Little trash, it’s best for you to release me. Hehe, the [Lianfeng Smithery], don’t think you can take it back in your lifetime. If you obediently release me, and bow down to me to beg for forgiveness, then I won’t pursue this matter any further. Otherwise, today there are not only a few people present. If you dare harm a single hair of mine, don’t think you can walk away alive…”

Before he had finished.

The left hand of Ye Qingyu released him, facing the window. The palm of his hand freed him, and the gargantuan figure of Fatty Jin directly fell from the window of the third floor…



“Little brat you have guts!”

Everyone was shocked, with some people screaming but everything had already been done.

The cries from Fatty Jin became quieter and quieter, the screams becoming longer and longer from outside the window. Very quickly, the boom of a heavy impact could be heard and the cries of Fatty Jin abruptly stopped, the sharp cries of the bystanders down below resonating.

Ye Qingyu looked out the window to investigate.

Below the streets, was Fatty Jin who did not know any martial arts. He had nearly become a meat patty, his four limbs twitching and with his eyes opened wide in disbelief. Till the moment of death, he still could not believe that Ye Qingyu would really dare kill him!

The third floor of the restaurant was filled with a deathly silence.

On the faces of everyone sitting there was a terror that was hard to disguise.

They had never imagined that this good looking teenager was the weak boy that they had taken everything away from four years ago. During their conversation he would so easily act and kill someone, as if he was killing a rabbit or a pig.

Ye Qingyu looked at the crowd and as if suddenly thinking of something, a smile appeared on his lips.

“I have just thought of a joke. A fatty, if he accidentally fell from the third floor, without knowing any martial arts, then what would he become?” Ye Qingyu said with a laugh.

Everyone was taken aback, not knowing the reason for this question.

As everyone subconsciously guessed the answer, with answers such as meat patty, meat mud, corpse and the such, this question was answered by Ye Qingyu instead. “Hahaha, of course, he will become… a dead fatty*!”

There was vaguely someone who snorted, nearly laughing out loud.

Luo Jin’s face had become somewhat difficult.

He suddenly felt, as if he had miscalculated something. In four years’ time, the teenager in front of him had undergone far too great a change. Where was the slightest hint of the weak smile, the inflexible kind heartedness, the wealthy son that could be bullied by anyone?

Why was it that in his gentle smile, he was able to see a decisive and ruthless killer, with an atmosphere as fierce as wild beast, a demon king, such a tyrannical person?

Tang San who had followed Ye Qingyu here was also astounded.

Originally, this was only meant to be a discussion. When he saw the people on the second floor, he had realized the opposing party had already made their preparations, in terms of martial force and in terms of legal discourse. They would definitely be the disadvantaged party and Tang San had already prepared himself to beg for mercy for his young master

But in between the light and bland discussion, his master had already taken Fatty Jin’s life.

Tang San could not react.

He knew that the following events did not bode well.

His master was still too young, too rash.

Tang San hurriedly grabbed hold of the frightened Little Grass, placing her behind him. He was about to say some words that could alleviate this problem, but the other people finally recovered from their stunned state.

“Audacious, to kill someone in broad daylight!”

“This is too impudent, too impudent. So what if he’s a student of White Deer Academy? Can he ignore the laws of the royal family?”

“Hmph, even if I have to risk my life, I will report this to the city leader. He is too arrogant!”

People slammed their tables to leave, screaming in rage.


A type of martial artist that were also family servants of these various people took out their weapons. They all stood up, with a malevolent gaze, surrounding Ye Qingyu.

Below came the rushing of footsteps.

The soldiers with armour also had their razor sharp weapons unsheathed. They completely filled the space between the staircase of the second and third floor, a killing intent emanating in the air.

“Ye Qingyu, you dare ignore the laws of the country. To kill the innocent, quickly surrender!” A middle-aged man with a dark expression shouted, in an imposing manner.

This person was called Nie Yin, and was the master of a dojo called the [Yin Taoxuan Pavilion]. He was also one of Ye Qingyu’s targets today.

The [Yin Taoxuan Pavilion] also used to be one of Ye family’s property. Ye Qingyu’s father had founded this martial arts dojo and Nie Yin was the head instructor of this dojo in the past. He seemed cautious and conscientious, but after the death of Ye Qingyu’s father in the battle, he repossessed the dojo for his own uses. Getting rid of all who would not follow, he cruelly murdered and caused the deaths of a few instructors who were still loyal to Ye Qingyu’s father.

Nie Yin could also utilize yuan qi and was therefore not as afraid. Standing out, he condemned Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu coldly gave him a glare, saying icily, “You also look to die?”

It only took a gaze for Nie Yin’s heart freeze over. Terror and fear inexplicably rose in his heart, finding it hard to breath, and he really could not say anything more.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze left him, landing on Luo Jin who still had a faint smile on his face. “Look at your devious face. You are originally a shameless and brazen trash, and yet you have to pretend to uphold justice and righteousness. It’s been so many years, aren’t you tired…”

Luo Jin had never been mocked to such an extent before. His facial expression abruptly changed, saying, “Nephew, you…”

“If you dare call me nephew one more time, do you believe I’ll slaughter you at this very instant?” Within Ye Qingyu’s eyes, there was a glint like that of a sword unsheathed, as if he was a prehistoric beast that was about to begin killing at the slightest provocation.

Luo Jin’s heart suddenly pulsated. A cold air travelled from his spine to his head, nearly exploding his mind. A terror that he had never experienced before enveloped him.

No matter what terrifying character he faced before, Luo Jin firmly believed with his glib tongue, he was able to persuade the opponent. But this youth would not even give him the chance to speak.

*Chinese idiom, should be pretty obvious what it means. Its just a threat.

**It’s a play on words, dead fatty can also be referred to damn fatty etc. (actually its not that funny in Chinese either xD. I guess Ye Qingyu is a king of dad jokes.) Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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