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Imperial God Emperor 595 - Become a good person in your next life

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Chapter 595, Become a good person in your next life

Hu Bugui finally laughed grimly, looking at the two people with disdain. “Killing you guys is dirtying my hands, since you are fighting between you, then I might as well complete your wish.”

As he was speaking, he swung up his leg to kick the Flowing Water Sect Master and the young disciple in the dantian.

Bang! Bang!

In the midst of noise, oppressive yuan qi gushed out, destroying the yuan qi Spirit spring of the dantian.

This was tantamount to directly crippling the two people's cultivation base.

“Let's go.”

After all this, Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui, transformed into streams of light, disappearing from where they stood.

The air was filled with the stench of blood.

A look of despair surfaced in the Flowing Water Sect Master's eyes.

Greater One mountain area had become a dead land, everywhere was full of danger, that with the slightest carelessness even Bitter Sea and Heaven Ascension experts would lose their lives here. What was more, his cultivation had been destroyed and his limbs were broken. He was now worse than an ordinary person, and would not have a chance of surviving here!

Soon, he will become the feces of the fierce beasts and the mutant monsters or manure.

“Damn, since I can't live anyway, today I will kill you old thing to vent my anger!” The young disciple forced himself up from the ground, with the same look of despair, staring at the Flowing Water Sect Master, revealing a trace of ruthlessness.

The Flowing Water Sect Master sensed something, roared, “Little beast... don't you dare!”

The young man picked up a sword next to him, slowly coming over, his eyes glinting fiercely. “Why won't I dare, your cultivation is higher than mine was before. Although I hate you, I dared not to kill you, and also could not kill you. But now your cultivation base has been destroyed, if I do not kill you now then when can I!”

With that, the young man drew his sword.


The sword light, like a bolt of lightning, broke the Flowing Water Sect Master’s skull.

Gu Dewen's head rolled onto the ground, a ferocious look remained on his face and his eyes were wide open with disbelief.

The young man kicked the head straight to the ground.

There was not much excitement, but rather a despairing expression on his face.

His cultivation base was destroyed, he knew he could not survive. Sweeping his eyes around the corpses, thoughts tumbled in his mind. Raising his head skywards he smiled wryly. “Haha, retribution, it is retribution... When I was young I wanted to walk the world, also wanted to be famous across the world, who knew that one wrong step in life would make it difficult to turn back around... If there is an afterlife, do not let me meet such a despicable master, let me... let me be a good person.”

Before his voice died away.

He swung his sword up, cutting his own throat.



After finishing all the immoral and despicable people of the Flowing Water Sect, Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui continued their way to the periphery of the Greater One mountains.

Hu Bugui buried the Hidden Sword Sect Master's severed arm into his grave.

The two people continued on with heavy hearts.

Although they expected some bad things before returning to the ground, it never occurred to them that the situation had worsened to such an extent.

It could easily be imagined that the current Clear River Domain had fallen into what kind of chaos.

In the past, they only needed five or six days to get out of the Greater One mountains, but now that dangers were lurking on every side of the mountains, they must be careful and cautious along the way, and must not slow down.

The omnipresent demonic qi floated across the Greater One mountain region, and the black mist rolled across.

Even during the day, there was not a trace of light.

The air was filled with a bloody smell, and the thick red mist almost turned into a solid substance.

“Wait, ahead there is the remaining aura of a sacred weapon left behind.” Hu Bugui abruptly stopped.

“The void here seems to have been torn apart, and the fluctuations of yuan qi are unusually disordered,” Ye Qingyu said, carefully sensing the area.

Hu Bugui looked ahead, saying, “Here, the remnants of a sacred weapon’s power is too strong, the battle at that time must have led to the void being shattered, otherwise there wouldn’t be a time-space turbulence, we better be careful here.”

Ye Qingyu nodded, cautiously leaving the dangerous zone with Hu Bugui, and continued to advance forward.

Before they traveled far, suddenly a sharp blast of wind came, with a fierce killing intent at their direction.

Startled, the two people rapidly responded, disappeared with a flash, leaving behind the two people's shadows in the void.


The next moment, a flickering meteor dart pierced the void, passing through Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui's shadow with a shriek, and suddenly halted in the air.

When Hu Bugui saw the static meteor dart in the air like it was struck by lightning, his eyes went dull and absent.

The meteor dart buzzed and, vaguely, Ye Qingyu felt that the meteor dart seemed to be passing out a strange thought.

A moment later, the pale purple on the surface of the meteor dart gradually dimmed, like it had lost support, and dropped from the sky.

Hu Bugui moved, catching the falling meteor dart tightly in his hand.

Puzzled, Ye Qingyu lifted his head to look at Hu Bugui.

“A little light piece of the void, breaking away from worldly affairs with a sigh.” Hu Bugui sighed, an unconcealable sadness in his eyes, and seemed to be immersed in memories.

“Old Hu,” Ye Qingyu shouted.

“This is a life weapon of an old friend of mine——Cold Meteor dart. He once told me that a wisp of consciousness is attached to the Cold Meteor dart, if he dies, the Cold Meteor dart will bring that wisp of consciousness to find me,” Hu Bugui softly said, gazing at the meteor dart in his hands.

Ye Qingyu stayed silent.

Looking at the Hu Bugui immersed in sadness, Ye Qingyu lightly patted him on the shoulder, no longer saying anything.

A moment later, Hu Bugbui awakened from the sadness, carefully putting away the meteor dart, and slightly smiled to Ye Qingyu, “let's go.”

Two days later.


A bolt of lightning ripped through the void, illuminated the Greater One mountain that was shrouded in demonic qi before it dissipated, and the mountain become dark and boundless once again.

After a few seconds.

The sky suddenly struck down several bolts of lightning at the same time, like the complex roots of an old tree in the sky overhanging the lands.

The glaring lightning illuminated a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers to as bright as it was daylight.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away, Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui clearly saw the strange scene in the sky.

“It's a thunderstorm!” Hu Bugui exclaimed.

“Thunderstorm?” Ye Qingyu had never heard of this unfamiliar word.

“Thunderstorms result from the fierce struggle between experts, which triggers the violence of the power of laws. This degree of thunderstorm will cause violence of spiritual force within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers, shatter space, and wipe out creatures!” Hu Bugui explained.

Ye Qingyu, upon hearing this, thought of when he was in Heaven Wasteland Domain, in order to prevent the foreign demons from opening the domain gate, forced himself to activate the [Seventh Limit] of the [Limitless Divine Way] and triggered Divine punishment.

At that time, the sky struck down five bolts golden lightning, without the [Cloud Top Cauldron], silly dog Little Nine, and the little silver dragon, he would have been incinerated to ashes.

Ye Qingyu looked at the distant sky where lightning struck like rain bucketing down, his pupils constricted.

“Woof!” Little Nine who had been sleeping in the bosom of Ye Qingyu, was suddenly shuddering.

Little Nine peeped his fluffy head out of Ye Qingyu’s lapel, looking at the thunderstorm rumbling overhead.

Ye Qingyu stroked Little Nine on the head, until he finally quiet down, and drew back in to sleep.

“We can only go around, this power is not what we can bear.” Hu Bugui sighed.

By comparison, the other directions that were covered with traps and formations seemed like a way to survive.

But this way of surviving was not so good.

“His mother, the formations are a mess!” Hu Bugui was dizzy and irritated by the complicated formations ahead.

“The formation and the traps here seem to have been destroyed by a strange force, and then because of some kind of opportunity began to mutate, just that---” Ye Qingyu suddenly stopped.

Not far away was a figure under a huge boulder.

Even with Hu Bugui and his cultivation strength, they unexpectedly did not know when this figure had appeared.

The two were surprised and anxious, their eyes fixed on the figure under the boulder.

The figure was only a meter or so high, the stature was very small, and the head was lowered, with hair down to the waist, the face was not seen, and the figure was wielding a two-foot-long weird small wooden sword, swinging out at the void, but the whole void vibrated every time. It was incomparably strange.

“This sort of power... is that....a child?” Hu Bugui asked.

“How would there be a child here, this matter is so weird.” Ye Qingyu added puzzledly.

The two people continued to observe, dared not to act rashly.

About fives minutes later, the figure was still repeating the same action, seemingly with no intention of stopping.

Hu Bugui impatiently said, “What is that thing, let’s go over to see!”

Before he finished speaking, and before waiting for Ye Qingyu to respond, Hu Bugui had turned into a stream of light, rushing to where the figure stood.

Just then, a strange change happened!

The strange figure under the boulder seemed to have been awakened, the drooping head suddenly lifted up.

It was a pale face without a trace of colour, and red eyes almost bursting out, blood streaming out the seven apertures of the head.

“Ah! Gave me a fright!”

Hu Bugui, who had seen countless situations in his life, was also frightened.

The next moment, the figure vanished before their eyes, as though it had never appeared!

But Ye Qingyu felt that, before the pale face full of blood disappeared, he saw the figure leave behind a strange smile!

Ye Qingyu broke out in cold sweat!

Hu Bugui rubbed his eyes and looked intently again, but there was not a figure under the huge rock!

“Damn it, I saw a ghost!” Hu Bugui said, frightened, and then like he had suddenly thought of something, spat out, “Pah! What bad luck! Let’s not talk about it anymore!”

Both of them came to understand that they might be caught in a very strange disordered formation.

It was extremely dangerous; with a little carelessness they could very likely be directly sent by this chaotic formation into an endless void.

Ye Qingyu again looked at the boulder head, and continun to finding ways to break through the formation and trap.

A blast of wind blew over.

In the bushes under the boulder, a two-foot-long wooden sword lay quietly on the ground, covered with blood.

“Get your stupid dog out to break the formation!” Hu Bugui shouted to Ye Qingyu.

“He’s been exhausted recently and just ate and fell asleep. Let's figure a way out ourselves, and we'll have him come out to help us if we need him,” Ye Qingyu said helplessly.

“The dog is yours, his laziness must be because you’ve been spoiling him!” Hu Bugui nagged.

Ye Qingyu shook his head in response, and continued to study the mutated formation in front.

Although the original killing formation had been destroyed, but after some mutation, this formation was more dangerous than before. Along the way here, they have cracked countless mutated formations, but it took some time.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye a month of time had past.

These days, from time to time they encountered some experts that came to the Greater One mountains to try their luck, and the behaviour of weak are prey to the strong become much more undisguised during this period of time. The experts broke into a fight as soon as they saw them, but fortunately these people were weaker than them and they had pretty good luck. They eventually got rid of their opponents.

A few days later, Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui finally broke through the dangers upon dangers upon them and stepped out of deadly Greater One mountains.

Hu Bugui heaved a long sigh of relief, “Hu! Finally came out, I finally came out! Hahahahaha, I can finally see the sun again!”

Ye Qingyu also felt his heart lighten.

It had been twenty whole days ever since they left the Underground Moon Immortal Palace, and today was when they had finally escaped the Greater One mountain area.

“Where are we going next?” Hu Bugui looked into the distance where it was gradually and gently sloping, a little confusion in his eyes.

“To the Fragrance Plains, Flowing Light City!” Ye Qingyu gave an answer after a brief thought.

As the largest and most prosperous Human Race city in Clear River Domain, Flowing Light City must have the information that he needs.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui transformed into two streams of light and darted in the direction of Flowing Light City.

The situation outside of the Greater One mountain range was a little better for the experts Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui.

For ordinary people on the Fragrance Plains, the outside world was like hell.

The boundless Fragrance Plains originally had favorable climate throughout the year. Ye Qingyu still remember the beautiful scenery he saw the first time he came here with Old Fish, the air was filled with the aroma of a nameless three-coloured wildflower.

However, all the beautiful landscapes did not exist anymore!

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui saw corpses everywhere across Fragrance Plains and not even a blade of grass was growing anymore.

Countless villages and towns were silent, and a putrid stench filled the air.

In the sky, a strange bird flew past, landing on the carcasses of cattle on the ground, and scraped up a rotten smell.

“What kind of bird is this, why have I never seen one before?” Hu Bugui said, staring at the strange bird.

“Look at the body, doesn't it look like a spiritual crane that the Greater One Sect keeps?” Ye Qingyu said.

Hu Bugui observed the bird for a while, before saying in a speculating tone, “It does now that you've said it, but the evil spirit on its body is so strong, I am afraid the demonic qi had invaded its body, it has mutated.”

Ye Qingyu sighed. “I did not imagine a former auspicious animal would become a fierce beast, bringing disaster to mankind.”

Ye Qingyu finally understoond why the bones that he saw along the way were full of gnaw


In a small village where no one lived, countless mutated spiritual creatures were gathered together, treating it as their nests.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui killed all mutated creatures that they encountered along the way.

“Huh?” Hu Bugui, taken aback, looked up at the sky.

“Its snowing.” Ye Qingyu suddenly realized that they had been ignoring a problem——-

Piercing cold wind blew across the originally warm Fragrance Plains, like winter had arrived!

“Huh? The snow is red.” Ye Qingyu held out his hand to catch a few slowly falling snowflakes, which were an unusually strange pale red colour!

“The climate within hundreds of thousands of mile radius has changed dramatically, and perhaps the Fragrance Plains has become nothing but history.” Hu Bugui sighed——
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