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Chapter 594, Who are you?

Hu Bugui caught the half severed arm that was thrown over.

With just one glance at the sleeve, he recognized that this was the arm of the Master of the Hidden Sword Sect.

An indescribable sadness surfaced in Hu Bugui’s heart.

The Human Race heroes that killed the Demon Spiders were not even able to preserve their bodies, and treated as weapons by the scums of the Flowing Water Sect. Why do so many shameless scum exist in this world?

Why were the ones that died in battle not scums, rather the heroes of the Vast Heaven Sect, Hidden Sword Sect and the Earth Spirit Sect?

Hu Bugui carefully put away the severed arm.

Then, he slowly raised his head.

There was a bone-chilling glow flashing in his eyes.

“Today, you all have to die... Raging Flame Fist!”

Deep and merciless sounds slowly and clearly erupted from him, like two long knives rubbing against each other, sending shivers down one's spine.

Before his voice faded.

Hu Bugui thrust his fist out.

A shaft of golden fist light, like a blazing flame, violently shot out, almost nearing the man opposite with dark blotches.

Startled, the man swiftly operated a mysterious technique to bring a light blue shield in front to protect his body.

In the blink of the eye, the golden fist struck the pale blue light shield.


In the air came a deafening sound like a bubble being burst.

The light blue shield instantly turned to ashes.

Before the black man was able to react, the golden flame fist was inches away from his eyebrows!

“Ah...” In the dark blotches man's throat a low roar of shock began, and rooted to the spot, his eyes shot wide open, his face took on a look of horror and under the skin were already movements of golden flames. As he opened his mouth, golden flames came gushing out.

His body instantly, from inside out, was burning up.

Before the rest of the people could react, the dark blotches man, in less than two or three seconds, was completely incinerated, including his flesh and bones, becoming ashes that drifted off in the air.

In the air, there was a terrifying smell.

Hu Bugui was like the god of death, succeeding in one single move. He closed the distance between him and the people of the Flowing Water Sect in a few long strides.

“You... who the hell is that?” The Master of the Flowing Water Sect Ge Dewen had an abrupt change of expression.

At this moment, he realized that the two fat and thin men opposite were absolute experts.

This time, they had really made a grave error.

In only a few moments, thoughts of retreat began to enter his mind.

But Hu Bugui was filled with killing intent. Would he let them escape so easily?

“Oh, who are we? I'm just a passer-by who couldn't stand you bastards!”

Laughing wildly, Hu Bugui punched out once more.

It was still the Raging Flame Fist.

The flaming fist shadow shattered the air, leaving a burst of intense heat descending like a vast sun.

The light rays were almost twisted under the intense glow and heat.

The Flowing Water Sect Master almost lost his soul.

Seeing Hu Bugui's power, he immediately knew that it was impossible for him to withstand, but it was already too late to flee. Besides shock, he hurriedly mobilized his whole body of yuan qi to counterattack. A more dazzling, several hundred folds more condensed dark blue shield than the blue light of the dark blotches man protected the Flowing Water Sect Master’s body.


The thunderous sound reverberated.

The blue shield seemed impenetrable, but it was not able to hold the golden flame for one second, smashing to pieces in the midst of the rumble.

“This...” The Flowing Water Sect Master roared furiously, his shrinking pupils reflecting a pair of fists, and then, struck by the flame fist, like a little fish in the vast ocean, he was propelled dozens of meters away.


He reeled back more than ten steps before he could barely stabilize himself, a panicked and terrified expression on his face, trembling all over, and a number of strange lights on his face changing and flashing. He attempted to use pure inner yuan to suppress the bodily injury, but eventually failed.


He gushed out a mouthful of blood, his imposing manner rapidly declining, wanted to stand up but lacked strength, and ultimately collapsed to the ground on his back.

At the same time.

Ye Qingyu also made a move.

White ice crystal snowflakes, like an invitation from death, whizzed out, dancing between the flowing lights and shrouded all the other Flowing Water disciples. It was too late for the Flowing Water Sect’s dozens of disciples to fight back, the white ice crystal snowflakes had shot out strands of silk-like icy light into the space between their eyebrows, penetrating into everyone’s body.

The disciples of the Flowing Water Sect only felt as though they had fallen into an ice hell.

The next instant, a chill broke out.

Silver ice crystals rippled out from their eyebrows and instantly enveloped their whole body.

Even before they could let out a scream, the dozens of Flowing Water Sect disciples had become white, chill-emitting ice sculptures.

Death comes at one’s most unprepared moment.

The only exception was the young disciple who was standing alongside the dark blotches man and behind the Flowing Water Sect Master.

This arrogant and despotic young disciple, at this time, like he was frightened stiff, was standing in the same place, unable to budge an inch, unable to open his mouth to beg for mercy, shuddering with a face of horror and despair, and almost lost the ability to respond.

He didn't die because Ye Qingyu deliberately left him for questioning.

The young disciple was emanating faint white mist. Although his body had gone stiff, he was still mobile.

Trembling in fear as he cast a look at Ye Qingyu, it took a long time before a reaction came over him. Suddenly, as though his soul had returned to his body, his stiffened body plopped down to his knees, tears running down his face, sniffling, “Spare... spare me... I failed to recognize great talent, I beg you to let me go!”

Ye Qingyu ignored the young man's begging for mercy, glancing over at Hu Bugui.

The other side.

Hu Bugui fingers turned into a claw, making a grabbing motion in the air.

An invisible force gushed out, directly dragging the Flowing Water Sect Master closer from over dozens of meters away.


The Flowing Water Sect Master was thrown to the ground.

Hu Bugui stomped on him.


In the midst of blood sputtering was the fracturing of bones.

“Ah ah ah...” The Flowing Water Sect Master Gu Dewen, like a slaughtered pig, howled, desperately struggling.

One of his arms had been completely crushed by Hu Bugui, trampled into flesh.

Hu Bugui did not show any pity, and continuously kicked out.



There was a continuous number of spine chilling sounds of bone breaking.

Gu Dewen’s arms and legs were all crushed, the blood, bones and the soil mixed together, staining the ground red. It was a sight too gruesome to look at.

He was like a wild boar that had been stabbed several times, frantically howling and struggling.

Ye Qingyu from the other side looked over at Hu Bugui who was overflowing with killing intent, and did not speak.

The strength that Hu Bugui showed at this moment was too astonishing.

Maybe this was the real strength of the bandit leader.

But Ye Qingyu was not afraid, because he knew that Hu Bugui was not a bloodthirsty person. But after all that happened, and thinking about how the Flowing Water Sect's shamelessness and despicableness had really aggravated this great thief, so he used the cruelest way to torture the Flowing Water Sect Master.


Hu Bugui, as his foot struck the Flowing Water Sect Master at his chest, looking down disdainfully on him, his eyes icy cold, as he said each word loud and clear, “Gu Dewen, as the master of a Human Race sect, during the war between the Demon and Human Race, you did not go to find ways to fight against the Demon Race, and even turned to harm the Human Race instead! What else do you have to say for yourself?”


The Master of the Flowing Water Sect spurted out a mouthful of blood.

He lay on the ground gasping for breath, his face was so painful that it almost changed shape. Looking at the angry and icy face in front, an indescribable fear submerged him, trembling he said, “Sen... senior... spare... Ever since the Greater One Sect's defeat, the Demon Race breaking through the Greater One mountain gate... human... The Human Race has been defeated, unable to fight again... Junior... I had no other choice, I...”

“Had no choice?” Hu Bugui spat out, “Bah! Weren’t you very fierce just now, now you’re lying on the ground like a dog begging for mercy? Who forced you to kill people? Who forced you to harm your own kind? You’re a master of a sect, was considered an influential person in Clear River Domain, but has fallen to this level... Now listen well, answer what I ask you, if you dare to deceive me, I’ll crush your origin and destroy your consciousness!”

“Yes, yes yes... senior... senior's question, I... absolutely won’t lie...” Gu Dewen promised repeatedly.

Although he looked as though he had suffered a severe injury, but he was after all, a Heaven Ascension expert. As long as his consciousness was not damaged, he can quickly recover. The worse would only be his yuan qi suffering a little damage, which would recover after a few years of cultivation, but if his consciousness was destroyed, both his body and soul would be destroyed, and no longer possess any life force.

Hu Bugui nodded, coldly said, “Speak, how is the situation outside!”

“Senior, the battle that day, the Greater One Sect had suffered disastrous losses, the sect gates were eventually breached. When the Greater One Spiritual Master saw that they could no longer hold the monastery gate, he betrayed his allies and secretly took the treasures that the Greater One Sect had accumulated for thousands of years with him and some of the core disciples to flee. The other major Human Race forces suffered heavy damage... However, I heard that the Demon Spider Race and other major Demon clans were too. So far there had been no significant invasion... But... the Human Race... most likely will vanish from Clear River Domain.”

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui exchanged a glance, without saying a word.

“Continue,” Hu Bugui coldly said.

“Also... well, also... there... Yes, I also heard that the Nangong family is surrounded by the Demon Wolf clan and the Demon Ape clan, isolated and without help, and the master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect has sustained serious injuries and no one knows where he has gone! The whole Clear River Domain is in chaos, without a leader, many of the Human Race sects had to seek asylum from the Demon Spider Race, and the ones that vainly fought against the Demon Spider Race were destroyed... Senior, spare me, we had no choice but to do these things.”

Ye Qingyu’s and Hu Bugui's hearts sank upon hearing this.

If it really was as the Flowing Water Sect Master had said, then the Human Race of Clear River Domain was in a deep crisis!

Looking at the Flowing Water Sect Master lying half dead on the ground and the young man kneeling not too far away, there was killing intent emerging on the two men’s face.

The young man, upon seeing this, immediately realized something, promptly kowtowed madly and cried bitterly, “Seniors... heroes... Lord... Please, do not kill me, I was forced by Master, that old thing was threatening us so us disciples followed him. If we were not obedient, we would have been killed... Please, don't kill me. We all wanted to quit early, but his cultivation is higher than us, there was nothing we could do!”

Half-dead lying on the floor, the Flowing Water Sect Master viciously glared at his former proud disciple, thundered, “You little beast, you dare turn against me, you...”

“Bah you old thing, if it was not you, we wouldn’t have fallen to this level!” The young man scolded. “I couldn’t stand you long ago, every time we split treasures you would take more than half, do you think we are idiots?”

The Flowing Water Sect Master also snapped, “I knew you little bastards have bad intentions! I have wasted so many years to teach you!”

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui stood there coldly watching these two people attacking each other, the look of contempt deepening in their eyes——
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