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Chapter 593 Evil and sick

Ye Qingyu's heart pounded, his fears and foreboding feelings had actually come true.

The deep ditches of varying depths on the ground extended beyond the body of the Demon Spider expert, and the Demon Spider seemed to have struggled from the deep ditch to here.

“The Master of the Hidden Sword Sect may not be far away.” Ye Qingyu looked at the deep ditch and said, “let's look further ahead.”

Hu Bugui nodded, and followed along the deep ditch with Ye Qingyu.

About five minutes later.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui finally found the starting point of the ditch.

“Found him,” Hu Bugui said, looking ahead, with an unconcealable expression of grief and sadness.

Hundreds of meters ahead of them were dozens of bodies of martial experts scattered on the ground, killed in an extremely tragic way.

Half of the dozens of corpse wore blue robes and the other half earth-yellow robes.

And the dozens of people were drenched in blood, there were some bright red, also some exuding the vile stench of the Demon Race’s blood.

What they had in common was that they were wielding an incomplete broken sword, their body densely covered with holes of more or less the same sizes, like they had been punctured, but there were no sharp objects present at the scene.

Within a hundred meter radius, the ground was covered with holes.

This was the scar and trace of being struck by a Demon Spider’s barb.

Hu Bugui slowly made his way through the middle of the dozens of corpses, Ye Qingyu following behind.

In the center of the battlefield, a grey-haired old man laid on the ground.

The old man's face was dignified and imposing, his eyes wide open looking in front. A visible, bone-deep wound extended from his forehead to chin, exposing the scarlet-red flesh to the air, hideous and terrifying.

The old man’s blue robe was stained with blood and his body was covered with numerous wounds. His left arm was torn from the shoulder, and the limb was nowhere in sight, leaving only the bones bare.

In his right hand was a half broken sword firmly held in the palm.

The blade of the broken sword was full of gaps, with a dark green blood liquid that belonged to the Demon Spider Race emitting a nasty stench.

“Old Master, I came too late,” Hu Bugui heaved a long sigh, slowly kneeling down in front of the old man's body, he lowered his head and said softly.

His eyes were flickering tears, gazing at the old man’s corpse, like a child looking at a loving elderly, with a trace of dependence and reluctance to part.

Ye Qingyu also felt mournful, but did not know what to say.

The world was in a state of chaos, heroes had fallen.

The Human Race was slaughtered, and a great man was buried in the evil lands.

Besides life, there was only death.

The sight in front really maked one’s heart feel heavy.

Hu Bugui stretched out his hand, gently sweeping over the old man's face, and closing the old man's eyes.

“This is the Master of the Hidden Sword Sect?” Ye Qingyu asked in a low voice.

Hu Bugui did not speak, silently nodding.

Ye Qingyu noticed that not far away was a middle-aged man in an earthy-yellow robe, and the man's face had sunk in, as if it was crushed by a heavy object and was beyond recognition. A one-meter-long venomous sting was skewered through his body, and a strong foul smell was emanating from his body. His exposed skin had almost completely turned blackish green.

“This is the Master of the Earth Spirit Sect, a close friend of the Master of the Hidden Sword Sect,” Hu Bugui said faintly when he saw his corpse.

“The venomous sting had stabbed through his heart. Once the venom spreads into the heart and lungs, one will be paralyzed right away, and lose the strength to fight back,” Hu Bugui explained.

Ye Qingyu scanned the surroundings; the dozens of blue- and yellow-robed Human Race masters still maintained a brave expression on their faces, without the slightest hint of timidity.

Before they died, some had their limbs severed and even lost their fighting strength, but still wielded their swords in a defensive stance!

“They must have teamed up to successfully kill one of the Prince’s of the Demon Spider Race.” Hu Bugui closed his eyes, his throat trembling. “Unfortunately, they still died in such a way and could not survive.”

“These two Masters are only at the pinnacle of the Heaven Ascension stage,” Ye Qingyu sighed with regret, “Yet they could do this. It is astonishing, they are the real heroes, and should be remembered by their descendants for many generations.”

A Demon Spider Prince was equivalent to an Immortal Step expert, and not someone that two Heaven Ascension Human Race experts would be able to defeat. And these two masters also were able to unite these dozens of young disciples to kill the Demon Spider Prince together!

Ye Qingyu couldn’t even imagine how fierce and tragic the battle was!

Hu Bugui did not say anything else. He silently took out a jar of wine, raised it skyward, and sprinkled across the ground.

He closed his eyes and silently prayed in his heart.

Then, as he did a few days ago on the blood lake, he struck a deep pit on the ground, then placed the dozens of bodies one by one in the pits and buried them in yellow sandy soil.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything, just silently accompanied Hu Bugui to move the corpse, and sprinkled the yellow soil over the corpses.

Having done all this, the two men stood silent for a long while before the raised soil.

At this time, another sudden change happened.

A shrill voice came.

“Haha, I really have not seen such fools before!”

Startled, Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui twisted around toward the source of the sound.

A group of human experts in light blue silk robes had unknowingly gathered and were coming over from all four sides, with a glint of mockery and contempt in their eyes.

They were led by a middle-aged man clad in a mysterious cloud patterned robe with gold edges and with three strands of long beard. His face was quite dignified, but the corner of his mouth and tip of his brows contained a trace of evil spirit.

It was only at this time when Ye Qingyu noticed that, in the sky, within a radius of hundreds of meters, there was already a layer of light blue boundary walls blocking them.

Ye Qingyu came to understand that this group of people must have been hiding around using a very clever formation, so he had not discovered their presence before. Moreover, they took advantage of the chance while he and Hu Bugui were burying the bodies and relaxed their vigilance to set up the boundary walls before showing themselves.

“Hey, you two pigs, still standing there blankly, get on your knees, take out all your treasures!” A man with black blotches on his face threatened, “Otherwise, we will slash you with a knife for three days and three nights until you beg for mercy.”

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui knitted their brows, exchanged a brief glance with each other, and did not say a single word.

“Two lowly pigs, do you not understand human words? Are you getting down on your knees? To run into us, consider yourself unlucky...” Next to the middle-aged man was another about twenty-year-old young man, thrusting out his sword to point at Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui.

Hu Bugui's eyes flashed a hint of murderous intent.

He took a step forward, staring at the middle-aged leader with three strands of beard, and said in a low voice “I know you, you are the Master of the Flowing Water Sect, Gu Dewen, right?”

The middle-aged man slightly raised his head when he heard this, a look of surprise crossing his face. “You recognize me?”

Hu Bugui did not reply.

Gu Dewen laughed coldly. “It is not surprising, I am a mighty person in Clear River Domain, my name is known far and wide. Haha, it is no wonder that you recognize me, but I do not know you. Presumably you must not be any powerful figure. I advise you to not mess with me, obediently bring out all your treasures, and I can reward you with a complete corpse.”

Hu Bugui chuckled. “The former [Flowing Water Nobleman Sword] Gu Dewen of an upright sect has resorted to robbery business, it really is funny!”

Before the Master of the Flowing Water Sect responded, the dark blotches man behind him viciously retorted, “Ywo juniors that do not know the immensity of the heavens and earth, hurry and take out the treasures you found from those corpses! A few days ago we did not thoroughly search their bodies for treasures and left, the rest of the treasures must be on you, or why would you be so kind as to bury this group of dead people!”

Hu Bugui’s complexion immediately changed when he hear what he said, lightning flashed across his eyes, and exploded at the man with dark blotches, “what did you just say? Searched their bodies for treasures?! A few days ago you searched for treasures from the people of the Hidden Sword Sect and Earth Spirit Sect?

The blotchy skinned man was instinctively terrified by Hu Bugui’s menacing look, and drew back a step before he could react. “Humph, what’s the big deal. They are dead, their treasures have no owners, and we are just making good use of trash. Besides, if we did not take the Demon Spider's furry barb, which is a good material for making weapons, it will just be buried with them, right? Since we are all part of the Human Race, we only took their treasures, and did not take their bodies to refine into pills and medicines!”

Hu Bugui manically laughed and gritted his teeth. “Use corpses to refine into pills and medicine? You guys are evil and sick.”

The young man who spoke first responded with a sinister grin.

He was elated, and seemed to really enjoy the feeling. “Hey, thank you for your compliments. There are more interesting things than this, do you want to listen? Haha, that day if we did not lure those people here, they wouldn’t be forced to kill the Demon Spider Prince together with us. In the end both sides suffered, while our Flowing Water Sect benefitted, otherwise, we really wouldn’t be able to get the treasures of that damned demon. Haha, it’s a gift from heavens!”

“What?” Hu Bugui’s body was trembling violently. “Say that again.”

A kind of murderous intent that Ye Qingyu had never before felt from Hu Bugui was silently diffusing. At this moment Ye Qingyu could clearly feel that this great thief, like a volcano dormant for tens of thousands of years, was about to erupt.


The young man was unaware.

He still had a sneer on his face, “Haha, what? Are you angry? Unfortunately, as the weak, it’s meaningless to get angry. Oh, yes, I see you just buried those dead, then... Well, here’s something for you.”

As he spoke, from the hoard of treasures and weapons, he took out a severed arm and tossed it over to Hu Bugui like rubbish.

“Hey, this is the dead old man’s left arm. A few days ago we saw that his left arm looked very powerful, so we thought it can be taken back to refine into a weapon. But it had been infected with the venom of the Demon Spider Race. It is useless, here, take it, bury them together!”
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