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Chapter 592, Fast change of scene (2)

Hu Bugui nodded his head.

The two men continued to move at a lightning-like speed.

Looking at Ye Qingyu gracefully and lightly leaping in the air, Hu Bugui revealed a crafty expression, and couldn't help bursting into laughter, “Hahaha, Little brother Ye, how can you still move so nimbly in such a big, fat body?”

A helpless expression crossed Ye Qingyu’s face when he heard what was said. Pretending not to hear, they continued along the edge of the blood lake.



In front came the clank of metal…

The two looked ahead at the same time, but it was a fallen copper gourd.

“What is this?” Hu Bugui said.

Ye Qingyu carefully studied it, and found that the copper gourd was inscribed with some strange markings that he had never seen before, and that the style of the markings seemed a little strange. He was unable to understand it for now.

The copper gourd had been flattened to an unrecognizable shape, and the hole at the bottom was leaking out drops of foul black liquid.


The black liquid had just flowed to the ground, when a burst of black smoke shot up.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui instantaneously reacted, activating yuan qi to withstand this black aura.

In the blink of an eye, the hundred of meters around the copper gourd had turned to stench-emitting scorched earth!

“Damn, it's that thing!” Hu Bugui cursed.

“What exactly is it?” Ye Qingyu asked.

Hu Bugui suppressed his feelings of disgust to explain. “That is a filthy thing of the Demon Ape clan. That clan is disgusting, every once in a while their body will secrete a strange liquid, and this kind of liquid itself has an intense corrosive power.”

Ye Qingyu also felt nauseous when he heard this. “They take this disgusting thing as their weapon?”

Hu Bugui answered, “Not only as a weapon. The Demon Ape clan treats this dirty thing as a symbol of strength, the more smelly it is, the more attention they will receive from the female demon apes. Even the Prince-level demon apes are like this. After some refining and ritual, this kind of extremely toxic thing, like the shadow of a lightning, will make even Immortal Step experts keep their distance!”

Ye Qingyu initially felt a chill down his spine, and then suddenly thought of something, asked, “The one in front, doesn't the flat gourd mean the owner of the gourd has been killed?”

Hu Bugui nodded, “Should be. The Demon Ape clan sees this dirty thing to be more important than their life, if still alive, he will absolutely not throw this broken gourd away. Look at the corrosiveness and stench of that drop of black liquid just now, he must be least an Immortal Step expert!”

“That's good news then,” Ye Qingyu said.

Hu Bugui curled his lips as he said, “Let's go, this disgusting thing stinks.”

Before he finished his sentence, he took the lead and passed over the area that the black liquid had corroded, flying right to the front.

Ye Qingyu followed, speeding forward.

After a moment, the two came to a stop.

In front of them was a giant tree with the width of a dozen people that was blocking their path.

Before this, a towering giant tree was concealed in the dense red mist emitting from the blood lake. Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui were only able to see a clear outline of the giant tree from a distance of a dozen of meters away.

“The smell of this tree is too strange,” Ye Qingyu said, frowning.

“Look at the roots of this tree!” Hu Bugui exclaimed.

Ye Qingyu followed the direction that Hu Bugui pointed to, and noticed that the roots of the giant tree had been completely submerged in the blood lake. However what was extremely strange was that, at this time, the giant tree's roots were like a living creature, squirming about, just like a giant python, and the surrounding bloody water was bubbling as though the roots were absorbing the blood water in the lake.

Hu Bugui and Ye Qingyu carefully investigated the strange giant tree, and noticed that the bark of the giant tree was suffused with an abnormal dark red luster, and even the leaves were flickering with ominous dark red markings.

“This tree can unexpectedly absorb the experts’ blood in the lake! There must be something strange going on!” Ye Qingyu stated, his eyes fixed on the strange giant tree.

“I remember we passed by here one month ago and never saw such a towering tree. Surely the strangeness of the tree and the blood of experts are not linked, could it be a mutation?” Hu Bugui said firmly.

“It is an evil creature, it emits an evil and bloody aura, must be an ominous object. If we allow it to absorb the essence and blood of the thousands of experts in the blood lake, it will most likely become an existence that will destroy the heavens and earth, we must not leave it!”

A killing intent surfaced in Ye Qingyu's mind.

Without a word, he aimed his purple lightning fist at the trunk of the giant tree.


A strange change happened!

Just as Ye Qingyu's fist was about to strike the giant tree, the blood lake surged.

Countless octopus-tentacle-like roots rose from the blood lake, frantically swinging and jabbing in the direction of Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu was slightly startled for a moment, but his fist power did not change in the slightest. Rather, a terrifying cold aura broke out, causing the temperature to plummet, and the tentacle-like roots instantaneously froze, turning into a powder-like substance.

Now that Ye Qingyu had recovered his yuan qi power, his fighting power had increased, it did not require much effort for him to defeat a recently mutated demon tree.

A moment later, all the roots of the giant tree retracted into the blood lake.

The tree trunk swayed and shook, passing out its thoughts.

“This evil creature has consciousness?” Ye Qingyu was astonished.

“It's begging for mercy?” Hu Bugui asked, glancing at Ye Qingyu.

“Yes, but this tree is too evil. It absorbs blood to live, it is destined to be a dangerous thing to the world, I absolutely cannot leave it to cause disaster!” Ye Qingyu could tell that this bloody giant tree absolutely cannot stay. There was no longer the slightest mercy in his heart.

After all Ye Qingyu had experienced, he still firmly believed in the principle of eradicating all evil.

“This originally should not belong to this world. Let ashes turn to ashes, dust turn to dust, go.”

Before his voice faded away-----


The fist intent of Ye Qingyu’s ice punch erupted.

In the blink of an eye, the chill had sharply increased. A wisp of [Supreme Ice Flame] struck and without penetrating into the tree trunk, the towering tree trunk, leaves and the octopus-tentacle-like roots had instantaneously froze, turned to dust, and dispersed across the sky and earth.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui stared at the ashes of the giant tree, slightly sighing!

The war between the Human Race and the Demon Race was very tragic; there were most likely many similar demonic lands like the blood lake!

Following this, how many horrifying monsters would be created and cause violence across the human land.

The two of them ran silently toward the periphery of the Greater One mountain region.

Along the way, everywhere were severed limbs and, angry and shocked, the two buried all the Human Race experts that sacrificed themselves fighting against the Demon Race.

A few days later.

Ye Qingyu and Hu Bugui walked into a deathly quiet valley and could sense the yuan qi aftermath of a battle ahead.

The two men exchanged a glance with each other before speeding ahead.

After a few moments, the body of a giant demon spider, like a mountain, emerged from the thick demonic qi.

“My heavens, this is... must be one of the Prince of the Demon Spider Race, unexpectedly he had also fallen, turned into a corpse!” Hu Bugui looked up and was shocked to see the corpses of the Demon Race across the hills.

Even a Prince of the Demon Spider Race had fallen in this chaotic battle.

“It looks like it's been dead for a while.” Ye Qingyu forcibly suppressed the shock inside and carefully investigated.

“Tut-tut, look, this big guy has bad luck, not only has it been defeated, all its useful parts are gone, only its empty shell is left, haha!” Hu Bugui circled round the Demon Spider.

He was evidently gloating over the fall of the Demon Spider expert.

“Those Demon Spiders are full of treasures; their poison needles are the best material for refining into a weapon, the venom in their poisonous glands can be refined into a poison that can paralyze a similar level expert. The fluid in their silk glands in the belly can be used to make spider silk, which can be refined into a weapon. Tut tut, even his organs have been taken away to make medicine, his legs to make weapons, even his eyeballs too.”

Ye Qingyu, while listening to Hu Bugui ramble on, continued examining the corpse.

The huge spider body was covered with numerous sword marks, and had evidently been through a fierce battle. Inserted into the middle of his head was a broken blade.

The blade was pierced straight into the center of the spider, and cracks were spreading across his body from the wound caused by the broken blade. The broken blade was almost completely inserted into the spider's body, if Ye Qingyu was not sharp-eyed, he almost had not noticed this.

Evidently, the sword was what killed the Demon Spider.

“Since this Demon Spider died here, what about the owner of this broken sword?”

Ye Qingyu asked.

From the countless sword scars across the spider's body, it should have fought against many people.

And the remaining qi contained within these sword scars were all very different, which meant that people who cultivate different kinds of yuan qi have battled against the Demon Spider together.

Ye Qingyu secretly hoped that the human who killed the Demon Spider had successfully escaped and left, but...

He had a faint feeling in his heart that things were not what he hoped for.

“Old Hu, come and look at the broken sword.” Ye Qingyu shouted.

Hu Bugui followed Ye Qingyu over.

“This is---“ Hu Bugui felt his heart palpitating when he saw the broken sword.

Ye Qingyu hesitantly glanced at Hu Bugui.

Hu Bugui’s complexion immediately turned serious. He examined the broken sword, and as though he suddenly thought of something, his brows tightly wrinkled together.

“This is the life weapon of the Master of the Hidden Sword Sect.” Hu Bugui gasped.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything, waiting for Hu Bugui to continue.

Hu Bugui paused for a moment, then said, “The master of the Hidden Sword Sect is a noble person and famous across Clear River Domain. He is forthright and straightforward, and does not associate himself with any villain. He is a true gentleman, righteous, kind, and generous. Back when my strength was still insignificant, I was chased by enemies. Fortunately, the Master of the Hidden Sword Sect lent a helping hand. Later, I became the leader of the 18 great thieves of Clear River Domain that everyone feared, my bad reputation spread far, but he still treated me as before, and never showed a shred of hostility towards me. He is one of the few clean streams in the turbid Clear River Domain.”

Recalling the memories of the past, Hu Bugui revealed a respectful look.

But here, his face suddenly took on an abrupt change, saying mournfully, “The mental cultivation methods that the Hidden Sword Sect cultivates are different from other sects, each disciple has a weapon in their life, that is their life weapon. The Hidden Sword Sect Master's life weapon is this sword; the sword lives, the master lives, the sword dies the master also dies.”
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