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Chapter 589, Return to the Underground Immortal palace

Xiao Yunlong was an elite disciple of the Greater One Sect and was quite well known in Clear River Domain.

Ye Qingyu's gaze panned across the remains of the corpses on the ground, sighing slightly.

Even if the several elders of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect were killed at the same time, and it happened in an instant, but in less than a few moments the Heaven Desire Demon Sect will let others know through some sort of secret techniques. They would soon be lead to this place.

It was time to move.

“Today we have come across deadly attacks. Fortunately young master Ye and others helped out, the Hundred Spirits Sect will never forget this kindness.” The weak middle-aged woman walked forward and slightly bowed. She was the last surviving Hundred Spirits Sect elder who had come to the Greater One Sect to participate in the Storm Sword Duel gathering, but while she was expressing her gratitude, her eyes flashed a hint of alert.

Although Ye Qingyu and the others had saved them from the jaws of the tiger, it remained to be seen whether these people were wolves or not.

Having repeatedly fled for her life during this period of time, she had become frightened easily and more sceptical than before.

Indeed during this period of time, the Hundred Spirits Sect had really suffered too much. Adding to this the Heaven Wasteland Domain Ye Qingyu was rumoured to be a perverted demon with a not very good reputation.

How would Ye Qingyu not be able to tell from the expression of the elder. However, he was not at all bothered by it, cupped one fist in the other as he gave a little bow, slightly smiled and said, “It is something that all martial artists should do. No need to mention it. Senior, what are your plans next?”

A worried expression crossed her face when she heard this question, “This...”

She had no other plans.

The current situation was already very bad, which made her feel extremely helpless and not know what to do.

While she was at a loss, Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin walked over together, and stood beside the middle-aged woman with one on the left side and the other on the right.

“Young master Ye may not know that the Heaven Desire Demon Sect have long been plotting with the Demon Spider Race and have become their lackeys.” There was still tears at the corner of Shen Menghua's eyes, and on her long eyelashes hung beads of glistening tears, but when she mentioned this, an insuppressible indignation and anger flashed to her eyes.

“Yes, yes, while we were escaping we heard the elders of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect mention that. If they had not become lackeys, they would not have been able to safely retreat during the chaos, and they would not have had the time to chase after us.” Li Ruxin's cheeks were blushing like the cherry blossoms in April and her eyes were flickering with gratefulness and admiration.

Teenage years are the time when girls are sprouting. Liu Ruxin was the genius of the Hundred Spirits Sect and had always been proud and arrogant, but ever since coming to the Greater One Sect and learning that there will always be someone better, she had curbed her arrogance. Most of all, the matters related to Ye Qingyu had caused a huge impact on this beautiful girl's heart, and unknowingly, Ye Qingyu had already occupied a position in her heart.

“The Heaven Desire Demon Sect really is the scum of the Human Race, they even colluded with the Demon Spider Race at this time.” Ye Qingyu's impression of the sect was really awful.

“Yes, no wonder that the Heaven Desire Demon Sect was not anxious to return to their nest, and had been remaining in the Greater One mountains, so they have found a huge supporter.” Hu Bugui swaggered over.

In his hand was a rag torn from the robe of a scholar of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect to wipe the blood of Xiao Yunlong stained on him.

Ye Qingyu pondered for a moment.

If the situation were as the Hundred Spirits Sect had told him, then there was no way they could escape the Greater One mountains right now.

If he left them to continue to flee by themselves, then they may reveal his whereabouts in order to protect themselves.

At this moment of danger, he had to give this situation more consideration.

After a brief thought, Ye Qingyu glanced at Nan Tieyi and Liu Shaji who were standing in the distance.

The three people exchanged glances, then they all nodded.

Ye Qingyu understood their meaning, slightly nodded, and cleared his throat, “Elder, since we are on the same boat, moreover I have some friendship with Shen Menghua, if you do not mind we could travel together, so we can look after each other. What do you think Elder?”

The middle-aged woman looked down, giving his suggestion a brief thought.

The young master Ye in front was the top prey right now, but he would like to invite them to escape together. He most likely was afraid that they would expose his whereabouts, which will attract a large number of people to come hunt for him.

Although she still did not know why a person of Heaven Wasteland Domain would rescue them and what his exact purpose was, but with their current fighting power, if they separated from these people, they will die undoubtedly.

Moreover, from observing the battles on the Storm Platform, it was clear that the strength of these people wouldn’t be so easily shaken.

If they were able to receive their sincere help, then there may be a chance to live.

“Then, we have to trouble you.”

She finally made a decision.


In the blink of an eye, three days had past.

The chasing still hasn't stopped.

And the number of people had increased by four, and it was incredibly difficult to hide ten people and a dog.

However, compared to blindly fleeing like before, this time, with a clear goal and direction, their path had become surprisingly smooth.

Although they had ran into attacks a few times along the way and everyone had been wounded, they eventually arrived safe and sound at the destination.



“Old man, are you sure?” Ye Qingyu looked at the dark green water in front and felt that the water of the underground river in his memory was not quite the same.

Old Fish humphed, paid no attention to Ye Qingyu, looked down, and watched the breeze rippling the water. He then comfortably twisted his body, stretched his shoulders, turned around, and confidently took the lead to dive into the water.

The saying, ‘like a fish in water’ was perhaps what the scene before him looked like right now.

Ye Qingyu shook his head, wishing the old man would be a little trustworthy.

He glanced at the most deeply wounded Liu Shaji beside him.

There were several foot-long sword scars on his black clothes, blood was dripping, and his complexion looked pale and haggard.

If it were not for the fact that they had to conceal their yuan qi and had to only use the simplest method to withstand against the enemies, would those masters and experts be able to injure the successor of the White Lotus Sword Sect.

Nan Tieyi who had been fighting beside him was not any better than him.

His white robe was already covered with mud and dust, and a few shocking scars had dyed his white clothes red.


A transparent ripple-shaped bubble was suddenly pushed to the surface of the water.

“It's correct, come on down!”

Old Fish broke the surface and beckoned to them.

Everyone leaped into the water.

A bubble that only looked like one that a small fish had blown out, at this moment was like a rapidly enlarging vessel and carried the disciples and Shishu of the Hundred Spirits Sect.

Nan Tieyi also dived into the water, his entire body emitting out a thin layer of white mist, which isolated him from the water current.

Ye Qingyu glanced at Liu Shaji with a concerned gaze, who gently shook his head and then jumped into the water.

The White Lotus Immortal sword in his hand shot out strands of fluorescent light that were like living creatures, gently wrapping around Liu Shaji.

Ye Qingyu took Yu Xiaoxing's hand and jumped into the water together.

The two people stayed close to the silly dog, whose body was issuing a fluorescent light that enveloped Ye Qingyu and Xing’er.

As the crowd dove deeper, their sight began to darken and visibility was only less than 50 meters.

The lake was much deeper than imagined.

After a moment, the surroundings were already pitch-black that they could not even see their hands in front.

Old Fish led the way in front. Everyone activated yuan energy to withstand against the impact of the underground river water and closely followed behind.

Time slowly went by.

After some time, the current of the underground river was more and more terrifying; although everyone was wounded they clenched their teeth and persisted.

Another hour passed.

“Almost there.” Old Fish's voiced sounded in front.

Ye Qingyu looked ahead.

Indeed, a ray of white light was in the distance.

The group of people suddenly grew spirited, rapidly darting toward the source of the light.

After a moment.


Everyone felt their body growing lighter, drilling out of the water one after another.

A mysterious and majestic Underground Moon Immortal Palace came into view.

The soft light of the clear and bright moon and the hazy mist were winding around each other, beautifully and magnificent.

This mysterious space was full of tranquility and a hazy beauty. Once everyone had planted their feet firmly on the ground, there was a carefree and relaxed feeling like they were in a fairyland.

Finally, he had returned to the Underground Moon Immortal Palace.

“It's so beautiful!”

Liu Ruxin couldn't help exclaiming aloud, she walked in front, darting her beautiful eyes around.

Shen Menghua and another junior sister followed behind, supporting the middle-aged woman, their eyes were also flashing with surprise.

Hu Bugui put his hands on his hips, drawing a deep breath, feeling the endless stream of essence of the world in the air.

“Hahahaha! Didn’t expect the Greater One Sect to have such a scenically beautiful paradise, if the Greater One Spiritual Master knew we had occupied this place, he will be so furious that he would vomit out blood.”

Yu Xiaoxing jumped and skipped around behind silly dog Little Nine, leaping across one pebble after another.


She crouched down slightly, looking at the smooth, mirror-like surface of the water.

The surface of the water clearly reflected her appearance, which was slightly haggard, but her spirit had restored a lot.

“Take this!”

Little Nine raised his paw so that water splashed in the air, which reflected the sparkling luster of the water surface.

“You fat dog, don't run!”

Yu Xiaoxing was splashed right in the face. While lifting her sleeve to wipe the water away, she chased after Little Nine.

Watching Xing’er and the silly dog chasing and splashing water at each other, Ye Qingyu's mouth curved into a smile and his eyes were suffused with a soft light.

“It's like a fairyland here.”

Nan Tieyi stood at the side of a giant stalactite, which was faintly issuing a fluorescent glow that gave his body a soft and sparkling light like an immortal.

“Yes, it's a great place to concentrate on cultivation.”

Liu Shaji placed his palm lightly on a water-stained wall and slowly closed his eyes, feeling the gentle and comforting essence of the world created from the walls.

“Let's go.”

Ye Qingyu was the first to jump across the pebbles to lead everyone to the white jade stone steps and the paved pathway.


At the end of the pathway.

A spacious and tidy stone room appeared in front.

“So beautiful!”

Liu Ruxin was drawn by the ancient painting on the opposite wall and could not help pacing forward.

The middle-aged woman, attracted by the sound, also looked over.


Although the woman in the painting did not have any facial features, but when the middle-aged woman saw this painting, her eyes unexpectedly flashed a familiar and puzzled look.

Ye Qingyu sharply captured this moment, and became much more certain that the woman on the stone bed was linked with the Hundred Spirits Sect in countless ways. However, the time was not right now, there was no time for him to question them further and the other side also may not necessarily be willing to answer him.

“Woof... there's nothing in this place... Woof, woof is hungry!”

The silly dog puffed out, rolling his eyes.

Ye Qingyu helplessly smiled; he had emptied this place earlier on so there was naturally nothing left.

He inspected around, then invited the elder and disciples of the Hundred Spirits Sect to go rest in the stone room, and let Xing'er sit on the stone bed, and the remaining men naturally each found their own corner to rest.

They had finally found the perfect space where there was no need to stay on guard and they could operate qi to heal their injuries. They naturally had to have a good rest.

Only Old Fish was living a life of ease and leisure. Carrying the fishing pole that he bought in Fragrance Plains with him, he instantly went out.

Little Nine looked around and saw that everyone had their eyes closed. He almost without the slightest hesitation, twisted his head round, wiggled his butt, and eagerly followed.

In the coming period of time, everyone was trying to recover their injuries and recuperate.

There was no sun or moon underground, and time flew by.

One entire month had went by in the blink of an eye——
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