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Imperial God Emperor 586 - Meeting old friends again

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Chapter 586, Meeting old friends again

Liu Shaji sighed, “The forces of Clear River Domain have been fighting endlessly, the people have different minds, and although we are all part of the Human Race, they only care about their own interests. It is really sad, really exasperating!”

“Now the Human Race of Clear River Domain is almost at war with the Demon Race, yet their minds are still placed on me and Xing'er. All parties and forces are eyeing up the Heaven Wasteland Domain, it really is ridiculous.” Ye Qingyu was also furious.

Old Fish grunted and said nothing.

The atmosphere suddenly grew heavy.

Hu Bugui and the others were also inwardly irritated.

A moment later, Liu Shaji suddenly broke the silence, “By the way, two days ago we accidentally met a small three-membered demon wolf clan group. They were around the Heaven Ascension stage of cultivation. We hid our scent and followed their tracks and overheard that the Demon Spider Race has invited an oracle from the Ghost Valley, who had helped them calculate that the evil members of Heaven Ascension were still in the Greater One mountain area, so a large number of teams have been dispatched to find traces of you guys!”

“Ghost Valley? Oracle?” Having never heard of it before, Ye Qingyu puzzledly looked at Liu Shaji.

Liu Shaji then continued, “Yes, the oracle of the Ghost Valley. I heard that the people of Ghost Valley have the power to predict the future, as long as there is some specific medium and one pays the corresponding price, they can find your location. The wolves know you are in Greater One mountain. Although they do not know your specific location, but what the oracle of the Ghost Valley said was not a lie and the Demon Spider Race probably knows your position even more accurately!””

“So we're in a really much more dangerous situation.” Ye Qingyu slightly knitted his brows, pondering about something.

“Humph, brother, don't be afraid, there are several of us with you, as long as us brothers unite, we certainly can find ways to break out!” Hu Bugui said firmly, clapping his hand on Ye Qingyu’s shoulder.

Liu Shaji and Nan Tieyi also encouraged Ye Qingyu with a reassuring gaze.

Ye Qingyu’s heart trembled, although he had not known Hu Bugui and the other two for long, but their courage and loyalty sent a warm current gushing to his heart.

“Their main target is me and Xing’er, if you split up with us, it will be more likely that you will escape,” Ye Qingyu suppressed the warmth within his heart, saying faintly.

Hu Bugui flew into a rage when he heard what was said, slapped his thigh and jumped up, “Bah! Who do you think I, old Hu, am? Do you not treat me as a brother! I, Hu Bugui, am not someone who is afraid of death!”

Liu Shaji stood at Hu Bugui's side, looked Ye Qingyu in the eye and said firmly, “Fate brought us all together. Do you think we will leave you by yourself because of a little crisis! That day you stood against Greater One Sect in order to save me, how could I leave you alone today?”

Nan Tieyi did not say anything, but the look on his face had already explained everything.

Ye Qingyu was inwardly moved. Seeing the response from the three people, the warmth inside him was stronger than before.

“Thanks, brothers,” Ye Qingyu said faintly.

Thousands and thousands of words became one sentence.

They saw each other's sincerity and the fearlessness in each other's eyes.

Hu Bugui clapped his hand upon Ye Qingyu's shoulder and he emitted another hearty laugh. “Hahaha, come, come, don't say these things. Brother don't regard us as outsiders, bring out your good wine, we were chased constantly these days and have not had a moment of peace. Not to mention the time to drink, my mouth has almost dried out!”

Everyone laughed away. Ye Qingyu generously took out the ice dragon wine from the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to share with everyone.

Although accompanied by good wine, everyone still had a heavy heart knowing the current difficult situation.

While drinking wine, they began to talk again.

Hu Bugui took a deep gulp of wine, belching and wiping the wine residues on the corner of his mouth with his arm, before he said, “Now the Human Race and the Demon Race are in confrontation, war is imminent; it is a reshuffling process for the Clear River Domain. Ever since the deterioration of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, the Clear River Domain has been in muddy waters. The Heavenly is not prospering, and morals are declining. I only hope that after the war Clear River Domain will usher in a new life, and will no longer be as chaotic as it is today!”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s expression grew serious.

Hu Bugui at this moment wore a rare solemn look on his face, and a heroic manner was radiating from his body.

“Yes, it is a good thing to take this opportunity to dispel the evils of the Human Race,” Liu Shaji said.

“It will most likely plunge the people into misery and suffering.” Nan Tieyi sighed, as though he could already see the bloodbath and the scene of the end of the world.

Old Fish sneered, saying disdainfully, “Haha, too softhearted! To rule the world, one must cast bones and blood. If one had not experienced pain how can they be as bright as the sun and moon? Back then the Thunder Emperor killed all the sources of disaster like an Asura, and paid the price of the death of countless masters. You think he didn't need to use force to make all others surrender? At any time, only with strength does one have the capital to speak, to kill! Otherwise, how would the Human Race have had stability and peace back then?”

Nan Tieyi's heart was racing when he heard what was said.

Old Fish's speech had touched upon his heart.

He silently compared the Immortal God Emperor's commandment with Old Fish's words, and unconsciously his heart was clearly swayed.

It could be said that, ever since he met Ye Qingyu, Old Fish, Hu Bugui and Liu Shaji, his heart had undergone a subtle change, that he did not know.

Now, the words of Old Fish were like a wake-up call, awakening him from a deep, long sleep and stirring his mind.

Unconsciously, he began to agree with Old Fish!

Nan Tieyi no longer said anything else, put the wine cup to his mouth, raised his neck, and gulped it down.

It was the first time that they saw Nan Tieyi so bold and unrestrained. Ye Qingyu vaguely felt that Nan Tieyi had changed a little.



In the following days.

Almost every half a day Ye Qingyu and the other others were found in various strange and bizarre ways. They were ambushed and attacked by various parties and sects.

Each and every battle was inevitable.

As they say, a few cannot fight against many, a tiger cannot stand against a pack of wolves. Although Ye Qingyu and the others were all outstanding talents, but in the face of an endless stream of enemies, they had no choice but to flee.

After a period of time, the several people, except Yu Xiaoxing, were all wounded.

Even Little Nine’s left hind leg was limping from the aftermath of a sacred weapon during a battle.

The sect masters who have been living in seclusion for many years and who many people thought have died, were at this time advancing into the boundaries of the Greater One mountain in waves to be the first to find Ye Qingyu, the living coordinates.


In the light sphere of the boundary void.

“Bah bah, these old farts, have they not shut themselves away from the matters of the world long ago? How come now they are all approaching like swarms of flies!”

Hu Bugui curled up in a grey light ball.

It was a concealing light sphere that formed from a grey tile on his body that had been infused with yuan qi.

“Hahaha, I didn't think that one of the Great Thiefs of Clear River Domain would be chased by others. Even you are in a difficult situation today.”

Liu Shaji stood within the Five Multicoloured Star formation that Old Fish created with his consciousness power, a look of mockery on his face.

His black clothes were unstained by a speck of dust, his posture was relaxed and calm, and he was seemingly unaffected by the coming attacks and ambush.

Next to him, Nan Tieyi was gently brushing away the dust on his sleeve, the corner of his mouth revealing a little undisguisable smiling expression.

“A person's talent will arouse the envy of others, and we have two living people, it becomes a sin.” Old Fish cast a sidelong glance at Ye Qingyu who was also standing within the Five Multicoloured Star formation, an evil smiling curving his lips.

Ye Qingyu responded with a slightly embarrassed smile.

He stretched out his hand and scratched the back of his head, trying to say something.

Silly dog Little Nine suddenly looked to the White Birch Forest in the southwestern direction with glaring eyes, grinding his teeth.

“There's something!”

The several people immediately tensed up, standing on the alert.

In the southwest direction the yuan qi was being deliberately hidden to a very subtle state, like a wisp of a light fog, if it was not for the silly dog Little Nine, they most likely would not realize until the experts have stepped into their area of defense.


Ye Qingyu said.

The next moment.

They were very well coordinated, one by one concealing their aura to the fullest.

Old Fish's Five Multicoloured Star formation light, suddenly like the petals of flowers, gathered toward the center, drawing him, Liu Shaji and Nan Tieyi into the center of the bud and flashing away.

Petals folded in an instant, while silly dog Little Nine quietly carried Ye Qingyu and Xing’er hundreds of meters away.

“Hey... wait for me! That fat dog, he really runs so fast.”

Hu Bugui looked in the direction where only a wisp of white light remained with a smiling expression on his face.

His fingers lightly pinched together, and the grey sphere sped away like a ball that had been struck flying.


In the evening.

In a quiet, secluded forest valley.

After the group had fled hundreds of kilometers to the southeast mountains, they finally stopped for a rest.

“It should be safe for now.”

Ye Qingyu narrowed his eyes, scanning the surroundings.

They were surrounded by beneficial dense forest and boulders where they could hide. Leaves that were piled up to half a meter tall proved that no one had set foot into this place yet.

The several people each took turns to investigate the place.

It was only after they had determined that there was not a shred of yuan qi movement within the surrounding hundred meters that they dared put their heart at ease and rest for a moment.

“Woof... it's exhausting... Master, have you been eating too much lately... you... are getting so heavy that I can't move you anymore.”

Already exhausted, Little Nine sprawled out on his back in the five multicoloured boundary, slanted his head, and stuck out his tongue panting heavily.


Xing’er and Hu Bugui were the first to be unable to withhold their laughter.

Ye Qingyu, seeing the limping silly dog slumped to the ground, helplessly smiled and squatted down to rub his exposed pink belly.

The last time he used Flash was 17 days ago, but now he was unable to easily escape the attacks, and every time they ran into an enemy he had to rely on the silly dog to carry him and Xing’er. In this half a month of time, the silly dog had really worked hard and had gotten thinner.

“Woof... woof is very comfortable, this, and this, woof... Master scratch again...”

The silly dog had his eyes closed smiling and enjoying the massage, as if the one that had just been in a poor condition and fell to the ground was not him at all.

“Elder, do you remember the river that leads to the Underground Moon Palace?”

Ye Qingyu suddenly thought of something, looking thoughtfully in one direction.

“You mean...”

Old Fish crouched down and did not even glance up at all, with a branch that he had picked up he began fiddling with an army of ants on the ground trapped by the five multicoloured lights.

“The Underground Moon Palace?” Liu Shaji and Nan Tieyi asked in unison. “What sort of place is that?”

“Well, it's an underground cave on the other side of the mountain, I'll explain it more to you later, but I think that would be the safest place in the entire mountain area right now.”

Ye Qingyu's eyes were fixed on one direction, seemingly already making a decision.

These days he had been thinking continuously, and only there was the safest place, where they should be able to avoid countless enemies.

Old Fish’s face immediately turned bitter when he heard him, helplessly saying, “You little bastard know how to choose a place... Ah, I can't believe I just came out of that cage and now I have to go back... Anyway, let's wait for a ittle while to come back and we will move.”

Old Fish still had his head low, very patiently turning over every ant, watching them struggling to flip back over.

Ye Qingyu, looking at the old, mischievous man who could take such a tense situation so calmly and seemed so unconcerned, couldn't help rolling his eyes.

After waiting for another hour.

The silly dog came running back with his belly protruding out.

“Uh... delicious and delicious... woof is very full, hahaha... woof is very sleepy...”

Little Nine rolled around on the ground and naturally turned over to lean his head against Xing’er’s leg like it was a pillow.

“Don't sleep!”

Ye Qingyu cast a sidelong glance at him.

“Woof! Woof knows you like this Crown Prince girl! Woof is just sleeping with your wife... leggo, what's wrong?”

The dog suddenly began barking loudly, with a face that was saying I am a rascal what can you to do me.

“Don't be ridiculous, we should...”

These two words were still stuck in Ye Qingyu’s throat, when he suddenly twisted his head to look behind.

The look on the several other people's face also grew serious, beginning to activate yuan qi to its fullest.


In the northeastern sky.

There was the clang of weapons striking against one another.

Then a few weak, pale-coloured streams of flowing light fell from the sky and immediately revealed the figures of four or five women.

“Shishu Bai, are you all right?”

It was a familiar woman voice.

It was Shen Menghua!

From afar, Ye Qingyu immediately recognized the owner of this voice.

He waved and motioned others to conceal their yuan qi.

Old Fish's crouching posture had already turned to a meditative stance, and probably sleepy from playing, his eyes slightly narrowed, dozing off like a monk entering a meditative state.

The dog at this time did not dare to make a sound, yet still rolled over and buried his head in the loose dress of Xing’er who was resting under a tree, like there’s no use threatening a dead pig with scalding water.

Only Hu Bugui, Liu Shaji and Nan Tieyi moved gently away from their respective positions, focusing on the movements on the other side of the forest.

After this period of being hunted like dogs, the several people have connected on a deeper level with each other——especially their coordination when escaping for their life, with just simply a gesture or a glance, they would know what each other was trying to say.

In the distance.

After a few streams of flowing light descended, several pale and dishevelled haired women appeared. One after another, they fell to the ground.

Of them, two were Shen Menghua and Liu Ruxin——
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