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Imperial God Emperor 581 - True Identity

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"This Heaven Wasteland is a tumour. We must use this opportunity to exterminate them at their roots, and completely annihilate them."

Seeing this scene, the killing intent of the Greater One Spiritual Master that was far off in the distance was greatly aroused.

Previously, Ye Qingyu had displayed a breathtaking performance on the Storm Platform. The speed at which he moved just then had even shocked a huge pillar like the Greater One Spiritual Master. He could sense, that if he let Tian Huang escape, then when this young man grew up in the future, he would definitely pose a massive threat to the Greater One Sect.

But why was it that Tian Huang wanted to save Yu Xiaoxing?

At the first instant, the Greater One Spiritual Master instinctively felt that it was also because the Thunder and Lightning Sect felt interest towards the Heaven Wasteland Domain. The reason Tian Huang did such a thing was because he wanted to obtain the space time market of this new domain.

This really was too dangerous.

He had nearly succeeded.

Thankfully, the sect had long made preparations beforehand, otherwise the consequences did not bear thinking about.

As he realized this, the Greater One Spiritual Master was filled with cold sweat.

He had created a trap using the Greater One Divine Lantern. Using the power of this divine lantern, he had hidden the Greater One Divine Lantern high up in the air above. It was above the floating peak, and could create illusionary shadows down below. This was not only to have precautions against the remnants of Heaven Wasteland, it was also to prevent other sects from suddenly acting out and attempting to take it. Once someone cut off the chains that were used to suspend the Greater One Divine Lantern, then they would immediately activate the trap that had already been arranged. Even if it was an expert at the peak of the Heaven Ascension stage that came to save Yu Xiaoxing, they would not be able to flee!


In this chaotic onslaught, the space a hundred meters around the sealed space nearly transformed into an area of death.

Ye Qingyu reliled on the speed of the Nether Speed Shadow technique, constantly evading and dodging from the impossible.

The eight guardian elders increasingly became shocked.

The footwork techniques of this young man was far too strange. Even repeated attacks were of no use. if it were some other location, he would have long escaped with no trace. Thankfully, under the arrangement of the sealed formation, this daring young man had long been completely sealed within the formation. There was no way he could escape.

"Young man! To dare to come to the Greater One Sect to take someone away! Just what are you planning?!" a guardian elder shouted in anger.

Just what was this young man called Tian Huang plotting?

Each of the eight guardian elders of the Greater One Sect had such a question in their hearts.

"The person who had just incited the explosion of the Spirit vein underneath the Greater One Sect was you! You deserve to die over ten thousand times over!"

"You planned carefully and meticulously when you were in the Greater One Sect. Just who are you, what do you want to do!"

The eight guardian elders also acted without any mercy. They all shouted, wanting to disturb Ye Qingyu's concentration.

At this time.

In a far off mountain peak, the Xiao Yunlong who sensed the power that exploded from Tian Huang's body, was so shocked that he was as fearful as a deflated dog. Many expressions kept appearing. Looking at Ye Qingyu's figure flickering in the formation, his gaze was dumbfounded. After ten breaths of time, he suddenly realized something. He involuntarily began loudly screeching, "It's him! I understand! It must be him!"

Xiao Yunlong was like he was mad, everyone around him glancing at him.

"It's him! It must be him! It's Ye Qingyu! He is the surviving member from Heaven Wasteland Domain! What young master Tian Huang, what Thunder and Lightning Sect, it's all fake... he is definitely Ye Qingyu!!!!" Xiao Yunlong screamed out loud like he was crazy.

He could not be counted as stupid, having finally recognized Ye Qingyu's true identity.

As these words were said, everyone was shaken!

"What! He is the surviving member from Heaven Wasteland?"

"Tian Huang? Heaven Wasteland Domain! It must be like so!" [TN Note: Tian Huang literally means Heaven Wasteland].

"Heavens! He really dared to appear in Greater One Sect!“

"Since he is the other surviving member from Heaven Wasteland Domain, then he must know the domain marker for Heaven Wasteland Domain!"“

"If we are able to catch him...“

"With your abilities? You want to capture him? Do you not see that the eight guardian elders can only restrain him?"

"That's right, they can't even capture a piece of Tian Huang. For you to want to capture him? You really are dreaming!"

As for those sects and experts that had not yet retreated, their hearts were in turmoil. Looking at the Ye Qingyu that was in the distance, there was an inexplicable expression in their eyes.

"No... this can't be, young master Tian Huang... he really is a remnant from Heaven Wasteland Domain, Ye Qingyu?" The senior sister of the Hundred Spirits Sect Shen Menghua was stunned, her heart conflicted.

The hand that was lying by the side of Shen Menghua's body unconsciously began to clench tight.

If Tian Huang was really one of the people from Heaven Wasteland Domain that Greater One Sect had mentioned, then the forces in this event today would definitely not let him go. Because his identity, for the forces of the Clear River Domain that were here today, was far too sensitive. Everyone wanted to obtain a part from the Heaven Wasteland Domain! In such a situation, how would it be possible for him to solve the predicament of the Hundred Spirits Sect?

Not to mention help, it would be extremely difficult for him to save himself!

From a distance away, Hua Wulei and Nangong Jue’s hearts quivered at the same time.

The two subconsciously exchanged a glance. They were able to see the thoughts in each others eyes, but then suppressed the desire back down.

The leader of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect was also taken aback, all his expression hidden behind his mask.

The aura of the successor of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect that was standing behind him was disturbed nearly imperceptibly at that instant. In the blink of an eye, it once again reverted to stillness. It was only that there was an inexplicable feeling with which he regarded Ye Qingyu in the distance with.

On the Storm Platform.

Hearing the words of Xiao Yunlong, the Greater One Spiritual Master's complexion also changed.

At that instant, it was as if he suddenly realized something. Both his hands formed seals, and a golden light shot out from his palms into the Clear Sky Mirror high up in the air.

The Clear Sky Mirror faintly shuddered, then adjusted directions. The golden light shot towards the direction of Ye Qingyu.

The Clear Sky Mirror could see through all illusions. Even with the exquisite camouflage skills of the Old Fish, it had been able to unearth his true situation. It seemed like it was shining towards the Storm Platform, but in truth it was shining on the Old Fish. Therefore Ye Qingyu's original form had not been discovered. This time, the Greater One Spiritual Master willed it deliberately, and instantly caused the outer appearance of Ye Qingyu to undergo a massive change.

The Greater One Spiritual Master's gaze instantly focused on Ye Qingyu.

Under the ray of the Clear Sky Mirror, Ye Qingyu's outer appearance transformed. All the muscles around his entire body slowly changed shape, his dark skin color gradually watering down as well as his height gradually increasing.

In less than a breath of time, Ye Qingyu had recovered his true appearance!

One could see him wearing a white-coloured robe, without a speck of dust on it. His long black hair that fell to his waist was tied behind his back. His face was like a jade crown, his eyes like bright stars. With divine charms, he was handsome. In a rapid speed, they were able to pry into his true appearance. It was absolutely different from his previous form of Tian Huang.

The looks of Ye Qingyu caused everyone to be taken aback.

No one had imagine that the dark skinned and average looking Tian Huang would have such a handsome and heroic true appearance!

"Hmph! So it really is one of the remnants of Heavenly Monarch Pavilion. That day, on the Heavenly Monarch Pavilion, I saw this little beast before!" The leader of the Bright Moon Peak was able to recognize Ye Qingyu at the first instant.

As these words were said, all the suspicions that people had towards Xiao Yunlong’s accusations were all erased.

"He really is one of the remnants from Heaven Wasteland Domain!""

"This person really is fearless and daring!

"There was originally a path of escape for him, but he insisted on crashing against the blade of the Greater One Sect. Is this not seeking his own death?"

"Perhaps he has some card up his sleeve that he had not shown yet. We still have to observe and see."

"Even if he has a card up his sleeve, what can he do when he is imprisoned by the guardian elders of the Greater One Sect?"

In the air high up.

Ye Qingyu coldly snorted, not saying anything.

Since his identity had already been exposed, Ye Qingyu no longer needed to conceal his power.

In a split second, Ye Qingyu activated the power of lightning. A pale violet-coloured lighting encircled around Ye Qingyu, as if it was of solid form. Slowly, it solidified into a purple-coloured armour of lightning. The violent power of lightning exploded from Ye Qingyu's aura. His figure flickered, and in the formation in the air, there were only purple-coloured shadows that were able to be seen, as if he was a ghost!

"Deceitful fellow, to dare destroy the mountains of the Greater One Sect. You deserve to die ten thousand times over!" When the Greater One Spiritual Master realized Ye Qingyu's identity, he was instantly able to understand the worth of this young man. It was even higher than Yu Xiaoxing. In the first instant, he transformed into flowing light, appearing in the skies above. From high above, he surveyed the Ye Qingyu who was trapped in the formation, his voice like rumbling divine thunder exploding in the air.

"Ye Qingyu! If you do not resist and allow yourself to be captured, I can give you a road to life. If you continue to resist, then don't blame me for being cruel!"

"Allow myself to be captured?"

Ye Qingyu laughed loudly.

"Then after being captured? I'll be like Xing'er, where I'll be interrogated and tortures by shameless and hypocritical people like you, so you can obtain the marker of the Heaven Wasteland Domain?"

His gaze was sharp as he faced the elders with ferocious aura and divine tools in their hands."

"Previously, when your Greater One Sect disciples ran away from the Demon Spider Race to Heaven Wasteland Domain, it was the people of Snow Empire of Heaven Wasteland Domain that aided them. We fought against the people of the Demon Spider Race who chased after them, and managed to escort them back to you."

Ye Qingyu's eyes were like two rays of sharp piercing blades that shot towards the Xiao Yunlong and the others on the floating peak slightly above the ground.

Xiao Yunlong's gaze was conflicted. He looked at the Ye Qingyu who was like a trapped beast, that seemed as if he was dead for sure, there was a guilty colour in his eyes.

Ye Qingyu turned to look at the Greater One Spiritual Master, as well as the two Spirit masters next to him. There was a mocking smile that appeared on his lips.

"In the end, I became an evil person who attacked and hurt those Greater One Sect disciples. You people really are shameless."

Seeing those guardian elders that itched to act, as well as those old elders who trapped him within, the rage and anger in his heart could not be suppressed any longer. It unendingly exploded out.

"At the beginning, I could not believe this. As one of the great sects of the Human Race, it should not be like so. Looking at the the way your Greater One Sect have planned and schemed, the way you twist and alter the truth, I finally realized that you are just a group of bandits."

Under extreme rage, Ye Qingyu did not lash out but laughed.

"Hahaha, for a sect like you, you are the greatest tumour of Clear River Domain. You should be eradicated..."

The Greater One Spiritual Master looked at the Ye Qingyu in front of him, laughing madly, his attitude arrogant. He could not help but be enraged, hating the fact he could not utterly annihilate him.

"Capture him!"

The Greater One Spiritual Master ordered, not letting Ye Qingyu have any more opportunity to open his mouth.

Before he had finished.

There were several other elders that acted at the same time.

There was a berserk and violent qi that swept over. All sorts of divine tools that fell as light tore apart the air and clouds.

Although they acted with vicious moves, they did not plan to take Ye Qingyu's life.

After realizing Ye Qingyu's true identity, the Greater One Sect wanted to immediately capture Ye Qingyu alive. The most important reason was that there was not any Imperial qi on him.

Therefore, obtaining the space time marker of the Heaven Wasteland Domain from him, would be much easier than from the Yu Xiaoxing trapped in the lantern.

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