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Chapter 579, Finally attacks

The scene had turned chaotic and out of hand.

At this moment, the so-called Storm Sword Duel gathering had been utterly disrupted.

The Greater One Sect that had continuously been slapped in the face finally burst into rage. It no longer maintaining its so-called order and tradition, and revealed its tyrannical and unreasonable side.

With one command, the entire Greater One Sect went into formation.

“Block all sides, do not let Liu Shaji escape!”

“Whoever goes against my Greater One Sect today will be killed.”

“Kill kill kill kill!”

Numerous furious and arrogant roars echoed through the skies.

In the sky.




Several shadows and beams of flowing light streaked across the sky like countless locusts passing through, leaving long markings behind.

Many top masters of the Greater One Sect had arrived.

With the Storm Platform as the center, the sky across thousand of meters suddenly displayed circles of golden rune markings.

After a short while, layers upon layers of substance-like light film descended from above, shrouding across a distance of a thousand meters like a domed roof.

On the top of the light film dome were countless ancient formations spinning and drifting about; the top protective barrier of the Greater One Sect had been triggered.

Southeast, Northeast.

Southwest, Northwest.

In all four directions suddenly were uncountable formation airships drilling out from the clouds, ink-black like locusts, blotting out the sky and coming in this direction.

One airship after another pierced the dome barrier, neatly lining up around and blocking the air above of the Storm Platform.

The Greater One Spiritual Master had unknowingly been led away from the Storm Platform by one of the eight headmasters, Headmaster Xue, during the chaos.

At this moment he stood in mid-air, pale as paper. Although it seemed that he had suppressed his injuries, he had not fully recovered yet.

He coldly looked in the direction of the Storm Platform, hands clasped together, lightly pinching with his fingers until a bronze mirror suddenly emerged within a cloudy ball of smoke.

The bronze mirror was simple and unadorned, seemingly ancient as though had been through the transformations of the world. It looked completely inferior to the dazzling Eight Jewel mirror high up in the sky.

The frame of the bronze mirror was engraved with 12 divine beast totems, each with a different form, some opening their large mouth, some staring with wide eyes and some glowering at each other.

The gap between the divine beasts was decorated with ancient demon god patterns that were grotesque and odd.

“Clear Sky Mirror, illuminate.”

The Greater One Spiritual Master bellowed, activating the bronze mirror.

The bronze divine mirror released a circular halo that descended and formed a light shield over the Storm Platform.

Gentle like mist, the bronze golden-coloured light shield, like a layer of golden silk, softly and gently drifted around in the void like the fine sand of a desert. It emitted faint twinkling rays of light, which instantly lifted even the dust in the air.

The instant this mirror appeared, the remaining sect masters and experts within the dome immediately recognized that this was the sacred weapon of Greater One Sect——The Clear Sky Mirror.

In Clear River Domain, this was a sacred weapon of one thousands years, the treasured weapon of the Greater One Sect.

In these one thousand years, the number of times that the Greater One Sect had resorted to the Clear Sky Mirror can be counted with one hand.

On the Nangong family’s floating peak.

Nangong Jue’s eyes were fixed on the Clear Sky Mirror, heart pounding slightly.

The fact that the Greater One Sect turned to this treasured weapon indicated that these few youngsters had completely shaken the Greater One Sect to the core.

On the other side, the Master of the Sky Demon Palace and the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect also took on a look of shock as they watched the Greater One Spiritual Master resort to the Clear Sky Mirror.


On the Storm Platform.

The halo of the Clear Sky Mirror had completely enveloped the Storm Platform.

The power contained within this divine light seemed to be suppressing Ye Qingyu and others.

At this moment the several people that were shrouded by the light shield all had their yuan qi forcibly repressed

Inside their blood vessels and dantian, there seemed to be tens of millions of strings pulling tight and completely binding their bodies.

And the brilliance of the bronze mirror that had been constantly spreading across, under the control of the Greater One Spiritual Master, seemed to be intentionally or unintentionally shining onto Old Fish who was hundreds of meters away.

On a small floating peak.

“Hey, it’s that mirror, this is bad!”

The incomparably calm Old Fish abruptly took on a look of shock.

“How could this treasure fall in the hands of the Greater One Sect, this is bad...”

Filled with apprehensions, before Old Fish could get up he was suddenly shrouded by the divine light of the bronze mirror.

Under the divine light, the figure of Old Fish was undergoing strange changes.

His stature began to flicker indefinitely; for a moment it was a slightly hunched human figure and the next moment a withered old fish, and the illusions of the two forms were constantly flashing and switching back and forth.

During the flickering, the frightening injuries on Old Fish's body were becoming clearly visible.

Within the crisscrossing of Dao injuries across Old Fish’s body was the qi of chaos mingled with it; it was a shocking and ghastly sight.

It was hard to imagine how he could still survive with such severe injuries.

Having been shone by the brilliance of the Clear Sky Mirror, the Greater One Spiritual Master immediately saw thorough Old Fish's yuan qi, which was bordering on the middle stages of the Bitter Sea.

Outside the dome, shock was clearly shown by the words and expressions of the sect experts, who were watching with bated breaths

“Heavens! It’s a demon!”

“I didn't think he would be a fish monster.”

“Look, to think there were such severe wounds on his body.”

“I can't believe a Quasi emperor could be wounded.”

“What kind of existence can wound a quasi-emperor and to such an extent.”

“Look carefully, his wounds are imprisoned by the qi of chaos.”

“No wonder he could only use consciousness power, he had sustained Dao injuries.”

“His yuan qi strength is only in the middle stages of the Bitter Sea.”

“This... I can't believe this, he's just a paper tiger... The Greater One Sect has nothing to fear now, those people are going to die.”

The countless onlookers were aghast.

The experts of both small and major sects stared at him in wide-eyed shock, speechless, not expecting to see such a scene.

This was definitely one of the most shocking surprises of the day.

In the sky.

The fear within the Greater One Spiritual Master's eyes suddenly melted away as he breathed a sigh of relief.

Ever since Old Fish displayed his consciousness power, the Greater One Spiritual Master had been suspicious. When had such a quasi-emperor-level old monster appeared in Clear River Domain? Moreover there was not a trace of yuan qi fluctuation appearing on his body.

But at that time, he dared not rashly attack to find out. After all, if the other party really did possess quasi emperor strength, then the consequence of his rash decision would be unbearable to the Greater One Sect.

The challenge from Liu Shaji was a chance for him to find out!

But no matter how the battle on the Storm Platform turned out, it seemed that none affected the master of the Thunder and Lightning Sect in the slightest.

Even when the several headmasters broke the rules to rescue him and attacked Liu Shaji the suspected quasi emperor expert did not give the littlest reaction. It was indeed suspicious!

Therefore as soon as the Greater One Spiritual Master's injuries were under control, he employed the Clear Sky Mirror and pretended that he was not deliberately aiming at the master of the Thunder and Lightning Sect. Who would have thought that the final result would be like this. The fog in his mind was immediately dissipated as the power of the ‘Master’ was completely exposed before everyone.

After a long while of silence, the Greater One Spiritual Master finally understood and couldn't help bursting out in loud laughter.

“Haha, the master of the Thunder and Lightning Sect is a Fish monster and dared to deceive people by posing as a quasi emperor! The Clear Sky Mirror has revealed your fox tail. It's funny that your insignificant strength almost deceived even me, let's see what other skills you have for you to act so arrogantly!”

On a small floating peak.

Old Fish stomped on his feet, “Act so arrogantly? Haha, weren't you fooled by me and was begging for forgiveness before, and was almost kneeling in front of me... Pah! My background will frighten you to death. If I am not suffering from Dao injuries, your trash-like group aren’t even worthy to carry my shoes!”

The Greater One Spiritual Master glowered at Old Fish.

This remark had struck his sore point.

He wanted to hack him into thousands of pieces to vent his anger. Thinking about before when he had to be polite and accommodating to the master of the Thunder and Lightning Sect due to fear, he could no longer quell the raging anger in his heart. He was a leader of the Clear River Domain. When had he ever kowtowed to someone before, and the other party was only of the Bitter Sea boundary. An ant-like existence had played such a joke on him. How could he just swallow the anger like that?

But Old Fish would not give him such a chance.

On the small floating peak, Old Fish was grinning.

Then he slightly twisted his body, disappearing where he stood, like a grain of salt dissolving in water.

Remaining in the void was only his creepy laughter.

“Haha, I didn't expect the Clear Sky Mirror to fall in your hands, but what can you do to me? I may not win against you, but if I want to leave, not one of your little babies have the ability to block my way, hahaha.” Old Fish's creepy voice resounded in the void, but his figure had vanished. “

The Greater One Spiritual Master sneered, his eyes filled with killing intent.

“Clear Sky Mirror, search!” The Greater One Spiritual Master roared, pinching his fingers together as the Clear Sky Mirror again rose into the sky like a blazing sun, constantly increasing in size and its golden rays of light sprinkling across the entire boundary.

He operated the Clear Sky Mirror to carefully search the area within the boundaries but to no result, as though Old Fish had evaporated, there was not the slightest trace of him remaining.

“En? He’s gone?”

The Greater One Spiritual Master slightly frowned.

After a brief thought, he had no choice but to temporarily give up searching and joined the battle on the Storm Platform.

The situation was too chaotic.

A large number of Greater One Sect experts had suddenly appeared like a crowd of people. It seemed that no one could escape today.

Suddenly, there came the bellow of a Greater One Sect headmaster——

“The situation is too chaotic, quickly move the demon girl to another place!”

“Hurry! In case someone takes advantage of this chance!”

The eight supreme elders of Greater One Sect who had been guarding the Greater One Divine Lantern all this time, immediately responded.

The eight people together instilled yuan qi into the mysterious talisman markings on the Greater One Divine Lantern.

The next moment, the space around the lantern faintly fluctuated and the Clear Lotus Flame Lantern that was quietly floating in the sky slightly shook, as though something would happen at any time.

On the Storm Platform, while fighting against the several Greater One Sect headmasters, Ye Qingyu had been secretly paying close attention to the direction of the Greater One Divine Lantern.

“Not good! They're going to move Xing'er! I can’t wait any longer!”

Ye Qingyu said anxiously to himself.


Just then, the headmaster of Clear Lotus Peak thrust his palm over.

He pretended to dodge and was struck flying, taking this opportunity to break away from the battle.

As soon as Ye Qingyu got out of the battle, he slammed his fist to the ground.

“Then let it turn to utter chaos! Explode!”

He cleared his mind, silently operating the true meaning of the 108 ancient characters of the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. A purple talisman seal shot out from his palm like a meteor cutting across the sky, sinking into the Greater One Peak.

A strange change followed.


An earth-shaking, thunder-like explosion sounded from the underground of Greater One Peak!
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