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Chapter 578, Chaos ends and rises


The site almost exploded.


In the end the Greater One Spiritual Master was unexpectedly defeated.

The ninth strike had not been launched, but the lotus-flower-formed giant sword had sent the Greater One Spiritual Master flying from the blow.

It had also shattered a martial arts legend of Clear River Domain.

When the Greater One Spiritual Master deflected the lotus flower strike with the pair of yin and yang fish, everyone thought that Liu Shaji’s trip for revenge had finally come to an end.

But the thought of the White Lotus Sword technique undergoing such a change had never crossed their minds.

Those crushed petals, which seemed as useless as a dead object, were the true real killing weapons.

On the headmasters’ floating peak.

Having witnessed the Greater One Spiritual Master being severely wounded and thrown to the ground, there was not one of the headmasters that were not struck with horror.

The Greater One Spiritual Master, in the minds of all the people of Greater One Sect, was an invincible existence. In the first moments of this scene happening there was no one able to react.

It wasn’t until they saw that on the Storm Platform Liu Shaji was again exerting force, following up with another attack, aiming to kill Greater One Spiritual Master, that they suddenly reacted, as though they had just been awakened from a nightmare.


“Maniac, insolence!”

“Stop, evil creature!”

These words were still ringing in everyone’s ears, when different colours of flowing light streaked across the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the several headmasters had descended on the Storm Platform, protecting the defeated Greater One Spiritual Master.

In that instant, it was clear that there was no longer any rules or tradition that they would adhere to.

The rules of the Storm Platform were unexpectedly broken by the Greater One Sect, the one that established the Storm Sword Duel gathering.

“Junior brother Xue, you protect senior brother Feng.”

A jade-faced headmaster with silver hair reaching to his knee and armed with a silver lotus-like divine weapon shouted frantically.

In the middle of the four headmasters that stood in a half circle surrounding the Greater One Spiritual Master was a purple-robed man. He was armed with a silvery white flexible light sword and immediately took a step back.

He stretched out his left index finger, lightly stroking the tip of the sword, and a blood mark was astonishingly adhered to the surface of the flexible sword.

The flexible sword suddenly erupted in a blaze of red, rising high into the air as it transformed into a light shield of five meters in diameter, enveloping below from mid-air in order to protect Greater One Spiritual Master.

The surface of the light shield was gradually tainted with red formation markings. The vibrating lights was dimming and flashing like a throbbing heart, making one’s heart palpitate violently.

And around the four other headmaster’s bodies were red, green and various different yuan qi swirling about. At this moment there was only yuan qi surging, their silver hair fluttering and clothes flapping from the blast.

“Maniac, die.”

A blue-robed headmaster with a black armband, armed with a snake-like five-meter silver whip rebuked loudly.

The four different divine weapons were at that moment erupting with a blinding light.

The four people stepped forward, hoping to gain an advantage by striking first, attacking Liu Shaji from all sides.

This scene had made the already extremely explosive situation become more intense.

Countless people cried out in shock at that moment.

On a small floating peak.


Hu Bugui was outraged, unable to take this anymore.

“These smelly old men are so shameless! They even destroy their own set of rules, and still pretend to be an upright sect, it really is a slap to their own faces. If they want to make things difficult for my Brother Liu, then they must first ask whether I, Master Hu, agrees.” He roared, a horrifying aura erupted from his body, but the next moment—— “

“...Tian Huang... Brother Tian Huang, wait for me, you don’t have loyalty, you didn’t even give me a shout!”

Before his voice faded away.

Hu Bugui turned to a stream of blazing flame, heading in the direction of the Storm Platform.

And as Ye Qingyu put his hands on his hips and roared loudly, there was a sphere of purple electric current wrapping around him and catapulting him across the air to where Liu Shaji stood.

“Get lost.”

Ye Qingyu abruptly thrust out his fist, purple lightning firing out like a divine sword.

Boom boom boom!

There was an explosion of horrifying air currents.

Hu Bugui also arrived at the same moment, unhesitatingly attacking.

The great thief was covered from top to bottom in flame-like gold, emanating an extremely powerful and strange strength that could unexpectedly completely withstand the power of a headmaster of the Greater One Sect.

The two forces, like a collision of two bolts of lightning, filled the air with a murderous spirit.

On the Storm Platform, various yuan qi forces were frantically scattering, consciousness power surging endlessly. The clang of weapons resembled the roar of dragons and tigers. A chaotic battle among Immortal Step experts that could be said to happen only once in a century was about to break out.

On a small floating peak.

The successor of the Immortal God Emperor sect Nan Tieyi knitted his brows as his eyes were fixed on the Storm Platform

What to do?

Follow his heart or bear patiently to the end?

He hesitated a little.

But looking up at the scene on the Storm Platform where the three people were standing side by side, he suddenly felt his blood bubbling and a gush of inexpressible strength erupted from his heart.

Suddenly there was a flash within Nan Tieyi’s eyes as he looked towards the Storm Platform.

“I don’t care anymore. Today, I will break the rules,” Nan Tieyi said in a low voice.

Suddenly, a beam of green light flashed on the small floating peak.

The next moment, there was a gush of green yuan qi from the ray of sword light sweeping over like a wave.

Unexpectedly, each and every yuan qi within the void and the air were all cut across the middle, leaving a smooth and flat gap, like a vast ocean had been split in half.

Nan Tieyi was like a peerless swordsman, appearing on the Storm Platform, standing shoulder to shoulder with Ye Qingyu and the other two.

He stood by Liu Shaji’s side with a clear and firm light in his eyes that seemed like it could illuminate the entire vast divine continent.

There was not the slightest hesitation; the Storm Platform was already in chaos.

“Hahaha, it’s been a long time since I am this delighted. Come here old men, come and scratch my itch.”

Hu Bugui stood unarmed, yuan qi building up within his fists, like two balls of golden light were ablaze.



As he threw out a punch, a bizarre force broke out.

The entire Storm Platform seemed to have sunk into dusk. The atmosphere of dusk came rolling causing the yuan qi of the several headmasters to become sluggish like the sun was about to set.

Dusk Fist.

One of Hu Bugui’s killing moves.

Hu Bugui’s right fist shot out a ball of light similar to the colour of scarlet dusk.


A black-robed headmaster waved the Divine Sparrow Feather fan in his hand to create a strong gale and sent the fireball deviating towards the Storm boundary wall.


A tremendous circular shaped hole was smashed into the boundary wall.

The light ball did not slow down, slamming into a distant floating peak.

The small floating peak was instantly blown up into half its previous size, mountain rocks shattering into pieces and falling. On the floating peak, the tens of people unable to escape in time were blasted away by the air current.

“So strong.”

While throwing out a punch, Ye Qingyu separated out a wisp of consciousness to pay attention to Hu Bugui.

This rough and overbearing punch and the powerful strength were most likely comparable to his Dragon Fist that he instilled with Thunder and Lightning power and the True Will of the Sky Dragon.

The leader of the eighteen great thieves of the Clear River Domain indeed deserves his reputation.

On the Storm Platform, the several different rays of light collided fiercely, and in the air were only like the divine mountain-like imposing manner and the shrill, ear-piercing noise from weapons striking one another.


At this time, the surroundings of the Storm Platform had exploded into utter chaos.

“Who would have thought the Greater One Sect would destroy their own rules.”

“Yes, this chaotic battle is comparable to a hundred years ago when the White Lotus Sword Sect was destroyed.”

“Haha, who would have thought the best sect of Clear River Domain would also have such an embarrassing moment today.”

“Even if the Greater One Sect wins today, they most likely will lose face someday and will never regain the loftiness that they had in the past.”

“They have been well-regarded for hundreds of years, it is time for the leader to change hands...”

“If those people really can destroy the Greater One Sect, that really would be interesting, hahaha.”

“How would the Greater One Sect be extinguished so easily. No matter how powerful those people are, they cannot fight off so many people and the numerous Dao weapons that the Greater One Sect has.”

“Also, there are only four of them, they cannot win against the Greater One Sect.”

“Are you stupid, with the master of the Thunder and Lightning Sect, if they really intend to destroy the Greater One Sect, the headmasters and the Greater One Spiritual Master would be easily crushed like ants.”

“Yes, once the master of the Thunder and Lightning Sect helps out, the Greater One Sect will instantly perish.”

On a small floating peak.

Under the countless watchful gazes, Old Fish was still sat on a rocky stool, holding a purple fist-sized wine cup.

He maintained a calm expression, seemingly uncaring about the various comments and looked indifferently at the Storm Platform. The corner of his lips curved up slightly but within his eyes was not the slightest trace of perceivable seriousness.


On the Storm Platform.



The already broken boundary walls at this moment were no longer able to withstand the constant bombardment of yuan qi, producing deafening noises as they shattered.

Following the shattering of the boundary walls, the Storm Platform suddenly formed an inch-thick of silvery rocks like a layer of ice on a frozen lake.

The strange rocky terrain rock spread to every nook and corner, tightly sealing the entire Storm Platform.

The Storm Platform seemed to have automatically initiated the protective shield to prevent external forces causing any damage to itself.

Ye Qingyu observantly took in this bizarre change that seemed as though the Storm Platform contained life itself.

This Storm Platform was indeed strange.

Today, the countless blood and bones had made it come alive, but it also possessed a self-protective ability.

What was the Greater One Sect trying to do?

What was the purpose of resurrecting the Storm Platform?

Without thinking too much, Ye Qingyu incessantly thrust out his fist, throwing out punches wrapped in purple lightning.

With the absence of the boundary walls, the punches that the several headmasters had evaded were directly launched at the various floating peaks like falling meteorites, leaving tremendous craters on half of the floating peaks and directly blowing off the smaller ones.

But the strength of the Lotus Flower Eight Peaks must not be underestimated.

The Divine Sparrow Feather fan violently swept past, uprooting all plants on the floating peaks and the small floating peaks instantaneously shifted dozens of meters.

Wherever the long stem of silver lotus seeds streaked across, the rocks on the floating peaks were severed and the disciples that were unable to escape in time, like a thread had cut across their bodies, were split into two and their breathing instantly ceased.

As the spiritual snake whip was swung out, it seemed as though the air was torn apart and the distant floating peaks were struck by a tremendous blade, corners and edges snapping off.

Standing opposite of Liu Shaji, a headmaster wielding an ocean-jade wind sword was incessantly striking the White Lotus Sword barrier.

The collision between the sword and barrier quaked the earth.

The sword swept across, releasing an imposing manner that shattered the rocks of distant floating peaks and set flames to trees.

For a moment almost none of the floating peaks around the Storm Platform was lucky enough to escape the repercussions.

Many of the major sects that originally stood on the floating peaks watching the battle had retreated to the air above the Storm Platform.

Suddenly, a deafening roar resounded between heaven and earth——

“Today the Greater One Sect will kill all the evil people. All sects, immediately leave Greater One Sect. If you do not leave within ten seconds, then you will become an enemy of the Greater One Sect. After this matter, the Greater One Sect will certainly chase you down, with not even a chicken or a dog to be spared if you do not do so.”
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