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Imperial God Emperor 577 - The outcome of the battle has been decided

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Chapter 577, The outcome of the battle has been decided

The atmosphere was growing tenser.

Everyone was holding their breath, looking serious, worried that they would miss something if they blinked.

Previously there had been thousands of battles carried out on the Storm Platform, but most likely even the battle between Chen Shaohua and Tian Huang did not capture the attention of everyone as much as these two on the Storm Platform. Everyone was hanging in suspense, especially the people of the Greater One Sect, for fear of an accident happening.

If the Greater One Spiritual Master really did lose, the consequences would be disastrous.

Even the Nangong family, the Sky Demon Palace and the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect, such major forces, at this moment also nervously fixed their eyes on the center of the battlefield.

On the Storm Platform.

Liu Shaji’s expression was as calm and steady as before.

His successive five strikes had been blocked by the Greater One Spiritual Master.

It seemed that the petal’s magic powers in taking human life was gradually diminishing.

He tightened his grip on the White Lotus Immortal sword that was shooting white light into the sky, slowly opening his mouth.

“Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower, the eighth strike.”

His voice had just faded.

When at his feet, like a solid substance, the slowly rotating white lotus flower released another of the remaining two petal segments, floating lightly upwards.

An even more delicate and gentle petal.

This petal was not much larger than the petals of an ordinary lotus flower, and was surrounded by a layer of pale mist.

The front end of the petal was radiating a faintly visible, pale, and peaceful pink light, like an elegant and shy woman in a soft pink long dress. In this moment, it seemed like they saw a flower petal that was as pure and beautiful as a girl’s skin, seemingly with a mischievous intent, whirl around in the air, before lightly drifting across the void, like a young lady on a spring outing.

But it was different from the petals before.

Only the truly top experts, upon careful looking, could see that within one meter around the petal, the void was bending and twisting in a bizarre shape.

It seemed that the power contained within the petal could tear space apart at will.

While the rays of light from the sun overhead, as long as they touched the vicinity of the petal, were refracted and dispersed away. The originally vertical beams of light were thrown into disorder, swaying unsteadily from side to side.

All the Heaven Ascension experts present were suddenly pale with fright.

This one was much more terrifying than the previous seven, and the force could destroy all obstacles in its way.

Most likely that any one of the Heaven Ascension experts below the platform, even if they only came closer a little, would collapse and vanish in a puff of smoke.

At the thought of this, many people could not help but feel their hearts tightening up.

Could the Greater One Spiritual Master really take this hit?


The other side of the Storm Platform.

Greater One Spiritual Master had a solemn expression on his face, a thin layer of water vapor faintly discernible on his forehead.

His bunched up silver hair was slightly messy, being blown about by the wind, some falling on his lapel and some draped over his back.

And his black ink-like eyes, at this moment, were mingled with wisps of blood red light, flashing a strange glow, like bolts of lightning from a violent rainstorm. On his neck were two veins bulging out, blood almost visible as it rapidly flowed through.

The brightness exuding from Greater One Spiritual Master's body became more intense, the rising mist at his foot seemingly almost burying him.

At this time, the supreme ultimate formation was constantly releasing the qi of chaos.

As this qi of chaos slowly spread, nearing the surface of the Storm Platform, the ground unexpectedly produced a strange mournful sound of friction, piercing the minds of the audience and sending them into panic.

The boundary walls of the Storm Platform were raging violently with the approaching qi of chaos.

The markings imprinted on the walls were forced to bulge, each one protruding outwards, as though it would burst open in the next moment.

As the petal neared, the circular light shield of the supreme ultimate formation became bigger, spreading everywhere, and almost stretched to the edge of the storm boundary.

Within the light shield, the two black and white cyclones were spreading like sound waves, and within the cyclones were three black and white alternating markings attached to the substance-like cyclone.

The bright and dazzling glow of the two cyclones were either wandering or stationary in the air.

Sometimes there was an outline of an ancient divine beast.

Sometimes it changed into patterns of mountains and rivers.

Like starry light scattered throughout the Ninth Heaven.

Everyone around the Storm Platform was awed by the display of killing moves from both sides. Such a magnificent sight was bordering onto the scene of a fairyland, and most likely would only be seen once in a lifetime in Clear River Domain.


The neither too fast nor too slow white lotus petal penetrated the light shield, becoming much slower than before, like a boat drifting along the river encountering a strong wind.

A moment later, the petal came to the edge of the cyclone.

The petal affixed to the black and white cyclone, when the cyclone suddenly shook, like rain had poured down a lake, stirring up countless ripples.

The markings within the cyclone also spun more rapidly.

After the petal had cut through the cyclone, the alternating black and white rune markings were automatically pasted onto the petal, but the next moment a power erupted from the petal.

As a result, the innumerable markings, like the tide, swept over the white lotus petal wave upon wave, but in an instant were propelled away, scattering and destroyed.

After one second.

The petal was only half a fingernail away from the supreme ultimate formation.

There was not one person around the Storm Platform that was not holding their breath, and did not even dare take a gasp.

Would the petal successively break through the defense of the supreme ultimate formation?

Or would the supreme ultimate formation once again successfully block the attack of the petal?

Everything happened within the snap of the fingers.

The gentle and soft petal, like a woman's palm, as though gently stroking some rare treasure, gently pasted onto the surface of the supreme ultimate formation.

The scene froze.

Many people could feel their heart in their throats.

It felt like a long century had passed, and finally——



The supreme ultimate formation issued a resounding snap, it was too late to feel the collision of power between the two.

In a twinkling there were cracks spreading across the supreme ultimate formation in a criss-crossed pattern, winding and tearing.

But the petal also shattered at the next moment, fragmented into thousands of petals, scattering and rising upwards.

It was another explosion of a rainstorm of petals.

Within the air of the Storm Platform boundary.

At this time the area was covered with dense, fluttering fragments of petals.

Like the shower of petals had gone still above, the rain-like segments of petals that were as fine as the hair of a bull were melodiously wandering, sinking and floating.

Blocked it?

It's blocked!

The Supreme Ultimate Formation of the Great Dao Returns to the Origin had blocked the eighth strike of the Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower.

Although there were cracks emerging in the end, but the eighth strike of the Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower had been blocked by the supreme ultimate formation.

The Immortal Step boundary power that the Greater One Spiritual Master broke out had time and again refreshed the understanding of the experts below the platform.

There were many people in the crowd who cried out in surprise.

Even if the behavior and conduct of the Greater One Spiritual Master was despicable in the moral aspect, but in a world where martial arts are attached with the most importance, not one person was not fascinated by his martial level, and admired unceasingly.

At this time, the Storm Platform was still and silent.

The people were speculating in their minds whether Liu Shaji needed to use the last segment of white lotus and administer the ninth strike of the lotus flower

On the platform, Liu Shaji looked at the powerful and lucky Greater One Spiritual Master who had almost fought with all his strength, the corner of his mouth weakly pulled upwards in an almost unnoticeable curve.

“Eight strikes to cut away the chaotic yuan, one strike to kill everything.”

Liu Shaji bellowed.

As his wrist shook, the White Lotus Immortal sword whose tip was facing down suddenly turned skywards, like an incense stick.

From the tip, five beams of white light scattered out, and wherever the streams of light passed, large fist-size holes were punctured into the Storm boundary walls.

The power of the beams of light was able to break through the thousand-year-old Storm boundary walls.

After the release of power, the floating peaks around the platform were suddenly quaking as though struck by a hurricane.

While on the closer floating peaks, without the reinforcements of the formation, the rocky ground was split into two with a several meters deep crack.

On the Storm Platform.

A mysterious force erupted from the White Lotus Immortal sword, pervading the air.

The countless petals hovering in the sky, which the Greater One Spiritual Master had shattered into withering and falling segments, were like dead objects. But at this time, under the impact of the mysterious power, they seemed to be awakening from sleep.

All the petals drew closer in the void, gathering into one.

Petals folded over in layers, sticking closely together and did not reveal a trace of a gap.

Almost in a flash, the petals had assembled into a giant chopping knife substance.

The length of the knife was about a hundred meters, eight meters wide, and the petals on the blade were gently quivering. There were rays of white light constantly piercing directly through the petals and clashing with the bursts of flames produced by the Storm Platform.

This imposing manner of the enormous knife was like that of an immemorial sacred mountain, oppressing the Storm Platform and everything around it. For a moment everyone began to operate qi to withstand the oppresion. Currents of air were flowing everywhere underfoot, yuan qi rising on the Storm Platform, and different colours and spirit of yuan qi soaring into the sky.


“This... What is it?”

Greater One Spiritual Master’s eyes widened in disbelief.

He was disturbed by the sudden change.

When Ji Lingshan talked about the Nine Strikes of the Lotus Flower back then, there was no mention of such a move.

He raised his head to look at the giant sword that like was like nine Mt Tai’s crushing down at the same time, shocked and aghast.

However, in his moment of distraction, the giant petal knife had suddenly fallen.

He hurriedly thrust out his palm to defend, the supreme ultimate formation producing two surging hurricane-like golden yuan qi light.

But as the golden light encountered the blade, like an ant trying to shake a tree, it was instantly shattered into grains of sand, fading away with the wind.

The Greater One Spiritual Master was immediately struck by the giant petal knife with an irresistible force.

“Not good...”

The Greater One Spiritual Master exclaimed, yuan qi surging, wanting to forcibly deflect this sword.


An explosion of yuan qi.

The Greater One Spiritual Master was propelled back, blood gushing from his mouth

The power of the giant petal sword was like the sword of judgment of the world.

Had it not been for the runes instilled into his body over the years that protected his heart, flesh, and bones, he would have been reduced to ashes.

Flying several meters back and thrown to the ground, the Greater One Spiritual Master continuously spurted out huge mouthfuls of blood, staining his white robe red.

His eyes were filled with disbelief, horror and panic.

Liu Shaji pointed the tip of the sword at him, arrogant and overbearing. The white Lltus base at his foot emitted a red glow.

At this time his black hair was dishevelled and in his eyes were flames almost shooting out, emanating a brutal aura like that of a demon god.

“Old thief, the time is up, let me send you down to find my parents to apologize in person.”

A pillar-like white light gushed from the tip of the White Lotus Immortal sword, and around the white light was a layer of red, like being wrapped in red muslin. The red muslin was dotted with pinpoint formation markings that were hard to notice with the naked eye.
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