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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 55 This All Belongs to the Ye Family

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Chapter 55 – This All Belongs to the Ye Family

“Quickly go, Little Yu, you…” Qin Lan was in a panic, struggling to sit up. The wounds on her body broke open again, fresh blood spilling everywhere.

Ye Qingyu quickly placed his palm on the back of Qin Lan, sending a stream of inner qi. Only through doing this was he able to stabilize her injuries.

He turned and looked outside, his gaze landing on a decorative mountain. Inexplicably, he asked, “Aunt Lan, from what I remember, this courtyard did not have a decorative mountain in it?”

Qin Lan did not understand the meaning behind his words. After a slight hesitation, she subconsciously answered, “It’s part of the new design of the Ding family…”

“Hehe, so it was really this… then it should be demolished.” Ye Qingyu laughed. “Aunt Lan, wait a moment.”

Saying this, he stood up.

“Do you know why I have to demolish this mountain?” Ye Qingyu said seriously.

“Little trash, stop pretending and doing your schemes, you don’t know you’re about to die!” Lei Gongfong walked step by step closer, laughing maliciously. “Quickly beg me… haha, begging is no use, I’ll cut you into pieces!”

Ye Qingyu, at this time, slightly shook his head as if he had only noticed this fighter of the Ding family that was filled with killing intent at this moment.

He nodded his head thoughtfully. “En, there’s a solution.”

Before he had finished.

Ye Qingyu suddenly took a step forward.

Lei Gongfong was still walking forward when he abruptly felt a blur before his eyes and a hand was already heading towards him. Under his shock, the inner yuan of Lei Gongfong began to be activated, shoving both his hands forward, wanting to knock the palm away…

Who would have guessed that his two hands which were tough enough to crack apart stone, when it met this palm, it did not knock the palm back. Instead, his steel hands that he was so proud of instantly fractured, the pain spreading throughout his body…

“Aaaaa…” Liu Gongfong opened his mouth, letting out an explosive scream as if wanting to say something.

But the next moment, this palm had already firmly gripped his throat. Then Liu Gongfong felt his entire vision falling backwards, fierce winds blowing into both of his ears.

Everyone had their eyes wide open.

Including Ding Kaixuan.

This noble master who thought he had everything under control, at this time could not help but let out a breath of exclamation. He watched stunned as the biggest card under his sleeve, watched as the Liu Gongfong with unfathomable strength, as if he was the same as a dog, as if he was the same as a lousy sack, be casually grabbed around the neck by Ye Qingyu.

“Aaaaaaaa…” Liu Gongfong screeched crazily and struggled for his life. But this palm, was as if it was made from steel, incomparably firm, gripping his neck so tightly it was impossible to break away.

Liu Gongfong was shocked as he discovered his one Spirit spring stage was entirely suppressed by the inner yuan within this palm. The inner yuan in his body was expelled from his four limbs, firmly locked within his dantian, as if he was sealed.

“Beg from you?”

Ye Qingyu’s gaze was like a sword that pierced through Liu Gongfong. He had a bland smile that was filled with mockery and disdain.

“You… hehe… little thing… quickly release me… you…” Liu Gongfong’s face was filled with a ferocity, still trying to threaten Ye Qingyu.

“Wait a moment, after I’m finished using you then I’ll release you.”

Ye Qingyu smiled.

His body floated one meter up in the air, lifting up Liu Gongfong’s massive body, slowly arriving in front of the decorative mountain. Without even saying one word, he lifted up Liu Gongfong as if lifting up a battering ram, smashing it down on the boulder!


There was a tremor like an earthquake.

The fake mountain started shattering, dust rising everywhere.

“Aaaa…” Liu Gongfong cried painfully, but the next instant was like a mother hen being grabbed by the neck, not able to emit any more sounds.


Ye Qingyu mercilessly continued to hammer away.

The decorative mountain collapsed, large chunk upon large chunk of rocks falling to the ground. Like an earthquake was occurring, the entire courtyard seemed to be trembling.

The servants and guards of the Ding family all had deathly white faces.

Blood spurted everywhere.

From the start, Liu Gongfong’s body was relatively unharmed, then his flesh began tearing apart. Even though he was at the peak of body refinement and also had the protection of inner yuan, it still could not bear this level of impact for long.

The force of Ye Qingyu’s strikes had contained at least ten thousand pounds in every strike.

Ding Kaixuan had long lost all the colour on his face, pointing his finger at Ye Qingyu. His hand was shivering like he was suffering epilepsy, but he could not even manage to utter a word out, as if he was driven crazy with fear!

Finally, the entire rockery collapsed.

Ye Qingyu stopped, looking at the rubble of the destroyed mountain, displaying a hint of satisfaction. He casually tossed Liu Gongfong’s body that was now limp into the spreading dust.

The next instant, without that steel hand clutching his throat, the cry of Liu Gongfong was like that of a pig being slaughtered, resounding throughout.

But this howl made the entire courtyard seem even more quiet.

The other people were all dumbfounded.

Ding Kaixuan had nearly lost his ability to think, subconsciously withdrawing his pointing fingers, not daring to point at Ye Qingyu anymore.

Ye Qingyu’s figure flashed, appearing in front of the entrance to the hall, raising his hand gently.

A strong gust of wind passed by, sweeping away the rubble and dust in the air. In the clear sight of everyone was the fake mountain shattered till it was a pile of rubble, and Liu Gongfong covered with blood. His four limbs were fractured into who know how many pieces, lying there in the rubble like a dead dog, crying painfully…

This instant, many people finally understood through their cold sweat.

So this was the method that Ye Qingyu used to destroy the fake mountain.

Too terrifying!

Too violent!

Ye Qingyu stood silently in front of the entrance to the hall.

The wind lightly blew his black robe, and his thick black hair began moving like a flame.

A deathly silence was all around.

“I hate the people being pretentious in front of me. And besides, you can’t beat me at being pretentious. Haha, when I was fourteen, I was alone in the wild and killed over a thousand demonic beasts, including high class demonic beasts that were bitten to death by me. Also, situations involving killings, I have also seen many. You’re the type that appears fierce but is cowardly at heart, you’ve only torn apart a couple of demonic beasts, how is that worth bragging about? Half a step in the Spirit spring, inner yuan like a dry stream. Haha, a trash like you, because of your ignorance you are meaningless. You don’t even understand what the White Deer Academy represents, and you also don’t know how the struggles between nobles actually are. You’re stupid and Ding Kaixuan is even stupider, that’s why you were able to fool him to pay such a high price for you…”

Ye Qingyu looked at Liu Gongfong, his face filled with contempt.

“Mercy… Mercy…” Liu Gongfong’s mouth was filled with blood. Without any trace of his previous arrogance, as if he was a dog with a broken spine, struggling to beg for mercy.

At this moment, even if Liu Gongfong was even more stupid, he absolutely knew he was not the opponent of this teenager. He was already scared out of his wits.

Originally with his strength, even if he was repeatedly struck onto the fake mountain, he would not be in such a pitiful state. But the teenager at that instant had sealed his inner yuan, not allowing him to use yuan qi to protect his body…

This type of strength exceeded Liu Gongfong by many times over.

“I won’t kill you, scram.” Ye Qingyu flicked his hands.

Liu Gongfong was as if he was granted amnesty. He struggled to rise, not daring to tarry in the slightest. Bearing his pain, he bit by bit crawled away…

Ding Kaixuan was like an icicle.

“Noble master, you’re still not leaving? Staying here, do you want me to invite you to dinner?” Ye Qingyu asked with a smile that was not a smile.

Ding Kaixuan did not dare say anything.

He knew he should quickly leave.

But the problem was, in these four years, he had invested a lot into this mansion. There were many treasured objects that had been transferred here for storage, once he left, everything would belong to the Ye family…

Thinking of this, he could only feel a pain in his teeth and flesh.

People die because of riches; birds die because of food.

Therefore, he hesitated, wanting to rely on his noble status to negotiate.

Ye Qingyu could see through the thoughts of Ding Kaixuan with one glance, not paying attention to him anymore.

“Go find a doctor, to treat the injuries of Aunt Lan.” Ye Qingyu supported Qin Lan till she was seated properly, then activated his inner yuan, suppressing her pain.

There was a manservant nearby, who was fair faced, and seemed clever. Hearing this, after a slight hesitation, he immediately ran to find a doctor.

Ye Qingyu comforted Qin Lan and her daughter then turned, coming to the center of the hall.

In the deepest part of the hall, there was a landscape painting hung on the wall. Directly underneath, there was a small, bronze altar with intricate workmanship, with carvings of flowers and birds and also depicting scenes of the human race fighting. It was a work of art.

This small bronze altar was once one of the treasured possessions of the Ye family.

Ye Qingyu looked at this little altar, his deepest memories being invoked. He remembered the intimate and gentle moments with his mother and father, a faint smile appearing unknowingly on his face.

He retrieved the brass heroic badge from the interdimensional pouch, placing it on the recess on top of the altar.

Instantly, a sound of mechanisms turning could be heard.

The four walls of the hall suddenly glowed with a pale light from the runes and formations. The entire mansion seemed to possess a strange atmosphere, indistinct lights from runes shining on all parts of the mansion. Stone tiles, walls, water pavilions, corridors, the surface of every part of this building began to glow.

But very quickly, everything became peaceful again.

At this time, the Ye family mansion was as if it was changed and as if nothing had happened whatsoever.

Ding Kaixuan seeing this, his entire body was shaken.

His gaze was filled with regret and remorse. “So the deed for this house was in your hands all along…”

In a world where runes where advanced, mansions that were above average had deeds made by rune masters. Transactions like exchanging houses needed the rune hub to reset the owner. Only after this could you be counted as a true owner, and received the protection of the royal law of Snow Country.

After Ding Kaixuan had forcefully repossessed the ancestral house of the Ye family, he had never managed to find the deed. After hiring a person who had some skills in runes, he had managed to change the information in the runes slightly. Normal people could not tell, making it seem as if he really possessed the deed.

Now that Ye Qingyu had managed to bring out the true deed, the rune hub – that is the little bronze altar, had reset. This was equal to Ye Qingyu once again becoming the owner of this mansion.

Ding Kaixuan finally understood that all his plans and schemes, in a split second had become wasted effort.

His heart, turned icy cold.

“I… I need… I need to take back what belongs to me,” Ding Kaixuan said hoarsely, speaking as if he was talking to himself. “I have many things in this mansion, I…”

Ye Qingyu gave him a smile. “From today onwards, everything here, belongs to the Ye family.” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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