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Chapter 568, Lotus Flower sword attack (1)

White Lotus Sword Sect!

A descendant of the White Lotus Sword Sect?

This sentence, like an earth shaking clap of thunder, or a boulder plunging into a pond, had made near ten thousand experts on the large and small floating peaks become like a nest of noisy and shocked birds. They were unable to hold back from crying out in shock. There were all kinds of discussions breaking out in an instant.

“Heavens, what did I hear, did I hear it wrong?”

“What? He... is the successor of the White Lotus Sword Sect?”

“But... impossible, wasn’t the White Lotus Sword Sect destroyed by Greater One Sect hundreds of years ago? It is said that day was a bloodbath, the tens of thousands of people of White Lotus Sword Sect were all killed. No one survived.”

“Yes, wasn’t the whole sect wiped out? How could there be a descendant? The way that Greater One Sect handles matters like these has always been to destroy the roots and branches, they absolutely would not leave behind future trouble.”

“I'm afraid this matter is true, no wonder the White Lotus Immortal sword underwent such strange changes in his hand!”

“This young man is stupid. He had survived after undergoing such difficulty, he should have concealed his identity and lived another life. That way he could continue the White Lotus Sword Sect, but he chose to show himself in such a high-profile manner and challenged the Greater One Sect, this... Is this not walking right into a trap?”

“Yes, how will the Greater One Sect leave him alive...”

Some people felt sorry for Liu Shaji, while others thought he was too impulsive and reckless to do this, and this was simply suicide.

The matter had come to this. Even the leader of the other great forces were struggling to keep calm.

When Nangong Jue previously saw the reaction of the White Lotus Immortal sword, he already had his suspicions. After all, he had seen the glory of the White Lotus Sword Sect before. But now that Liu Shaji had admitted his identity, he could not help but be a little surprised. The few elders and spiritual master behind him also took on a look of astonishment.

The faces of the Sky Demon Palace master, the master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect and the master of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, also had shock flitting across. Presumably they also had an early suspicion.

A descendant of a sect, which had vanished for hundreds of years, had suddenly showed up; this was like a legend, The atmosphere of the Storm Sword Duel gathering was undoubtedly brought to its climax.

On a small floating peak.

Ye Qingyu looked at Liu Shaji who had just exposed his identity on the Storm Platform, a look of surprise mingled with consternation sprang into his eyes.

No wonder.

No wonder that the White Lotus Immortal sword could not unleash all its power in the hands of Chen Shaohua, and even if Chen Shaohua instilled all his strength and yuan qi he had never really awakened the White Lotus Immortal sword.

No wonder that during the battle in the tea garden, Liu Shaji looked at the White Lotus Immortal sword with such a strange look in his eyes.

No wonder that he had looked distracted in the past few days...

He had no idea that the unrestrained and unruly young man, who was not considered as having a tall and burly body, was burdened with such a blood feud.

Ye Qingyu, after the initial shock, could not conceal his worries.

Liu Shaji's experience, in a way, was a bit similar to that of Ye Qingyu. It can be imagined that, if this time the Greater One Sect achieved their desired outcome of the Storm Sword Duel gathering, then the major forces of Clear River Domain would together invade Heaven Wasteland Domain. Finally the Heaven Wasteland Domain would end up like the White Lotus Sword Sect had back then. And Ye Qingyu would also be like Liu Shaji, wandering around, continuing to conceal his identity, persistently planning and preparing his revenge.

Looking at Liu Shaji on the Storm Platform, Ye Qingyu felt that he could closely relate to him.

The lonely figure, in the eyes of Ye Qingyu, was solemn and tragic. He was like a javelin standing straight on the Storm Platform, staking his everything, to retaliate against the Greater One Sect.

The man who he had been drinking and chatting merrily with under the moonlight a few days ago, at this time, was like a solitary boat in the vast sea during a storm, lonely and in danger.

Perhaps the next moment a wave would crash down, lightning flashing and thunder rolling. A little carelessness and he would be swallowed by the waves.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Ye Qingyu noticed that there was the same worrying look in the eyes of Nan Tieyi and Hu Bugui.

The sound of the wind whistled past the Storm Platform. The noise of the wind swaying the branches and rustling the leaves of the trees on the big and small floating peaks, were setting off the unusually quiet and strange atmosphere at this time.

No one thought that the White Lotus Sword Sect that had disappeared for a hundred years would appear in front of everyone at this moment.


On the Storm Platform.

The shock in Liu Xuezong's eyes resided, gradually calming down.

He drew a deep breath and did not say anything more, instead turned to face the Greater One Sect's floating peak.

Precisely the location of the Greater One Spiritual Master.

In the distance.

There was not the slightest emotion on the Greater One Spiritual Master’s face.

Towards the appearance and identity of Liu Shaji, the martial arts overlord had an indifferent look, there was not the slightest expression of astonishment.

Evidently, to the high and mighty him, it was a trivial matter in his view.

So much that when Liu Xuezong cast a glance over, he did not even say a word.

But Liu Xuezong finally eased a little.

He understood the meaning of his senior brother.

Destroy the roots and branches; today he must not let go of Liu Shaji, the surviving member of the White Lotus Sword Sect.

Liu Xuezong's gaze again fell on the body of Liu Shaji, like looking at a dead man, but also with a tinge of compassion, as he said, “Junior, today you seeked out your own death. White Lotus Sword Sect became history long ago, it had long vanished. You escaped calamity back then, extended your remaining breath for decades, but today you came at your own will. I will send you to the underworld to reunite with your sect!

Before his voice died away.

There was a flash of killing intent in his eyes.

For a while he chanted a difficult to understand mantra and spread out his left hand on his chest and abdomen, while pinching a strange hand seal with his right.

He pressed the right hand seal against the left palm, connecting the two hands, and a ball of white pierced through from the gap between his hands.

After a brief while, Liu Xuezong slowly raised his right hand.

And in the palm of his left hand appeared a palm-sized, transparent compass.

There was only the palm-sized compass, which looked carved from ice, sparkling and translucent like crystals. There was an egg-sized hexagon snowflake print on the center and six mysterious ancient characters, which corresponded to the six corners of the snowflake, surrounding the snowflake. The edges of the compass were engraved with numerous mysterious formation markings.

The seemingly delicate compass was filled with a fierce cold air.

“You want to die, today I'll send you on your way with the Mysterious Icy Star Compass!”

Liu Xuezong no longer wasted time talking, and with a low roar, instilled yuan qi into the compass in his left hand.

In a brief moment, the compass in his hand was suddenly ignited like an ice lantern, producing a dazzling white light.

A bone-chilling coldness broke out from the center of the compass.

“Demon Ice Prison.”

The solid substance-like cold air was tumbling around like waves at Liu Xuezong’s feet, spreading across the entire Storm Platform.

Almost within a second, the surface of the platform was covered with ice.

The surging chill was like a charging evil beast, and behind Liu Xuezong was a tremendous strangely shaped beast demon ice sculpture slowly rising from the ice.

The boundless cold pervaded the Storm Platform.

Even though the protective boundary walls of the platform could prevent the battle on the stage from spreading outwards of the Storm Platform, but it still could not stop the biting cold. A vast expanse of white cold air, like clouds and mist, spread out from the Storm Platform, causing a distinct sudden drop in temperature on the surrounding floating peaks. Many of the low-level disciples operated their yuan qi to withstand the bone chilling cold.

On the Storm Platform.

Liu Xuezong was like a statue of Buddha in a world of ice and glass.

His palm was supporting a crystal clear compass, his whole body was shrouded by a solid-substance-like white chill, activating yuan qi, and he crossed his right index finger and the middle finger together, and began writing mysterious formation markings.

The demon ice sculpture was vibrating, like a beast that had been sleeping for many years had been awakened,


A dragon-like long roar came from the giant mouth of the demon ice sculpture.

Giant sound waves were like a hurricane raging on the platform, and the cold in the hurricane turned to ice crystals that swept across.

The hurricane whizzed to where Liu Shaji was.


Liu Shaji's expression was solemn.

The hatred and excitement had dispersed, he mobilized his yuan qi and adjusted himself into the optimal state.

A real martial artist, when facing a challenge, their mind will be at its clearest. It would be as still as a moon, calm, and not be swayed by emotions.

Under countless watchful gazes, Liu Shaji firmly held the White Lotus Immortal sword with his right hand, crossing and pinching his fingers on his left, like an illusion, incessantly performing strange and obscure lotus-like sword seals. It seemed to have attracted a mysterious force. Right away, the White Lotus Immortal sword produced a dragon-like sword sound, and a circle of light silver light rippled out from the sword body.

“The White Lotus Sword technique, today will reappear in Jianghu!”

Liu Shaji let out a low roar, his left hand wrapped around the right, swinging the White Lotus Immortal sword skyward like an incense.

Opposite was a solid-substance-like coldness charging over.

As though Liu Shaji could not feel anything.

He closed his eyes lightly, a solemn and dignified expression on his face, as though he was holding a memorial for his ancestors, and said in a sincere yet serious voice, “Headmaster, Master, and everyone, I have finally broken free. Today I will battle to death with our enemies on the Storm Platform. If you can hear me, then you will see at the stars of the ninth heaven. watch me avenge you!”

The White Lotus Immortal sword seemed like it could feel grief and indignation and killing intent within Liu Shaji’s heart. It began buzzing and vibrating.

“Hahaha, open your eyes wide to see clearly, the true power of the White Lotus Immortal sword.”

Liu Shaji’s will and spirit rose dramatically.

A white halo of light broke out from the White Lotus Immortal sword, fully wrapping around Liu Shaji, and underfoot were huge illusory silver lotus petals, like a tremendous white lotus was slowly blooming at his feet, there was an incomparable pure beauty, and from afar Liu Shaji looked like had blossomed from a giant lotus, sacred and solemn, like a god of war in a flower.

At this time, the cold air of Liu Xuezong’s demon Ice Prison was engulfing Liu Shaji, a violent force that seemed like it could destroy the heavens and earth.


As soon as the whizzing cold air came into contact with Liu Shaji’s silver light shield it vanished like smoke.

The vast expanse of white cold air, mingled with ice crystals, were incessantly encircling Liu Shaji, but none of it could advance any further than the silver light, unable to get any closer to Liu Shaji.

Liu Shaji’s refined face was devoid of emotions, no sadness or joy, and his eyes as deep as an ancient lake.

His long black hair flapping in the wind.

He had entirely entered a bizarre state, standing still in his original place, letting himself to be surrounded with Liu Xuezong’s icy wind——
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