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Imperial God Emperor 567 - Another Wave rises

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Chapter 567, Another Wave Rises

The crowd only felt that the storm-like consciousness power had suddenly dissipated. There was no longer the feeling of oppression.

If it was not because the fear and panic had yet dispersed in them. The scene just now, for many people, was simply a dream.

It really was unbelievable.

In this world, a quasi emperor-level expert still existed.

Great Hua Peak headmaster He Ju felt a sense of relief, like he had been reborn. His pale complexion gradually restored its previous bright colours.

Thinking of when he was frozen to the spot by the pressure of Old Fish’s consciousness power, it was as unbearable as falling into hell. Even now that Old Fish had withdrawn the consciousness power, the fear itself was still lingering and when he looked to Old Fish, his pupils flickered with unconcealable fear.

Greater One Spiritual Master saw that Old Fish withdrew his consciousness power and knew that he would no longer pursue He Ju about the matter.

“Junior has bad eyes, please forgive me for not looking after you well, and made elder rest at such a cramped floating peak, it really is a sin. Elder, please take a seat above.”

Greater One Spiritual Master looked apologetic, inviting Old Fish to ascend the Greater One Sect’s floating peak.

He was a martial arts overlord and also a formidable person; he can bow and submit, or can stand tall. This moment, he was trying to close the distance with Old Fish, if he can have a friendly relationship with a quasi-emperor-like person, then that would be a great thing for Greater One Sect. There would be nothing to lose and may even be benefits.

It is a pity that Old Fish didn’t buy it.

Old Fish raised a cup of clear tea, stirred the floating tea leaves on the surface with the lid, before giving a mischievous laughter and saying in an indifferent tone, “No need, you did not care about me, just treat it as I do not exist, I do not feel like accompanying you younger generation.”

Once Old Fish finished speaking, he no longer talked to anyone, savouring the taste of the clear tea.

Old Fish’s move seemed to be within Greater One Spiritual Master's expectation.

He once again bowed politely, before leading a group of Greater One Sect people away.

Everyone was well aware that the majority of the top masters in this world had strange personalities and their behaviour was different from ordinary people.

A peerless expert like the master of the Thunder and Lightning Sect naturally cannot be restrained using the etiquette of normal people.

On the Nangong family’s floating peak, Nangong Jue wore a solemn expression on his face, and was slightly hesitant as he said, “This person's ability is unfathomable, before investigating clearly do not offend him. Perhaps we should take the initiative to come forward to show goodwill.”

Facing a suspected quasi emperor, even someone like Nangong Jue was also a bit at a loss.

Nangong Jue looked at Old Fish who acted as though nobody else was present, and then looked over to the direction of the Sky Demon Palace.

The Sky Demon Palace master had a rare grave look in his peach blossom eyes, and as though he had sensed Nangong Jue’s gaze upon him, his eyes met with Nangong Jue’s.

The two people exchanged glances, aware of each other’s fear of Old Fish.

Almost at the same time, they looked over together in the direction of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect floating peak.

Just like them, even if the expression of the Master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect was concealed under the mask, a strong fear was seen in his eyes.

The three people looked over at the apathetic look of Old Fish, exchanged glances and the master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect gently shook his head.

Nangong Jue understood Hua Wulei’s meaning, and dispelled the thought of starting a conversation with Old Fish.

“If I go over to express goodwill at this moment,I’m afraid I will be snubbed in front of everyone. It will be better to wait and watch for now. If necessary, I can send a younger disciple to make friends with the successor of the Thunder and Lightning Sect Tian Huang.” Nangong Jue considered carefully in his mind.

“Nangong family’s master junior Nangong Jue pays respect to elder!”

“The palace master of the Sky Demon Palace, junior Hua Wulei pays respect to elder!”

“The master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect, junior Baili Chengfeng pays respect to elder!”

The three great experts finally reached a tacit understanding. Despite being separated by thousands of meters, they respectfully bowed to Old Fish.

Old Fish, like a monk, entered into a meditative state, and did not give any response.

Nangong Jue and the two others did not look discontent; the initial strong imposing manner had already quietly vanished.

When the three great experts bowed to Old Fish at the same time, there was no one below the Storm Platform that wasn’t shaken.

This scene can be written into the history records of Clear River Domain

When had the masters of overload-level sects simultaneously bowed to and paid respect to others? Such a scene had never been seen ever since the abdication of the Immortal Emperor Sect. Unexpectedly it had emerged today once again.

The action of Greater One Sect and the other three major forces was clear to the crowd below the Storm Platform; they were fearful of the speculated cultivation level of Old Fish.

In just a short moment, Old Fish had became the center of this Storm Sword Meeting.

The crowd looked at Old Fish with envy, worship, and fear.

On the platform.

Ye Qingyu kept silent.

At the moment when Old Fish released the consciousness power, he was just as astonished.

Ever since he rescued Old Fish from the bucket refined from Dragon Seizing Wood, Old fish had been bragging about how powerful he was. Although the strength of Old Fish was estimated to be very powerful, he did not expect Old Fish’s consciousness power to be this tremendous.

But Old Fish had said that he had sustained a Dao injury, so he was placed in the Dragon Seizing wooden bucket to recover.

His Dao injury had not healed. In other words, he should not possess a quasi-emperor-level power.

The power before, there was only consciousness and no yuan energy, could it be that he was pretending?

All of a sudden Ye Qingyu could not be sure.

“I planned to take advantage of the fortunate timing of Chen Shaohua’s death to cause chaos to the Storm Sword Duel gathering and then find the chance to save Xing’er, but Old Fish’s pretend power had upset my plan. However, this may be better, Greater One Sect is cautious in taking action, which means they would be much more restrained and I have to play it by ear now!”

Ye Qingyu thought carefully.

He put away the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Since he had won and no other people wanted to challenge him, Ye Qingyu also did not want to challenge others, so he jumped from the platform to the floating peak under countless envious gazes, and then slowly walked to sit next to Old Fish.

The gaze of the crowd hovered around the maser and disciples of the Thunder and Lightning Sect.

Everyone knew that, after today, the name of the Thunder and Lightning Sect would be well known throughout Clear River Domain, and it would become a new mighty force that no one dared to approach.

For the following long while, many people were still in shock.

The appearance of a quasi-emperor, what it meant, was hard to explain in a few words.

But it was not a good thing for the ambitious major forces.

On the platform.

After a long while, as the host, the elder of Greater One Sect Liu Xuezong, emerged from a stream of light, a solemn look on his face, as though nothing had happened. He declared in a clear voice, “This battle, Tian Huang of the Thunder and Lightning Sect wins!”

After a little pause, Liu Xuezong gathered qi in his dantian and continued in an imposing tone of voice, “The presence of the Elder of the Thunder and Lightning Sect is an honour of Clear River Domain. The sword duel proceeds, the challenges continue, is there someone to take the stage to challenge enemies?”

The voice fell.

For a long while, no one appeared to challenge anyone.

A lot of people seem to still be immersed in astonishment of the appearance of a quasi-emperor and were still in a trance.

Liu Xuezong also did not urge anyone, swept his gaze over the audience, when he suddenly saw something. He shifted his direction, a bright light shot out from his palm, and transformed into a stream of flowing light that darted over to where the White Lotus Immortal sword landed during the battle between Chen Shaohua and Ye Qingyu.

Everyone was too aghast with Old Fish’s power that a divine weapon like the White Lotus Immortal sword was forgotten after the death of Chen Shaohua and was inadvertently left on the Storm Platform. It was also only now that Liu Xuezong noticed the White Lotus Immortal sword, and promptly went over to take back the divine weapon.

Fluorescent light flashed, and the silver White Lotus Immortal sword sped towards the direction of Liu Xuezong.

Just then, a voice came——


A fierce shout came like a clap of thunder in a finally calm sky.

The people who had yet recovered from the previous, successive occurrence, were startled once again. Before they found the source of the sound, they caught sight of a star-like white stream of light descending on the Storm Platform.

Silhouetted against the bright light was a tall and straight figure of a young man.

He was seen slowly stretching out his right hand.

A bizarre power spread from his hand.

The White Lotus Immortal sword that was already firmly gripped in Liu Xuezong’s hand seemed to have sensed something. It suddenly emitted a long cry.

Before waiting for Liu Xuezong to respond, the White Lotus Immortal sword swiftly erupted in bright light flames, rapidly vibrating, producing sword sounds that resembled the long cries of divine dragons of the ninth heaven. The sword hilt suddenly burst out an incomparable power, breaking free from the control of Liu Xuezong.


Liu Xuezong exclaimed.


The White Lotus Immortal sword, like a swallow returning to its nest, merrily rested on the young man’s palm.

The young man’s complexion did not change, his right hand clasping the Immortal sword in an extremely confident and natural posture, his left hand brushing the sword body in a gentle and delicate motion, as though caressing the skin of a lover.

“Old friend, long time no see.”

He said quietly.

This sentence was as it had injected new life force and spiritual power into the White Lotus Immortal sword, the sword body shook and vibrated, and a bright brilliance broke out, so dazzling to the degree that no one dared to stare at it directly.

Strange changes occurred within the White Lotus Immortal sword.

As though a spirit had awakened inside the slender sword, an unprecedented force gradually broke out of the sword body, presenting a silver-white colour, like a tangible object, scattering off. The sword body inch by inch became dazzling white. The white light all over the sword body was like a dragon wandering around, white lotus flowers blossoming, the specks of starlight between the halos flickering endlessly, like a dream.

The strange scene made everyone looked amazed.

The young man flicked his fingers.

The White Lotus Immortal sword responded by immediately producing a cheerful sword sound.

The sound was like a melodious tune resounding across an empty valley in the mountains, and like the cry of an immortal crane in the ninth heaven.

“Who is this young man, why would the White Lotus Immortal sword recognise him as master?”

“Yes, that day in the tea garden and today on the Storm Platform, I have never seen the White Lotus Immortal sword so excited.”

“The Immortal sword seems to be alive.”

“Could it be...”
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