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Imperial God Emperor 560 - Sun and Moon Double Wheels

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Chapter 560, Sun and moon double wheels

Chen Shaohua could not accept such a result.

In order to regain his dignity and the fame that he had lost in the Enlightened Tea Garden on the Storm Platform, in these 10 days he had been madly cultivating. He even swallowed a lot of pills and medicines in order to enhance his yuan qi cultivation. Adding to this he had asked several elders to infuse inner yuan into his body. These 10 days of cultivation were comparable to the training of the past two or three years.

To train with such a self-harming cultivation method that may lead to repercussions, Chen Shaohua only hoped to defeat Tian Huang on the platform.

This time, he was full of confidence.

Who would have thought that...

“Ah ah ah, I don’t accept, I don’t accept.”

He roared wildly.

At the critical moment, he broke out with an unparalleled yuan qi power. His strength was rising again and he almost burned his life and martial arts source, in order to withstand the fist that was coming head-on.

However, the purple thunder and lightning fist was relentless and unshakable.

The force contained within the fist was not at all what he had imagined.

“Pff... Ah”

Bones fractured and collapsed, Chen Shaohua's whole body was badly mangled, like rotten flesh.

His figure was constantly shrinking back, and back, and back...

“Why... would this be?”

Countless years of cultivated martial arts self-confidence, at this moment had completely collapsed.

Chen Shaohua almost crumbled apart.

This moment, he knew that, if he had only relied on his own strength, he would never win against Tian Huang.

“Originally... I wanted to prove that I'm better than you,” Chen Shaohua gave up struggling, his body was almost crushed to a pool of blood, but his face suddenly surfaced with a ferocious and mad face that should not belong to this state. He seemed to be mumbling and seemed to be talking to Ye Qingyu: “You forced me... You forced me to... It's all over, Tian Huang, I have to admit you are strong, but on this platform, I represent Greater One Sect, so... I can't lose!”

His mouth was wildly spurting out blood; Chen Shaohua was at his last gasp.

But his eyes were glowing with a mad, dangerous light.

“Sun and moon double wheels, come out.”

In the midst of a low roar, unexpected changes happened.

A faint golden glow flew out of Chen Shaohua’s mouth.

The next moment, the golden glow burst out into a dazzling splendor that surrounded Chen Shaohua’s almost crumbling physical body, and a golden spherical light shield wrapped him within. The yuan qi between the heaven and earth immediately converged towards the golden spherical light, penetrated through the light shield, and came pouring into Chen Shaohua’s body like golden quicksand. It was seen that, under the effect of the light shield, Chen Shaohua’s body was recovering rapidly at a frightening speed.

Ye Qingyu's purple lightning fist launched right at the golden spherical light shield, but unexpectedly was instantly deflected.

Ye Qingyu withdrew his fist.

His face took on a solemn expression.


“Hehe, Tian Huang, I said before, those that go against Greater One Sect, will only die.” Chen Shaohua's body had been completely restored, there was not the slightest scar, and on his face was a hint of a ridiculing look as he said, “I can't kill you, but Greater One Sect can.”

As he was speaking.

The golden spherical light shield, was like the blazing sun. It enveloped his body, and on the surface of the light shield were two strange formations looming out, that at first glance seemed like two golden dragons stretching out. It was extremely bizarre.


Ye Qingyu's right fist swung out again.

The punch struck the golden light shield around Chen Shaohua.

But the purple shock wave was dissolved as soon as it came into contact with the golden shield.

His right fist, which contained the power of thunder and lightning, was like it went up against cotton. The offense was completely eliminated!

Ye Qingyu’s brow slightly knitted together, withdrawing his right fist.

“Greater One Sect has indeed done such a shameless thing.”

He looked at the golden sphere that was enveloping Chen Shaohua, realizing that it was not something that belonged to Chen Shaohua.

Not only did this golden sphere not belong to Chen Shaohua, even the power and light contained within the golden sphere were not Chen Shaohua's power.


The showdown between the two people on the Storm Platform was watched intently by the crowd below.

As the Nangong family, the Sky Demon Palace, the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect and other major forces saw that Chen Shaohua's body was enveloped by the golden light shield, they all shot a glance over at Greater One Sect’s floating peak and then quietly shifted their gaze back to the Storm Platform.

These influential people all could discern certain clues.

What Greater One Sect had done was to be expected of them.

If it were them, they would have done the same thing.

The dignity and honour of his sect will never allow Chen Shaohua to lose in such a fight.

Around the floating peaks.

“What's going on? What just happened?”

“This Chen Shaohua is suffused with a white light?”

“No, why would Chen Shaohua have such a strong defensive force! This is not... not his power,” someone exclaimed.

“Yes, Tian Huang's physical strength is already extraordinary powerful, because he focused on training the body, but this Chen Shaohua, when did he gain the defensive skills that could withstand Tian Huang’s strength... The golden light ball is...” One of the elders of the Flowing Water Sect was amazed at the defensive power that Chen Shaohua showed.

“The foundation of Greater One Sect is not something we can predict. He most likely is using some rare treasure of Greater One Sect!” said an old man of the Divine Sword Sect.

On a small floating peak.

“His mother...” Hu Bugui stood up gritting his teeth. “That is the Sun Wheel, one of the divine treasures of Greater One Sect, how could it appear in the hands of Chen Shaohua?”

Nan Tieyi’s countenance also changed instantly. “Not only the Sun Wheel, even the strength that is activating the Sun Wheel is not the power of Chen Shaohua, but...” Nan Tieyi looked in the direction of Greater One Sect’s floating peak.

Strength of such a level, only the peak masters of the eight peaks of Greater One Sect possessed.

“Only Immortal stage experts can apply such power into the Sun Wheel, and control the Sun Wheel.” Liu Shaji also darkened with fury, “This Greater One Sect is simply despicable.”

“I'm afraid there are more despicable things.” The look on Nan Tieyi's face grew grim. “Among the Greater One Sect’s divine treasures, there is not only the Sun Wheel, but also the Moon Wheel. The two combined into one creates the real killing divine weapon; the Sun Wheel mainly defends while the Moon Wheel mainly attacks, coordinating harmoniously. It is a very terrifying weapon.”

“You mean...” Hu Bugui also figured this out, his facial expression becoming more gloomy, “Chen Shaohua not only has the Sun Wheel, but also the Moon Wheel?”

Nan Tieyi nodded.

“Haha, keep watching.” Old Fish interrupted, grinning, and seemed not at all worried about his disciple.


On the Storm Platform.

Under the protection of the golden ball of light, Chen Shaohua slowly landed on the ground.

His face wore a mocking expression.

After the activation of the Sun Wheel, his aura had undergone an inexplicable unknown change.

If it was the Chen Shaohua from before, he would still have the high-spirited air of a young expert and the decisiveness. But now, from Chen Shaohua’s body, there was one thing that had already silently shattered.

This, Chen Shaohua knew better than anyone else.

The activation of the Sun Wheel, was tantamount to giving up his dignity as an expert.

In such a battle and occasion, it was a disgrace to give up one's power and to defeat an opponent through the power of others.

A martial artist that has given up his own dignity, in the end cannot avoid demons in ones heart and eventually fail to reach the martial arts peak.

A martial artist with ambition will never leave such a flaw in his own heart.

And Chen Shaohua... if he didn't do this, he would have died.

He didn't want to die.

In the beginning of the fight against Tian Huang, Chen Shaohua wanted to rely on his real strength to win.

He really was going to save what he had lost in the last battle.

Unfortunately... Tian Huang was too strong...

Too strong that it made Chen Shaohua despair.

He had no choice.

The power that belonged to the Immortal stage slowly erupted out.

Everyone could only see that, behind Chen Shaohua were two fists-sized wheels gradually becoming visible. One was exuding a sun-like luster, which shrouded Chen Shaohua. The other crescent shaped wheel at this time was quietly suspended behind Shaohua, emitting a faint light.

A vast sun.

A crescent moon.

The illusion of the sun and moon rising emerged behind Chen Shaohua.

Sun and Moon Double Wheels.

“Tian Huang, you pushed me to such a step. You must be proud, when you die, I will bury you!”

Chen Shaohua’s eyes flashed with a biting cold, murderous intent.


“Let me try the Sun and Moon Double Wheels.” Ye Qingyu stared at the Sun and Moon Double Wheels with an eager look.

Ye Qingyu’s right fist was raging with lightning power, purple lightning like sparks popping and crackling.

Ye Qingyu had activated the True Will of the Sky Dragon to its peak; his right fist had become a dragon claw, wrapped in powerful lightning force.

“My Great Hua Peak’s treasure, the Sun and the Moon Wheel Attack and Defense in One, you want to rely on brute force to break the impenetrable defence of the Sun!”

“Impenetrable defence, that is too soon to say!” Ye Qingyu threw out a seemingly slow fist at Chen Shaohua.


Ye Qingyu launched his third punch.

But once the fist power broke out, it only felt like a clay ox plunged into the sea, the fist intent had completely vanished.

“A very strong defensive force!”

Ye Qingyu thought.

“Tian Huang, give up, forget it, hahaha, it’s my turn.”

Chen Shaohua's eyes flashed with a fierce light, and behind him the quiet light of the Moon Wheel suddenly exuded a chilling cold killing intent.

The Moon Wheel behind him rose above his head, like a crescent moon in the blue sky.

Chen Shaohua's hands floated up from his sides, as if he was under the greatest of pressure.

Chen Shaohua recited a string of incomprehensible notes. Like opening the cage of a tiger, glaring light burst from the Moon Wheel overhead as a terrifying aura pervaded the air, and a power several thousand times more frightening than that of Chen Shaohua’s White Lotus Immortal sword was released from the Moon Wheel.

Under absolute power, the space on the platform froze over, Chen Shaohua’s long hair fluttered about in the absence of wind, his face fierce, and an ominous glint flickered inside his eyes.

“It's definitely not Chen Shaohua’s own power!”

Ye Qingyu's expression grew serious.

In a flash, Chen Shaohua had finished storing up power.

“Tian Huang, die!”

His arms folded across his chest, and his palms suddenly thrust out.

The originally quiet Moon Wheel suspended overhead transformed into a stream of light and closed in on Ye Qingyu with a deadly atmosphere.

Just as Ye Qingyu was about to counter back, suddenly his complexion changed.

Because in this split second, he was glued to the spot, his body felt as though it had been locked, being unable to move in the slightest. The palm-sized Moon Wheel expanded before his eyes, and came crushing over like a mountain.

Time and space seemed to be frozen, and Ye Qingyu, who was glued to the spot, felt like he had fallen into a deep swamp——

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