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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 54 Why are You Still Here?

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Chapter 54 – Why are You Still Here?

The guards once again lifted their whips maliciously.

At this time, suddenly another guard came rushing in. He came in front of Ding Kaixuan, clasping his hands together. He said, “Master, outside the entrance a youth is asking to see you…”

“Youth? What youth?” Ding Kaixuan impatiently waved his hand. “Tell him to scram, your master I doesn’t have the mood to see some assorted trash.”

The guard hesitated for a moment. “Master, this youth is a student of White Deer Academy.”

The students of White Deer Academy were all martial artists. In Deer City, they had a certain status and respect given to them.

“White Deer Academy?” Ding Kaixuan was slightly taken aback, then instantly quivered, realizing something. “How old is he… did you ask what his name is?”

“He seems to be around fourteen years old. This subordinate has asked, he said his family name is Ye, and his name is Qingyu.” The guard nodded his head.

He was not able to see that once he finished his words, Ding Kaixuan’s facial expression changing entirely. Fury and fear flashed across his eyes, his expression undergoing a myriad of changes, and finally looking gloomy.

Ding Kaixuan did not think that the thing that would come would come so fast.

It was not that he had never thought about the possibility of the descendant from the Ye family coming. But he had never imagined the day would come so quickly; Ye Qingyu had not even been in White Deer Academy for five months. According to normal reasoning, only after a year could he enter the second year and be free to leave White Deer Academy…

In these days, Ding Kaixuan had sent people to gather information about Ye Qingyu’s performance within White Deer Academy. He was able to obtain some vague news such as Ye Qingyu offending Qin Wushuang and being confined within the [Grievance Hall]. Only through hearing that could his heart settle down…

Putting all this information together, Ding Kaixuan judged that the descendant of the Ye family, in the near future, absolutely could not pose any sort of threat to him.

But the problem was, why had the day arrived so early?

In this moment, countless thoughts passed through Ding Kaixuan’s mind.

He was about the say something, when he suddenly saw a teenager wearing a long black robe. As if taking a stroll, he came closer step by step. Stepping into the inner courtyard, and heading towards the main hall…

This teenager did not look to be over fourteen or fifteen years old with a muscular body. His thick black hair was tied back with a white hair band, hanging loose to the waist. He had sword-like eyebrows and a star-like gaze with an angular face. Especially his pair of eyes, like a cold star in the dark night, as if it was flashing with an electric light.

Behind him, he carried a black spear holster with a spear the thickness of a young child’s arm that was able to be seen behind his back. The two spears were around one meter and eight centimeters long, and the black body of the spear had a heavy sinister killing aura emitting from it.

The youth walked closer step by step, his gaze glancing at the architecture all around. He displayed a type of lament, thinking of the past and sighing. He completely disregarded the other people in the main hall…

“Where did such a wild kid come from, to dare to barge into the Ding mansion…” after being surprised for a moment, a guard immediately rushed out shouting.

The black-robed youth swung his arm.


This guard who was at the peak of the fifth stage of the ordinary martial level, flew out like a kite. He landed on the ground, struggling for a long time but still not managing to get up.

Everyone was greatly stunned.

“You… you are Ye Qingyu?” Ding Kaixuan did not need to ask, he immediately knew the name of this teenager

The black-robed teenager lifted his head and gave him a glance, his gaze filled with a strange dissatisfaction. Instead of answering the question, he asked instead, “Why are you still here?”

Ding Kaixuan hesitated.

What did these words mean?

Why can I not be here?

He suppressed the anger in his heart and gave a discreet signal to the guards next to him. Then a seemingly amiable smile appeared on his face. He said, “I wonder why the young master of the Ye family has come here to my place, do you have some business?”

“Your place?” Ye Qingyu gave a mocking smile. “This is the Ye family, why can I not come?”

Ding Kaixuan’s expression changed, his face darkening. “Little children are young and are naïve so I won’t blame you. This place that used to be Ye family now is the Ding mansion. You trespassed on the Ding mansion without reason, this is violating the laws of the Snow Country. In consideration of your young age, I won’t take matters further. Quickly leave!”

Coordinating with Ding Kaixuan’s strict and threatening tone, tens of guards pulled out their blades. They pressed closer from all sides, emitting a killing aura, their faces sinister.

Ye Qingyu gave a light smile, lifting his head and looking at Ding Kaixuan. He said bitingly, “I don’t want the blood of outsiders to pollute the ancestral home of the Ye family. I’ll give you thirty minutes of time, obediently scram, or else…”

Before he had finished speaking.

An abundant and irresistible yuan qi energy exploded from around Ye Qingyu. The tens of guards around him, amidst their screams, were forced stuttering backwards by this energy, not being able to stay in balance.

Ding Kaixuan with wide eyes retreated several steps, his face changing completely.

“Lei Gongfong, are you still not going to act?” He cried darkly.

As he finished his sentence, a bear-like man with a body like an iron tower walked out from the shadows.

This person was around thirty years of age and two meters tall, with bulging muscles that was similar to that of a massive bear. It was unknown how he was able to hide in the shadows; previously, no one had discovered him, as if he did not exist at all…

But when he stood out, the ferocious aura emitted from his enormous body was enough to make people feel as if a ten-thousand-pound-boulder was pressing against their chest. There was an illusion of suffocation, as if dark clouds were pressing down.

“Keke, a little child knowing some superficial skills, dares to come out and flaunt?” The Lei Gongfong with a steel body, laughed like an owl. “White Deer Academy has really declined, it’s getting worse with each generation!”

Ding Kaixuan’s face, also displayed a malevolent intention.

This Lei Gongfong was someone that he had spent much financial resources into hiring, a Spirit spring expert. He was infamous throughout, cruel and ruthless. Normally there was not much use for him, but today with Lei Gongfong here, he could definitely take care of the descendant of the Ye family.


Ye Qingyu only took a glance at Lei Gongfong, then lost his interest.

He suddenly sniffed, smelling a bloody odour. Realizing something, his gaze passed by the crowds, finally landing on the pitiful woman hanging from midair far off in the distance outside the main hall.

“This is…” Ye Qingyu’s heart shook, recognizing the woman covered in blood. “It’s Aunt Lan!”


Everyone felt a blur zip across their vision.

The Ye Qingyu who was originally within the main hall, through a flicker of his shadow, disappeared. The next instant, he appeared outside the main hall.


The ropes were sliced apart by the wind from his palm.

Ye Qingyu lifted his hand, catching the woman into his embrace. His left hand extended and an invisible yuan qi shot out, grabbing hold of a chair covered with beast fur, and placing the woman onto the chair.

“Mother, mother…” Little Grass quickly rushed over to protect her mother.

The woman woke up from her unconsciousness again and felt a pain as if her body was being stabbed. In her sight, there was a young and handsome face, faintly familiar. Enduring her pain, she said, “Child, you… you are…”

“Aunt Lan, it’s me. I’m little Yu. Aunt Lan, I’m sorry, I’ve come late…” Ye Qingyu was greatly shaken within his heart.

The woman’s name was Qin Lan, and was one of the nurses of Ye Qingyu. It was said that Ye Qingyu’s real mother did not possess any milk when Ye Qingyu was small, and it was this nurse that had raised Ye Qingyu with her milk. Qin Lan’s husband was a guard of the Ye family, and in the battle of the city, died along with Ye Qingyu’s parents.

After the Ye family’s property and mansion was forcefully taken, Qin Lan and her daughter Little Grass were both seized as servants and Ye Qingyu was forced to live on the streets, with no way to resist. Although Ye Qingyu was still young at that time, but from the last words of his father, he could vaguely guess at some of the hidden meanings within. In order not to involve or implicate Qin Lan and her daughter, in these four years, he had not contacted them at all.

Until he had entered White Deer Academy and possessed sufficient strength, was his first action be to rush to recover the Ye family home. One reason was solely for the sake of retaking the mansion but at the same time, he wanted to see Qin Lan and her daughter again and free the servants that had been seized by the Ding family…

Who would have thought, the first scene that he would see when he returned would be this.

An anger began burning from Ye Qingyu’s innards!

“Little trash, I’m speaking to you, you dare ignore me…” Lei Gongfong also exited the main hall with large steps. His face was slightly hard to look at; he had not been able to stop Ye Qingyu’s actions, causing him to lose face.

“Little Yu… Quickly go… You…” Qin Lan understood what had just happened, hurriedly pushing Ye Qingyu away. From her perspective, a fourteen-year-old teenager was definitely not the opponent of such a fierce and bloodthirsty Lei Gongfong.

“Brother Little Yu, quickly go, don’t worry about us…” An unknown courage came from Little Grass, she was still a child but was determined.

“Sister Little Grass…” Ye Qingyu looked at the little girl who had grown up with him drinking the same milk. He could not help but feel sorrow in his heart when he saw the state she was in.

In these four years, Ye Qingyu had felt that he himself had lived an extremely hard life. He had always endured, withstanding the mocking and disdain of the entire city, becoming the clown of Deer City. He was always withstanding the burden of humiliation but compared to these two, the suffering he had undergone was nothing. Qin Lan and Little Grass were truly living in hell, experiencing all sorts of suffering and misery!

He had really come too late!

Ye Qingyu blamed himself for their suffering.


On the face of Lei Gongfong was a cruel and sinister smile. “Go? It’s too late… Lowly trash, to dare come to us alone, is looking for death. Master Ding, I advise you to get rid of this little fellow entirely, eliminating any future problems.”

“This…” Ding Kaixuan was tempted but he was also undecided.

To kill a student of White Deer Academy, one must bear a certain amount of risk. He was only a third class noble, and must carefully consider this proposal.

“Haha, Master Ding, what are you scared of? The gutter of the North District is filled with corpses. After chopping him up and throwing him in there, who can discover him?” Lei Gongfong laughed malevolently, extremely bloodthirsty. “I, Lei Gongfong, have killed demonic beasts before with my own hands and killed people of the military. Hehe, to kill a little trash of White Deer Academy, what is there to be scared about?”

“If this is made known?” Ding Kaixuan was still hesitant.

“Hmph, who dares leak this, I’ll kill that person.” The killing intent of Lei Gongfong leaked out. As if he was a giant bear that had gone rabid, he took a step, shaking the entire structure of the mansion.

The servants of the Ding family were scared, their faces white and shivering in terror. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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