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Imperial God Emperor 556 - Blood Rainstorm 2

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Chapter 556, Blood Rainstorm (2)


The spear fell to the ground.

The spear body hit the ground, making a loud noise that resembled a tragic and lonely lament.

Fu Lingtian stood without any expression. Without even taking a look at the corpse on the ground, he left the Storm Platform without the slightest of hesitation.

“This battle, the Thunderbolt Sect wins.”

Liu Xuezong’s emotionless voice resounded through the air, as if everything in front of him could not set off the slightest wave.

Ye Qingyu sighed in his heart.

Shangguan Jiyun had been suffering hardships for many years in order to avenge his father, but he eventually ended up in a tragic death.

The atmosphere was miserable and pitiful.

After all, in this world not all revenge will be successful, not all challenges will go as desired. The blood on the Storm Platform was not all shed by evil people, many avengers had also left their lives here. An unsuccessful revenge will cost them their lives, they also do not know whether their descendant will avenge them or not.

Such was the cruelty of the martial world.

The blood of experts was flowing on the platform, and the bloodstains had not dried up.

The bloody scene caused a change in one’s countenance.

However, this was just the beginning of the brutal slaughter.

Just as many people were still sighing with regret over the death of Shangguan Jiyun, and had not yet reacted to the scene, a challenger mounted the platform.

“It's my turn!”

The originally still and silent atmosphere was suddenly broken by a beautiful and clear voice.

The crowd twisted their head towards the voice.

Above a floating peak in the Northeast direction, an elegant woman wielding an imperial sword descended onto the Storm Platform.

She was dressed in a white and green long dress embroidered with silver, and her white long boots had the outline of a silver totem. She was beautiful and graceful like a moon fairy.

“I am the Moon Immortal Palace’s 161th generation Imperial Empress Lin Yueping. Today I challenge Virtuous Temple’s Monk Juechen.”

The voice of Lin Yueping was sweet and gentle.

She reached over her shoulder and drew her sword, a three foot green blade, and with a wide sweep of her sword brought up a gust of wind and a piercing sword slash sound resounded.

The blade was more than three feet, the sword body thin as a cicada’s wing, sparkling translucent like glass, and was known as the [Divine Moon sword], a divine weapon in Clear River Domain.

The [Divine Moon sword] in her palm was releasing an icy cold light, the blade quivering, and the sharp point of the blade pointed to a floating peak hundreds of miles away.

There was a deep and low sigh in the air that was almost unnoticeable.

In mid-air, the clouds and mist came together and solidified, building an iron-like cloud bridge.

Then, where the sword light was pointing to on the floating peak, a monk draped in a white kasaya robe and wearing a bamboo hat came strolling over, nodding his head.


“Haha, I knew that they would be at the Storm Sword Duel gathering!”

A disciple of the Starry Heaven Palace was the first to speak.

Soon after, whispers were heard from the next dozens of peaks.

“I can't believe Yuping would still come today...”

Among the people of the Hundred Spirits Sect, a middle-aged beautiful woman mumbled to herself.

Ye Qingyu was inevitably curious as he watched the monk moving unhurriedly and occasionally pulling the prayer beads in his hand. This monk unexpectedly was involved in a relationship with a person of the mortal world.

Hu Bugui had heard some rumors; a marriage was arranged between Lin Yueping and this monk. They were childhood friends and had an extremely good relationship, but for some reason the groom shaved his head to become a monk on the marriage day. After that, every year Lin Yueping will go to the Virtuous Temple on the day of their marriage to meditate for an entire day, not eat or drink, or said a word.

This matter became a huge joke for the people of Clear River Domain.


Juechen had just stepped into the Storm Platform.

Lin Yueping waved his right hand, sword qi solidified, and the previously sparkling and translucent sword body at this time was flashing in a variety of colours.

“Benefactress, why are you doing this? Fighting to the end on the Storm Platform. The matters between you and me, there is no need to solve it with death.”

Juechen never once looked up at Lin Yueping, his voice was gentle and ethereal.

“Juechen, the enmity between us has been going on for too long. The moon’s faces have changed thousands of times, I am afraid if we do not solve this, I will forget you.”

The voice of the beautiful woman Lin Yueping was trembling slightly and her eyes were filled with endless sadness.

“Sigh, benefactress, the past is as transient as fleeting clouds. Letting go of obsessions can free oneself from worldly worries.”

Juechen stopped to hold the prayer beads, before finally looking up to face Lin Yueping, but his eyes that were as deep as a vast ocean seemed not surprised by the billows and waves.

“Then it is my obsession. Today no matter who lives or dies, I have no regrets.”

Lin Yueping sobbed, but in the next moment she brought her sword up in a slash.

On the Storm Platform the two moon-coloured figures were very natural and unrestrained.

In the first few moves, Juechen was blindly retreating and had only used the force of the prayer beads to resist the sword qi, dispelling it by pushing to the boundary walls.

The monk's body was without the slightest of murderous aura.

On the contrary, Lin Yueping launched all attacks with full strength, without showing any mercy.


“When a woman is angry, she is very ruthless.”

“Exactly, he made the Moon Immortal Palace Imperial Empress laughed at for tens of years. This hatred is not as little as a divine weapon being snatched away.”

“He doesn’t want a beauty, but wants to be a monk who lights an oil lamp before the statue of Buddha, I don’t know what he is thinking.”

“I have heard that Juechen was born with a jade in his mouth, and on the jade was an engraved line of a Buddhist sutra, perhaps he was born to be a monk.”

“Hahahaha, if he had known about it earlier, then he might as well have given the Imperial Empress of the Moon Immortal Palace to me.”

“Once this woman is angry she will chase after you for decades, I didn't think you would like this kind of fierce woman.”

This battle was not like the previous two brutal fights. It was inevitable that the crowd found it boring and occasionally began to chat amongst themselves.

On one of the closest floating peaks to the Storm Platform, the Palace Master of the Sky Demon Palace was holding a glass cup, watching interestedly at the two people.

Several prominent scholarly men of Heaven Desire Demon Sect were interested in the young and beautiful Imperial Empress of Moon Immortal Palace.



Suddenly, a trembling sound broke out on the platform.

The sudden movement captured the attention of all the people.

Lin Yueping’s [Moon Immortal sword] struck the prayer beads in Juechen’s hand, denting a half finger deep mark on the thousand year old bead.

At this time Lin Yueping’s yuan qi was already disordered, and her strength was greatly exhausted.

Juechen glanced at the prayer beads, and then looked at the pale Lin Yueping who had a layer of cold sweat all over her forehead. He opened his mouth slightly to say something, but then hesitated.

Before he could say anything.

Lin Yueping suddenly swung up the sword with yuan qi. It sped across in midair, a soul seizing sword attack, thrusting at Monk Juechen.

In the nick of time, Juechen deflected the attack with the praying beads.

But he had never thought that, at this time, Lin Yueping, whose eyes were filled with despair and a drop of tear was flowing down her cheek, would immediately twist the [Moon Immortal sword] around to face herself.

The [Moon Immortal sword] erupted with a multicoloured light, stabbing right through Lin Yueping’s chest.


Juechen’s eyes that were like an abyss of worldly suffering finally revealed the colour of panic.

He flashed past, catching the falling Lin Yueping.

Lin Yueping’s breathing was weak, the light in her eyes was gradually fading, but the corner of her mouth was curved in a smile, as if she had finally resolved her thoughts.

“How will I not know your heart, but I can not save it, I...”

After saying that, she took her last breath, her strength faded, and her hand that had reached out to mid-air to touch Juechen’s face dropped back down.

On the Storm Platform, Juechen’s white kasaya robe that was mottled with Lin Yueping’s blood was like a blooming red plum blossom in winter.

Silent, a long silence.

There was only the very slight sound of the wind in mid-air and the rolling of the clouds.

No one disturbed the two people who were separated in this life.

After a long time, as if the blood on Juechen’s robe had been dried thoroughly, he picked up the slightly stiffened body of Lin Yueping. His face was expressionless, but his eyes revealed a bleak despair.

Juechen stepped into the air, holding Lin Yueping, leaving behind the Virtuous Temple disciples and the few Moon Immortal Palace disciples who had only awakened from the shock and came chasing after with the imperial sword.

On the Storm Platform, a battle of life and death, fought to the end.

In one hundred years, how many grudges, grievances were there? And on this platform, how many lives have been taken?

This scene was nothing but a brief episode of the thousands of grievances and revenge on the Storm Platform.

Ye Qingyu, looking at Monk Juechen’s figure disappearing into the distance, and couldn’t help but sigh.

Ever since the opening of the Storm Platform up until now, this battle was absolutely the one that impacted and touched Ye Qingyu the greatest. He did not even know what feeling it was, and did not know whether Lin Yueping was dead or alive, or what had happened between her and Monk Juechen. But it still touched him.


On the platform.

The killing was still going on.

The sun sets in the West, and rose in the East.

In the next two days, no matter day or night, there was no pause on the Storm Platform.

Ever since the beginning of the killings, the blood and bones seemed to have stimulated the nerves of everyone, that the originally calm people had also became crazy.

There were constantly people dying in battle.

There were constantly people mounting the platform.

A hundred years of enmity, whether it is between sects, or between individuals, at this time they can finally put a complete end to it.

One after another stood the avengers of each sect and the challenger, fighting a bloody battle, and in the end there was always a handful of bones, a pool of blood, and a wisp of clear soul left behind.

With the passage of time, there was an increasingly strong stench of blood, and from the wind that breezed past, from time to time there were low, mournful cries.

The survival rules of the world and the definition of an expert were shown incisively and vividly on the Storm Platform, tapping the hearts of people.

In these two days on the floating peak, in addition to sitting and exercising his breathing, Ye Qingyu had also been watching the martial arts competition.

He had a photographic memory, once he has seen a duel, seen the moves and techniques of an expert of Clear River Domain, he almost could remember it all. Especially since under this kind of life and death battle state, all the moves that the experts displayed were the unique knowledge that they had gained in their life. They did not hold back at all, exhausting their martial artist instinct. This sort of battle, for Ye Qingyu, was also a great luck and opportunity.

Ever since he started his cultivation, although he had been through many difficulties and dangers, there really were not many opportunities that he had to fight with real experts. Watching the battle on the Storm Platform, for Ye Qingyu, who had an abnormal memory, was as if he was fighting on stage

While watching and while practicing martial arts in his mind, Ye Qingyu had a huge harvest. 一

In particular, the sword skills that he practices, [Human King Sword mantra], [God Emperor Sword mantra] and [The Common People Sword mantra] all paid particular attention to the meaning of a move. The more martial arts moves in this world that he digested, the better his understanding of the meaning of a sword move. The moves of these top experts of Clear River Domain had all left a lasting mark on the mind of Ye Qingyu.

His understanding of martial arts was frantically elevated from observing such an endless battle.

Ye Qingyu felt that his will of the martial arts was sublimated.

In addition, every day when the sun fades and the stars emerge, he would spend a few hours silently breathing and observing inside. He would rapidly inspect the [Blood Drinker sword] that was in the process of refining and the imprisoned consciousness in the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Hu Bugui and Liu Shaji seemed to be very knowledgeable about the matters of Clear River Domain, and without Ye Qingyu asking, they would tell him all the gossip that they knew.

Ye Qingyu, through what he had seen and the descriptions from Hu Bugui, he came to a conclusion in his mind.

If Clear River Domain really invaded Heaven Wasteland Domain, based on the strength that he had seen on the Storm Platform, then most likely that even if they gathered all the forces to fight off this calamity, it would most likely end in calamity.

As the battle progressed, there were incessantly people being challenged, and some of the older generation experts also inevitably had to battle on the platform.

In these two days, the successor of the Xu Hua Sect, the Starry Heaven palace master, the head of the Burning Lamp Temple, the master of the Mysterious Martial Sect and so on, these famous masters of Clear River Domain also could not escape the calamity, falling down like a shooting star.

As day was alternating with night, an earth-shattering change happened among these hundreds and thousands of years old influential families and sects.

The fighting spirit around the Storm Platform, compared to the beginning of the Storm Sword Duel, was gradually lessening, and an indescribable mournful and dignified atmosphere was being born——

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