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Imperial God Emperor 555 - Blood Rainstorm 1

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Chapter 555, The Blood Rainstorm (1)

On the floating peak left side of the Storm Platform.

One of the headmasters of the eight peaks, the successor of the Snow Lotus Peak, Liu Xuezong stepped into the air, arriving on the Storm Platformin the blink of an eye.

The Snow Lotus Peak master mainly cultivated Snow Lotus qi, and all people that do have silvery hair and a cold air revolving around their body.

Liu Xuezong's appearance was extremely strange, which resulted from his years long cultivation of Snow Lotus qi. He was as pale as paper, and even his eyebrows were suffused with a faint white light, giving others the feeling that he had just came out of a thousand year old iceberg.

“I am Liu Xuezong, the 18th generation successor of the Snow Lotus Peak. Today, I have been appointed by the teachers and the major sects to preside over the Storm Sword Duel. Please forgive me if there is something not satisfactory.”

Every time the Storm Sword Duel gathering was held, a person with the right status will be nominated to serve as the host.

The Greater One Spiritual Master’s status and position, of course, will not be looked down upon.

And Greater One Sect will never give the position of the host, such an important role, to an outsider

Therefore Snow Lotus Peak Liu Xuezong was the host of this Storm Sword Duel gathering

Liu Xuezong had made a name for himself at his early years. In Clear River Domain he was also an extremely prominent person. Whether it was based on power or status, he was the best candidate. Adding to this, he was the headmaster of one of the eight peaks, so for him to act as the host of this event, the outsiders could not say anything.

“Everyone, the tradition of the ancient sages is to battle to the death on the platform. Anyone can challenge their enemies, take their revenge, and wipe out the hatred from their heart. There's just one little thing, once the grudge has been settled, one must not seek revenge after today's battle. Otherwise no matter who that person is, what status they have, or what identity they have, Greater One Sect will uphold justice and chase them down for thousands of miles! Anybody have any objection?”

Liu Xuezong's strength was clearly profound, his voice resounded like rolling thunder, containing an indescribable majesty as it vibrated in the surroundings.

For a while, the crowd did not dare oppose.

Liu Xuezong continuously asked three times, and no one objected.

“Well then, the event has officially started, who wants to go on the platform?”

Liu Xuezong swept his eyes around.

There was a brief and strange silence on the floating peaks around the platform.

The low cries of the birds and beasts thousands of miles away, and the rustle of the wind through the leaves and grass around the floating peaks, became distinctly clear.

“Sky Wind Mountain’s Yue Zifeng will be the first one to go on the platform.”

A vigorous voice suddenly pierced the quiet sky, attracting the attention of the crowd.

A round headed and big-eared expert jumped up from a floating peak dozens of miles away from the Storm Platform.

The man was burly and tall, strong as a bull, on his face was a vertical sword scar that spreaded from his right eye to the corners of his mouth, and his hands were clasping a mysterious iron double-hammer.

Before his voice faded.

He had turned into a stream of flowing light, landing on the platform.

He was the first person to ascend the platform today.

Ye Qingyu focused his eyes upon the platform.

Yue Zifeng cupped one fist in the other, both his arms were unproportionally long, and his finger joints were large and abnormal.

The mysterious iron hammer that seemed as heavy as a mountain was evidently not an ordinary object. The heavy hammer and its handle blended seamlessly without the slightest gap. The mysterious iron was engraved with a strange rune totem and whirling around the totem was a faint blue light.

“Li Yuanqing of Xu Hua Sect, you want to be a turtle!”

Yue Zifeng raised the long hammer, pointing to the distance.

There was an uproar.

“Is that descendant of Sky Wind Mountain crazy. He wants to challenge the master of Xu Hua Sect, who is ranked in the top 500 of Clear River Domain, Li Yuanqing.”

“Yes, even the Sky Wind Mountain sect master would be ranked in the thousands, this Yue Zifeng is overestimating himself too much.”

“Enmity needs to be settled sooner or later, I heard that 20 years ago the master of Xu Hua Sect Li Yuanqing attacked the Sky Wind Mountain at night in order to snatch the treasure of Sky Wind Mountain, the Mysterious Heaven Iron, and killed and wounded hundreds of disciples. The sect master and his wife were also killed. I thought this Sky Wind Mountain had been wiped out. To think there is still a disciple that survived.”

“Yes, I thought that the Sky Wind Mountain had deteriorated ever since, and would soon disappear from Clear River Domain.”

“In any case, it seems that today this Yue Zifeng is going to die...”



On the Storm Platform.

As the crowd was discussing endlessly, a long green light streaked across the distant sky.

Xu Hua Sect's Li Yuanqing soared into the sky wielding the Mysterious Heaven sword.

The Mysterious Heaven sword was radiating an endless faint light from the sword body, while the formation markings on the point of the sword was flashing a golden light.

As Yue Zifeng saw the Mysterious Heaven sword in the hands of Li Yuanqing, his eyes flashed with hatred and revenge.

“This sword... this is casted from Mysterious Heaven Iron.”

It is said that the Mysterious Heaven Iron guarded by the Sky Wind Mountain for generations weighed 1 million kilograms, and in Clear River Domain it was a rare material for weapons. Even as a block of iron, spirit weapons or swords or axes can hardly damage it.

“Oh, that’s correct, it is precisely a divine sword casted from the divine iron of Sky Wind Mountain. You can't wait to get revenge, right? Unfortunately, you’re too weak. Today I will send you to reunite with your family members with this sword.”

Li Yuanqing chuckled with an oppressive look.

He activated yuan qi as he lifted his right hand to draw across the air, and the sword qi in the air was suddenly spreading rapidly like ripples, imposing and overbearing. The sword qi raged against the boundary walls of the Storm Platform, like a fist striking into cotton, instantly absorbed and swallowed by the walls.

Yue Zifeng looked at the main culprit that stole the treasure of his sect, caused the death of his master and his family, killed his fellow disciple brothers and destroyed the Sky Wind Mountain. Fighting spirit and anger rose in him again.

With a resounding roar, he swung up the double hammer that was erupting with golden light, seemingly bulky, but with the speed of him and the whirling roar, its potential force seemed able to crush the mountains into mud.

“Haha, yes, yes, you are better than your master, but unfortunately you are still no match for me.”

Li Yuanqing swiftly dodged the attack, his speed was too fast for the naked eye to capture, leaving only a shadow and a slightly contemptuous evaluation.

In the distance

Ye Qingyu, looking at the cold light emanating from the armour on the battlefield, and the brutal qi shooting out from Yue Zifeng like golden brilliance, there was a hint of admiration in his eyes.

“Despite knowing the huge difference in strength, he still bravely challenged him. This Yue Zifeng is a real man.”

Ye Qingyu nodded, then immediately his face twisted into an expression of pity.

Unfortunately such a challenge would only lead to death.

On the platform, the battle had begun.

Two golden rays like two balls of flames gushed up from the Storm Platform and collided in the air. It was difficult to tell who was stronger or weaker.

Yue Zifeng’s heavy hammer swung down at the Mysterious Heaven sword, sending the Mysterious Heaven sword trembling.

The Mysterious Heaven sword reacted with a greater counterattack, tearing Yue Zifeng’s hand that was gripping the hammer handle. Bones were immediately exposed and blood came gushing, but was immediately absorbed by the Storm Platform as it dropped down.


Li Yuanqing was swift and sharp sighted, instilling yuan qi to lift the Mysterious Heaven sword and thrust it across.

Yue Zifeng did not dodge at all, and unexpectedly charged right towards the Mysterious Heaven sword.

As everyone stood astounded, the sword pierced right through Yue Zifeng’s body. His muscles and flesh were instantly locked in the sword body, but he had come before Li Yuanqing, swinging up the heavy hammer with his remaining strength and smashed it at Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing spurted out a jet of blood, falling to the ground from the aftermath of the blast. Right away his back and chest seemed to have been crushed by a mountain, his heart and lungs were both damaged.

“I said before, the past enmity, one day, I will kill you!”

Yue Zifeng’s chest was pouring out blood as he looked down at Li Yuanqing who had fallen to the ground.

He single-handedly swung his hammer up and mercilessly pounded Li Yuanqing whose face was crossed with fear, panic, and astonishment and was just about to beg for mercy, until Li Yuanqing was smashed into a pool of unrecognizable flesh and blood.

When Li Yuanqing had been crushed into minced flesh, Yue Zifeng was also at the end of his life. The sword had run through his heart, and his internal organs and yuan qi in fact had long been shattered and exhausted. He would not survive.

But he used his death to exchange for the life of his enemy.

It was considered a worthy death for him.


On the surrounding floating peaks.


“Both sides have suffered.”

“In these 20 years, the Sky Wind Mountain had gathered all the strength of the sect to bring Yue Zifeng to the Storm Platform, and in the end the revenge was a success.”

“Not only have they succeeded in their revenge, but the Xu Huan Sect have lost face.”

“Yes, having been defeated by someone ranked hundreds of places away from him and someone who had been living in seclusion for 20 years, it will be difficult for the Xu Hua Sect to maintain its status.”

“But this Yue Zifeng, it’s a pity, if he had not died then with his courage and perseverance, he may be able to restore the Sky Wind Mountain.”

Hu Bugui and the others had watched the entire battle, and couldn’t help sighing with regret. “I like the temper of that Yue Zifeng.”

“Towards the enemy that took away the treasure of his sect and killed his master and disciple brothers, such a retaliation is a pleasure.” Liu Shaji’s voice contained uncontrollable excitement, and his eyes were indefinitely flickering with flames of hatred as he stared at a direction.


On the Storm Platform.

The successor of Xu Hua Sect and two other disciples covered Li Yuanqing’s body with a bright robe. After bowing to the peak masters of Greater One Sect, they left the Storm Sword Duel gathering with Li Yuanqing’s body.

The Snow Lotus Peak’s successor Liu Xuezong was standing in midair on the right side of the Storm Platform.

“The first battle on the Storm Platform, Sky Wind Mountain wins. Is there anyone else who wants to step on the platform?”

Only a short while had passed but the master of Xu Hua Sect that had been standing for hundreds of years had turned into a pool of flesh.

For a moment, the crowds on the other floating peaks did not say a word and were hesitant to stand up.

Once on the platform, life or death was difficult to predict.

“I’ll take the challenge.”

Just as the crowd was nodding their heads despondently, a loud roar resounded and a jade-faced man with a flaming red jade hanging on his forehead and in a red armour was seen jumping onto the Storm Platform wielding a three-meter spear.

“The Master of Thunderbolt Sect, Fu Lingtian, hurry and come to die!”

The man mounted the platform, the point of his spear pointing to a distant place.


There was a loud sigh.

The challenged Fu Lingtian appeared.

He who was over 70 years old looked old and clumsy, but his body was healthy and strong, giving off an imposing manner. Thunderbolts and fire clouds were twisting around his armour, which was engraved with a fire cloud totem. He was clasping a one-meter-wide and twometerlong thunder crescent blade with a two-meter-long handle. The crescent blade had been instilled with a thunder formation, blue light emitting from the blade body and thunderbolts were suddenly appearing.


“Unexpectedly the master of the Thunderbolt Sect will also be challenged, he is a well known righteous figure of Clear River Domain.”

“The successor of Blazing Flame Sect, Shangguan Jiyun. I remember the master of Blazing FlameSect Shangguan Ao and Fu Lingtian became sword brothers 100 years ago.”

There were many clamorous voices.

“This Fu Lingtain, others may not know, but I know he is a hypocrite, his pretend righteousness disgusts me... Pah, today someone is finally tearing off his mask.”

Hu Bugui looked at Fu Lingtian with contempt.

On the Storm Platform.

Fu Lingtian brushed his half a meter long silver beard, as he looked at Shangguan Jiyun with an amiable smile.

“My good nephew Shangguan, uncle hasen't seen you for a hundred years. If you want to catch up, why come to this platform?”

Shangguan Jiyun’s body was circling with fire clouds, arrogant and overbearing, and the fire cloud jade on his forehead was blazing with a red light.

“Pah, old dog, put away your ugly face, it makes me sick. These 60 years, your fake face has tricked the world. Today on the platform, I will let everyone know your true face. Do you dare to tell the people of Clear River Domain where your Thunderbolt Fire Cloud armour comes from!”

“Naturally your father Shangguan Ao was the one who gave me the treasure.” Fu Lingtian did not panic, still brushing his beard and smiling. There was only an imperceptible light fleeting across his eyes.

“Pah, what nonsense, back then father spent all his life knowledge to work with you to forge and refine this Thunderbolt Fire Cloud armour, but when the armour was completed you poisoned father’s tea, causing my father to be paralyzed his whole life. My father thought he was suffering from bodily damage and could not enjoy the Thunderbolt Fire Cloud armour so he gave it to you. We would have been deceived by you for many more years if it was not for a doctor who was well-versed with the secret poisons of the Thunderbolt Sect. This is what you call brotherly relationships, this is your righteousness? “

Shangguan Jiyun could not control himself, brought his spear heavily on the ground pike and a loud and clear bang echoed through the platform.

“Nephew, where did you hear this rumour, there must be a misunderstanding. Fu Lingtian was calm and composed as before, there was not the slightest change of expression across his face.

“If the issue was not in the past and we have no proof, do you think you would have the status that you have today? Don’t talk nonsense, take this!”

Shangguan Jiyun thrust out his spear, and instantly only two red light shadows were seen striking at one another on the Storm Platform, and the clang of weapons clashing could be heard from time to time.”


Ye Qingyu quietly watched the battle on the arena.

The Thunderbolt armour-clad Fu Lingtian brandished his Thunder crescent blade. On the surface, although it seemed that he was defending against the attack of Shangguan Jiyun and did not bear to wound Shangguan Jiyun, in fact each blade was overflowing with murderous intent, setting up a trap, and secretly pursuing to the brutal end. Between his ruthless thoughts and attacks, he was taking in everything at a glance.

“Fu Lingtian’s hypocritical mask has been exposed, most likely he wants to eliminate the source of trouble!”

Ye Qingyu thought.

As expected, the battle very soon came to a close.


Shangguan Jiyun thundered a solemn and unwilling long roar to the sky. His body that was struck by the crescent blade ruptured into a pool of blood and flesh——

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