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Imperial God Emperor 554 - Greater One Sect's Plo

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Chapter 554, Greater One Sect's plot

Greater One Spiritual Master's voice had only faded, when there was another change within the clouds in the northern direction.

A pale blue misty eight-petal lotus gradually formed from nothing, seemingly very slow, but in the blink of an eye, it was already fully grown.

This pale blue lotus seemed as though it had been waiting for a long time, and seemed to be fleeting. Its aura was incomparably strange.

Above the lotus, yuan qi was surging. A raging blue halo of light was forcing the clouds to disperse.

Within thousands of meters, under the cover and protection of the halo of the blue lotus, it had formed a strong and deep blue halo field, bright and dazzling, giving off a glowing light.

Above the lotus petals, eight white-haired elders in long silvery robes that reached the ground were standing with solemn expressions on their faces, wielding a white horsetail whisk that extended out like a chain, spiraling around the blue lotus.

The eight silver-robed elders had their eyes slightly closed, like monks in a meditative state, their aura vigorous yet quiet and still, like a bottomless sea. They were evidently incomparably strong experts.

Although thousands of meters apart, all the people around could still feel the tyrannical strength of the eight silver-robed elders.

Ye Qingyu was also gazing in awe.

The Greater One Sect's foundation really was unfathomable. Even such casual random people were experts.

Just now the evil of Heaven Wasteland that the Greater One Spiritual Master had mentioned should be referring to Xing'er, but why had Xing’er not appeared?

For a while, Ye Qingyu was a little restless.

At this time, above the nearby floating peaks, as expected there were some people shocked to recognize the identity of the several silver-robed elders.

“It is the current eight great supreme guardian elders of Greater One Sect.”

“What, it's them?”

“Isn’t it said that these eight people are dead?”

Someone exclaimed.

From the discussion among these people, Ye Qingyu had a general understanding of the background of the eight silver-robed elders.

It is said that the eight guardian elders of Greater One Sect were dedicated to protect the forbidden areas of Greater One Sectt and only listened to orders from the Greater One Sect Patriarch, Greater One Spiritual Master.

For thousands of years, no one had ever escaped from their hands, and never had anyone been able to save someone or taken things from the eight great guardian elders. These eight people were absolutely powerful old monsters.

“To let these eight monsters appear, what they are guarding this time must be...”

A bad feeling was rising in Ye Qingyu's heart.

Just then, the pale blue misty lotus, drawn by the eight silver-robed elders, came up above all the experts and headmasters, slowly coming to a stop. The mist of the lotus flower gradually dispersed, and the thing that the petals were guarding cleared up, falling into the eyes of all.

It was a five-meter-high, two-meter-wide blue eight-sided paper lantern.

Each side of the lantern was strengthened with ancient and mysterious formations, and there was a faint golden glow above the strange formations. Under the lifelike runes was a golden lotus flower blossoming, a strange totem that had formed from the past thousands of years of the Greater One Spiritual Master repeatedly instilling and superimposing yuan qi and formations.

The top most part of the lantern was an eight-sided illusory top, and each side of the illusory top was a rune formation set up by each of the eight elders. Above the prism, wind, fire, lightning and different images were fiercely wandering about. Even the Greater One Sect’s Patriarch, Greater One Spiritual Master, would find it difficult to shake the force of imprisonment in the slightest.

And the lotus flame in the lantern was more magical. In addition to being able to suppress all the forces of the prisoner, if the flames sensed an external attack, and the oil-paper prism formation was destroyed, then the originally calm Clear Lotus Flames will blaze fiercely and fully engulf the person trapped inside, thereby destroying their consciousness in an instant.

This Clear Lotus Flame lantern was one of the eight great treasures of Greater One Sect.

Taiyi Divine Lantern.

“You see, the one imprisoned in this divine lantern is the demon girl from Heaven Wasteland Domain.”

As Greater One Spiritual Master's voice faded, the Clear Lotus Flame lantern, like being stripped of a layer of paper, was gradually becoming somewhat transparent.

Inside of the lantern, a faint blue fire like an eight-petal lotus flower was blooming in the middle of the lantern, its flame wrapping around a young woman who sat cross legged inside, wearing a yellow cotton dress.

The woman within the flames kept her head down low, her hair disheveled and hung over her shoulders.

Her sleeves and dress were marked with slashes of swords, and the bloodstains on her skin under the dress were faintly discernible.

It was clear that the circumstance that the yellow-robed girl was in was not particularly good. She had even been through torture and had injuries all over her body.

But she sat quietly within the flames of the lantern, seemingly unaware she had been captured, without any panic or fear.

Under the illumination of the blue light, the young girl's face was without fear and indifferently calm.

Her eyes under her long shapely brows were still clear and bright like a deep clear spring. Even her dust and dirt covered face could not mask her beauty and inconspicuous aura of majesty.

The moment the oil lantern cleared up, it was as if something had guided her. The woman in yellow suddenly noticed something.

She suddenly looked up distantly in the direction of Ye Qingyu.

Even if her five senses were closed off, her eyes were still flickering with a faint light like the first glimmer of dawn.

The corners of her mouth curved in an imperceptible smile.

Like a gentle spring breeze was caressing her face, it was more beautiful and ethereal.



Ye Qingyu was frightened and angry and happy at the same time.

He finally saw her again.

Seeing the girl that was wrapped in blue lotus flames suddenly looking in his direction, Ye Qingyu's pupils were like ink, his face suddenly growing serious with an insuppressible guilt.

If it was not his carelessness that he temporarily settled Xing'er in Clear Lotus Peak to train, she would not be cut up like fish and meat on someone’s chopping board. It was because of the fact that Xing'er believed in him that she had to suffer so much.

In that moment, Ye Qingyu almost got up to save her.

But in the end his mind forcibly held him back.

At this time Old Fish was looking over in the direction of the Clear Lotus Flame lantern, expressionless, and also fell into deep thoughts.

The closest Nan Tieyi was the first to feel the abnormal fluctuation of Ye Qingyu's yuan qi.

Nan Tieyi looked over at Ye Qingyu's face, noticing that Brother Tian Huang, who was considered deep and stable usually, revealed a trace of fury. Could Brother Tian Huang have some sort of connection with the girl from Heaven Wasteland Domain?

Although the Immortal God Emperor Sect seemed to have retired from the Jianghu of Clear River Domain, but the deep foundation it had accumulated over thousands of years had penetrated deeply into every place of Clear River Domain. Every trade will have some people that were under the Immortal God Emperor Sect.

Through this pervasive information network, even matters of the outside world, there was almost nothing that can escape the scouts of Immortal God Emperor Sect.

However, for many years, Nan Tieyi had never heard of the slightest news about the Thunder and Lightning Sect.

It was like they appeared out of nowhere, a sect created from nothing.

What kind of connection would he have with her?

As Nan Tieyi was deep in thought, his eyes unavoidably grew a bit more puzzled.

Hu Bugui also became aware of the changes in Ye Qingyu, and clapped his palm upon his shoulder.

“Brother Tian Huang, that day when you helped the tea female disciples of Hundred Spirits Sect, I already knew you are a person that shows pity and tenderness to women, and someone that stands up for justice. Today, this bunch of fools treated a weak woman like that, let alone Brother Tian Huang, even I cannot stand it.”

Hu Bugui said with such a righteous and imposing appearance, which made Ye Qingyu feelinevitably shocked.

But he immediately understood the real meaning of Hu Bugui's words.

He was saying that no matter what he does, he would help him.

Ye Qingyu couldn't help but feel deeply moved.

As the greatest sect of Clear River Domain, Greater One Sect posed as a sect of high morals, but was actually a gang of selfish bandits. On the contrary, Hu Bugui, the greatest thief in Jianghu, upheld justice and was loyal to friends.

Ye Qingyu smiled, nodded, and did not say anything more.

At the same time, the crowds on the floating peaks broke into clamour.

The demon girl of Heaven Wasteland Domain, the eight guardian elders and the Clear Lotus Flame lantern had all appeared at the same time, setting off the first wave of the Storm Sword Duel and endless discussions.

“I didn't expect Greater One Sect to ask the eight guardian elders to watch over the demon girl of Heaven Wasteland. Could it be that the evil sects of Heaven Wasteland are this powerful?”

“I am afraid it is not so simple. Today, all major sects of Clear River Domain are in attendance. I think it is to prevent unexpected changes to have these eight guardian elders here.”

“You’re right. There is the possibility of the people with malicious intent coming to rescue the demon girl of Heaven Wasteland and ally with other evil forces of Heaven Wasteland. “

“I don't think so, perhaps it is to prevent the other evil member of Heaven Wasteland Domain from coming to the rescue.”

“Right, didn't they capture two people. One escaped and has been causing chaos in Clear River Domain, and had harmed many female disciples.”

“I thought it would be a very powerful person, I did not expect the evil of Heaven Wasteland Domain to be a 17- to 18-year-old girl.”

“Look the girl is extraordinarily beautiful, perhaps she is an important figure of a demon sect in Heaven Wasteland Domain.”

“Just a woman, but Greater One Sect has confined her in a divine object and under such strict guard. It most likely is not to prevent her escaping but to prevent people outside having any intentions of taking her.”

“I think so too, Clear Lotus Flame instantly destroys one’s consciousness. If someone tries to forcibly rescues her, they will be burned alive.”

“Unexpectedly, there is such an attractive woman in Heaven Wasteland Domain. It seems that this baby-like Heaven Wasteland Domain must not be underestimated. “

“Who cares about this woman. Heaven Wasteland Domain most likely has countless rare treasures and cultivation manuals, otherwise it would not have attracted the attention off the Greater One Sect, Nangong family, and Sky Demon Palace.”

Among the crowd there were many that understood the situation.

At this time, Heaven Wasteland Domain was like a large basin filled with valuables. The people present, as long as they were not fools, all hoped to have a share. Let alone rare treasures or secret manuals, even being able to grab some foreign objects would be very fortunate.

Nangong Jue looked at the Clear Lotus Flame lantern and the woman in yellow, and turned to the elder beside him to whisper something in his ears, like he was discussing something.

Sky Demon Palace master propped his chin up on his hand, a strange smiling expression faintly discernible on his face.

And ever since the woman in yellow had appeared, the successor of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect with the gold-plated mask wore a strange look in his eyes, flickering with a trace of unease, and his breathing also became slightly unstable.

Sitting beside him, the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect master had also sensed this, without turning his back, he used a secret code to directly pass on his message through the power of yuan qi.

“Do you recognize the person on the platform?”

“No, master, I don't know her.” “

The eyes under the gold-plated mask were still fixed on the woman in the Clear Lotus Flame, but the successor of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect remained calm, without any emotions.

“Oh.” The sect master of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect uttered faintly, without saying anything else.

On another floating peak, the young men and women of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect had formed a layer of hazy boundary around the floating peak. At this moment only their mouths could be seen opening and closing, but others could not hear what they were talking about.

On a nearby floating peak to Ye Qingyu and the others, the female disciples of Hundred Spirits Sect also felt sympathy for the woman in yellow inside the flame lantern.

“I did not expect the evil of Heaven Wasteland Domain that everyone says had to be punished to be such a pretty and pure-looking girl.”

“Yes, such a beautiful girl, she does not look like someone from an evil sect.”

“Look there are scars all over her body, she must have suffered a lot of injuries...”

Shen Menghua turned to the junior sisters behind, sighing lightly.

She shook her head and said, “Sister, remember you can’t judge a person by their appearance. Look at the evil spirits of Heaven Desire Demon Sect that commit any imaginable crime and had tormented hundreds of our sisters, they still have the appearance of a scholar or a lady.”

“Menghua is right.” The middle-aged beautiful woman who was whispering to Shen Menghua before, the elder of Hundred Spirits Sect in charge of refining pills, Bai Zhili turned around to look at the disciples.

“5,000 years ago the Central Domain Gate of Clear River Domain was broken through by a strong force. An evil force invaded Clear River Domain, and the Immortal God Court fought back with all their strength, setting off a bloody war. The whole domain fell into the enemy’s hands, people were in a terrible situation. And those villains were not ugly people, rather each had an extraordinary appearance and body.”

Some people had a wicked face but a kind heart.

Some people posed as a person of high morals, but actually behaved in a sinister and brutal way, and committed evils at will.

Bai Zhili said no more after this.

Her line of sight shifted to the Storm Platform.


On the Storm Platform.

Greater One Spiritual Master smiled faintly.

Everything was going according to his plan.

“This demon girl is an evil of Heaven Wasteland, everyone must not be deceived by her looks. In her body hides the space-time coordinates of Heaven Wasteland Domain. We brought her out to tell the people of Clear River Domain that Greater One Sect will absolutely not keep Heaven Wasteland to ourselves but wants to sincerely cooperate with all the sects of Clear River Domain in order to get rid of the evil spirits of Heaven Wasteland Domain.”

The Greater One Spiritual Master spoke in a vehement and imposing tone of voice.

He immediately won the applause of the crowd.

Many of the sects and experts that had long been affiliated with Greater One Sect were even more loudly cheering on.

Greater One Spiritual Master pushed his palms down to request silence, before he continued, “Of course, how to deal with the evil of Heaven Wasteland can be discussed later. Now the most important thing is the Storm Sword Duel. First of all, let’s give the stage for any sects that have enmity to settle. After all the grievances are resolved, we will put this demon girl on trial, and then we will decide the number of sects to enter Heaven Wasteland Domain based on a martial arts competition.”

The Greater One Spiritual Master brandished the horsetail whisk in his hand.

The next moment, the Greater One Spiritual Master was seated on a white jade lotus flower at a nearby floating peak.

The lotus seat that had its own halo of light was flickering with a faint jade glow, with Greater One Spiritual Master sitting inside, like a pure lotus in full bloom on the riverside.

The other main peak masters, one after another, took a seat on a slightly smaller lotus. The petals of each lotus were matching with the name of each lotus eight peaks, and different thin, mist-like air currents were whirling all around the seats, extraordinary and ethereal.

Behind the Greater One Spiritual Master and the several headmasters, were the eight guardian elders still calmly floating in midair around the Clear Lotus Flame lantern, with a halo of blue light field around, wrapped in radiating brilliance——

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