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Chapter 553, The evil of Heaven Wasteland

Behind the Greater One Sect spiritual master, on both the left and right sides stood the other headmasters of the other peaks of Greater One Sect, similarly giving off a heavenly beauty and an imposing manner, which seemed like an illusion from afar. They were all overlord-level existences that had cultivated to a terrifying degree.

The top-level existences of Greater One Sect had finally all appeared.

For many of the martial artists of Clear River Domain, it was the first time seeing all eight Greater One Sect’s headmasters appearing at the same time. The eight great experts were like immortals, earning everyone’s respect and admiration at one glance.

Ye Qingyu saw them from a distant floating peak and was still awed by the presence of these people.

“Greater One Sect is called the overlord sect of Clear River Domain, its foundation indeed should not be underestimated. The eight peak headmasters are all absolutely powerful experts. These eight people, if any one of them was in Heaven Wasteland Domain, they most likely will be called the strongest expert... Well, there is still the mysterious and unfathomable Yu Junhan that can fight against them. Even in Clear River Domain, if placed in the other sects, they would be a patriarch-level existence, but there are actually eight of them in Greater One Sect.”

Ye Qingyu couldn’t help sighing inwardly.

But his eyes did not stay on the eight martial arts overlords for too long of a time. Instead, they were scanning around, gradually feeling a little anxious.

“From the news that Little Nine had gathered, Greater One Sect will bring Xing’er to the scene of the Storm Sword Meeting, but she has not appeared yet. Is there a change of plan?

As Ye Qingyu was imagining all sorts of ideas in his mind, the present situation was changing once again.

A flash of golden light.

Greater One Sect’s Patriarch, Greater One Spiritual Master came onto the platform.

On the huge Storm Platform, he stood by himself.

At this very moment, the Greater One Spiritual Master, who stood straight as a sword, clothes fluttering, and long billowing sleeves, was exuding the aura of an immortal. It was as if he had seized the colours of the world and the gazes all around, extremely remarkable and confident.

“The ancient bell had rung, the wind and clouds are rising again. 100 years had passed by in the blink of an eye. The grand event of my Clear River Domain, the opening day of the Storm Sword Duel gathering has arrived. This time, thanks to the support of all martial artists, my Greater One Sect will be hosting this event. I, on behalf of the entire Greater One Sect, thank you all for coming such a long way to participate in this event!”

Greater One Spiritual Master had a divine demeanour like that of a celestial being, with a faint smile on his face.

As his words faded, he slightly raised his hand to express his thanks.

His voice, like an ethereal sound, was clearly passed to the ears of every person present.

Greater One Spiritual Master’s words were said with a warm smile and a brief thanks, but it contained a disinterested majesty, like a lord of immortals. It could not help but make one submit oneself to his rule.

“Huh? This... is a consciousness interference method?

Ye Qingyu sensed that something was wrong.

In such an occasion, Greater One Spiritual Master unexpectedly dared risk condemnation from the world to use a mental secret technique to silently control and influence the mood of the people around. Was he not afraid of the experts realizing and being criticized?

It was evident what sort of extent that the arrogance of Greater One Sect had reached.

This also explained why Shaohua Chen, a core elite disciple of Greater One Sect, who logically speaking should have undergone important training, for someone whose martial arts cultivation should had reached a certain level, he should be mature and know how to respect people. But in front of other people he acted so arrogant and domineering, and dared do whatever he wanted.

Even the graceful, celestial-being-like Greater One Spiritual Master was also like this. Fundamentally, this sect from top to bottom had been accustomed to being overbearing and arrogant.

Ye Qingyu suddenly remembered that, when he had just come to Clear River Domain, the Prince of the Demon Spider Race addressed the Greater One Spiritual Master as Greater One fake master.

It seemed that this was not baseless slander.

His appraisal of Greater One Spiritual Master had worsened by a lot.

And his disgust for Greater One Sect had deepened by another layer.

Ye Qingyu quietly operated the nameless breathing technique, clearing his mind instantly, like a monk entering into a meditative state. He silently eliminated the coercive power from Greater One Spiritual Master’s words.

Hu Bugui and the others around him all seemed very calm. Evidently they were not blinded by the power of his words.

And Ye Qingyu was sure that, among the tens of thousands of experts present, there must be some people that would sense something was wrong and exercise powers to resist. But there will also be people being manipulated. Even if they do not submit to his wishes, they will worship this Greater One Sect’s Headmaster, planting a seed of veneration in their hearts.


On the Storm Platform.

Greater One Spiritual Master continued with his speech.

“In the past hundred years, in Clear River Domain, the wind and clouds surge, but blood never stopped shedding. Each sect has accumulated a lot of enmity and the killing has never stopped. It is really unbearable. Thousands of years ago, a former sage of Clear River Domain had established the tradition of settling enmity on the Storm Platform. Since the Storm Platform has reappeared, we must respect the tradition, and end all enmity once and for all on the Storm Platform. Each sect and faction can draw up a battle contract and fight to death. After the battle on Storm Platform, no matter who lives or dies, the disciples and all people can no longer seek revenge.”

Ending enmity on the Storm Platform was indeed a rule and tradition that had been circulating in Clear River Domain for thousands of years.

For as long as they can remember, people have been using the Storm Platform as a place for a duels of life and death.

Later, the wind prevailed. When the head of the Storm Sect was still in charge of the Storm Platform, they received the inheritance of the domain. Later, when Greater One Sect destroyed the Storm Sect and seized the Storm Platform, they intentionally promoted this continued tradition. So ever since nearly one thousand years ago, the Storm Sword Duel gathering had gradually become the grand event that all major forces of the whole Clear River Domain acknowledged and paid attention to.

Greater One Sect’s painstaking efforts also gradually received returns.

But at this point, Greater One Spiritual Master suddenly changed topic.

“The tradition of the domain obviously cannot be forgotten, but this Storm Sword Duel is different from the past, because this time there is a more serious problem in Clear River Domain that urgently needs to be resolved.”

Greater One Spiritual Master brushed his long silver beard, dust gently floated about in the air, and an invisible, imposing force suddenly silenced the crowd.

The incessant noise and clamour was abruptly halted.

“Just a few months ago, a disciple of my Greater One Sect participated in the Heavenly Gate training, and was hunted by the Demon Spider Race and accidentally strayed into a new domain...” Greater One Spiritual Master spoke to here, then paused for a moment.

But these words sparked discussion and debate amongst the crowd around the Storm Platform.

“What?” A new domain?”

“What kind of new domain?”

“Would it be like 5,000 years ago when a powerful and evil domain was discovered? Heavens, the former disaster is about to repeat itself, our Clear River Domain is going to suffer the hardship of war again?”

When the people thought of the invasion and war 5000 years ago, which had altered the structure of Clear River Domain, they suddenly felt fearful.

Upon seeing such a scene, there was a faint smile curving the mouth of Greater One Spiritual Master.

He raised his hands, gesturing for calm and quiet, and continued to speak.

“Everyone no need to panic. The discovered domain this time is a new realm that has not yet fully matured, known as Heaven Wasteland Domain. According to my disciples’ report, there are numerous strange beasts and forests in Heaven Wasteland Domain, valuables and rare treasures are also countless. It really is a paradise-like domain.”

Before his voice faded.

The crowd broke into discussions once again.

“ What? A newly formed domain?

“Full of rare treasures?”

“Wouldn’t that mean...”

Some people were gasping for breath.

What does discovering a new domain mean? Even an idiot would understand.

As long they can snatch this domain before the other domains, that is tantamount to having an inexhaustible back garden for harvest, a vast treasury of natural resources. Even if the other allied domains obtained the news in the future, Clear River Domain can still get great benefits.

Greater One Spiritual Master took in the majority of the reactions, a smile surfacing on his face.

He raised his hand and said, “It is only regrettable that such a beautiful and rich domain is currently occupied by some evil spirits. The living creatures in this domain are extremely evil and violent existences. Hundreds of disciples of my Greater One Sect were slaughtered and died tragically in Heaven Wasteland Domain. I am worried that, if these evil sects continue to develop, they will certainly be a huge trouble for our Clear River Domain.”

The voice that contained manipulative power resounded everywhere.

There was immediately a myriad of hot, enthusiastic responses.

“Spiritual Master is right, we cannot sit idly by and watch such evil strengths grow!”

“One word from Spiritual Master, and my Fuding Sect will do our very best to serve you, even at the expense of our lives!”

“How can Heaven Wasteland Domain allow such evil forces to grow stronger, my Thunderbolt Clan will not allow it!”

“Haha, this is the will of the heavens. They are exposing Heaven Wasteland Domain so we can gather together to invade Heaven Wasteland Domain, and destroy the evil creatures of Heaven Wasteland Domain!”

A stone stirs up a thousand ripples.

Voices of awe-inspiring righteousness echoed.

But they were all small sects that were not enough to form a major force.

Other major forces such as the Nangong family, the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect and the Sky Demon Palace maintained a strange silence.

In fact, they had long ago received such news, so they were not surprised in the slightest.

Even the Patriarch of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect did not show a trace of shock. Instead, with a ruminative expression, he was looking over at the direction of the Storm Platform, clasping a white-jade cup of tea in his hands and gently stroking the cup with his fingers, like caressing a young woman’s delicate soft skin.

Those who reacted with such intense responses were precisely the little sects. Some were confused by the manipulative power of Greater One Spiritual Master’s words, others were confused by greed, and some were purely trying to get on the good side of Greater One Sect. But the atmosphere around the whole Storm Platform had turned frantic, like some crazy cult followers.


Ye Qingyu’s eyes flashed a hint of anger.

This Greater One Spiritual Master really was persuasive in speech. He confused right and wrong, and started such rumours and spreaded slander.

He had already guessed that Greater One Sect would target Heaven Wasteland Domain, but at this moment, looking at that crazy devil-like face, Ye Qingyu almost couldn’t suppress his killing intent.

“Hah, what a good sounding excuse, he’s just after the treasures of Heaven Wasteland Domain. If he wants to snatch the treasure then say it, why find such a rotten excuse,” Hu Bugui said disdainfully.

“Yes, sects like Greater One Sect are used to seizing by force!” Liu Shaji, who had not said a word, now had a strange expression on his face, along with an imperceptible resentment at the corner of his eyes.


On the Storm Platform.

Greater One Spiritual Master was very satisfied with this reaction.

“It could be worse. It's a fortune out of misfortune. A few months ago the disciples of my Greater One Sect suffered serious injuries in Heaven Wasteland Domain, but we also had some harvest, and captured two members of the evil sects. Although one of them had unfortunately escaped, and has been causing trouble in my Clear River Domain, killing many of my disciples, but the other evil member of Heaven Wasteland Domain is under the control of my Greater One Sect. Now we will bring the demon girl out, to let everyone see.” ——
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