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Chapter 552, Martial arts overlord

Above the floating peaks, the black clouds were as though blown away by a breeze, slowly dispersing and thinning in mid-air.

The figures of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect were more and more visible.

The men stood with hands clasped behind their back, tall and with an imposing appearance. The women each had a sweet smile, beautiful and with a flower-like complexion.

It seemed as though everything that had just happened had nothing to do with them.

Standing in front of the crowd was a white-clothed man with a hat crowning his head, a lotus flower blood jade on his forehead, long eyebrows, and a pair of slender, dazzling red phoenix eyes, like the stars. His cherry red lips seemed to be dyed red, and his cheeks were a peachy pink colour, tempting thousands.

The moon white silk robe that was inlaid with silver had a fine, dark lotus pattern, the hollow golden crown-hat was similarly inlaid with eight-sided blood jade, and on his white jade belt was seven bright gems.

The furious expert that yelled out, in the end, did not dare say anything else and went to the other floating peaks to find another seat. After all, the Heaven Desire Demon Sect had a fierce reputation, and from the strength that they had just revealed, it was not a sect that they can anger.

These people of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, especially the man in white, had attracted the attention of many people.

On the floating peaks, there were even more clamours of comments.

Not far away from Ye Qingyu and the others, there was a strange laughing voice coming from a floating peak.

“This, the man in white, is the Patriarch of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect? Haha, how can there be such a beautiful life on this world...?”

“Is it a man, or a woman?”

“Hahahaha, a worthy yin and yang technique, its so difficult to distinguish between male and female.”

“Elder Ziyang, could it be that you are also tempted by this cultivation technique? Hahaha...”

The elders of a sect were whispering mockingly.

The distance from this floating peak to the people of Heaven Desire Demon Sect was at least 3000 to 4000 meters, so these two people did not lowered their voice, seemingly not at all worried of their conversation being heard by the Heaven Desire Demon Sect.

But at this moment----

Thousands of meters away, the white-clothed man’s face darkened, his eyes flickered with killing intent, and inside his sleeves, his delicate index finger drew a slash across the air.

The crowd didn't understand what was going on.

Before the voice of Elder Ziyang and Spiritual Master Liu Hua had faded, it suddenly paused.

The two figures slightly shook, and immediately at the same time a jet of blood came gushing out from their mouth. Before they had the chance to operate yuan qi power to withstand the attack, they were blasted away by a wave of qi, their bone marrow being swallowed up.

The Heaven Desire demonic qi immediately invaded their flesh and eroded their bones. They could not move a single step nor correct their breathing to recover.


The voice of the white-clothed man of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect echoed in the ears of everyone around the Storm Platform.

His voice was ordinary, but clear like a March breeze, refreshing but cold and ruthless, with three points of majesty.

Elder Ziyang and Spiritual Master Liu Hua were pale with fright, and dared not utter a word.

The fact that he could hear a conversation from such a long distance away indicated that his strength must be simply terrifying. With just one finger he had wounded the two of them. Even an idiot would understand that they were no match for him.

Luckily, it was just an injury.

The two people were inwardly glad.

But what they did not know was that the force of demonic desire had struck them. As it invaded their body, only early symptoms such as wounds would be seen, until it gradually spreads, swallowing up the mind and turning them into beasts that would wail aguishly for 49 days till death. It was incredibly miserable.

This little incident made the crowd on the big and small floating peaks that were discussing spiritedly instantly quiet down from fear.

The cries of spiritual beasts and red-crowned cranes suddenly became unusually clear.

Only the Lord of the Nangong family, Nangong Jue, was still whispering something to the elders beside him.

While the great experts of the Sky Demon Palace, like watching a drama, were gazing at the direction of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, a little ruminative smile curving the corners of their mouth.

The Heaven Desire Demon Sect. Anyone in Clear River Domain with righteousness would be extremely disgusted at the mention of its name.

Over the past hundreds of years, there have been several sects trying to fight against the Heaven Desire Demon Sect. But because the evil ways and secret techniques that they cultivated in were too powerful, the result was always a hopeless battle.

Even if several sects arranged an allied attack, it was still like ants trying to shake a tree, and had instead led to countless casualties and even their sect being brutally destroyed.

One of the mysterious and strange incidents that many were familiar with was the head of the Virtuous Sect Female Immortal Wu Dao and the 135 people who had gone missing overnight.

Thirty years ago the Virtuous Sect had occupied a remarkable status in Clear River Domain, and was ranked among the top ten Human Race sects. In the sect were numerous peak Heaven Ascension experts, as well as several Immortal boundary experts including the head of the sect.

The disciples of other sects who went to investigate later did not find any clue. The entire Virtuous Sect was empty, as though everyone had vanished into thin air.

A few months later, there were exactly 135 corpses floating on the southern Sky River.

In a short period of time, the arrogant Heaven Desire Demon Sect had swiftly rose to fame within Clear River Domain, advancing to the level of a top sect. It was difficult to figure out its foundation, and no one could shake them in the slightest except real top sects.

And in order to protect themselves, the other major sects avoided them like the plague.


Ever since the Heaven Desire Demon Sect had shown up.

The most shocked and distressed was the Hundred Spirits Sect.

The high level experts of the Hundreds Spirits Sect, dressed in a luxurious palace outfit, all had a grave expression on their faces, their long shapely brows knitted in a frown.

The Heaven Desire Demon Sect unexpectedly showed up in Greater One Sect’s Storm Sword Duel gathering, and was also seated on a nearby floating peak to the main peak.

What does this indicated?

They had received Greater One Sect’s invitation to join the trial of the leftover evil of Heaven Wasteland Domain?

Or do they want to end an enmity on the Storm Platform?


She didn't even dare think about it anymore.

If it was that reason, then from now on, how should the Hundred Spirits Sect stand up to them.

The other female disciples had a gloomy countenance, finding it hard to calm their indignation.

“Shishu, it seems that things are far more complicated than we think.”

Shen Menghua whispered to a middle-aged woman using sound waves.

The middle-aged woman was elegant and beautiful, her thick and glossy hair was rolled up in a bun with three golden hairpins inserted through, simple but still dignified... She was wearing a jade pendant on her waist, which had exactly the same pattern as Shen Menghua’s. The only difference was the colour of the jade was purer, more translucent and radiating a spiritual energy. It was absolutely not an ordinary object.

The passage of years did not take away half of her beauty, and instead added more charm.

Her almond eyes at this time were looking at the distant sky in the direction of the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, revealing a trace of worry, a hint of hesitation.

The middle-aged woman nodded slightly.

This unforeseen event, for the Hundred Spirits Sect, was like adding hail to snow.


At this time, although the Storm Platform seemed still and silent, everyone’s minds were swirling with thoughts and filled with turbulent feelings.

All the changes and reactions around the Storm Platform had caught the attention of Ye Qingyu and the others.

In contrast to the first few major sects that they had already seen before, the Heaven Desire Demon Sect had far exceeded their expectations.

A group of gentle and refine scholars and beauties, unexpectedly was a notorious evil force in Clear River Domain.

Today, they showed up at the Storm Sword Meeting with no advance notice or warning. What was their intention?

It was not clear how the changes in the situation would affect Clear River Domain.


After a short moment, the other various sect and forces arrived one after another.

As far as the eye can see, the several hundred floating peaks surrounding the Storm Platform had all been occupied.

Roughly, there were at least tens of thousands of people.

Above the floating peaks surrounding the Storm Platform, there was yuan qi flowing all over the place, clouds rolling across the sky, blotting out the sun, and imposing auras were soaring.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, every sect cultivated different martial arts and the colour of their yuan qi powers was also very diverse.

For a brief moment, the waves of qi converged in harmony, presenting a beautiful colourful sky.

The waves of qi drifted through the air like smoke, drawing incessant cries and howls from various spiritual beasts around the eight Lotus Peaks.

As though they had been greatly threatened, they were howling to boost morale and to protect themselves. With such imposing manner, before battling, it was enough to send people under the Bitter Sea boundary trembling in fear and unable to retreat.

Above several floating peaks, strong fighting spirits were frantically surging along with yuan qi energy.

The waves of qi shot straight into the sky, seemingly impatient to put an end to the enmity of the past.

Throughout the entire Clear River Domain, most likely that only the Storm Sword Duel gathering hosted by the Greater One Sect could gather the top masters of the major sects and forces in the entire Clear River Domain at the same time.

In a short moment, it had become incredibly busy.

At Ye Qingyu’s side, Hu Bugui and the others no longer made any jokes, resumed a serious look, and occasionally whispered to each other as they observed the situation secretly.

Old Fish’s gaze was fixed on the Heaven Desire Demon Sect, studying them inwardly, and chewing something in his mouth as he was deep in thought.

Finally, the time had come.

There were 12 melodious sounds of bell ringing on the Greater One Peak.

The Storm Sword Duel was finally about to begin.

The Storm Platform that was in a silent state all along was flashing a strange divine light, as though something inside had been awakened. The principle energy between the heaven and earth seemed to have been impacted by the Storm Platform, and suddenly became confused and disorderly.

The wind and clouds came together and the sky and ground changed colour.

A dignified voice that contained a mighty force resounded between the heaven and earth.

“Today, our Greater One Sect is honoured to have everyone here at the Storm Sword Duel gathering.”

The voice was like a great bell, ringing clearly in the ears of everyone.

The imposing manner contained great power, aweing the audience.

For a moment the originally clamorous crowd could not help but quiet down.

Everyone turned their eyes to the Storm Platform.

Before his voice faded, there were a few beams of golden light suddenly flickering in the direction of the Great Hua Peak.

Greater One Sect’s Patriarch, Greater One spiritual master and the headmasters of the other main peaks flashed over to above the platform.

It was the Greater One spiritual master, who was in charge of the main peak of the eight Lotus Peaks, Great Hua Peak.

Greater One spiritual master was thin, his ebony-like black pupils were calm and still, his face relaxed and without the slightest wrinkle. His silvery white brows were high and long, reaching the temples, his silver hair was down to his waist and had a sheep fat white jade hairpin on the top of his head. His posture was relaxed and elegant like an immortal.

His silvery white robe that was not tainted by a single speck of dust was embroidered with a vivid and life-like red-crowned crane, as if it had fallen onto his clothes, dancing with the wind and floating in the air.

From his cloud-patterned sleeves, a gentle breeze was slowly drifting out.

In just a short moment of time, an elegant clear lotus atmosphere was drifting about the Storm Platform, refreshing the mind and sweeping away the previous gloom and madness.

A daoist implement was in his left hand, and his entire body was emitting a proudness that was like frost.

Without any actions or movements, there was the air of a martial arts overlord, as though made by the heavens.

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