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Chapter 550, All great powers appear

The fact that this guy had uttered such remarks in front of the Greater One Sect disciples that were driving the airship made the several Greater One Sect disciples’ faces darkened with rage, but no one dared speak up.

Traveling on the same airship as Ye Qingyu, the other dozens of Jianghu experts, upon seeing this scene, also hurriedly kept a distance from Hu Bugui, afraid of being misunderstood that they were with Hu Bugui.

Ye Qingyu laughed to himself.

But this dialogue allowed Ye Qingyu to gain some understanding of the background of the Storm Platform, and also sparked his interest on the Storm Platform.

“A natural divine object that nothing in this world can damage. I’m afraid it is not so simple on the surface. To used this Storm Platform as a duel arena for life and death battles really is a bit wasted. In a moment, I must have a good look.”

He had an idea in mind.

The airship gradually approached the Storm Platform.

The closer they got, the more they could feel the vastness of this natural divine object.

Ye Qingyu even vaguely felt that this Storm Platform contained a familiar divine power.

This Storm Platform, floating in the endless sea of blood-coloured clouds, surrounded by storm and a faint vortex of luck, formed a strange forcefield.

And within the several thousands of meters around the Storm Platform, hundreds of small and medium-sized peaks were floating in the sea of clouds, like stars revolving around the moon, surrounding and protecting the entire Storm Platform. And on each small floating peak, there were pavilions, buildings, and arranged seating, as well as wine, water and fruits. These were for the experts of the major sects and forces that had come to participate in the Storm Sword duel meeting to rest and enjoy while watching the battles.

From afar, the whole scene was magnificent to the extreme.

“Like stars surrounding the sun, it is simply a wonderful picture, too spectacular.”

Ye Qingyu could not help but praise out loud.

Such an ethereal fairyland scenery, there was nothing like that in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

The airship sped forward in the sea of clouds, and finally sent Ye Qingyu and the other people to a very convenient location that was relatively far from the Storm Platform.

“Thank you for bringing us here.”

“Yes, did not think that us little sects would also receive such treatment from Greater One Sect, we really are honoured.”

“Greater One Sect indeed is worthy of being called a super large sect, I see that in the future it will also dominate the whole Clear River Domain.”

The experts of the little sects that were on the same ship, after getting off the airship, hurriedly express their gratitude to the several Greater One Sect experts that drove them, acting extremely humble and polite, and even could be said as fawning.

Hu Bugui, upon seeing this scene, immediately uttered a sarcastic remark, “A group of spineless things, we have been sent to such a remote and inferior location, yet you’re wagging your tail like dogs. Things like you are worthy of calling yourself martial artists? It's embarrassing, get lost, get lost, move to one side.”

The several little sect experts, furious and embarrassed, still dared not infuriate this Great Thief, ascending the little floating peak with their heads down and gloomy faces.

Ye Qingyu and the others also followed up the stone steps that led up to the small floating peak, walked hundreds of steps, and came to a pavilion on the summit.

Several people were sat in the pavilion, eagerly waiting for the Storm Sword duel to begin.

With the passage of time, more and more experts were sent to the surrounding floating peaks of different sizes.

There were increasingly more people.

The scene was more and more lively.

Just then, there was a sudden strange change in the distance.

A violent and turbulent fluctuation of mist suddenly crushed the sea of red clouds, and eventually turned to a purple light halo, which shrouded dozens of figures and came rolling toward the direction of the Storm Platform.

The purple halo had yet come close, but from afar, the experts of both the small and large sects on the floating peaks were already experiencing palpitations. An imposing manner was vastly surging, and extremely oppressive.

“The people of the Nangong family are here.”

Someone exclaimed.

As one of the very few major forces of Clear River Domain, the people of the Nangong family would undoubtedly become the focus of attention for any occasion.

Moreover, the Nangong family indeed did make a dramatic appearance.

The purple halo instantly arrived at the area around the Storm Platform, descending onto a large floating peak close to the Storm Platform, which had the best view over the martial arts arena. As the halo scattered, revealing a dozen figures who were all experts dressed in silk clothing and elegant hats, there was a forceful and graceful aura being exuded that made one dare not stare at up close.

Especially one person, who looked about 45 years old. He was tall and burly, extremely handsome, with long, arched brows, bright eyes, a straight nose and a wide mouth. On his chin was a very rare purple-coloured beard, like blazing purple flames, which matched well with his domineering air.

From the discussion among the people, Ye Qingyu already knew that the purple curly bearded middle-aged man was the present Lord of Nangong family, Nangong Jue.

Nangong Jue made a name for himself 200 years ago. Back then he was a rare genius of Clear River Domain, his martial cultivation was astonishing, and he had the strength to stabilize the younger generation of Clear River Domain. Once he became famous, like a star passing through the sky, his brilliance made countless people raise their brows. One hundred years ago he held the position of the Master of Nangong family, and then gradually withdrew from Jianghu and rarely fought with people. He instead spent his thoughts and time on operating the Nangong family.

In these 100 years, Nangong family’s strength and fame were flourishing with each passing day, which Nangong Jue had played a pivotal role in.

Such a person can be said as a dragon among men. Whether it is talent or strength, ability or skill, he was a formidable person.

“I didn’t expect the Lord of Nangong family to come.”

“Nangong Jue is known as an Emperor-like Lord, he had not fought for 50 to 60 years, I wonder what boundary he is in now.”

“Not only Nangong Jue, the several people behind him are the core elders of the Nangong family. They are all famous figures of Clear River back then. These years they rarely showed up in Jianghu, but today they had all appeared... It seems that the Nangong family attaches great importance to the Storm S word duel gathering.”

There were spirited discussions among the crowd on the floating peaks.

Ye Qingyu, who had little knowledge of the matters of Clear River Domain, was happy to hear such discussions at this time.

He carefully observed, noticing that the purple, curly haired Nangong Jue, as expected, had four white-haired old experts following closely by his side.

These four old people were burly and strong, with a ruddy complexion, the aura within their body deep and unfathomable like an ancient ocean. They were evidently matchless experts of a time and it was most likely that the strength and ability of the patriarch of the several sects here could not be compared with these four white-haired elders.

But what really caught the attention of Ye Qingyu was a little boy who looked 12 to 13 years old.

The little boy, tugging at Nangong Jue’s sleeve, stood timidly beside him, and seemed extremely respectful to Nangong Jue. He had red lips and pearly white teeth, and was extremely handsome. His hair was rolled up in two small buns on the back of his head and was wearing a scholarly outfit. He had a weird expression across his face, and his jet-black beaded eyes were rolling up and down, full of curiosity at the surroundings, as if he had never seen such a scene before.

But the four white-haired men were very respectful to the little boy.

As Ye Qingyu was watching them, suddenly in the distant horizon, new changes were appearing once again.


Demonic thunder rolling.

A majestic evil aura like a thunderbolt that could destroy the world, appeared in the west horizon, almost covering the entire western sky.

As everyone turned to look, the demon aura shrank like a whale sucking water, gathering toward the center, turned into a pale blue mountain, and slowly headed toward the direction of the Storm Platform. As it was approaching, upon a closer look, it was not a blue mountain, but a tremendous mountain-like giant turtle, its shell mottled with green and blue. And on its back were various buildings such as pavilions, which seemed to have grown from its shell. The turtle glided along, as though it was wandering in the sea, and floated down from the void.

In the pavilions and buildings on the turtle, there were also dozens of figures.

These figures, and the people of the Nangong family, were similar in that they were all rare, powerful masters. Even from afar, Ye Qingyu could still sense the imposing and unfathomable power fluctuating on these figures.

Unlike the Nangong family, these figures on the mountainous giant turtle were not all human.

But the Demon clan.

They were headed by a figure of complete human form, dressed in a golden armour. The person looked only around 20 years old, with fair skin, handsome and beautiful to the extreme. Looking at the burly and vigorous stature he should be a man, but his face was too beautiful that many of the great beauties would lose their splendour in front of him. He had an astonishing charm, his facial features were delicate and exquisite, his expression slightly feminine, and indeed contained a matchless magnificence. Seeing his face alone was most likely enough to charm the world and turn it upside down.

“That guy is the Palace Master of the Sky Demon Palace, a 100,000-year-old monster. He looks like a transvestite and is neither a woman or a man, but his strength is really terrifying. Even till now, many people do not know what is his original body. People have been speculating that the strength of that transvestite is enough to be ranked among the top three of Clear River Domain. Usually, he rarely cares about such events, but he actually came in person today.” Hu Bugui moved closer to Ye Qingyu, explaining in a low voice.

Before the voice faded.

Suddenly an immensely heavy pressure descended from the sky.

Startled, Ye Qingyu looked up.

Only to see that the Palace Master of Sky Demon Palace was looking over in his direction, a pair of charming peach blossom eyes that contained a biting cold killing intent falling on him and Hu Bugui.

“Bad, could it be that because Hu Bugui did not keep his mouth shut, the Palace Master of the Sky Demon Palace had heard him call him a transvestite.” Ye Qingyu had a bad feeling.

But the next moment, somehow, the gaze that made one palpitate had vanished.

In the distance.

The Palace Master of Sky Demon Palace withdrew his eyes.

“Palace Master, what's wrong?” Beside him, a demon expert with a human body and dragon head and clad in a golden Taoist armour had sensed that something was wrong, bowed his head and asked.

This demon clan expert was one of the twelve palace masters of Sky Demon Palace, Spiritual Master Long Xiao.

The Sky Demon Palace Princess smiled lightly, voice gentle and feminine, “Nothing, just two interesting little ones.”

Spiritual Master Long Jiao shifted his eyes to the direction that the Master of the Sky Demon Palace looked at, his complexion darkening. “It’s that robber? This guy dares to show up here, Palace Master, I'll go kill him.”

“Oh, don't worry, no need to be impatient.” The Sky Demon Palace Master smiled, shaking his head. “Hu Bugui is difficult to deal with, even if you personally took action, you most likely cannot do anything to him.”
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