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Chapter 549, Storm Platform

Although it was called the [Blood Drinker Sword], but as to what grade of weapon that he had refined this sword to, even Ye Qingyu himself was not sure.

A taboo of refining weapon was disorder, and also impulse. Ye Qingyu received the casting and refining method for the [Blood Drinker Sword] from the ancient bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart], and at the beginning he did follow the steps and the rules of refining, but later, for some reason, there was an unstoppable impulse driving him to add some of the Chaotic Lightning Serum and to make some other changes.

So the sword was not yet finished.

And it seemed a bit nondescript.

Even now, the [Blood Drinker Sword] was still in its embryonic state. But it was already an enormous size, with a half-a-meter long sword hilt and a two meter long sword body. The sword was half a meter wide, the edge of the blade about two fingers wide, and the width of the thickest part of the ridge was more than five fingers wide. It can be called tremendous. The material of the sword blade was slightly rough, as though there were grains of grit along the blade, giving off a dark red colour. But upon a closer look, there was a purple-red pattern beneath the surface of the sword body, like a dragon. The colour had penetrated deep into the sword material.

Perhaps it was because Ye Qingyu had continuously added too many divine materials and previous substances, but the [Blood Drinker Sword] was now a bit too heavy.

“At the very least, it weighs millions of pounds. It’s as heavy as a mountain, if ordinary people want to use it, they wouldn’t be able to hold it.”

Ye Qingyu thought.

But obviously such weight, for him, was perfect.

Slightly instilling a little thunder and lightning power into the body of the sword, immediately the sword body was reacting with purple-red rippling light bursting out, like it was alive, and as though a purple lightning dragon was curling around it.

A bizarre and terrifying force pervaded the body of the sword and was spreading out.

Shocked, Ye Qingyu immediately withdrew the power of thunder and lightning.

The [Blood Drinker Sword] slightly vibrated, the purple lightning dragon gradually dimmed down, and finally it was concealed back into the sword body unwillingly.

“A very strong power, it seems I have created a very uniquely terrifying divine weapon.”

Ye Qingyu complimented himself.

Even if that sort of power was fleeting, but clasping the [Blood Drinker Sword], Ye Qingyu could still clearly feel the terror of its power.

The reason for him to withdraw the power of thunder and lightning at the first moment was because he was worried of the power of [Blood Drinker Sword] being leaked, and drawing some unnecessary attention.

The power of this sword was far beyond his initial estimate.

Slowly waving this giant sword about, Ye Qingyu displayed some ordinary sword moves, and his face gradually showed a satisfied look.

“Although it is still necessary to continue refining, but it is highly unlikely for it to eventually develop into the form of [Little Shang sword]. At least before I reach the Immortal Rank steps boundary, I cannot really, like as it had said in the sword refining manual, thoroughly dispel the impurities from this embryonic sword... However, the shape of this giant sword seems to be more in line with my present fighting style.”

The sword techniques that Ye Qingyu had currently mastered, besides the [Four Moves of the Unmatched Genral] , there was the War God sword technique that Yu Xiaoxing ordered someone to pass on to him.

These sword skills and sword techniques, especially the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General], would display an even more astonishing power with this huge sword, having the power to destroy all obstacles in the way.

This made Ye Qingyu suddenly feel that having such a tremendous tool as a weapon was, in fact, also a good choice.

Clasping the [Blood Drinker Sword] with both hands, he constantly waved it about, administering some ordinary sword strokes. The sword power relaxed and leisurely, as though dancing.

In this way, Ye Qingyu was constantly familiarizing and trying to figure out the nature of this huge weapon.

Since there is a possibility of him using the [Blood Drinker Sword] on the Sword Storm Meeting, Ye Qingyu of course had to get familiar with it in advance.

Two hours later, he finally stopped, returned the [Blood Drinker Sword] back to the [Cloud Top Cauldron] casting space, allowing it to continue refining.

In the air before him, ripples were forming.

Silly dog Little Nine, like a fish diving out of the water, drilled out from the air. His whole body was faintly emanating the qi of thunder and lightning, and descended to the ground, proudly shaking his body all over, and rubbed himself on Ye Qingyu’s legs, before jumping up to lick Ye Qingyu's face.

Ye Qingyu hurriedly grabbed him by the neck and placed him aside.

“Master, do you dislike woof?” Silly dog Little Nine said in a dissatisfied tone.

Ye Qingyu nodded firmly, “Of course, you finally noticed at last? You are so big now, like a calf, and do not have that endearingly silly appearance as before. Yet you are still acting cute, who can stand it.”

“Recently, I ate too much and have bad digestion. When I digest everything, l can change back to before,” Silly dog said hurtfully.

“You still have the nerve to say that,” Ye Qingyu said disdainfully. “If you know you ate too much, why are you still stealing food... Forget it, don’t tell me, what's the situation over there today, is Xing'er okay?”

Silly dog nodded while laughing, “Crown Prince girl has been very well these few days. Although Greater One Sect had imprisoned her, but when I was furtively observing today, I vaguely heard the conversation between the Greater One Sect elders. They said that they will bring Crown Prince girl to the Storm Sword Meeting.”

“Are you sure?”

Upon hearing this, Ye Qingyu was surprised for a moment, then immediately realized that if Xing’er left the underground dungeon, then there is an opportunity for him to rescue her.

Silly dog nodded with certainty.

Ye Qingyu kept silent.

In that case, a little more planning was needed.



Three days passed by.

There had been a lot of commotion at Greater One Sect’s monastery for ten days straight, and finally it was the opening day of the much-anticipated Storm Sword Meeting.

This morning, a red sun rose in the distance of the eastern direction, million beams of golden light illuminating the mountains and rivers of Greater One Peak.

The Lotus Flower Peak that the Greater One Sect was situated on was already an ethereal and spiritual land. Not only were there beautiful sceneries and magnificent views, today was a rare day of good weather. Under the red sun, the distant tumbling clouds were as though stained with blood, very mysterious and strange, shaking the mind of every person at Greater One Sect. There were also spiritual beasts and celestial birds roaming about between the sea of clouds, with the airships that Greater One Sect had prepared for the Storm Sword duel gathering piercing the vast sky. This scene was grand and striking, as though it did not belong to this world.

It was the first time that Ye Qingyu stepped out of his own straw cottage in these recent days.

Standing at the edge of a broken high cliff, and distantly gazing into the endless sea of clouds and that solitary peak towering like a sky-piercing divine sword, a blazing fighting spirit was slightly leaping about in Ye Qingyu's chest.

Days of preparation, all for today.

Footsteps were heard from the side.

“Look at the blood-coloured sea of clouds, they look as though they are stained with blood. I wonder that, after today, how many heroes would be buried here, how many famous people would shed bled. On this Greater One Peak, there seems to be the smell of blood beginning to diffuse already.” Nan Tieyi slowly walked to Ye Qingyu's side, standing shoulder by shoulder.

He looked at the sea of clouds further than the cliff, breathing a long sigh, full of emotions.

“If there are some things that can only be solved by shedding blood, then one might as well bleed a little to solve it more thoroughly.”

The expression within Ye Qingyu's eyes was incomparably firm.

Suddenly, Greater One Peak’s ancient bronze bell sounded.

In the distant sea of clouds, there were hundreds of airships cutting through, speeding over in the direction of the rear peak. At first glance it looked like a group of hundreds of eagles were competing in tearing the void. It was a spectacular sight.

These were Greater One Peak’s escort airships.

People need to take the escort airship to advance to the Storm Platform, and to participate in the Sword Storm duel.

Greater One Sect was, after all, a super sect, they were very orderly in the way they handled matters, and everything was very properly arranged. This, Ye Qingyu admired a lot.

After a moment of frenzy.

The people boarded the airship, sailing into the sea of clouds.

The Storm Platform was situated in the widest area between Greater One Sect’s eight peaks, it was neither far nor close, but it was Ye Qingyu’s first time there.

In a blink of an eye, the Storm Platform was distantly in sight.

“That is the Storm Platform?”

“So Storm Platform is also a floating peak, but... the appearance is a little strange.”

“Yes, not even a blade of grass grows there. At first glance I thought it was a faint black square seal.”

There were people discussing spiritedly on the airship.

It was obvious that Ye Qingyu was not the only one that saw the Storm Platform for the first time.

And this so-called Storm Platform indeed was not quite the same as Ye Qingyu had imagined.

From afar, the Storm Platform was like a huge four-corner square seal. From top to bottom, it was at least one thousand meters. It was a light black colour, like it was made from stone or iron. Floating in the void, its surface was smooth as a mirror, where not even a blade of grass was growing. As though it was hammered into shape, the top was a square platform, which was enough to accommodate hundreds of people; the area was not small at all. Under the sun, vaguely there were formations on the walls, and a majestic power was surging. Even from afar, it still made people palpitate.

“Legend has it that the Storm Platform is not man-made but a natural formation. It was once the most precious treasure of Clear River’s Storm Valley. It is said that the Storm Platform is incredibly hard and that not even the strongest expert of the domain could break it. A great casting master had attempted to use the material of the Storm Platform to develop a sacred weapon. Unfortunately, despite arranging a unique formation and exhausting his essence and blood, he still could not refine the slightest bit of the Storm Platform. In these tens of thousands of years, no one had left the slightest dent on the Storm Platform.”

Nan Tieyi explained softly.

Evidently, he has a very good understanding of the origins of this Storm Platform.

Ye Qingyu exclaimed, “No wonder, when I saw this Storm Platform I also felt waves of heavy oppression. This sword duel gathering is called Storm because of this, right?”

“Brother Tian Huang is correct, it is indeed so.” Nan Tieyi smiled.

Hu Bugui also came over, saying in a loud voice, “Now that you mention it, this Greater One Sect really is a bastard, they are simply the biggest robber in Clear River Domain. 3,000 years ago, Greater One Sect casually found an excuse to break through the Storm Valley, and this Storm Platform ultimately became the property of the Greater One Sect. For tens of thousands of years, there was a tradition in Clear River Domain. The grudges between sects that cannot be solved can be settled through a battle of life and death on the Storm Platform; thereafter, regardless of the outcome, both sides must put an end to this enmity, no longer seek revenge, or it will cause public outrage. Over time, this tradition has been passed on in Clear River Domain. Since this Storm Platform became the property of Greater One Sect, they could officially hold a Storm Sword duel gathering every hundred years, but also, as the host, make a judgment on the right and wrong of Clear River Domain. And gradually they became the leader of all martial artists. Although I am a thief, but compared to Greater One Sect, it really is like a small hill meeting a huge mountain.”

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