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Chapter 548, Preparation

That day, when the Thunder and Lightning mist protection, which had been strengthened with three drops of Lightning Serum, was eventually broken by Chen Shaohua, Ye Qingyu endured the [White Lotus Sword Attack] with his physical body alone and had suffered only some minor injuries.

But now, with his Thunder and Lightning armour that had been strengthened with seven drops of Chaotic Lightning Serum, if he fought Chen Shaohua again, then a high level battle skill such as the [White Lotus Sword Attack] would no longer be able to break Ye Qingyu’s defense.

He suddenly had a thought, the purple lightning flame did not sink into his body.

Ye Qingyu slowly rose to his feet.

The power of his body was surging, the strength of his physical body had increased sharply, and in terms of pure physical strength, he was several times greater than before.

Moving his joints about a little, Ye Qingyu had the feeling that if the world had rings around it, he felt that he could even pull the sky and earth together.

Ye Qingyu carefully appreciated the strength of his body. A layer of faint silver dragon scales began to grow from under the skin, and then quietly shrunk back in. The True Will of the Sky Dragon could be activated freely, and the transformation into a dragon will allow his pure physical strength to rise even more.

“Since ancient times, thunder and lightning are powers that the dragon clan possesses. It is rumoured that in the ancient era of demon and gods, the founder of the power of thunder and lightning was a sacred dragon, I have now mastered the True Will of the Sky Dragon, and can transform into a dragon. Does that mean that if I display the power of thunder and lightning in the dragon form, its power will also rise dramatically?”

Ye Qingyu was suddenly enlightened.

But he did not immediately try to implement it.

The present rear peak region had too many people, it was not a good place to train.

Placing aside the idea, Ye Qingyu once returned to the stone bed, sat crossed legged, and operated the faint consciousness within his body, sending his entire spirit to the mural space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Ever since that day his body was struck by the Heavenly lightning tribulation, many changes had happened as a result. Ye Qingyu now had about 80% of his consciousness trapped in the mysterious mural space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], unable to break free, which resulted in Ye Qingyu being unable to operate his inner yuan. As a result of this, his strength was inferior to a 10 spirit Spring expert. Fortunately, the inner wall of the space had the effect of improving and enhancing his consciousness. Having taken out some time every day to observe the mysterious murals, Ye Qingyu’s consciousness had been improving at a very frightening speed.

Entering into the mural space, fusing with his consciousness, Ye Qingyu almost groaned out in comfort.

The mixture of perfect consciousness power was like the vast sea, or the ocean of stars of the universe, incomparably grand. It instantly gave Ye Qingyu a dominating and powerful feeling as though he was God. It was as if everything between the Heavens and Earth was under his watch, and as long as he wanted to, he could rule over everything.

“My current consciousness power is too abnormal, most likely close to the peak of Heaven Ascension.”

Ye Qingyu speculated in his mind.

He had not experienced the power of Heaven Ascension, also had never seen the consciousness power of the peak of Heaven Ascension, but from some ancient books and the descriptions from Old Fish, he vaguely knew what kind of boundary it was. So, towards the degree of strength of his own consciousness, Ye Qingyu was relatively accurate, and probably even a bit conservative.

But he had not yet been able to view all the murals of the mural space.

As of today, the murals that Ye Qingyu’s consciousness had observed were no more than 20 paintings.

At this time he was operating his consciousness power, viewing the 21st painting.

On this mural, which was depicting a scene of ancestors hunting, there were hundreds of lifelike looking ancestors in animal skins, clasping stone spears and stone knives, and hunting a tremendous three-headed beast. Everywhere was in flames, the ancestors were sounding the war drums, hurling stone spears at the giant beast, and climbing onto the beast’s body, and there were some people wailing miserably as they were torn apart and trampled to death. It was a tragic scene.

The murals were like flowing light.

Finally, it could be seen that two of the beast’s heads were severed, fell to the ground, and the last head along with the body was sinking into the void.

The ancestors on the ground were arrogantly chasing after it, while others were chanting victory...

Depicted on this mural were hundreds of people but each face was clear and detailed, like a real person. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Of course, the strangest of all was that, when Ye Qingyu began to observe the mural. Even with his current consciousness power, he could feel his head spinning, and in his dizziness, the picture seemed alive. The ancestors, and that three-headed beast, seemed to have come to life, fighting before Ye Qingyu. And vaguely, he seemed to hear the thunder-like roar of the drums, the chanting of the ancestors, the bellow, and the roar of the beast.

When Ye Qingyu's consciousness finally failed to withstand the power of laws of this mural, he withdrew from the illusion.

If nothing went wrong, then his consciousness power had again been markedly enhanced.

“It’s a pity, I have such a strong consciousness, but cannot get out.”

Ye Qingyu sighed.

Once again he tried to strike the consciousness seal, and the result was a failure as before.

But the good news was that the consciousness seal of the mural space seemed to have loosened up a lot.

At this rate, it will take at least a year or two for it to completely break free.

“Nevermind, at least I can strengthen my consciousness at an abnormal rate. There is no need to be impatient, such an opportunity is something that many martial artists dream of.”

Ye Qingyu's mentality was very good.

Every day once he completed his consciousness training, he would detach a wisp of consciousness to return to the flesh.

It was also at this time that another racket sounded outside the door.

Indistinctly, he could hear the extremely loud voice of Old Fish. He seemed to be in a fight with someone again, speaking in a threatening manner, and if the other party did not apologize, he said he would get his disciple Tian Huang and so on. Then the other party immediately spoke in a much quieter voice, seemingly frightened, and chose to swallow their anger, while Old Fish laughed heartily in a louder voice...

Ye Qingyu did not need to go out to know what was going on.

Such scenes had happened many times in just a short period of one or two days. As the rear peak, this remote area gradually was packed with people. Old Fish began to abuse the name of the Thunder and Lightning Sect.

Towards the behaviour of the fish that had lived for millions of years, Ye Qingyu really was speechless.

He no longer cared about the uproar outside.

Because his consciousness had been imprisoned, resulting in him being unable to cultivate yuan qi for such a long time, he was unable to store yuan qi power.

Although his physical strength was near invincible, Ye Qingyu still had a little obstacle.

His mind sank into his dantian, allowing him to view the current barren world of the dantian.

The spring water of the one hundred sprit Springs was silent, the stream of yuan qi that had developed to the size of an ocean was as still as a mirror, there was not the slightest wave or ripple on the surface. This was because of his incomplete consciousness, and him being unable to control his yuan qi power, causing his yuan qi power to sink into a silent state. If his consciousness was complete and tyrannical as before, then there should have been raging waves, roaring rivers, his yuan qi power frantically rising, and surging torrents. Once activated, his yuan qi strength would be endless.

Now it was in a state of silence, and he was temporarily unable to cultivate yuan qi.

Ye Qingyu pondered for a moment, then suddenly something came to mind.

“There is still a lot of Divine-level Origin liquid left, it should be good to use, and it may also help improve my yuan qi cultivation.”


Time quickly went by.

In the blink of an eye, the Storm Sword Meeting was just three days away.

Gongzi Tian Huang, to the experts of many sects at the rear peak, was incredibly well known, but they did not have a chance to see him.

Many people would surround Ye Qingyu's straw cottage, hoping to catch a distant glimpse of the new talented martial artist of Clear River Domain, but unfortunately their wish was not fulfilled.

Because Ye Qingyu had not stepped out of his door once these days.

And the news of Gongzi Tian Huang locking himself up to practice had spread like wildfire.

Everyone knew that at the Sword Storm Meeting, [Sword Leaves No Person] Chen Shaohua would battle Tian Huang once again, and obviously Tian Huang was in preparation for the upcoming life and death battle.

When news spread to Great Hua Peak, Chen Shaohua, who had also been training diligently, gave a sneering laugh.

“So that arrogant little bastard also feels afraid. Haha, unfortunately it is already too late, the foundation of my Greater One Sect is incredibly deep, can an obscure Thunder and Lightning sect be compared to us. When I can skillfully control the [Greater One Double Wheels], on the Storm Platform, I will send you to hell and you will never have the chance to return, hahaha...”

In the midst of the cold laughter, one yin and one yang, one bright and one dark, two fine wheels emerged from behind Chen Shaohua.

[Greater One Double Wheels] was one of Greater One Sect’s eight divine weapons. It was a top divine weapon that the ancestors of Greater One Sect had left behind, and was a much stronger weapon than the [White Lotus Immortal Sword]. Under the strangulation of the double wheels, not even ghosts can escape.

Seven days ago, Chen Shaohua had persistently begged his master to borrow this divine weapon.

This pair of divine wheels was his trump card in killing Tian Huang on the Storm Platform, and in becoming famous in Clear River Domain.

Of course, he had many methods.

“This time, it absolutely must be perfect. I will not allow a nobody to trample on Greater One Sect. Anyone that dares go against Greater One Sect, no matter who, will pay the price, the cost of blood.”

In the dim training room, Chen Shaohua's eyes were like those of a beast in the dark, glinting ominously.


“The effect is not bad.”

Ye Qingyu got up, with a satisfied expression on his face.

After consuming the Divine-level Origin liquid, the yuan qi power within his body, indeed, was enhanced again.

In just a few days of time, he had consumed just less than 10 drops of Divine-level Origin liquid. His yuan qi power was now comparable to that of a peak Bitter Sea boundary expert, but it was as quiet and still as before, and could not be activated.

“Wait until one day, when my consciousness breaks free, and I can activate my yuan qi. My strength will be hundreds and thousands of times better than before. At that time it will amaze everyone.”

Ye Qingyu’s heroic spirit was abruptly rising.

The date of the Storm Sword Meeting was approaching, and he also began to consider the battle against Chen Shaohua.

“Greater One Sect has a deep foundation. The last time it was [White Lotus Immortal Sword], and this time it will certainly be a more terrifying weapon. This kind of super sect should not be underestimated, I need a weapon to enhance the certainty of victory...” With this thought, Ye Qingyu’s attention returned to the casting space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], and saw the [Blood Drinker Sword] that had been refining for a long time.

“I should be able to use it now, right?”

After a slight observation, Ye Qingyu summoned the [Blood Drinker Sword].

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