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Imperial God Emperor 547 - Increase in strength

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"Che Che Che, don't push me..."

"Don't crowd me..."

"Old Cross-Eyed, you're standing on my foot."

There were furtive noises that were coming from outside the door. Then they saw the door being brutally broken open, and several figures fell inside.

Ye Qingyu looked at these figures and could not cry or laugh.

Just what sort of people were these.

They evidently had intentionally entered, but was still pretending to have made a mistake.

Hu Bugui as well as the Old Fish's eyes swirled around and pretended to be surprised, "Eh, where is she? I evidently saw a little beautiful lady enter, quickly come out, haha, where have you hidden her..."

“I say little brat, you are really being dishonest, to think you were hiding a woman." Liu Shaji had already reverted to his usual state in these two days, as he laughingly teased Ye Qingyu. "In truth, you don't need to hide. We are all grown people, and you are young and in the prime of youth. You have such great fame, having one or two women is common."

Nan Tieyi was standing outside the door with a grin, looking at this scene.

Ye Qingyu could not laugh or cry. "She left long ago."

"She left already?" The old fish did not act like his age. "From my calculations, it should not have even been fifteen minutes since the beginning. You finished so quickly? That girl is not bad. Beloved disciple, could it be that you can't last long?"

Ye Qingyu was instantly enraged, "Old bastard... I... I really have endured you for a long time.

As he said this, his leg went flying.

"Oh, you dare kick your master." The old fish dragged his voice out, like a leather ball that was kicked away. He flew directly out from the doors.

Liu Shaji and Hu Bugui saw that the situation was not favourable, and instantly turned to run.

“Brother Tian Huang, are you angry from embarrassment?"

"Haha, don't hide a sickness from fear of treatment. If you can't do it, then you need to seek treatment. Seeking this earlier is best."

The two shouted as they ran. In the blink of an eye, they had disappeared far off.

From outside, there was only the successor to the Immortal God Emperor Sect left behind.

Turning his head to look at these weird people, Nan Tieyi's heart was somewhat warm and cheerful.

He turned to look at Ye Qingyu, thinking for a bit. he smiled, "In the Sword Storm Meeting ten days later, Chen Shaohua will definitely come prepared. We saw that you were working hard and training in isolation. But don't be too strict on yourself and have such high requirements. A certain level of relaxation can challenge your state."

Ye Qingyu turned his gaze away from the distance. "I know everyone's good intentions. They seem like they are teasing me, but in truth they are helping me optimize my mood and state, to prevent me from feeling too much pressure... but, do you really think that I feel such great pressure?" Ye Qingyu smiled. "It is only a Chen Shaohua. If I can defeat him once, I can defeat him a second time. Even if the Greater One Sect gives a divine sect tool to him, this does not represent that they can win back the thing they need.”

The sunlight shone from the door outside, landing on Ye Qingyu's face.

This vigorous and energetic youngster had self-confidence and arrogance flowing through his face. There was a strong aura that could not be described enshrouding his whole body.

Nan Tieyi was dumbfounded for a bit.

In his heart, in that moment, there was a faint envy that was aroused.



In the next period of time, Ye Qingyu was in training.

As the saying goes, one despises the enemy in terms of strategy but attach value to the enemy in terms of tactics. Ye Qingyu did not even give any importance to Chen Shaohua.

But if he wanted to save Yu Xiaoxing, then he could not avoid the massive entity of the Greater One Sect. He even had to face some of the alliance friends of the Greater One Sect, such as the Southern Palace family as well as the Sky Demon Palace. These were all top level powers. That's why he must make full preparations. There must not be any errors, because if there was a mistake at all, it not only would cause Yu Xiaoxing to fall into danger, it was even possible it would plunge the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain into chaos.

There were still four days till the Sword Storm Meeting.

In these days, there were continuously many forces from Clear River Domain that arrived at the Greater One Sect. Counting all the small and large forces, there were at least several thousands of sects, and tens of thousands of people.

The originally quiet and serene Greater One Sect suddenly became bustling and lively.

Even the peak that Ye Qingyu and the others were in, that was further back, was affected. It was originally quiet and serene, and the building that they belonged to was simple and minimalistic. Even some low level disciples of the Greater One Sect did not wish to stay here. But in these days, there were continuously people coming here, filling it up. They were all people of some small or infamous sects. The originally serene back peak was no longer quiet.

Old Fish evidently extremely liked the atmosphere with all sorts of people.

This fellow had the title of the Patriarch of the Thunder and Lightning Sect. He flashed and waved this title around and really managed to intimidate some people.

After the battle at the Enlightenment Tea Party, the name of the young master Tia Huang became famed throughout. It caused the name of the Thunder and Lightning Sect to resound.

Ye Qingyu still kept himself to himself, and rarely came out of isolation.

He had already managed to incorporate three drops of Lightning Serum into his body. Adding to the previous three drops already inside his body, there were now six drops in total.

Right now, he was currently attempting to incorporate the seventh drop.

He had previous experience already. But when that drop of Lightning Serum was ingested into his mouth, in an instant there were thousands of lightning arcs exploding throughout his entire body. The terrifying power of lightning that had not been tamed yet was wildly destroying and tormenting his fleshly body. It was like little blades running throughout his inner organs, cutting apart every inch of his body, or like tens of thousands of blood-thirsty ants devouring and biting apart his flesh. This type of pain really was difficult to endure unless one had great will and determination.

For Ye Qingyu, he was already used to such pain.

There was a layer of sweat coming out from his head, and on the surface of his skin, there were tiny blood droplets coming out from his pores.

But his expression was exceedingly calm and stable. He was cultivating in the [Ultimate Lightning Enlightenment], absorbing and transforming this droplet of Lightning Serum into power he could use. Especially the fragmented and scattered lightning laws contained within the Lightning Serum; this was the true essence of power.

The Lightning Serum was something that the Lightning Emperor had refined in the past. It contained the will and Dao of Lightning that the Lightning Emperor had comprehended in the past, and this was something that Ye Qingyu cared about extremely.

He sat there on the stone bed with his legs crossed. There was a violet lightning curling around him. It formed a small lightning realm, three meters around his body.

The process of incorporating and absorbing the seventh drop of Lightning Serum had already reached the last stage.

Time passed by.

The tiny and minute droplets of blood all around Ye Qingyu's skin was once again returning into his body through his pores.

Every droplet of blood was the culmination of a martial expert’s spirit and power, it could not be easily lost like that.

In truth, the process of incorporating the Lightning Serum was also a process for training one's body.

From ancient times, electricity was the best way of refining one's body.

The nameless breathing technique as well as the True Will of the Sky Dragon was also activated, cooperating seamlessly. This further increased the effect of the body refinement.

He closed his eyes, using his consciousness to view inside.

The body that had been damaged in the process of absorbing the seventh drop of Lightning Serum was currently recovering. The previous lighting power that was as wild and as powerful as a dragon, had transformed into the gentleness and warmth of spring wind. It was like a warm stream, running throughout his limbs and bodies. It was as if every cell in his body contained the power of lightning.

Even his own blood began to display a faint violet colour.

But Ye Qingyu had already discovered such signs after incorporating three drops of Lightning Serum.

It was only that after absorbing another four drops of Lightning Serum, the faint violet colour in his blood and flesh had become slightly darker.

This represented that the lighting power contained within his own body, had become increasingly stronger.

Old Fish had once said, once all the blood in his body and flesh had turned to violet, then it would once again return to normal. It would once again return to its fresh red colour. Then this would represent his mastery of the power of lightning reaching a high level. This was equal to the power of the Lightning Emperor before he had completely formed his path, before he had received the power of lighting from the heavens. In the aspect of giving information to Ye Qingyu, the Old Fish was extremely reliable. He told everything that he knew, without holding anything back to Ye Qingyu.

From this perspective, this old cocked eye known as Olf Fish could be called Ye Qingyu's master. He was just not assuming a position.

"It's only that the state that the Old Fish is in is too far away from me. I have to take things step by step. The martial path has to be advanced forward vigorously, but it also has to be done in a steady and serious way.

Ye Qingyu knew this clearly in his own heart.

He continued to use inner vision, observing the state that his body was in.

But at this time ---

"Eh? What is this?"

There was faint shock in Ye Qingyu's heart.

Because he discovered, on one of his bones, there was a faint strange mark that had suddenly appeared.

Ye Qingyu could be sure, there was absolutely not any of such mark before.

This mark was exceedingly simple. It was like a thunderbolt solidifying the moment it exploded in the air, as if it was casually drawn from a child that did not even know how to write. It was a faint violet colour that was above the bones. It was extremely unclear, and if one did not closely examine himself, one would not be able to discover this at all. Looking at it, it seemed rough and simple. At this period in time, Ye Qingyu could not sense just what sort of use this lightning mark had.

"This is a mark that appeared after incorporating seven drops of Lightning Serum. Could it be a mark of the laws of Lighting?"

This was the guess in Ye Qingyu's heart. It made him both overjoyed and surprised.

But after attempting several times, he still did not discover what use this mark had.

But his intuition told Ye Qingyu that this was evidently a good sign.

After carefully examining all over using inner vision, Ye Qingyu discovered that it was not all bones that had this marking. The only bones that had this faint lightning bolt mark appearing was only some main important bones in his body.

After finishing his inner vision, Ye Qingyu slowly opened his eyes.

He extended his hand, his five fingers spreading wide.

With a thought, arc after arc of violet lightning appeared between his fingers.

The arcs of electricity flickered and curled, appearing in all sorts of different forms and shapes. It transformed into the shape of different tools, appearing extremely lifelike. It was like violet-coloured sprites that danced between Ye Qingyu’s fingers under his control. It seemed cute and obedient, as if it was a part of Ye Qingyu's own will.

"My control over the power of lighting had increased multiple times compared to a few days ago."

This new feeling of making arcs of electricity appear and transform according to his heart made Ye Qingyu feel incomparably overjoyed.

In the next second, his will changed.

Chi lah--!

Amidst this strange sound, the electricity around his fingers suddenly converged. The violet colour became more and more concentrated, ultimately transforming into a throbbing purple flame.

This violet flame followed along his palm and his arm, and spread around Ye Qingyu's entire body in the blink of an eye, like he was being burned up. His entire person was being surrounded by the violet-coloured light, and this power of electricity transformed into the appearance of armour. Although it was not exceedingly clear, but compared to the faint violet mist that was as thin as paper around his body in the battle against Chen Shaohua that day in the Enlightenment Tea Party, it was already many many times stronger.

There was an extremely satisfied expression on Ye Qingyu's face.

"The power from these seven drops of Lightning Serum is evidently not enough to fully form a complete armour of electricity. But even this half finished product is enough to easily receive the strike of the [White Lotus Sword Strike] from Chen Shaohua's White Lotus Sword."
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