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“Please, can I have for young master Tian Huang to extend your helping hand, to save the Hundred Spirits Sect from a calamity." As she uttered the last words, there was a pleading colour in her eyes, the expression of senior sister Shen Menghua tragic.

Ye Qingyu fell silent.

The situation of the Hundred Spirits Sect was indeed pitiable.

For a group of women to be able to support a sect in this world where the strong devoured the weak, as well as to maintain it for several thousand years, was definitely not easy. For such an evil sect like the Heavenly Desire Demonic Sect, with Ye Qingyu's temperament, if he encountered them, he would definitely try to think of a way to completely exterminate them. But it was only just that this was not Heaven Wasteland Domain. The martial power in the Clear River Domain was much stronger than Heavenly Desire Demonic Sect. Ye Qingyu did not completely understand this Heavenly Desire Demonic Sect, but to be able to make many of the alliance friends of the Hundred Spirits Sect to back away, it was most likely that they were not a simple power. Even if Ye Qingyu had such an intention, he did not have the power to achieve much.

Right now, Yu Xiaoxing was in the hands of the Greater One Sect, Ye Qingyu was carrying fictitious crimes. He could not even take care of himself. In the present period of time, he must remain in the Greater One Sect.

Seeing that Ye Qingyu had fallen silent, the heart of Shen Menghua began to grow colder and colder.

Such a silent rejection had been experienced not just by her, but by the entire people of the Hundred Spirits Sect many, many times over. At the beginning, they felt hurt and sorrowful, but right now they had already begun to turn numb.

This time, they had asked for Ye Qingyu's help, but in reality, they were madly seeking aid in a desperate situation. Furthermore, this was Shen Menghua's own idea, she had not asked for the advice of the Hundred Spirits Sect.

Biting his teeth, the senior sister disciple made her determination. "If young master Tian Huang is willing to extend your aid, and able to assist the Hundred Spirits Sect in beating back the Heavenly Desire Demonic Sect, then I am willing to accompany young master, pouring tea and water for you, serving you..."

Ye Qingyu, upon hearing this, could not laugh or cry. He knew that this beautiful female disciple had misunderstood his meaning. He quickly waved his hand, "Miss Shen, I am not just declining and making things difficult. Upholding virtue and condemning evil is the natural duty of martial experts. For such an evil sect like the Heavenly Desire Demonic Sect, it should be exterminated by everyone. But the issue is, how can you be so sure that I can make the Heavenly Desire Demonic Sect retreat? It most likely is a major force within Clear River Domain. I am just one man alone. Even though I defeated Chen Shaohua that day, but it does not truly represent that I can threaten the Heavenly Desire Demonic Sect.

"This..." Shen Menghua did not know what to say.

Could it be that he wanted her to admit they were desperate to try anything in a crisis?

Or perhaps admit she was only hoping that the Lightning and Thunder Sect had an incomparable deep foundation and hidden strength? She was only looking to borrow the power of the Lightning and Thunder Sect.

Seeing her hesitation, with Ye Qingyu's perception, he instantly guessed her thoughts.

With a thought, Ye Qingyu asked again, "This time you came here in stealth, is it because you are worried that the Greater One Sect will know that us two have met?"

Shen Menghua's heart quivered. With a faint hesitation, she could only helplessly nod her head.

In these days, the attitude of the Greater One Sect towards them were indecisive and wavering. But after all, they had given a certain level of respect and courtesy towards the Hundred Spirits Sect. Before the Greater One Sect had made it's ultimate decision, the greatest hope of the Hundred Spirits Sect was still the Greater One Sect. Therefore, they absolutely could not allow the Greater One Sect to find out that the Hundred Spirits Sect had secretly met with the successor of the Thunder and Lightning Sect who had just humiliated the Greater One Sect disciples and injured Chen Shaohua. Otherwise, if the Greater One Sect was angered, then the last hope of the Hundred Spirits Sect would be gone.

But without knowing why, Shen Menghua's intuition told her to seek out Ye Qingyu.

After the battle at the Enlightenment Tea Party, the Shen Menghua who had hesitated for five or six days, ultimately sneakily arrived at the posterior Greater One Peak.

Right now, in front of Ye Qingyu, facing a youth that look even younger than her, there was a strange sensation occurring in Shen Menghua. For some unknown reason, it was as if all her thoughts were being seen through by this youth.

Ye Qingyu looked at her expression, and could already largely confirm his own initial judgement.

He was currently conflicted on what he could say to this girl, when his gaze unintentionally swept past a jade piece on the waist of Shen Menghua. His heart suddenly quivered, his gaze focused on it.

“This is...”

Ye Qingyu was incomparably shocked to discover that there was a strange pattern on the jade piece that was the size of a thumb. It was something recognizable, giving him an extremely familiar feeling.

From its rough appearance, its pattern was exceedingly simple. It was like a primitive formation, or like some sort of simplified pattern.

"I seem to have seen it before somewhere... Ah, that's right, It was in that Moonlight Palace in the underground river. The pattern on the robe of that white-haired mysterious person on the stone bed and stone room, was evidently the same as the pattern on this jade pendant..." Ye Qingyu's heart was shocked.

A thought like a flicker of light suddenly flitted past his mind.

Even the old fish was not aware of the background of that white-haired mysterious person. But she evidently looked exactly the same as his mother.

From the beginning, this was a huge mystery that he yearned to get to the bottom of.

However there were very little clues.

Seeing the pattern on the jade piece on the waist of Shen Menghua, Ye Qingyu could not help but connect her to that white-haired mysterious person.

Trying to make his emotions somewhat calmer, Ye Qingyu said nonchalantly, "The jade piece on Miss Shen's waist seems very intricate.”

"Ah?" Shen Menghua was somewhat nonplussed. She had never imagined the attention of this young master Tian Huang, would be focused on such a little jade piece. A question could not help but be raised in her heart. But she very quickly reacted, “This is the identity badge of every Hundred Spirits Sect disciple. There's one for every person. The jade material is very rare divine jade, it’s the Hundred Spirits jade of our Hundred Spirits Sect. If you like it, then I can send someone to bring some over."

Ye Qingyu nodded his head upon hearing this, "This really is a good piece of jade. The pattern on this jade pendant is simple and stylish. It should be made from the hands of some famous master?"

There was a strange colour on Shen Menghua's face. But she still replied truthfully, "The pattern on the face of the jade pendant is a complete pattern that the founding Patriarch of the Hundred Spirits Sect left behind. We call it the [Departure Imprint]. It is one of the markings and the symbol of someone that belongs to the Hundred Spirits Sect.

[Departure Imprint]?

Ye Qingyu pondered.

Without knowing why, he suddenly thought of that ancient poem on the handkerchief that had covered the face of that white-haired mysterious person.

...Enter the longing mind, understand the longing pain, long yearning recalls memory, short yearning is infinite,

…If I had known that my thoughts would be so tangled, it would be better to not have met.

That ancient poem, was all about departure and leaving. And this pattern was called the [Departure Imprint], there must be some connection between them.

A short moment later.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. "Miss Shen, I can promise you that I can go to the Hundred Spirits Sect. But it’ll be until after this Sword Storm gathering, because I have some important matters that I need to do. No matter what, the Thunder and Lightning Sect will definitely extend it's assistance towards the Hundred Spirits Sect.

Hearing this, Shen Menghua was overjoyed.

She did not imagine, just when there were no more roads open to her, she would see a glimmer of light at the darkest time.

When this Tian Huang diverted the subject of conversation on the pattern of this jade piece, she thought this was a type of rejection. She had not imagined that he would suddenly accept.

"Thank you, young master Tian Huang."

Shen Menghua was really pleased beyond her expectations.

At the beginning, she did not even have the slightest of expectations that Ye Qingyu and the people of the Thunder and Lightning Sect would immediately follow her back to the Hundred Spirits Sect.

During the time of the Storm Sword gathering, perhaps it was because all the attention of the major forces and powers was focused there, the Heavenly Desire Demonic Sect unexpectedly maintained a strange sort of peace. From the news coming from the Hundred SpiritsSsect, it seemed that the Hundred Spirits Sect was comparatively safe during this period in time. But whether there were any hidden currents underneath, was not something that could be known.

"No need to be courteous." Ye Qingyu let out a faint smile.

Shen Menghua hesitated for a brief while. She finally could not help but ask again, "Can your words, young master Tian Huang, really represent your master?"

Ye Qingyu saw the expression of this beautiful and clever girl, and knew her thoughts. With a laugh, "Rest assured, my words can represent the entire Thunder and Lightning ect."

Shen Menghua let out a breath of relief.

She originally was somewhat worried that the promise of this young master Tian Huang really could not represent the power of the entire Thunder and Lightning Sect. Although young master Tian Huang was powerful, but he was still young. Even if he was powerful, he would only have influence in the younger generation. For him to fight against a major power like the Heavenly Desire Demonic Sect, he was still too immature. Even if he acted out honourably, to save the Hundred Spirits Sect from their danger was like a cup of water on a burning cart. But if the mysterious and unfathomable Thunder and Lightning Sect was to act, then it was a different situation.

At this, the worries in Shen Menghua's heart could finally be completely resolved.

The result of hiding and coming here today was even more perfect than her initial expectations.

Pausing for a bit, as if she had suddenly thought of something, the senior sister Shen Menghua could not help but give out a word of warning, "Young master, please do not be too careless in the Storm Sword battle. The Greater One Sect has unfathomable depths, they will most likely give a lot of support to Chen Shaohua. This successor of the Greater One Peak’s strength will definitely increase explosively. He will have countless methods up his sleeve, and will definitely become a strong opponent.”

Ye Qingyu smiled faintly, not denying this, saying, "Thank you for your warning."

As the conversation progressed to this stage, both parties knew the other's intentions well.

Shen Menghua was an exceedingly clever person. She knew it was time for her to go, so she rose and expressed her thanks. She left a promise behind, saying that 'No matter what, the Hundred Spirits Sect will definitely have a heavy reward' then turned and left.

Ye Qingyu did not see her off. He only stood silently in his room, remaining deep in thought for a long time.

The situation of the Clear River Domain was exceedingly complex and it was growing increasing chaotic. The [Departure Imprint] of the Hundred Spirits Sect had appeared, which made him realize that the mystery to his own origins was even more complex than his imagination.

"I wish that the appearance of that [Departure Imprint] and that white-haired mysterious person is only a coincidence."

He mumbled to himself in a low voice.

There was a scorching fierce heat throbbing on his arm.

Rolling up his sleeve, the curse imprint of the Demon Spider Race was growing increasingly clear. The blood red spider mark was like it was flowing with blood and burning with flames. The power of the curse was madly surging within it, as if there would be something terrifying that would come crawling out of the curse mark.

There was a faint smile that appeared on Ye Qingyu's face.

"Interesting. For the curse to be so lively, this means that the experts of the Demon Spider Race must be extremely close to me. If my conjecture is not wrong, then most likely someone from the Demon Spider Race will have already infiltrated into the Greater One Sect. They have definitely discovered my existence, but for them to not have acted against me means that they were evidently waiting for something... interesting, it seems that the Demon Spider Race is planning something big. It is most likely that they're coming here to specifically act against the Sword Storm Meeting of the Greater One Sect... the waters are becoming muddier and muddier."

Rolling down the sleeve, he covered the imprint of the curse.

"Fine. The more chaotic, the better. This is the best situation to benefit while the waters are murky.”

Ye Qingyu's mood become much more relaxed.

At this time, there was a shameless and dirty laughter coming from outside----
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