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Chapter 532, Immortal God Emperor Sect

Ye Qingyu had seen these people out of the corner of his eyes, but he simply didn’t care.

Because before coming to Greater One Sect, he had already disguised himself a little bit. At this time his appearance was completely different from before. He looked like a big eyed and thick browed youngster, so he was not afraid of Xiao Yunlong and others recognizing him.

And Xiao Yunlong and the others really did not notice the fact that this big eyed and thick browed youngster was the Ye Qingyu that they had been chasing after. Under the leadership of Han Qi, the three people came over, and under countless watchful gazes, headed straight towards the handsome and elegant youngster, and extremely respectfully bowed. Their attitude was rarely polite and modest. Han Qi smiled and said, “I didn’t know Young Emperor is coming, please excuse Greater One Sect for not going out to meet you, just now a disciple reported to me, and we hurriedly rushed over to greet you, Young Emperor please forgive us.”

The handsome and elegant youngster smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, I am having a good time here with friends.”

Han Qi hastily added, “I can’t allow that, Young Emperor has a noble status, how can you be stranded here, please follow me to rest at Greater One Peak.”

The handsome young man slowly stood up, patted the grass strands off his body, stored away the wine jar that Ye Qingyu had just gifted him and said, “I met some new friends today, we are drinking and chatting merrily, I don’t want to go to Greater One Peak to join in the fun, how should I address Elder?”

“I am Greater One Sect’s Han Qi, these two are...” Han Qi from the beginning had behaved very humbly and politely. He introduced Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li to the handsome and elegant youngster. “

“Oh, go back. Tell Song Liren that when the meeting starts, I’ll show up on time,” the handsome and elegant youngster said indifferently.

Song Liren was the name of the current sect master.

It had been a long time ever since someone dared to say this name out loud in public.

“How dare you, how dare you address the Greater One Sect’s sect master by his name.” Xiao Yunlong, with a trace of pride and contempt on his face, interrupted, “Even if you’re the successor of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, still should not be so arrogant to call the sect master by his name. Even the sect master of the Immortal God Emperor Sect himself also has to call him Daoist friend...”

The Immortal God Emperor Sect?

When these five words came out his mouth, it was like throwing a boulder into a pond, Ye Qingyu heard it loud and clear. The onlookers also could not hold back gasping in surprise, and then the gazes in the dark that were fixed on the handsome man were immediately added with all kinds of shock, respect, awe and other various expressions. It was evident that these five words had a special weight.

Unfortunately, for Ye Qingyu, he was an outsider and did not know the history and glory of the Immortal God Emperor Sect.

On the contrary, Liu Shaji and Hu Bugui seemed much calmer than Ye Qingyu, which indicated that they were already aware of the true identity of the handsome youngster.

“What is your identity, to dare say such a thing to me?” The handsome and elegant youngster smiled lightly, looking at Xiao Yunlong, his eyes flashing a strange light that makes one palpitate. His speech, although calm and indifferent, but there was an imposing manner that resembled that of a deity looking down at the mortals.

The him at this moment, and the elegant him who was apathetic with everything before, were completely different. Like a rare peerless sword was suddenly unsheathed.

Before Xiao Yunlong said another word, under the crushing impact of this momentum, he immediately no longer dared say a word.

When Han Qi saw, he turned and winked at the junior brothers, signalling for them to not talk, and then he himself hurriedly stepped forward, bowing repeatedly, “Two young juniors have little experience and did not know any better, please forgive them... Just that this odd job worker disciple area is not suitable for someone with the status of Your Highness, if the sect elders find out and blame us, we cannot bear such responsibility, please Your Highness don’t make it hard for us.”

The handsome young man hummed when he heard what was said, but did not speak.

While the Great Thief Hu Bugui sneered, “Make it difficult for you? Haha, who are you, what does it has to do with us? That junior brother Xiao of yours is not only inexperienced and not know any better, on the basis of the tone that he spoke to the young emperor of Immortal God Emperor Sect, he should be killed over 1000 times. The rules of the Greater One Sect really are ridiculous.”

“Shut up, what are you?” Xiao Yunlong, who had just admitted his mistake, had anger brewing inside him, and with nowhere to vent his rage. He glowered at Hu Bugui right away, his gaze seemingly as though he wanted to kill.

In his opinion, in this odd job worker disciple area, apart from this handsome and elegant youngster that he could not berate because of his special identity, the other people that dared act so arrogant in front of him were stirring up trouble for the Greater One Sect. They were just simply seeking death.

A handsome and elegant voice sounded, “I'll introduce you, this is older brother Hu Bugui, as for his name, I think you should have heard of him before.”

These words had made Xiao Yunlong expression changed drastically, his face growing pale. His sword-like gaze before faded, his heart palpitating, lowering his head and unable to control the terrified feeling.

The Zuo Li who had not yet spoken a word was also startled.

This sloppy and evil man was the infamous Great Thief Hu Bugui?

The 18 Great Thieves of Clear River Domain, each one of them was a fierce character that makes one have a change in expression at the mention of their name, especially this Hu Bugui, an existence that gives all the major forces a headache.

How could this scoundrel have come to this place?

Liu Shaji, upon seeing this scene, chuckled out loud, “Haha, we still have a lot to talk about, it would kill the mood if we disperse now. How about we head up Greater One Peak together, find a place to continue to chat, what do you think?”

Old Fish very excitedly nodded, “Good, good idea, I also want to go up to see the Greater One Sect’s eight peaks, especially the legendary Greater One Peak, haha.”

Ye Qingyu was also nodding, “Yes, sounds good, we can see further from above, enjoy an overview of the gathering storm.”

The way these people spoke was as though they did not attach any importance to Han Qi and the others, treating as if Greater One Peak was their back garden.

Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li were gnashing their teeth with fury and fear of saying anything else. First putting aside Old Fish, Ye Qingyu and Liu Shaji, who they were not aware of their background yet, only one of the 18 Great Thieves Hu Bugui himself was terrifying enough. This reckless person that would do anything when mad. He was rumoured to have raided Nangong family’s arsenal. Once enraged, the two of them could be easily crushed to death by this lunatic.

Han Qi hastily agreed as soon as he heard this, “If you guys are willing to accompany Your Highness, that would be great. This way please.”

With that, he turned and led the way.

After all, he was a man of hundred years; he had a quicker and sharper mind than Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li, these two proud and spoiled straw bags.

During the day, high level forces such as Nangong family and the Sky Demon Palace had also ascended Greater One Peak with a lot of followers, so the successor of Immortal God Emperor Sect was naturally eligible to bring five or six people up the peak, without needing to worry about being criticized.

The handsome young man shook his head, smiling helplessly, “All right, then let's go together.”

It was obvious that he did not look forward to the loud and lively atmosphere of the Greater One Peak.



This was Ye Qingyu’s second time going up Greater One Peak.

Coincidentally, the first time he was there, he was also accompanied by Han Qi.

On the way up, Ye Qingyu had already figured out the background of the handsome and elegant youngster.

The Immortal God Emperor Sect was once a martial imperial court of Clear River Domain. More than 5,000 years ago, its real name was Immortal God Court, its territory spanned across a wide area, and had almost unified the whole Clear River Domain. Immortal God Court had countless masters, profound foundation, and could be called the best in the world. It was a matchless man-led nation with a long history. Everyone was scared into submission, and in these long years, the rulers of Immortal God Court were all extremely wise and merciful to other races. It can be said that the fact that Clear River Domain was able to reach this level of civilization, Immortal God Court should claim the most credit. They also protected the living beings of Clear River Domain.

Unfortunately, more than 5,000 years ago, the central gate of Clear River Domain opened, and suffered the invasion of other domain forces. The people of Clear River Domain were reduced to slavery and the entire domain fell into enemy hands.

The Immortal God Court fought back with all their strength, paid a heavy price, and had almost collapsed, to only just force the enemies to retreat back to their domain. The domain agreed to form an alliance, and managed to persevered.

After the war, Immortal God Court deteriorated, unable to maintain their rule. Many sects that had received protection from the imperial court took advantage of the chance to set up an independent regime. The reign of Immortal God Court came to an end. The final generation of Immortal God Emperor, watching the situation progress uncontrollably, finally declared his abdication and Immortal God Court changed its name to Immortal God Emperor Sect, continuing in the form of a sect. The Immortal God Court gave up on its former capital, and the clan moved to the faraway Weishui mountains, which was established in the ancient times, and basically lived in seclusion.

To keep going resolutely despite knowing the task is impossible was a clever way of handling this matter. It had saved the bloodline and heritage of the Immortal God Court.

The major forces that were fighting desperately for supremacy, in order to win the hearts of the public, finally all made a vow that they would never violate the Immortal God Emperor Sect, as well as that Immortal God Emperor Sect remains the nominal Lord of the domain. Its descendants were to be respected and protected by the great powers, and if any force dared to make things difficult for Immortal God Emperor Sect, they will suffer the joint attack of all the other powers.

With such a background, Immortal God Emperor Sect was one of the most outstanding forces of Clear River Domain.

Ever since 5,000 years ago, although there were only few descendants of Immortal God Emperor Sect that wandered Jianghu and they rarely participated in the major events of the domain, but their fame had never fallen.

And as the successor of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, it was expected that the handsome and elegant youngster be well respected by the Greater One Sect.

But thousands of years had passed, its former glory had been blown away by the wind and rain, its kindness and past had gradually been forgotten, and the Immortal God Emperor Sect had been accustomed to remaining low-key. Therefore, many large forces had gradually began to ignore the vow of the past. After all, in such a world, strength was all that matters. For example, people like Xiao Yunlong even dared to berate the descendant of the Immortal God Emperor Sect.

Having known his background now, Ye Qingyu had some sympathy for the handsome young man.

Eventually, the five people were settled at the relatively remote rear peak area.

The Sword Storm meeting would occur in five days.

In these few days, the five people had talked endlessly. Old Fish often told some astonishing views, as well as found a lot of shocking topics, but they all listened and discussed with keen interest, and even the handsome youngster was also greatly interested. These peaceful days went by quickly and happily.

In the meantime, Ye Qingyu had looked for the opportunity to find Yu Xiaoxing several times already. Unfortunately such an opportunity did not come by.

Day four.

Early morning.

Suddenly there was the arrival of uninvited guests, seemingly with ill intent, and was extremely arrogant and domineering, demanding to see the successor of Immortal God Emperor Sect.
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