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Imperial God Emperor 531 - The true ice dragon wine

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Chapter 531, The true ice dragon wine

Ye Qingyu supported the wine gourd with his five fingers. It was like holding a small mountain, there was a heavy feeling in his arm.

He couldn’t help feeling amazed.

During these days of refining the power of the thunder liquid, the power of thunder had further improved and strengthened his body. Now one arm of his holds at least a million pounds of strength. But when he supported up the gourd, it still felt heavy, which meant that the orange wine gourd was absolutely not as simple as its outer appearance. And more importantly, to use such a gourd to store wine, this Hu Bugui was definitely not a simple figure.

At this moment, he heard exclamations of surprise——

“Hu Bugui? He’s the Great Thief Hu Bugui?”

“The Fugitive Thief of Clear River Domain? The great thief who fought against the successor of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect three months ago, and then broke into the Nangong family’s treasure storeroom?”

“Even the root of trouble is here?”

“Heaven Devastator Demon Sect and Nangong family are both now at Greater One Peak, this Hu Bugui is courageous. He’s really not afraid of death, and really dared to come join in the fun.”

The crowd that stood watching from afar, upon hearing this, began to have faces twisted with fear, moving further and further back. The expressions within their eyes as they stared at Hu Bugui was as though they were regarding a threatening fierce beast.

As soon as these dialogues reached Ye Qingyu’s ears, he immediately gained a rough understanding of Hu Bugui’s background.

He could also be counted as a character in this era.

The aroma of the wine in the gourd was indeed tempting, there were waves of spiritual air fluctuating about. Ye Qingyu also no longer acted polite, flipped his hand over, tilted the wine gourd mouth and sent streams of red fire-like wine everywhere. He opened and drew the wine into his mouth, drinking a mouthful. The scarlet red wine heated his mouth as it entered, and the warm feeling instantly spread to his limbs and bones, like he was moving with an ethereal lightness, it was extremely comfortable.

“Good wine.” Ye Qingyu laughed.

Within Hu Bugui’s pair of eyes, there was also a colour of surprise.

The master of this [Dry Yuan Gourd] was naturally well aware of its weight.

The fact that this Thunder and Lightning Sect successor, Tian Huang, could single-handedly hold the wine gourd had already surprised him immensely. He absolutely did not think that he could, with just the power of his fingers, flip the wine gourd over, as well as ensuring that the wine gourd does not fall to the ground. The power between his fingers was really a bit too frightening.

Let alone Hu Bugui, even the handsome youngster who had been sitting quietly by the campfire with a smile on his face also had a look of astonishment across his face.

“Haha, I told you, little brother Tian Huang has heaven given disposition that I have rarely seen, now you believe it?” Liu Shaji was laughing loudly at the other side with a smug look on his face. “Thief Hu, is this little brother qualified to take a sip of your scarlet flame wine?”

Hu Bugui resumed his usual expression, and raised his hand to catch the wine gourd that Ye Qingyu threw back over and said with a wide smile, “Qualified, absolutely qualified. Haha, this really is unexpected. I did not think that in this small odd job worker disciple area, I would meet such a talented youngster, it is gratifying, hahaha, what a blessing.”

As he was speaking, he clapped on the gourd in his arm, sending a burst of fire directly gushing out from the inside, like a fire dragon under the night sky fluttering and dancing in the sky, extremely beautiful.

“Haha, good wine, wow hahaha, I old Liu won’t be polite with you.” Liu Shaji had long been waiting for this moment, when he saw the fire dragon lift off, he immediately puffed up his cheek and inhaled, the dragon was suddenly sucked towards his mouth.

“Haha, I knew your dead chicken head will sneak an attack. Fortunately I am prepared.” Old Fish was also staring open-eyed, with both hands on his hips, drawing the fire dragon that was almost swallowed into Liu Shaji’s mouth back over to his side.

Ye Qingyu immediately understood that the fire dragon in the air was transformed from Hu Bugui’s [Scarlet Flame Wine]. Additionally, this wine contained a large amount of Yuan energy, and through a special method of brewing, this wine was almost spiritual. Once it came into contact with the air, it will turn into a fire dragon. With this point alone, he knew that Hu Bugui’s wine really was a rare good spiritual wine in the world. No wonder that Old Fish was envious, and had even begun to fight over the wine.

Hu Bugui was laughing wildly at the other side, “I don’t believe I will lose to you two.”

He also joined the battle.

Even the elegant and beautiful youngster was smiling and inhaling gently.

This youngster really was a favourite of the heavens, not only was he handsome to the extreme, every single movement of his contained a kind of natural and magical charm.

Four forces of invisible power, entwined three or four meters in midair above the campfire, directly tore up the fire dragon.

When Ye Qingyu saw this scene, he was a bit eager to give it a try. After a brief thought he decided against using his mouth. Bending his fingers into the palm like a claw he slightly slashed out towards the void, and five rays of purple arc shot out from the fingertips, snatching the scarlet flame wine above the campfire. He opened his mouth wide and swallowed it straight away.

At this time, the fight among the other four people also came to an end.

The four each had also seized a part of the fire dragon wine, but it seemed that Old Fish and the handsome youngster had the most.

“Stop, stop, you broke the rules, Tian Huang, we all used our mouth, you used your hand, haha.” Liu Shaji laughed right away when he noticed Ye Qingyu’s ‘drinking’ method. “You broke the rules so you have to compensate us, quick, what good things do you have, take them out, let us have a taste.”

Ye Qingyu looked at Old Fish with a surprised face.

Old Fish’s cross eyes were looking elsewhere, as he said with a smile, “Why are you looking at me?”

“How did I break the rules?” Ye Qingyu repeated clearly.

Old Fish explained innocently, “Didn’t you see that we all used our mouths? But you used your hands, you can only blame your stupidity.”

“An uninformed person is not guilty.” The handsome young man smiled.

His voice, clear and crisp, was like the sounds of nature, extremely pleasant to the ear.

“Fine, since Little White you also say so, then I’ll let little brother Tian Huang off this time.” Liu Shaji nodded in agreement.

Hu Bugui grumbled, “Then, I suffered the most loss, I let you drink my wine, and I also lost...”

“Thank you brother for helping me out.” Ye Qingyu said to the handsome boy with a cupped fist salute, and said with a smile, “Since I participated, then I must abide by the rules. But I come from a remote and desolate place, I don’t have much on me, it is embarrassing. But since we’re drinking today, I happen to have some wine. Of course, it is nothing compared to Brother Hu’s [Scarlet Flame Wine]. I’ll take it out for you to try, it is quite laughable.”

With that, Ye Qingyu operated his mind, taking out a rough ceramic wine jar from the storage space of [Cloud Top Cauldron].

The wine jar was bought from the Red Dust Inn when he was at Youyan Pass.

During that period of time Ye Qingyu often went to that cheap and noisy inn to drink. On one hand it was to see Song Xiaojun, and on the other hand, it was because he enjoyed the atmosphere there.

Later, when he was about to leave Youyan Pass, Ye Qingyu bought many jars of cheap wine to carry with him. Whenever he was free, he would let Little Silver soak in the wine, which as a result had greatly improved the quality of the wine. To today, there were only less than ten jars of this silver dragon wine. But changes had happened, the colour of the wine turned jade green, fragrant, and contained a strange qi of a dragon spirit. It was a top quality wine.

As soon as the wine jar was opened, a strange scent came over them.

Old Fish’s eyes lit up, twitching his nose, and with a hypnotized look across his face, said, “Punk, you unexpectedly have such good wine.”

Liu Shaji and Hu Bugui were both wine experts, with one smell, their eyes also lit up.

Even the handsome and refined youngster also revealed a trace of curiosity.

“If you don’t mind, I have some here.” Ye Qingyu was very generous. He gifted one jar of silver dragon wine to each of them, including the Old Fish.

To do so was of course with the intention of making friends.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu began to understand the Old Fish’s intention. These three people that he had found among so many people were obviously not ordinary at all and most likely, each one of them has an impressive background. Ye Qingyu believed in Old Fish’s judgement, which was the reason why he so straightforwardly gifted them with wine. It was not a bad idea to make friends with these three——Ye Qingyu’s actions were, of course, not for himself. He just hoped that if Greater One Sect really was to unite with the major forces of Clear River Domain to invade Heaven Wasteland Domain, then these people could stand up and say some fair words.

Hu Bugui opened the lid, taking a deep sniff, his face revealing a different colour, “[True Ice Dragon Wine], this wine has a true dragon qi, little brother, you are really generous.”

Liu Shaji impatiently gulped down a mouthful, and then suddenly yelled out. Only a layer of thin frost was seen spreading out his mouth, as he instantly was frozen into a blue ice man, and then quickly melted. When the alcohol penetrated in his body, he actually stood up, dancing and laughing, “Good wine, really good wine, not at all worse than the [Scarlet Flame Wine]. Haha, one hot and one cold, one fire and one ice. The [True Ice Dragon Wine] and [Scarlet Flame Wine] are an absolutely perfect match. If drank together, it would be like creating an immortal elixir. It is rare to have the chance to drink something like that in this world.”

“Yes, perfect match, like brewed from the sun and moon.” The handsome young man's face also had an expression of surprise.

They had just drank [Scarlet Flame Wine], and now followed up by [True Ice Dragon Wine], they could even more experience the beauty of the blending of yin and yang between these two kinds of wine.

Ye Qingyu never had thought that the wine that he brewed in his spare time using Little Silver would receive such high appraisals.

“I say Thief Hu, look how geneous brother Tian Huang is, one jar for each person, you are too stingy, we only get to drink a few mouthfuls in such a long while?” Liu Shaji, like holding treasure, hurriedly put away his jar of [True Ice Dragon Wine] before he shot a scornful look at Hu Bugui.

Hu Bugui’s face immediately reddened in embarrassment, clenching his teeth, “You’re right, I can’t make little brother Tian Huang laugh at me, how about this, when the matters here are finished, I’ll give each of you a jar of [Scarlet Flame Wine]. I left home in such a hurry this time and didn’t bring enough with me.”

After this matter, Hu Bugui and the others’ attitude to Ye Qingyu was evidently much friendlier than before.

Birds of a feather flock together.

They all felt that Ye Qingyu had very good temperament.

While they were chatting merrily, suddenly a few figures were coming over from the distance, led by a person, who had guided Ye Qingyu around Greater One Sect before - Han Qi. He was followed by two people, precisely the two core elite disciples of Greater One Sect that had framed Ye Qingyu, Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li.
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