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Chapter 527, Returned to land

Ye Qingyu, seeing that Inspiration King had understood his meaning, nodded. “Since it is the Dao sound that the Lightning Emperor his highness had left behind, it is a precious opportunity. Back then the Lightning Emperor had fought for the lives of the Human Race, and rescued the entire race from an adverse situation. He is known as the father of the Human Race, but unfortunately he later disappeared. He had not handed down his teachings, and this Dao sound might be his last gift to the younger generation of the Human Race. If only I listened to it by myself it would be a waste. If there is a suitable time, when all sincere elites of the Human Race can gather together to listen to the Dao sound, then would that not achieve the best result for the Dao sound, isn’t that better?”

When Inspiration King heard this, he was shocked for a long while, not saying a word.

“Of course, the premise is that, when the Lightning Emperor left this Dao sound, he did not request only one person to hear it.” Ye Qingyu added.

At this time, Old Fish Inspiration King finally snapped out of his trace, sighing deeply, “You boy, I admire you. You have both aspiration and courage, if others got the chance to hear the Dao sound of the Lightning Emperor, they most likely will be afraid of others finding out and will find the safest corner to listen by themselves, and may not even let the ones closest to them know.”

Ye Qingyu grinned and did not speak.

After a moment.

The Inspiration King seemed to have thought of something again, and added, “Yes, I understand, since you have been cultivating the basic manual of [Ultimate Lightning Enlightenment] Daoist scripture since a young age, your foundation must be extremely solid. No wonder that you could enter this place unimpeded. The previous people, although their aptitudes can indeed be called incomparable and their strengths were many times stronger than you, were obstructed from entering this stone room by the power of thunder and unable to step into this room by the slightest of inches.”

There was such a thing?

Ye Qingyu was astonished.

When he was entering the stone room, he had not encountered the slightest obstruction, and he simply thought that it was because the old age had rendered the restriction formation ineffective.

That was not the reason?

As their dialogue reached to this point, whether it was Ye Qingyu or Inspiration King, both their attitudes to each other was much more sincere, and they were gradually beginning to trust each other.

“I will save Elder first.” Ye Qingyu came closer to the Dragon Wood bucket, asking cautiously, “I only need to fish you up from the bucket, right?”

“Well...” Old Fish reddened with shame, “That’s right, but...”

“But what?” Ye Qingyu was puzzled.

The Old Fish explained awkwardly. “But my plan before was to wait until you pulled me out from the Dragon Wood bucket then immediately knock you out. Then leave this place and slowly find ways to recover my Dao injury. In this stone room there should be three barrels of pure Yuan thunder liquid, which can sustain me for some time.”

Ye Qingyu burst out laughing.

He knew that this cunning Old Fish did not have any good intentions before.

But now that he had told him, there was no need to be embarrassed.

Ye Qingyu stooped down, stretching his hand into the Dragon Seizing Wooden bucket.

His fingers had only reached into the bucket, when immediately there was a numbness in his fingertips, like an electric shock. Luckily he was able to tolerate it completely.

“Be careful, this bucket is filled with the will of the Lightning Emperor,” the Old Fish reminded.

But Ye Qingyu finally was still able to grab the fin of Old Fish and smoothly and slowly pulled him out of the Dragon Seizing Wooden bucket.


The moment the bright Koi left the bucket, there was a strange and forceful aura that made Ye Qingyu almost a little breathless. There was a flash of light in the dark stone room and an old man with straw-like hair appeared out of thin air before him.

The old man’s hair was grey and dry, and his skin shriveled up like air-dried orange peels. He had a set of yellow teeth, and was dressed in a yellow cloth robe. His waist was slightly crooked, his beard was hanging down almost to his waist, jet black and shiny, extremely elegant, but his eyes were crossed, and had an indescribable wretched expression.

“Ha ha, millions of years, I am finally free.” The old man leaped excitedly, like an old monkey, somersaulting, unable to contain his excitement.

Ye Qingyu watched silently at the side.

This cross-eyed wretched old man was obviously transformed from the bright carp in the bucket.

This guy that was known to control the chaotic Quicksand Xea, just where was that graceful demeanor of the King of all Aquatic Race? He was more like a conman that squats at the side street telling fortune.

“Haha, boy, thank you for saving me, I am destined not to die. If you had come a century later, I really would have died in this bucket.” Inspiration King, after calming himself down, turned around to grasp Ye Qingyu’s hand for a handshake, then very carefully sorted his long beard, grumbling, “Qin Ming, this guy, is too unreliable. He disappeared for millions of years without any signs, I almost died inside this broken bucket.”

Listening to him cursing the God-like Lightning Emperor to the Human Race, Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Yes, elder, you said before that you were tricked so you entered into the bucket, why would you blame the Lightning Emperor His Highness?” Ye Qingyu asked.

The Old Fish nodded. “Ah, yes, this Dragon Seizing Wood is the nemesis of the Human Race. Back then when I was betrayed, my powers were destroyed by the Dragon Seizing Wood, and my soul was almost annihilated. The Lightning Emperor helped me retain my body and a wisp of my soul. As they say, whoever started the trouble should end it. With his ability he placed me into the Dragon Seizing Wooden bucket and used lightning liquid to suppress the fierce nature of the wood. This saved my life, but my injuries were too severe, so I was unable to accompany him and the other brothers to battle against the fiendgods. I planned to wait for their triumphant return, to celebrate this new world together, who would have known that…”

As he was speaking, his wretched face really revealed a strong sorrowful colour.

Ye Qingyu also did not know what to say.

Old Fish continued, “The Lightning Emperor controls destiny, he is the strongest person of the heaven and earth. Logically speaking, no matter the result, he should not have disappeared, what happened back then... I must find out, I do not believe that the martial arts emperor on earth, and so many brothers with earth-shattering powers would really be gone like that, I must find them.”

The whereabouts of the Lightning Emperor was a historical puzzle.

After he ploughed the heaven and earth, the first great emperor in the history of the Human Race and his unparallelled thunder troops had disappeared from the world.

Old Fish was emotional for a while but was soon leaping about.

“The treasures in this stone room all have their origins, some of them were objects used by the Lightning Emperor, and some were the weapons of those old brothers.” Old Fish gazed at each of these items in the storeroom, thinking of each of their owner, and talking about the origin of each and finally then grabbed the silver rope hanging on the wall along with the several salted fish. “These were mine back then, yes, the other items are all yours boy, as for each of its specific use, I will slowly explain to you once we get out of here. Some things, I have to think about carefully.”

Ye Qingyu, this time, no longer acted polite. He received and stored away all the treasures.

“These barrels of thunder liquid, you can also store them away. I only need one drop per month, they now have little significance on my Dao injury.” Old Fish suddenly remembered something, added, “You have learned the basics of [Ultimate Lightning Entitlement], you can try activating the force of Lightning. This chaotic thunder liquid is the purest lightning power in the world, you can try to absorb and refine them gradually, and establish the strongest foundation. This is a great opportunity, if it was not for the fact that I am not really a human, I really want to destroy my foundation, to cultivate the remarkable powers of Lightning.”

Ye Qingyu’s heart was pounding when he heard this.

His inner yuan, because of his consciousness, was temporarily trapped and he was unable to exert its formidable power. He currently only possessed physical strength, which was terrifying but when fighting against real martial artists, he could not occupy the upper hand. If he was able to master the power of Lightning, it would be an entirely different story.

Besides, this was the remarkable Dao scripture that the Lightning Emperor left behind.



For the next while, Ye Qingyu stayed in the underground stone room space.

He accepted the advice of Old Fish and began to cultivate the power of Lightning.

To tell the truth, Demon King Ye’s plan at the beginning was to bring Old Fish Inspiration King, this underling of the Lightning Emperor, to find Xiao Yunlong for revenge, and teach those ungrateful Greater One Sect disciples a little lesson. But Old Fish had very modestly expressed that his Dao injury had not healed and was unable to fight for a long period of time. Or else it would aggravate his Dao injury, causing him to be annihilated, so he could not help Demon King Ye and Demon King Ye must rely on himself.

“This old thing is not lying right, didn’t he say that he is the King of the chaotic Quicksand Xea? How would he be so rubbish?”

Demon King Ye silently cursed .

But then again, the basics of the Dao scripture that Old Fish taught him and the method of refining as well as absorbing the chaotic thunder liquid were indeed incomparably marvelous.

Time flew by.

Two months had passed in the blink of the eye.

The time in the underground stone room was incomparably dull, but for a cultivator, it went by in a flash.

Having spent a full two months of time here, Ye Qingyu had paid the price of being roasted by lightning a good many times. At last, a drop of thunder liquid had penetrated into his body, and he began to grasp the power of Lightning.

The chaotic thunder liquid was personally collected and refined by the Lightning Emperor back then, it was already a rare gem then, and now having been nurtured for millions of years, one drop contained infinite power.

According to Old Fish, Ye Qingyu’s speed was already regarded as rarely seen, but he had only refined it into his body and had not fully mastered the power of Lightning. By the time Ye Qingyu really mastered the power of this little drop, he may even injure Heaven Ascension stage experts and even Immortal stage experts. Of course, the premise was that Ye Qingyu must be able to come near such experts.

“So powerful?” Ye Qingyu gazed at the blue lightning that was curling around his fingertips.

“What did you think.” Old Fish curled his lips, the expression within his cross-eyed eyes were strange, making one unable to detect where his line of sight was focused on.

Ye Qingyu attempted to activate the power of Lightning. Bolts of lightning constantly leaped about at his fingertips, like beautiful fireworks, but the frightening destructive power that was contained within made him feel apprehensive.

He laughed, “Why do I feel you are praising yourself, you have been soaking in the thunder liquid for millions of years, aren’t you more powerful?”

“Kekeke... what do you think.” Old Fish was very satisfied with the performance of Demon King Ye.

Ye Qingyu then abruptly changed the topic, “Again, do you really not know the person in the ancient painting? And the woman who was lying on the stone bed and turned into ashes?”

The Old Fish shook his head. “I don’t know, you have asked this question dozens of times, is there a need for me to lie to you?”

Ye Qingyu was silent.

He originally thought that Old Fish would know something, but now he was left disappointed.

The main thing was that the white-haired mysterious person resembled his mother too much.

Another period of time had past.

Ye Qingyu had been practising all this time.

Another two months later, he and Old Fish left the underground stone room into the underground river, and under the guidance of Old Fish very quickly found the exit and returned to the surface.

Ye Qingyu decided to sneak into Greater One Sect, to see how Yu Xiaoxing was now.

He was still a little worried about this girl.
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