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Having both expectation and excitement, Ye Qingyu used the broken apart hay lid to cover these containers of divine level Origin liquid, then went towards the half locked large box.

Even the divine level Origin liquid, was only contained in a jar covered by a broken hay lid. Then what sort of treasure would this box that was half locked contain?

Ye Qingyu touched the rusted lock. With a faint shudder, the lock opened.

From it's appearance, it seemed that too long a time had passed. The lock had already completely broken from the ravages of time.

The lock was just made from ordinary metal. It was unknown whether there were any formation arrays inscribed on it when it was complete. Ye Qingyu smiled, placing the lock by the side. Then he breathed in, carefully lifting the lid of the wooden box, and looked inside.

"En? What is this?"

The large box was somewhat empty. At it's very bottom, there was a pair of white-coloured martial shoes inside. It was unknown what material it was made from - from just a casual glance it seemed like it was just made from white cloth. There were ancient patterns inscribed on it, seemingly made by a very intricate and delicate hand. It caused the shoes to seem simple and stylish, even though it could not be said to be extremely elaborate and exquisite.

After a slight hesitation, Ye Qingyu took out the pair of shoes.

It was light, as if there was nothing in his hand at all. There was not any weight to it.

Ye Qingyu naturally would not be dissapointed by thinking this pair of shoes was anything normal.

After a slight bout of observation, he exerted strength slightly.

Just how terrifying was Ye Qingyu's power. But this pair of shoes made from white cloth did not even change its shape in the slightest. It felt really good to the touch, extremely soft, like it was cotton. But it was able to withstand the brute strength of Ye Qingyu. Even the imitation [Greater One Light Sword] in the hands of Xiao Yunlong, if it struck directly on this pair of shoes, would not even be able to harm it at all.

Apart from the fact that the material could not be destroyed, Ye Qingyu could not tell what was so mysterious about this white martial pair of shoes.

Thinking about it, he returned this pair of shoes back to the box.

Then Ye Qingyu opened another box by the side.

In this box, there was a pair of white long cloth trousers. From the material, it was exceedingly similar to that white-coloured pair of martial shoes. It was similarly tough, so tough it could not be broken at all. There was simple patterns on it, with detailed needlework. It did not have any superfluous or elaborate decorations. There was only something akin to a protective guard at the knee cap that was a hard material. It seemed to be some sort of beast's skin. The way it was crafted was exceedingly clever. If one did not carefully examine, one absolutely could not see that the two kneecaps were any different from the material of the trousers.

"Whether it is the white shoes, or these white trousers, they are not common items. It's a pity I don't know of their origins."

Ye Qingyu placed the trousers back in the box.

There were still two boxes left.

But there was nothing inside.

"White battle shoes, white trousers... So the other boxes should have contained an entire battle outfit including robes and helmets. It's a pity that it's not complete right now. I wonder whether the owner of this storage room did not manage to gather the complete set, or perhaps it was later lost.”

Ye Qingyu pondered over this.

Then his gaze fell on a coiled silver rope that was like it was made from Heaven's silk.

The white-coloured rope fell into his hands. It was roughly a hundred meters long, and was exceedingly light. But it had the same attribute as the shoes and trousers before; they were incomparably tough. Ye Qingyu attempted to wring it, but even with his current strength that exploded at its fullest power, it was impossible for him to snap the rope.

"If an expert at the Heaven Ascension was bounded by this rope, even they will have to give up any hopes of escaping... but since this rope was so exceptional, it's purpose shouldn't be to tie someone up?"

Ye Qingyu weighed it, carefully inspecting it, but he had no ideas just what it would be used for.

Ye Qingyu was somewhat shocked to discover that there was a couple of broken wooden buckets by the side.

Because within one of the bucket, there was a layer of water that was roughly one finger thick. Within the water, a fish that was as thin as a piece of paper was silently and tranquilly laying they. If now for the fact that it's whiskers would move slightly, and it's mouth would weakly open and close, Ye Qingyu would really think that this koi had already turned into dried fish.

"To think there would be something alive?"

Ye Qingyu was stunned.

He then looked at the other two buckets.

The other two buckets were largely filled with water. It was so clear that the surface was like a river, but there was not any Koi or other living creatures within the water.

"So that bucket of water was used for the fish to live. But this is slightly strange. Just how powerful was that white-haired mysterious person, that even after his death, his body transformed into ashes. The material of that wooden bucket holding water is absolutely not ordinary. It's about to rot, however the Koi inside is still alive, and the water hasn't dried up..."

Could it be that the Koi was some transportation of some great demon?

Ye Qingyu could not be sure.

After thinking for it a bit, he did not move without purpose. His gaze fell on the bamboo rods lying by the wall.

But after careful inspection, it was not bamboo rods at all. It was evidently five saplings, but it was just that all the branches and leaves had fallen off. So from it's outer bare and naked appearance, it looked just like a bamboo rod.

Ye Qingyu held the little sapling in his hand, sensing a weight as heavy as a mountain.

"It's heavy. It's at least hundreds of thousands of pounds."

He was slightly shocked.

The little sapling did not seem to be longer than two meters, and it was the thickness of a finger. Why was it so heavy?

The other four were also extremely heavy.

Ye Qingyu once again inspected the silver rope hanging on the wall at the depths of the storage wall. The material was the same as the rope coiled on the ground. But it was much shorter, less than ten meters long. There was a thing hanging on it that was like a salted dried fish. After careful inspection, Ye Qingyu discovered it really was a fish, but it had already been completely dried up by the wind. It was unknown just what species it was from, and it was evidently different from the half dead koi in that wooden bucket. It was tied up by the silver rope, hanging in the air, and was already completely dead.

"Could this be a salted fish that was leftovers from the mysterious white-haired person eating it?"

Ye Qingyu felt this matter was somewhat mysterious.

He had largely already seen everything in the storage room.

However, apart from the divine level Origin liquid held in those jars, the other things Ye Qingyu was completely confused about. He evidently knew that none of the items here was ordinary, but he had no idea just what these items were or what their origin was.

"Sigh, if it really was a treasure room filled with pills, secret manuals and weapons, just how great would this be."

Ye Qingyu had no way of getting rid of such a thought.

He held that little sapling in his hands. After waving it about for a few times, the weight was enough and it seemed solid enough. But the problem was, to use a tree to fight someone... it's appearance was somewhat lacking.

After a brief thought, Ye Qingyu ultimately did not take anything from the store room and headed outside.

Everything was strange inside and filled with a weird aura. Ye Qingyu had to consider it carefully before doing anything.

After all, what he had was time.

Who would have guessed when he had just reached the entrance of the store room, and was about to depart, there was suddenly a somewhat shameless voice that sounded next to his ear ----

“Eh? Don't go... young man... please stay behind."

Ye Qingyu nearly tripped over.

Who was speaking?

All the hair in his body stood up. He was instantly at his most cautious state, turning around to investigate.

In the storeroom, there was evidently not any figure at all. There was not even a hint of a shadow.

"Who is it?" Ye Qingyu shouted in a low voice.

"Friend, it's me... we just met just now," the voice sounded out again.

“Recently met? Who are you fooling, just who are you? You..." there were countless thoughts passing by through Ye Qingyu's mind. The last person he saw was evidently the black hearted Xiao Yunlong, could it be that he had come to kill him? But that person, would definitely hide in the darkness to stab him, and wouldn't give him warning, could it be...

A thought suddenly occurred to Ye Qingyu.

"You, you, you, you... are that dried fish?" He asked, surprise on his face.

“Cough cough... friend you are wrong." The vulgar voice let out a couple of dry coughs, then his voice suddenly became authoritative and serious. "I am the King of the Ancient Quicksand Sea, the Inspiration King. I ruled the millions of water lifeforms of the endless seas and oceans. Even the ancient dragon race has respect and fear for me. I commanded ten war divisions, nine armies, eight war gods, seven concubines... but because of a killing tribulation one day, I had no way of escaping. I could only be trapped in the Dragon wood bucket, for millions of years...”

Ye Qingyu somewhat understood.

"Therefore you really are that fish in that wooden bucket?" He was somewhat surprised.

“Cough cough, my friend you have mistaken. Right now, I only slightly look like a fish, but in the past I was the Inspiration King..." that vulgar voice explained.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. "Oh, so you really are that dried fish."

The vulgar voice: "...”

"Friend, meeting is fate. If you come over, this fish will... cough cough, this King will gift you with an incredible fortuitous encounter." The vulgar voice suddenly became strong once again, it's tone filled with temptation.“

Ye Qingyu did not even change his expression, as he retreated a step or two, "What great fortuitous encounter? What fortune will you not want yourself, but gift to me?"

This voice did not sound reliable at all.

"Cough cough, friend, you need to believe me. The Inspiration King was what kind of character in the past, why would I need to fool you? I am trapped here, with no way of escaping. If you can help me escape, then I will definitely repay you." That vulgar voice continued, "This fortune is related to the Lightning Emperor of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors of the Human Race in the past, Qin Ming. I am of another race, so I have no way of obtaining it, so I can only gift it to you."

Lightning Emperor?

Ye Qingyu's heart quivered.

This was not because he truly believed in the words of this fish.

It was just that solely because hearing the words the Lightning Emperor was enough to make someone's ear quake like thunder booming.

The Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors was the highest peak of the martial path in the history of the Human Race. The Lightning Emperor had even achieved the peak before the [Formation Sovereign] Luoso. He was a legendary figure, with his life filled with countless myths and stories. In the ancient histories and legends that Ye Qingyu had managed to touch upon, if not for the fact that there was the Lightning Emperor appearing from nowhere when the Human Race was facing a danger of extinction, and managing to turn the tides, there would not be the appearance of the seven other martial Emperors of the Human Race.

One could even say that the Lightning Emperor had saved the entire Human Race.

But the first Great Emperor of the Martial Path in the history of mankind was like a shooting star that just flashed by. Then, in less than a thousand years of time, he instantly mysteriously disappeared with his whereabouts unknown. Even his martial teaching and martial techniques were lost in the ravages and river of time. No one had managed to obtain it. From then onwards, there was no longer anyone who was able to completely control the power of the laws of Lightning.
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