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Chapter 523, Ancient poem · Treasure storage room

Perhaps it was because of Ye Qingyu’s opening speech, which brought up a gust of wind, the mandarin duck handkerchief that was covering the white-haired mysterious person’s face was slightly moving, a corner was lifted up.

For this reason, Ye Qingyu caught a glimpse of part of this mysterious white-haired person.

His mind was violently trembling at this moment.


Ye Qingyu could not help but exclaim aloud.

As though struck by lightning, he almost fainted from the shock.

What did he see?

That face under the Mandarin duck handkerchief looked almost exactly the same as his mother who had passed away many years ago. At that very moment of the silk handkerchief being lifted up, Ye Qingyu vaguely really thought that he had seen his mother. It was not only the facial features, even the mole on the corner of her mouth, the expression and temperament, were almost the same as when his mother was sleeping.

How was that possible?

Ye Qingyu was like he had seen a ghost.

He saw his mother being buried with his own eyes back then, and later his mother’s stone coffin was buried into the water by him in accordance with her will. How would she appear here?

As he was distracted, a faint glimmer flashed by.

The white-haired figure that he suspected was his mother was suddenly withering at a speed visible to the naked eye. The originally plump muscles and skin, suddenly, like a sand sculpture, was rapidly collapsing, the colour growing dimmer and eventually turned to ashes…

The whole process was uncanny.

It was as though the white-haired mysterious person had suddenly dissolved in the air, leaving behind a pile of faint ashes.

By the time Ye Qingyu reacted, everything had settled.

He rushed over in shock and grabbed the Mandarin duck handkerchief that dropped onto the bed, but it was already too late for him to stop all that was happening. He could only helplessly watch the mysterious person that resembled his mother turning to ashes and could no longer be certain of anything.

What was going on?

Why would the white-haired person suddenly turned to ashes?

What he was certain of was that this white-haired mysterious person had passed away long ago, and for some reason, the corpse was preserved very well. But because of the arrival of Ye Qingyu, it had triggered some sort of change within this stone room so the corpse eventually turned to a pile of ashes.

But why did this person resemble his mother so much?

Each and every thought and question was like a firecracker exploding uncontrollably in Ye Qingyu’s mind. Ye Qingyu felt that what he had witnessed today was simply too strange that it could not be understood with normal logic.

“Perhaps this white-haired mysterious person just has some similarities to mother, or from a certain point of view, looked extremely like mother, but there was no relationship between them...” Ye Qingyu could only convince himself.

There are people with similar looks in the world.

But the mole... the location of it was exactly the same!

Ye Qingyu still couldn’t completely convince himself after all.

He looked down at the Mandarin duck handkerchief in his hand.


He suddenly noticed that on the front were the embroidery of egrets and Mandarin ducks and on the back was an embroidered poem in extremely graceful handwriting——

“The autumn wind is fresh, the autumn moon is bright, fallen leaves gather and scatter, birds perched and startled, not knowing when we will meet again, I won’t be able to express feelings this night... Enter the longing mind, understand the longing pain, long yearning recalls memory, short yearning is infinite, if I had known that my thoughts would be so tangled, it would be better to not have met.”

Ye Qingyu carefully read each word out, feeling the sadness and pain between the words and the lines.

If I had known that my thoughts would be so tangled, it would be better to not have met!

What sort of feelings would that be, meeting a person that was a mistake. The path to love was bumpy and filled with ups and downs, and even at the end of the road there was no hope and it would be better to never meet each other at the beginning... That was indeed a great regret in life. The face of the mysterious white-haired person, Ye Qingyu had only caught a brief glimpse of when the silk handkerchief floated up. It was a very young woman, she had no wrinkles, long snow white hair, and perhaps was troubled by love her whole life?

This poem made Ye Qingyu think of many associations.

He sank into a strange negative mood for a long while.

As though the poem possessed a kind of magical power, it made Ye Qingyu incredibly depressed.

It was only after a full ten minutes that he slowly came to his senses.

Looking down and carefully observing the white stone bed again, he discovered that the bed was also built with stalactites. The bed surface was smooth as a mirror, capable of reflecting light, and that layer of light cyan ashes was much more mysterious, but besides these, there were no markings or formations.

On the top of the stone bed, which should be where the white-haired mysterious person rested her head, Ye Qingyu found a very rough four-leaf clover stone carving that had a simple pattern, and smooth flowing lines, like a strand of grass grown in saline soil, it was vivid and lifelike.

Besides this, there was no more strangeness around the stone bed.

Ye Qingyu stored the four-leaf clover pattern in his mind, silently remembering it, and then began to observe the other parts of the stone room.

Very soon, there was a new discovery.

The ancient portrait painting of a female celestial was hiding a little stone door.

After the stone door, there was a cave.

Ye Qingyu ducked down, entering through the small stone door.

“This is... it looks like a storeroom, just a little messy.”

The small stone door led to a small stone room of around 10 square meters, the light was dim, and the inside was a mess. Various junk was all over the place, there were ceramic jars, half-rotten wooden buckets, things similar to a bamboo pole, a rope that was flashing with a silver light, a few half locked wooden boxes, and on the deepest wall was a silver rope hung with several fishing equipments.

Ye Qingyu swept his eyes around, feeling a little disappointed.

There were no such things as martial arts manual or rare treasures, which made him immediately disinterested.

“This should be the storage room of the white-haired mysterious person. Unfortunately in this person’s ashes, I did not find a storage space or similar things, there is no handwriting or symbols, so there is no way to know who this person is...”

Ye Qingyu muttered to himself.

He casually lifted a broken straw lid off a coarse earthenware jar.


A silvery gleam of light shot out from the earthenware jar.

Ye Qingyu was instinctively startled, but there was no feeling of danger. When he carefully looked again, a pure and vigorous fluctuation of yuan qi was gushing out from the ceramic jar, and Ye Qingyu’s heart was uncontrollably jumping.

“It is a whole jar of divine-level yuan liquid? Impossible, then...”

For a while, Ye Qing could not believe what he had just seen.

It was a whole jar of divine-level yuan liquid, even the Snow Empire of Heaven Wasteland Domain would not have accumulated this much. It should be said that only 10 kilograms of divine-level yuan liquid could be purified from one hundred kilograms of divine-level origin crystal. Based on the size of the jar in front, it must contain at least 100 kg of divine-level yuan liquid.

This was equal to tens of thousands of kilograms of dvine-level origin crystal.

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt dizzy.

He was like a little white rabbit that had accidentally broken into a cellar full of carrots, like a shower of radish had fell from the sky and hit his head.

His breathing was brief and hurried.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze fell on the three other ceramic pots of similar shape.

Holding his breath, he slowly uncovered the broken straw lid on these three ceramic pots.

Wa. Wa. Wa.

A pure and flawless shining silver spilled out.

The originally dim stone room was suddenly filled with a dreamy silver colour that made one mesmerised, as though situated in the most perfect dream in the world.

The other three ceramic jars, as expected, contained the same divine-level yuan liquid.

Unlike god level origin crystal, divine-level yuan liquid is extracted from origin crystal, and is the essence and the most pure power in the world. One drop contains the world's yuan qi, and is enough to make an ordinary person instantly become an expert. And based on all the ancients books that Ye Qingyu had read, one kg of divine-level yuan liquid equalled to sixty years of painstaking cultivation of a Heaven Ascension expert.

It was noted in some ancient text that Ye Qingyu had read that divine-level yuan liquid was extremely rare, and was all offered to the Lord of a Domain, the most influential person of martial arts, the extremely powerful experts, the Imperial court and top existences with earth-shaking accomplishments. It was one of the exclusive items for the most powerful experts of an era in the river of centuries.

Snow Empire was the largest force in Heaven Wasteland Domain and rules the most prosperous and affluent areas, but he had not heard of the Imperial family of Snow Empire enjoying divine-level yuan liquid.

The Greater One Sect, as one of the largest sects of Clear river domain, also may not have such a treasure.

Ye Qingyu thought that this kind of thing only existed in the legends. He never would have thought that today, he would unexpectedly, accidentally, discovered so much divine-level yuan liquid in such rough ceramic jars and in such a storage room full of junk.

He found it too hard to believe. He carefully studied it a little more, and even dipped his fingers in, and finally was certain that it was indeed divine-level yuan liquid.

“This... to use these ceramic jars to store divine-level yuan liquid is simply a waste...wait? No, it is noted in ancient text that divine-level yuan liquid could not be contained in ordinary objects, could it be that these ceramic jars are also treasured objects? And the straw lids of these four jars are magical objects?”

Ye Qingyu suddenly realized something.

His heart was beating violently.

Shaking his head mercilessly, Ye Qingyu cleared his mind a little.

His gaze shifted from the four ceramic jars filled with divine-level yuan liquid over to the other things in the little stone room.

Ye Qingyu had finally realized that the things in this little stone room were definitely not as simple as they seemed.

The seemingly rough ceramic jars were filled with divine-level yuan liquid, so what kind of treasures would be in the half-locked boxes? And the silver rope, the items that were hung on a rope like salted fish... These things, what were their origin?

Ye Qingyu felt that, this time, he really had damn good luck.

What storage room was this, it was clearly a storage room of treasure.
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