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Chapter 522, Ancient painting and white-haired person

“What is this place?”

Ye Qingyu jumped out of the water, stunned at the sight before him.

This should be a node of the underground rivers, but whether it was natural or man-made, or caused by the erosion of the river, there was 1 kilometer of underground space in one area.

This space had not been flooded by the roaring underground river water, and was full of a mysterious and tranquil air.

And the location that he was currently standing on was a perfectly round giant goose egg-like reef.

There were numerous such white jade coloured circular reef, spreading to the distance.

The whole space, hazy with an enchanting beauty, made one feel as though they were walking on air with ethereal lightness for a moment, as though the next moment would become as light as a feather and ascend to heaven.

And the powerful and frightening force of impact of the river water of the underground river appeared much more gentle in this space. There was not the slightest sound of water, nor little ripples on the surface, to the extent that when Ye Qingyu was standing on this perfectly round, giant pebble and looked down, he could see the reflection of his face, and even his strands of hair all very clearly on the calm and smooth mirror-like river surface.

“It’s really is a spectacle.”

Ye Qingyu exclaimed.

Because he was well aware that, under the water, the force of the undercurrent was enough to instantly tear a peak Bitter Sea martial arts expert into pieces.

The whole underground space was suffused with white light, clear and bright like a full moon shining onto the world.

Not only the giant pebble at the foot of Ye Qingyu, even the overhanging stalactites above, and the water tears on the wall... everywhere there was such a strange white halo. The underground space was full of soft light, and really was like the immortal palace on the moon in legends, magnificent and stunning.

Ye Qingyu leaped up on the giant pebble, studying closely.


“What is that?”

He could not help screaming out loud.

Bypassing a few huge overhanging stalactites, his line of sight was suddenly opened up to a wide panorama. The area of this underground karst cave was far larger than what Ye Qingyu had seen before. What was even more astonishing to Ye Qingyu was that, in the rear of the underground cave space, there was a set of white jade-like stone steps, and amidst the dripping sound of water, he saw an ancient and mysterious white jade doorway, and a white jade passage, standing quietly.

At this very moment, Ye Qingyu immediately realized that this space, indeed, was not naturally formed.

After a slight hesitation, he kept his spirits up, and on full alert, slowly approached the stone doorway.

Such an underground river, such a dangerous environment, but there was suddenly such a stone doorway appearing. It was absolutely not normal.

Ye Qingyu was unsure whether or not that after the passage behind the stone doorway, there would be monster or strange people living there.

He was even more uncertain of whether there would be any danger.

At a distance of 20 meters away from the white jade stone doorway, Ye Qingyu suddenly made a backhand grab at an arm-width stalactite above, and twisted.

He wanted to twist off the stalactite and throw it towards the white jade stone doorway, to test the waters.



There was a counter force at his wrist. Ye Qingyu was shocked to find that, although with his current strength he could even squeeze a block of fine iron into mud, but he could not shake the stalactite in the slightest.

“What’s going on? It’s so hard?”

Ye Qingyu gripped onto the stalactites with both hands, exerting extreme force.

A terrifying power erupted forth, even a sacred mountain would collapse at Ye Qingyu’s shaking.

But the small stalactite remained still.

Ye Qingyu was astonished.

Controlling his initial shock, he changed to another piece of stalactite, exerted force, and tried to shake it.

But this stalactite was equally as indestructible.

Ye Qingyu continuously tried many times, and had changed to a number of overhanging stalactites, but still could not shake them in the slightest.

“What is going on here? These stalactites are like immortal gold, under my explosive strength, even Peak Heaven Ascension experts would give way, but I could not shake a few stalactites? Could there be some sort of formation on these stalactites?”

Ye Qingyu found it increasingly strange.

He studied them carefully.

But on these stalactites, the natural pattern was concise and clear, and there was not the slightest fluctuation of energy within the rocks. They were just common rocks

Soon Ye Qingyu came to discover that, not only the stalactites, even the white water tear stone walls were as solid as gold. Even with his full force bombardment on the wall, it did not leave the slightest mark. Instead a counter force caused the bones of his hand to ache.

“It’s really odd and weird... if these stones could be shifted, they could be used as a weapon, even peak Dao weapons would be useless against it. Even Xiao Yunlong’s [Greater One dispersing Light Sword] replica cannot destroy this rock.”

It was the first time that Ye Qingyu had seen such strange thing.

He realized that these rocks were treasures.

Unfortunately, he just couldn’t break them to take them away with him.

Indecisive on what to do for a while, Ye Qingyu finally gave up.

He had just caused such a huge disturbance, yet there was not the slightest sound through the white jade passage and white jade doorway 20 meters away. Now he was almost certain that there were no living things there.

As he came to the front of the white jade stone doorway, Ye Qingyu stopped.

This stone doorway was very rough, with only a door frame and no doorfront, and was built in a very simple and random manner with a number of stalactites, giving off a primitive and rough beauty. The door frame could just about accommodate one person, and if one was a little bit fatter, would possibly be stuck.

Behind the doorway was a passageway that could only accommodate one person.

Ye Qingyu carefully observed around.

It was impossible for him to ascertain how long the stone doorway had existed.

It looked as if it was from the ancient times, and had been quietly waiting for thousands of years here.

In addition to the mottled rock pattern, there was no trace of other artificial marks.

“This stone doorway that was formed from stalactites, in my estimation, around the entire stone doorway, there are at least thirty or forty stalactites, and the bottom of these exposed stalactites are as smooth as a mirror, which are signs that they had been cut by some sort of sharp weapon, but what kind of power could cut these stalactites?”

Ye Qingyu gently stroked the stone doorway with the palm of his hand, an incomparably shocked feeling inside.

He had seen the hardness of stalactites.

Even if it was Xiao Yunlong's [Greater One Dispersing lLight Sword] replica, at most he could only leave a shallow mark on these stalactites, but to cut at it was simply impossible.

Going through the white jade stone doorway, Ye Qingyu entered into the white jade passageway.

“This white jade passageway is also built from stalactites, these oval mirror-like things should be the root of stalactites, which had been cut by some sort of supreme strength. The outward roots were piled into forming this passageway.”

Ye Qingyu slowly walked along the white jade passageway, carefully observing.

On the walls of the passageway, several stalactite mirrors of the size of a person’s face were reflecting the light. The jade colour was bright and clear, as though there were hundreds of round jade moons appearing on the wall, strange yet beautiful.

Ye Qingyu reached out and stroked the wall.

A faint warm feeling penetrated into his palm.

This feeling was like stroking a woman’s skin.

Walking along such a beautiful white jade passageway for hundreds of meters, he finally came to the end.

“This white jade passageway most likely used thousands of stalactites... What person has such strength and remarkable power to chop down so many white jade stalactites.”

Ye Qingyu was more astonished than before.

At this moment, he came to the end of the passageway.

A spacious and tidy stone room appeared in sight.

The walls of the stone room were smooth and the room was square, about more than 40 square meters, and just directly opposite was a hanging ancient painting that was about one meter wide and two meters long. It was a girl in a blue fluttering robe standing on the top of a summit, wielding a simple divine sword, with a graceful and slim figure, and exhibiting the air of a peerless female celestial.

The only disappointment was that the woman in this painting had a blurry face and no facial features.

He did not know whether or not it was drawn on, or the facial features had faded over time.

Ye Qingyu did not carefully study the woman in the painting.

Because his heart, in the next moment, was madly palpitating.

Because he saw that below this ancient painting was a white jade stone bed, and on that bed was a person, with snow white hair, hands folded on the lower abdomen, both feet together, lying quietly, like they were asleep.

“There’s someone?”

Ye Qingyu swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Is this the owner of this stone room?

To be able to live in such an environment, and also cut down so many solid white jade stalactites, form the white jade stone doorway and white jade passage, and open up this rock room, this person’s strength must be frightening?

Could it be an immortal?

Ye Qingyu felt tense.

He stood for a moment with bated breath.

But he saw that the white person on the stone bed was still motionless.

“No, if this person is still alive, when I made so much noise outside, the person must have heard and should not be sleeping so soundly... could it be?”

Ye Qingyu’s heart was pounding.

As they say, the talented are generally bold. At this moment, not only did he not retreat, but instead he slowly came closer.

The closer he got, the more he could see the look of the white person on the stone bed.

But unfortunately, for some reason, a white handkerchief was covering the white person’s face, so he could not see what the person looked like.

And on the white handkerchief, with extremely elaborate embroidery, there was a line of egrets in the sky, and below, on the water surface was a pair of Mandarin ducks nestled down the river. It was a sweet and happy scene.

The white person was dressed in a strange, ancient robe, somewhat similar to the robe of Greater One Sect disciples, but upon closer inspection, looked very different.


Ye Qingyu decided to check.

But before his voice faded, the figure on the bed was undergoing an extremely strange change.
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