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Chapter 521, Underground immortal palace

“Xiao Yunlong and those others tried to frame me so impatiently, which means they are afraid of others being one step ahead of them and taking away my treasures, the rare treasures that I obtained at heavenly gate training grounds. There must be quite a few people in Greater One Sect disciples that are envious, not to mention that on me, there is a natural rune endowment bone of a fully-grown blood vine. This thing, I am afraid that even the elders of the Greater One Sect would be tempted...”

Countless thoughts popped up in Ye Qingyu’s mind.

The more he carefully thought about it, the more he perceived the danger of his current situation.

The Greater One Sect and the Demon Spider Race, neither of them was easy to get along with.

He had to fear the wolf in front and the tiger behind.

He jumped out of a wolf’s den and into a tiger’s cave.

In less than an hour, Ye Qingyu had already bolted more than hundreds of miles.

Because he feared that if he used yuan qi to fly he would be easily detected due to the fluctuation of strength, so he used force to fly all the way, exerting strength to his feet and jumping like an ape. One leap was over hundreds of meters. Valleys, steep cliffs, mountains and pools, were all like treading on level ground.

But at this moment------


There was a piercing sharp whistle resounding in the sky.

The distant sword light tearing apart the sky, silver brilliance flashed, and the clouds were like a piece of white paper instantly cut open by a pair of scissors. The sky seemed as though it was being torn apart, and someone was catching up.

Ye Qingyu’s heart was pounding nervously.

“So fast...”

He had good eyesight, and from away he was able to recognized the figure. It was Xiao Yunlong who had returned.

And he was different from the him who was badly battered before. The Xiao Yunlong at this moment was like a deity, exhibiting a matchless imposing manner, silver flames surging around his body, and his aura was several times more powerful than before. His sword qi soaring to the sky, incomparably penetrating.

Ye Qingyu did not dare be careless.

He hid between a mountain gap, carefully concealing his aura.

Xiao Yunlong himself was a Heaven Ascension expert, and although he had sustained injury from Ye Qingyu’s abnormal body, but if he really brought along some sort of divine weapon, then Ye Qingyu was not certain that his physical body could withstand the power of the divine weapon.

Fortunately, Xiao Yunlong had not noticed Ye Qingyu, speeding away eastwards.

After a moment.

He saw that Xiao Yunlong had disappeared in the eastern sky direction like a stream of light.

It was clear that he had not detected Ye Qingyu’s whereabouts.

Ye Qingyu came out of the mountain gap, and after a brief thought, turned direction and headed south.

He couldn’t leave this mountain range for now.

Only in these towering mountains and precipitous ridges could he hide from the world and escape. If he left the mountains, into the plains, and lose the cover, it was easy to be hunted down. Moreover the tens of thousands of miles of urban towns around the mountains were under the strict control of Greater One Sect.

He headed all the way south.

After an hour of time, Ye Qingyu had traveled more than one hundred miles south. The mountain was more and more steep, towering into the clouds, and the air was much more unpleasant and there was an increase in insects and beasts.

Ye Qingyu came to a pool and was about to take a short break, when just at this moment---


A beam of silver sword light, like lightning, suddenly fell from the sky, striking Ye Qingyu’s forehead.

“Not good.”

Ye Qingyu could sense that this sword light was incomparably sharp and frightening, before it touched his body, he could feel that his skull was being cut open. He knew that he must not forcefully fight back.

Rolling to one side, Ye Qingyu, like a fish, plunged straight into the pool, and instantly disappeared without a trace.

Swoosh swoosh!

The next moment, the sword-light, like a flurry of rain, fell from the sky and into the pool.

There was a figure flickering.

Exhibiting a strong murderous aura, Xiao Yunlong appeared above the pool.

A wisp of silver was being spit out from the palm of his hand, like a lightning was secretly born, extremely frightening, as though his palm was holding a demon. Where the flash of silver light was, one could only vaguely see a sword-shaped weapon.

“Come out, you little bastard, I know you’re in the pool.”

Xiao Yunlong laughed grimly, a murderous expression on his face.

Bubbling bubbling.

There were ripples moving.

A blood-coloured bubble rose to the surface of the pool

“Haha, little bastard, are you not so-called matchless? Under the divine sword, would your limbs shatter to pieces? Don’t hide, haha, get out, or I’ll hack you to a pulp.”

Xiao Yunlong flipped his hand over.

The divine power of the [Greater One Dispersing Light Sword] was rising dramatically.

The silver light was like lightning, the numerous, thick silver sword light shot out from the palm of Xiao Yunlong and directly into the pool.

Waves of water rocketed into the sky. Jets of water were stirred up dozens of meters high.

Water vapour was saturating the air.

“Haha, still not coming out? I am going to evaporate the entire pool.” Seeing that Ye Qingyu still had not appeared, Xiao Yunlong’s ruthless nature worsened, a silver lightning-like sword light erupting from the [Greater One Dispersing Light Sword] replica, like a snake wildly dancing and shooting into the pool.

Under the water.

Ye Qingyu had dived more than 300 meters below.

There was a sword wound on his shoulder, arm and thigh, as well as injuries all over his body, although it had luckily not affected the bones, they were still bubbling out red blood flowers.

The [Greater One Dispersing Light Sword] was worthy to be called a replica of a divine weapon. It was extremely powerful and could break open Ye Qingyu’s physical body, causing him a certain degree of injury.

The Ye Qingyu at this time, of course, could not go out.

He was like a gecko, tightly affixed to a caved in a black stone wall, motionless, and even his aura had vanished to an undetectable level.

Under 300 meters of water, there was limited light source.

The beams of silver lightning-like sword light streaked across the dark water curtain.

The underwater rocks, in front of such sword qi light were vulnerable as tofu. Everything within that net of lightning sword light were so fragile that they were split into two, one after another, in silence.

In the blink of the eye, Ye Qingyu’s body was added with a few more scars.

He carefully followed down the cliff, slowly continued to the depths of the water, tensing up his body muscles to lock the wounds, his blood and qi were no longer lost, so those simple skin wounds were no big deal.

Because he was not certain whether or not Xiao Yunlong had really discovered him, and was just pretending, so Ye Qingyu did not strike back or escape.

He continued to dive deeper into the pool.

At this time, Ye Qingyu still had not realized that the pool was strangely deep, even if there was the impact of a waterfall. But he had dived down nearly 600 meters yet still had not reached the bottom.

After a few minutes, there was still lightning-like silver sword light constantly being bombarded down.

Xiao Yunlong had no intention of leaving.

Now Ye Qingyu could basically be certain that Xiao Yunlong had really found his whereabouts, and was not pretending.

“He shouldn’t have, searching for a person in these deep forests is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Even if this Xiao Yunlong is a Heaven Ascension expert, it’s impossible for him to discover my whereabouts so quickly, I have not used the slightest yuan qi strength.”

Ye Qingyu could not understand.

But because he feared the [Greater One Dispersing Light Sword] replica, and had not fully understood the power of that sword replica, Ye Qingyu could not show himself now and could only continue to dive deeper.

Above the pool, 10 meters in the air.

Xiao Yunlong was looking at the colour of blood gradually fading from the water surface with an uncertain look.

He followed the traces here, and was absolutely certain that the lower domain barbarian was hiding under the water, but the fact that he had been attacking for more than half an hour yet had not forced him out made him feel a little unsure.

“Why is this pool so deep?”

Xiao Yunlong frowned.

If the water was ordinary, it would have been completely evaporated by the power of his sword, but the pool has endured thousands of sword light of the [Greater One Dispersing Light Sword] and the water level had not dropped at all.

“Could it be that the pool links to an underground river, and the little bastard escaped through the underground river?”

This mountain range was the land where the spirit vein of the eastern area of Clear River Domain converges. There were countless underground rivers, and the river channel was like a maze. It was rumoured that there were natural spiritual vein formations and many restricted demon areas that were extremely complicated, and that even top experts would not date enter.

Xiao Yunlong wanted to dive into the pool to chase him down, but was a bit wary of the strength of Ye Qingyu. This lower domain barbarian was extremely cunning, if he attacked him from behind... moreover, once he entered the underground river, if he encountered a forbidden area with baleful qi, he would surely be dead.

For a moment, he was hesitant to take action.

Standing above the pool, thinking over again and again, Xiao Yunlong eventually decided against entering the water.

He was afraid of death.

“Damn little bastard, I don’t believe that you can hide in the underground river forever, and never come out.”

Xiao Yunlong stood guard above the pool for a full day and night.

But still did not see Ye Qingyu appear.

“Could it be that there’s another way out of this underground river, where the little bastard had run away to?”

In the end, Xiao Yunlong returned in disappointment.

“On Clear Lotus Peak, there is that lower domain little maid servant, as long as she stays in Greater One Sect, that barbarian will certainly come back. I will keep watch for now, and wait for him to show up.”


Ye Qingyu actually really wanted to come out.

But he was lost.

In order to avoid Xiao Yunlong, Ye Qingyu indeed had dived more than 1000 meters, and eventually came to a secret underground river linked to the pool. He tentatively entered into the meandering river, and in less than a few minutes, was lost.

The underground river was pitch-black, and seemed to have a strange power that was swallowing up all the light here. With Ye Qingyu’s eyesight, he could only see within 50 meters of him.

The current was rapid and powerful, and even with Ye Qingyu’s present strength, it felt strenuous on him.

Adding to this the extremely cold water, like flowing black ice, that numbs the hands and feet. Fortunately, within Ye Qingyu’s body contained [Supreme Ice Flame], which prevented him from being completely frozen solid.

“This underground river is strange. There seems to be a force that restricts formation qi. Even Bitter Sea experts would not survive here, and in this ice water, spiritual qi and evil intent coexist in an extremely dangerous state.”

Ye Qingyu randomly walked around for a while, faintly perceiving the mystery and obscurity of this pitch black underground world.

Soon his direction and bearings were in complete chaos.

Ye Qingyu for a moment was unable to tell which direction was east, south, west and north.

The strangest thing was that, in this underground river, there was no such thing as a fish, shrimp, crab, or any other aquatic creature. It was like a world of death.

Finally, after about two hours later, Ye Qingyu himself also did not know how far he had travelled underground. It was starting to feel unbearable, he wanted to break the rocks, and directly leave through the rocky soil.

But at this moment, he suddenly, vaguely saw that, in the distance of the end of the iced water river channel, it seemed that there was a white brilliance flickering.

“Could it be that there is an exit from the underground river?”

With his heart pounding, Ye Qingyu immediately drifted along following the water current.

As he moved forward about hundred meters, the light was increasingly stronger.

Ye Qingyu felt strange.

Because he could not feel the flow of the river. According to reason he should not have yet reached the exit of the underground river channel, how could there be such white light?

After advancing another thousand or so meters.

A white brilliance, like the bright moon, was sprinkling down on the river channel, beautiful and magnificent, like the immortal palace on the moon, making one feel an ecstasy of delight.

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt his body lightening.

He sprang out of the water.

“Heavens, this is...” He couldn’t help but exclaim.

A mysterious and majestic underground moonlight immortal palace appeared in his vision.
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